October 2008 Headlines

Christian Voter Explains Support for Obama

CBNNews.com - More and more young people are getting out the vote and more than a few are backing Sen, Obama for President, including many Christians.

Big Papers Ousted From Obama's Plane

Three prominent newspapers will not be allowed on Sen. Barack Obama's plane during the final days before the election.

Candidates Address Economy, Your Wallet

WASHINGTON - There's just one weekend left in the race for The White House. And Barack Obama and John McCain are campaigning in key swing states.

Obama Aims to Boost Dems to Majority

In the final days of the campaign, Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama will be working to help his party gain a super majority in Congress.

Battleground NC: Voter Concerns Vary

NORTH CAROLINA - One of the battleground states in the race for the White House is North Carolina.

Obama, McCain Aim for Middle Class

WASHINGTON - The economy shrank in the third quarter, but at annual rate of just three-tenths of one percent. It's just more evidence that the United States is facing a recession.

ACORN Accuses GOP of Scare Tactics

A voter activist group under fire for charges of voter fraud rolled out new attacks Wednesday against those accusations and against the McCain campaign.

Obama Hits Hard in N.C., McCain in Fla.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama shot back at his opponent, Wednesday, for calling him a socialist and criticizing his tax plan.

Paper Accused of Supressing Obama Video

CBNNews.com - The McCain campaign is asking the L.A.Times to hand over a video that reportedly shows Barack Obama praising a Palestinian activist.

Christian Ads Launched in Favor of Obama

A faith group supporting Democrat Barack Obama for president has launched new ads on Christian radio stations.

Candidates Duke it Out in Colorado

If Democrats take back The White House this year, voters in Colorado may lead the way.

In Ohio and PA, It's All about the Economy

WASHINGTON - With just a week to go, both John McCain and Barack Obama are now concentrating like a laser on the economy and how they think their opponent will hurt it.

McCain Continues Attacks on Obama, Dems

Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain continued his attacks on Sen. Barack Obama and Congress, Monday.

The West - How the White House Was Won?

LAS VEGAS - It's just eight days now until America elects a new President.

Palin Talks Faith, Campaign with CBN News

Since her nomination, Sarah Palin has possibly been the most talked about Vice Presidential candidate in history.

McCain, Obama Press Hard in Swing States

LAS VEGAS - With less than two weeks left until the election, Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama are making some wild swings across the country - visiting key states trying to sway that important group of undecided voters.

Who Holds the Key to Keystone State?

Pennsylvania has voted Democrat in the last four presidential elections. But this year the McCain-Palin team is still working hard in The Keystone State, despite a double-digit lead for Barack Obama in the polls. Click play to watch Gordon Robertson's interview with former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum following this CBN News report.

Obama or McCain? Virginia in Dead Heat

One of the battleground states in the presidential election is Virginia, and a recent poll shows the candidates in a very tight race.

Palin Talks Faith, Politics with Dobson

Despite being an underdog, Gov. Sarah Palin says she has faith that the message of the McCain campaign will reach Americans before the Nov. 4 election.

Palin Makes Stop Near Joe the Plumber

Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin made a campaign stop near Joe the Plumber's northwest Ohio home on Wednesday. Palin was in town for a rally at the University of Findlay.

Obama Lashes Back at GOP, McCain

At a news conference in Virginia on Wednesday, Democrat Barack Obama spoke about the nation's security efforts and he how he wants to reverse the tax cuts for wealthy Americans that Republican John McCain opposed when they were voted into law.

Candidates Focus on Security, Economy

WASHINGTON - With less than two weeks to go before the election, both John McCain and Barack Obama are focusing on two key issues: national security and the economy.

Analyzing Media Coverage of the Election

Sen. Joe Biden has not talked anymore on the campaign trail about his prediction of Barack Obama being tested by an international crisis.

Dem's Wife Files for Divorce amid Scandal

The wife of Florida Congressman Tim Mahoney has filed for divorce.

Candidates Continue Fight Down to the Wire

The race for the White House is getting down to the wire.

