November 2011 Headlines

Democrats Reach Out to Young Values Voters

Young Democrats of America recently unveiled its first ever "Faith and Values" initiative in and effort to reach out to young Christian voters.

Skeptics Say Cain Campaign in its Death Throes

Some political experts say Herman Cain's trouble could shake up the GOP race one more time.

Cain 'Reassessing' Campaign After More Accusations

Another woman has come forward with accusations of sexual misconduct by Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain.

Senate Dems Push Obama's Payroll Tax Cut

Democrats want to extend the payroll tax cut that went into effect this year, a two percent cut that is currently set expire at the end of the year.

Democrat Barney Frank Announces Retirement

Speaking in his hometown of Newton, Mass., Monday, Rep. Barney Frank announced his retirement after more than three decades in Congress.

Gingrich Wins Key 'Union Leader' Endorsement

Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich received a major endorsement over the weekend from New Hampshire's biggest newspaper.

Defining Marriage: Is Traditional Culture in Danger?

In Congress, the federal law defending traditional marriage could soon be wiped out. But supporters say it has always been crucial for a society's survival.

Sen. John Thune Backs Mitt Romney

Thune, who considered running for president himself, is the latest big-time Republican to endorse Romney.

Rice on Faith, Politics and 'Scary' Moments in D.C.

Condoleezza Rice says her time in Washington wasn't easy. But her inspirational journey to politics was rooted in faith.

Republican Majority Could Pass VA 'Personhood' Bill

A Virginia legislator introduced a bill this week that would define the term "person" and in turn limit abortion.

GOP Candidates Butt Heads on National Security

GOP presidential candidates locked horns Tuesday night on everything from TSA airport screening to Pakistan aid.

Romney Takes Jab at Obama in New Hampshire

Republican candidate Mitt Romney welcomed Obama to the Granite State with the launch of his first television campaign.

Supercommittee Fail Brings Deeper Deficit Problems

Finger pointing continued a day after the congressional supercommittee failed to reach an agreement on major budget cuts.

The Brody File: Candidates Talk Faith, Jesus

CBN News goes on the road to Des Moines, Iowa, where the GOP candidates shed tears and talked about Jesus at a Thanksgiving Family Forum.

Gingrich Wants Private Retirement Accounts

The plan would allow workers to place their payroll taxes in a private account. All of the money deposited would belong to the individual rather than the government.

Obama in NH Pushing for Payroll Tax Cuts

President Obama is in the political battleground state of New Hampshire, challenging Republicans in Congress to extend payroll tax cuts that expire this year.

Defense Sec. Urges Caution after Debt Panel Defeat

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is imploring Congress to avoid cuts "that will tear a seam in the nation's defense."

Obama Signs Bill that Helps Jobless Vets Get Hired

President Barack Obama signed into law Monday a bipartisan bill that helps jobless veterans get back to work and rewards employers who hire them.

GOP Candidates Talk Faith, Family at Iowa Forum

There were tears, testimonies, and talk of Jesus over the weekend in Iowa. And it wasn't a revival meeting -- it was a presidential forum.

Your Lawmaker Getting Rich off of Insider Trading?

Today it seems that lawmakers from both parties are making money from a kind of legal insider trading that - for the ordinary Americans -- would mean jail time. 

Republicans Seek Iowa Social Conservatives' Nod

Republican presidential candidates set their sights on Iowa for a discussion on the role of faith in public life, along with hot-button issues such as marriage and abortion.

Supercommittee Throws in the Towel on Deficit Deal

The supercommittee tasked with crafting a plan to slash the federal deficit is admitting defeat. Now many wonder what their failure means for Americans.

Balanced Budget Amendment Fails in the House

House lawmakers rejected a constitutional amendment to balance the budget by a vote of 261-165 on Friday.

Religion, Economy Loom Big in 2012 Election

For evangelical voters, the issues of life and marriage are constant, but this election cycle, another matter is getting the most attention: the economy.

Gov. Mitch Daniels' Advice for 'Keeping the Republic'

He's not in the presidential race, But Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels wrote a book he hopes will be used by those who can steer America back in the right direction.

GOP Sees Opening, Hispanic Vote Up for Grabs

While the majority of Latinos supported President Obama in the last election, it's a much different political climate now.

Senate Chaplain Asks God's Wisdom for Debt Panel

As skepticism grows that the supercommittee will reach a bipartisan deal on trimming the deficit, Senate Chaplain Black placed his hope in a more reliable source - God

Energy Sec Braces for Tough Questions on Solyndra

Energy Secretary Steven Chu is expected to face tough questions from Congress about his role in administration's loan to failed company Solyndra Thursday.

Finger-Pointing Begins as Debt Deadline Nears

With the deadline to reach an agreement to trim the nation's deficit less than a week away, members of the congressional supercommittee are at a stalemate.

What Washington Really Means by 'Spending Cuts'

Republicans pledged to make spending cuts a top priority. But some are beginning to question what spending cuts really mean in Washington-speak.

Jobs Bill for Vets Gets Strong Support in Congress

Congress is getting ready to send President Obama a bill aimed at helping unemployed veterans.

Poll Shows Four-Way Tie among GOP Contenders

A new Bloomberg News poll out of Iowa shows a four-way tie among the Republican presidential candidates.

Partial Shutdown Looms over New Spending Bill

House and Senate negotiators have agreed on a $182 billion spending bill that includes stopgap spending legislation to keep the government running until Dec. 16.

