September 2011 Headlines

Florida to Hold Presidential Primary in January

The primary season will start earlier than expected next year. Florida said Friday it will hold its Republican presidential primary on Jan. 31.

Dempsey Assumes Joint Chiefs Top Spot

Army Gen. Martin Dempsey takes over as the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on Friday with the retirement of the current chairman Navy Adm. Mike Mullen.

Government Shutdown Averted... For Now

Washington lawmakers hit the brakes on a possible government shutdown this weekend, but the crisis has not been averted just yet.

Fox News Poll Puts Romney in the Lead

A new Fox News poll puts former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney as the new frontrunner in the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

'Not Settling' is New Bachmann Campaign Theme

Bachmann addressed students at Liberty University Wednesday, pushing her credentials as a Christian and a constitutionalist.

Bachmann: Don't Settle for Easy Political Choices

Speaking to about 10,000 students at Liberty University, Bachmann recommended they not settle for easy political choices in life.

New Jersey's Christie Reconsidering 2012 Bid?

The Republican race for the 2012 presidential nomination is heating up and all eyes are on New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Perry Immigration Stance May Draw Hispanic Vote

Gov. Perry has come under fire from GOP rivals for supporting a law that gives undocumented immigrant children discounted tuition at Texas universities.

Obama: Return My Jobs Bill, Passed

President Barack Obama on Tuesday tried to keep pressure on Congress to consider his nearly $450 billion jobs bill.

FRC President: GOP Nomination Is Anyone's Game

Family Research Council president Tony Perkins is attuned to what millions of social conservatives want in a presidential candidate.

Brody File: Disney World and the GOP

This week, The Brody File goes to Disney World for the GOP debate and more. Is it really the "happiest place on earth?"

Geithner: Costly Jobs Plan Worth Every Penny

A Harvard economist says President Obama's jobs plan will cost taxpayers $200,000 per job.

Polls: Cain Ahead of Perry, But Will Christie Run?

Despite repeated statements that he will not throw his hat into the Republican presidential race, New Jersey Gov. Christie continues to garner support.

Senate Approves Disaster Bill, Averts Shutdown

Congress finessed a dispute over disaster aid Monday night and advanced legislation to avoid a partial government shutdown only days away.

Obama Admin Won't Appeal Atlanta Ruling

The Obama administration decided not to pursue an Atlanta circuit court's ruling striking down the centerpiece of federal health care.

Lawmakers Bicker as Gov't Shutdown Deadline Nears

For the second time in nine months, lawmakers are working to meet another deadline to avoid a shutdown of the federal government in Washington.

Cain Wins Fla. Straw Poll, Perry Places Second

Herman Cain pulled an upset victory over the Texas front-runner this weekend. Now, some are wondering whether New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will jump in.

Hezbollah Leader May Get U.S. Military Tribunal

The Obama administration is considering a military trial in the United States for a Hezbollah commander now detained in Iraq.

Obama to Issue 'No Child Left Behind' Waivers

President Barack Obama announced Friday that states can apply for waivers from parts of the No Child Left Behind law as early as this fall.

Solyndra Execs Mum on $500M Government Loan

Lawmakers investigating why the Obama administration gave a $500 million loan to a failing solar company got no new answers in Washington, Friday.

GOP Candidates Woo Values Voters in Florida

Recently, the Republican presidential candidates all spoke in Orlando, Fla., about their faith and values.

GOP Candidates Tackle Faith, Immigration, Economy

The GOP took its case to the important swing state of Florida Thursday night, tackling hot-button issues like faith,the economy and immigration.

Romney, Perry Spar in GOP Debate

Republican presidential hopefuls Mitt Romney and Rick Perry accused each other of flip-flopping on Social Security and health care.

Obama Highlights Ohio Bridge to Sell Jobs Plan

The nation's commander-in-chief is once again playing "salesman-in-chief" in his second trip to Ohio in two weeks.

Israel, Soc. Sec., Expected Topics at GOP Debate

Israel is expected to be one of the topics in Thursday night's Republican presidential debate in Orlando, Fla.

Obama Hopes to Contain P.A. Fallout at UN

The U.S. and its allies changed tactics Tuesday on how to avert a crisis over a Palestinian statehood bid.

Perry Criticizes Obama Admin's Mideast Policies

Perry said he blames recent U.S. concessions for emboldening Palestinians to seek United Nations recognition.

Tax Cuts Still an Issue in Obama's Deficit Plan

Republicans say tax increases shouldn't be on the table, setting the stage for another heated debated in Washington on how to tame the nation's growing deficit.

Chicago Tribune Writer Tells Obama Not to Run

Three years ago, the Chicago Tribune endorsed Obama for president. Now, one of the paper's editorial writers wants him to scrap his re-election campaign.

House Leaders Willing to Compromise on Jobs Plan

House Republican leaders say they agree with several key points in the president's jobs plan and are willing to work with the administration in those areas.

Gov. Rick Perry Opens Up About His Faith

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, took a break from talking about jobs to open up about his faith during a recent visit to Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va.

Emails Show White House Warned About Solyndra

The White House discussed the ramifications of a troubled solar energy company that received more than $500 million in federal loans, newly released emails reveal.

The Brody File: GOP Race - Who's Up, Who's Down?

The heat is on as candidates debate in California and Florida. We take a look at who is up, who is down, and the Sarah Palin wild card.

Senate Transportation Bill Averts FAA Shutdown

The FAA won't face a temporary shutdown after the Senate passed a bill Thursday, temporarily extending federal aviation and highway programs.

Obama's Jobs Act DOA? Plan Gets Little Support

President Barack Obama is making good on his promise to take his jobs plan coast to coast. But he's a long way from getting it passed through Congress.