Cha-Ching - Obama Raises $ea of Ca$h

WASHINGTON - No matter what else happens in the last couple of weeks up to the election, this is known: Barack Obama is going to drown John McCain in a sea of cash.

A Conversation with Sarah Palin

CBNNews.com -- LANCASTER, Pa. -- Saturday morning, CBN News was granted an interview with Vice Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin.  David Brody sat down with the Governor of Alaska for about 20 minutes. The two discussed everything from her faith walk, to campaign strategy to basketball and Tina Fey's spoof of her on Saturday Night Live. 

A Look at Obama's Chicago Past

In the race for president, Sen. Barack Obama labels himself as an agent for change, saying he's been a reformer for years. But some in his political hometown of Chicago are saying "not so fast."

Candidates Talk Economy in Key States

With 18 days left before the election, Barack Obama and John McCain are both trying to convince voters they can get the U.S. out of its economic mess.

FBI Probes ACORN Voter Fraud

The FBI is now investigating the voter activist group "ACORN."

Debate Reax: GOP Fights, Dem Holds Steady

Across the country, undecided voters tuned in for the third and final presidential debate last night.

'Joe the Plumber' Upstages Candidates

CBNNews.com -The man known as 'Joe the Plumber' is getting just as much, or more, attention than the presidential candidates since Wednesday night's debate.

McCain, Obama Turn Last Corner

John McCain and Barack Obama are in the final leg of their race for the White House.

McCain Hits Hard in Final Debate

CBNNews.com - Presidential candidate John McCain kept rival Barack Obama on the defense, Wednesday night, blasting him over his tax plans, his unexplained political relationships, and his position on abortion in the final debate of this election season.

ACORN's Methods Spur Investigations

WASHINGTON - You may have heard the name ACORN the last few days tied to reports of voter fraud. The group's goal is to register low income voters. But their methods are under investigation in a number of states.

McCain, Obama Head to Final Debate

WASHINGTON - Tonight's third and final debate between Barack Obama and John McCain could make or break their campaigns.

McCain Lays Out Economic Proposals

Republican John McCain laid out a list of economic proposals today, including eliminating federal taxes on unemployment benefits.

After Big Rally, McCain Ready to Rumble

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - With just three weeks to go, John McCain is portraying himself as a fighter, ready to lead the country in a new direction.

Obama Shares Details of Economic Plan

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama on Monday shared the details of his economic rescue plan while campaigning in Ohio.

McCain, Palin Shift to Underdog Fight

Republican presidential candidate John McCain embraced the role of underdog Monday, telling an energetic Virginia Beach crowd that while he's down in the polls, he will not be counted out.

Candidates Trade Attacks over the Weekend

The Clintons are joining the Obama campaign for the final stretch before the election.

Fiscal Conservatives Rally, Work on Message

WASHINGTON - The largest gathering of fiscal conservatives in the country was particularly worked up at this year's Washington conference of Americans for Prosperity.

McCain Ad: Obama's Links to Ex-Radical?

Republican presidential candidate John McCain is striking hard on Democrat Barack Obama's connection to former 1960's radical William Ayers.

Obama Plans to Air Prime Time Program

WASHINGTON - Presidential hopefuly Barack Obama will air a 30-minute commercial during prime time on Oct. 29. That is six days before Election Day.

Obama Takes Heat over Ayers, Socialism

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama's association with radical activist Bill Ayers continues to be an issue on the campaign trail.

States Suspect False Voter Registrations

Missouri election officials are investigating voter fraud allegations, sifting through hundreds of questionable voter registration forms submitted by an advocacy group called Acorn.

Pollster: Race Too Close to Call

A leading pollster says the presidential race is still too close to call.

More Young Christian Voters Favor Obama

A recent survey of young Christian voters reveals they may have a different political focus than their older counterparts.

Voter Reaction to Debate Varied

CBNNews.com  - Voter reaction across the country to the second presidential debate between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain Tuesday night was as varied as the fundamental differences that divide the two candidates.