Herman Cain: 'I'll Stand with Israel if Elected'

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, a strong supporter of Israel, told CBN News he'll stand with the Jewish state if he's elected president.

House Aims to Restrain Obama's Labor Board

The U.S. House is set to pass a bill Thursday targeting President Barack Obama's labor board.

Romney, Bachmann Talk Immigration in Arizona

Voters in the early primary state got an earful on immigration as presidential hopefuls Romney and Bachmann spent Tuesday campaigning in Arizona.

Obama's Disapproval Rating in Va. Climbs

President Barack Obama's disapproval rating has soared to 54 percent in Virginia, which was a battleground state the Democrats won in 2008.

White House in Hot Spot over Solar Company Loan

Questions are mounting about the Obama administration's ties to a collapsed solar energy company.

Poll: Obama Gets a Thumbs Down on Economy

A new Bloomberg National Poll shows President Obama is losing ground with the public on his handling of the economy.

Republican Easily Wins Nevada House Race

Former Republican state senator Mark Amodei has won Nevada's special election for a seat in the U.S. House.

Perry's Vaccine Order Facing New Criticism

Four years ago, Gov. Rick Perry signed an order requiring Texas girls to be vaccinated against HPV.

NYC Upset Could Mean Bad News for Obama

Republican political novice Bob Turner emerged triumphant Tuesday in a congressional district that had gone to Democrats for nearly a century.

Jindal Endorses Perry for GOP Nomination

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal joined former GOP contender Tim Pawlenty in endorsing Mitt Romney for the Republican nomination.

Obama Ratchets Up Pitch for $450B Jobs Plan

President Obama ratcheted up his campaign to sell his $450 billion plan for job growth, Tuesday, calling for higher taxes and cuts in spending to pay for it all.

Round Two: Candidates Pummel Perry in GOP Debate

The Social Security tag team match moved into round two, with the two GOP frontrunners -- Perry and Romney --  picking up where they left off.

Obama Would Raise Taxes to Pay for Jobs Bill

President Obama proposed paying for his costly new jobs plan with tax hikes that Republicans have already rejected.

Perry Defends his Record at GOP Debate

Texas Gov. Rick Perry softened his rhetoric if not his position on Social Security in a presidential campaign debate Monday night.

Poll Reveals Perry as New GOP Frontrunner

Texas Gov. Rick Perry appears to have attained front-runner status after the results of latest poll on the Republican presidential candidates was released Monday.

Obama to Congress: No Games, Just Pass Jobs Bill

Teachers, police officers, and firefighters joined the president in the White House Rose Garden as he calls on lawmakers to quickly pass his jobs plan.

Obama Urges Congress to Pass $447B Jobs Plan

Confronting an economy in peril, President Barack Obama unveiled a larger-than-expected $447 billion plan Thursday night to boost jobs.

FACT CHECK: Obama's Jobs Plan Paid For?

President Barack Obama's promise Thursday that everything in his jobs plan will be paid for rests on highly iffy propositions.

GOP Debate a Perry Bash Fest for Candidates

Rick Perry's front runner status put him at the center of attention at the Republican presidential debate, Wednesday night.

Obama Feeling the Heat Ahead of Jobs Address

The president will walk into the U.S. Capitol Thursday night with a heavy assignment - deliver a plan that creates jobs and gets the economy moving again.

Congress Kicks Off Fall Agenda; Blame Game

Congress is back in session in Washington after a month-long recess, and lawmakers have a lot on their plate.

Obama to Propose Billions in Tax Cuts, Spending

Mindful of his sagging ratings, the president will present his jobs plan Thursday night before a joint session of Congress.

Romney Says Cut Taxes, Slap China, Drill Oil

Mitt Romney outlined an economic plan that would reduce taxes, sanction China over its practices and weaken the clout of labor unions.

GOP Candidates Target Obama at Economic Forum

While President Obama prepared to sell his jobs program, the Republican candidates were at a South Carolina economic forum taking aim at the president's policies.

Two Bachmann Aides Leave Campaign

Popular Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann lost two aides Tuesday, her campaign chief and his deputy.

Perry Vows to Practice His Faith as President

Texas Gov. Rick Perry says if he's elected president, Americans will see him practicing his faith.

Dismal Jobs Data Shakes Asian Markets

The dismal U.S. job market, which has intensified fears of another recession, may be even worse than the unemployment numbers suggest.

Obama: 'GOP Must Vote to Create Jobs'

President Obama will present his strategy for creating new jobs before a joint session of Congress, Thursday evening.

Feds Warn of Small Plane Terror Threat

The FBI and Homeland Security have issued a nationwide warning about al Qaeda threats to small airplanes.

Black Republicans Defend Tea Party

Two of the Tea Party's favorite politicians are black men, Allen West and Herman Cain.  And some say that's proof the claims of Tea Party racism are false.

Congress Returns, Unpopular as Well as Divided

Congress returns to work this coming week, divided over measures to create jobs and scorned by the nation it was elected to help lead.

Obama Requests $5.2B More for Disaster Relief

The White House is asking Congress for an additional $5.2 billion for disaster relief, but it would only cover natural disasters prior to Hurricane Irene.

After Irene, FEMA Running Low on Funds

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has less than $800 million in its accounts.

GOP: Half a Billion Wasted on Energy Loan Program

Solyndra, a solar power company that received a $535 million loan from the federal government, is shutting down and plans to file for bankruptcy.

Obama Moves Jobs Speech after Boehner Objects

After agreeing to the House speaker's request to delay his jobs speech, the president will have to face off against the NFL season opener on Thursday night.