Candidates Debate Economy, Health Care

The economy took center stage as presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain clashed for a second time over how to repair the deepening economic crisis.

Economy the Focus on Campaign Trail

One day after the second presidential candidate debate, voters are favoring Sen. Barack Obama.

Attacks not so Great During Debates?

With GOP presidential nominee John McCain down six to eight points in most major polls, his campaign is trying a new strategy.

McCain-Obama Prep for Round Two

Presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama will square off for a second time Tuesday, in a town hall meeting style debate just four weeks before Election Day.

Web Extra: McCain and Obama's Second Presidential Debate

NASHVILLE - Senators Barack Obama and John McCain took on questions from voters in their second debate Tuesday Night.

McCain, Obama: How to Win the Debate

NASHVILLE -- As the Presidential candidates prepare for round two and Tuesday night's debate, everyone's talking about what the candidates need to do to win.

GOP Questions Obama's Campaign Money

The Republican National Committee wants an audit of Barack Obama's presidential campaign contributions, after claims that he may be accepting illegal donations.

Candidates Ready to Take Off the Gloves

In one of his sharpest attacks yet, Republican presidential candidate John McCain charged his rival with not being transparent about his political and financial ties. 

A New President Could Mean a New Court

WASHINGTON -- The gavel's about to come down to start the U.S. Supreme Court's new term.

Newt Gingrich on Energy Independence

One of the biggest issues in this election year is energy and America's dependence on foreign oil.

Biden Speaks at Son's Deployment Service

CBNNews.com - One day after his big debate as a vice presidential candidate, Sen. Joe Biden spoke at his son's deployment ceremony as he heads for Iraq.

Candidates Talk Economy Amid Job Losses

Presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain are continuing to focus on the economy, amid House's passage of a finalized economic rescue package.

Who Won the VP Debate? Viewers React

CBNNews.com - It could be the most watched vice presidential debate in history. And according to the ratings, it drew more viewers that the first presidential debate.

Bush Signs Economic Rescue Plan

 After weeks of tough negotiating and one failed vote, Congress cleared the last hurdle to passing an historic bill authorizing $700 billion to shore up the nation's troubled financial industry.

Palin, Biden Toe Party Lines in Debate

CBNNews.com - It was a classic David vs. Goliath. A two-year governor from Alaska vs. a far more experienced statesman from the Senate.

Senate Lifts Nuclear Ban with India

The Senate has voted to rescind a 30-year ban on nuclear trade with India.

House Gets Another Try at Rescue Bill

WASHINGTON - The House of Representatives will get another chance to vote on a bill to rescue the financial system.

Senate Passes Economic Rescue Plan

Senators passed a sweetened version of the $700 billion financial rescue package they say is more a rescue deal for Main Street than a bailout for Wall Street.

VP Candidates Arrive for Big Debate

The political spotlight will shift Thursday night to the vice presidential candidates, as Delaware Sen. Joe Biden and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin take the stage for their first and only debate.

McCain, Obama Set to Vote on Bailout Bill

Both presidential candidates are set for a tough vote tonight on a revised economic rescue plan the Senate will move to the floor. 

Pro-Life Group Launches Pro-Obama Site

A Christian group supporting Democrat Barack Obama for president has launched a new Web site called, "Pro-life Obama."

Pelosi's PAC Funds Raises Questions

New ethical questions are being raised about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Palin Challenges Media on Mocking Faith

CBNNews.com - Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin is pushing back against some in the media's portrayal of her faith.

Voting for President Begins in Ohio

Voters have already started casting their ballots for president in the key swing state of Ohio.

Senate Debates Rescue Plan

WASHINGTON - The Senate is set to vote on a revised version of the government's plan to rescue the financial system. The vote comes as the credit crisis is tightening its squeeze on the economy.

Candidates Get Ready for Thursday's Debate

Final preparations are underway in St. Louis for Thursday's debate between Sen. Joe Biden and Gov. Sarah Palin.

Will Congress Pass a Bailout Plan?

CBNNews.com - Since the first bill did not pass, what will it take for Congress to approve a rescue package?