Obama Draws Fire for 'Lazy America' Comments

Republicans are criticizing President Obama for saying the U.S. is getting lazy about attracting foreign investment.

Gingrich: 'Realistic Idealist' Becomes New GOP Fav

The 2012 campaign season has been full of surprises, with the latest being the political resurrection of Newt Gingrich.

Tick Tock: Supercomittee Remains Super Deadlocked

With only 10 days remaining until the congressional supercommittee must present a plan on how to cut the nation's deficit by $1.2 trillion, the panel remains divided.

Cain's Wife: Husband 'Totally Respects Women'

The wife of GOP candidate Herman Cain is defending her husband against allegations of sexual misconduct, saying he "totally respects women."

Polls Show Gingrich in Race for GOP Nomination

Newt Gingrich says if he wins the GOP nomination, he'll challenge President Obama to a series of three-hour debates in the style of the Lincoln and Douglas debates held during the 1860 election.

Obama Lays Wreath, Bidens Urge Jobs for Vets

In Afghanistan and Iraq, "The tide of war is receding," Obama said Friday, referring to the end of the Iraq war and the troop drawdown in Afghanistan.

Dems Move Forward to End Defense of Marriage Act

Senate Democrats took a step Thursday toward ending the federal law that defines marriage as between one man and one woman.

Perry Insists Debate Gaffe Won't Affect Campaign

Texas Gov. Rick Perry brushed off criticism of his "lapse of memory" at the latest GOP debate, saying that the gaffe won't break his campaign.

GOP Candidates Discuss the Economy, Blame Obama

Wednesday night, the GOP candidates met on a debate stage in Rochester, Michigan, to talk about the economy.

Skeptics Abound as Supercommittee Deadline Nears

There's growing concern whether Washington's "supercommittee" will meet its goal of cutting $1.5 trillion from the deficit.

Cain Allegations Expected to Sidetrack GOP Debate

The Michigan debate is supposed to focus on the economy, but analysts expect allegations against Herman Cain to distract candidates.

Urban Conservative Leaders Rally Minority Voters

A number of conservative and Christian groups tied to urban communities are coming together to influence upcoming elections.

Obama Signs Executive Order to Cut 'Swag'

President Barack Obama signed an executive order Wednesday, banning public relations items purchased by the government on the taxpayers' dime.

Super Committee Far from Deal as Deadline Looms

GOP aides say Democrats rejected a Republican proposal that would increase revenue, cut spending and decrease taxes.

Virginia Turning Red? GOP Dominates Election

Three years after Barack Obama won the state of Virginia, it appears the Old Dominion's political pendulum is swinging back to the right.

Cain's Latest Accuser Filed Complaint on Next Job

Another woman has been identified in accusations against the GOP front-runner of sexual misconduct.

Atty Gen. Holder in Hot Seat over 'Fast and Furious'

Attorney General Eric Holder went on the defense today over the Justice Department's handling the operation that followed gun purchasers across the border.

Cain Declares Harassment 'Simply Didn't Happen'

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain declared he would not quit his bid for the nomination despite ongoing sexual harassment allegations from four women.

The Brody File Show: It's Political 'Armageddon'

This week on The Brody File - Herman Cain's campaign train wreck, the Rick Perry-Mitt Romney rivalry, and who's up, who's down, and who's at the top of the list.

Bachmann: GOP Rivals Aspire to Be 'Frugal Socialists'

GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann told CBN News that her conservative record is stronger and more consistent than her opponents.

Fourth Woman Accuses Herman Cain of Harassment

Sharon Bialek told reporters Monday that Cain had attempted to touch her inappropriately during a 1997 meeting with the former Godfather's Pizza CEO.

Obama to Republicans: Pass Vets Tax Credits

President Obama on Monday urged congressional Republicans to support new ways of helping the nation's returning military veterans find jobs in a sluggish economy.

Poll: Romney Has Best Shot at Beating Obama

Republicans believe Mitt Romney has the best chance to beat President Obama, according to a new poll, but only 24 percent want him to be the nominee.

Obama Admin.: No FDR Prayer on WWII Memorial

The Obama administration is opposing congressional legislation to add President Franklin Roosevelt's D-Day prayer to the World War II Memorial in Washington D.C.

Rick Santorum Switches Campaign to Social Issues

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum has kicked off a series of speeches in Iowa over social issues.

Poll Shows Cain Still in Lead as Allegations Mount

After three days of a media circus over sexual harassment charges, Herman Cain still leads the GOP presidential field.

Corzine Resigns From MF Global Amid Probe

Former New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine stepped down Friday from his position as head of the brokerage firm MF Global.

House Panel Ok's Bill to Slash Federal Workforce

A House committee has approved a bill to slash the federal civilian workforce by 10 percent over the next three years.

Romney Pledges Deep Spending Cuts

Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney has pledged to slash $500 billion dollars in federal spending in his first term in the White House.

Third Woman Accuses Cain of Sexual Misconduct

The spotlight intensified on GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain, Thursday, as a third woman accused him of sexual misconduct.

New Hampshire Sets Jan. 10 for Primary

Wednesday's announcement by Secretary of State Bill Gardner gave candidates a concrete schedule after months of uncertainty.

White House Press Sec. Makes Biblical Blunder

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney made a blunder of biblical proportions Tuesday in explaining a statement the president made during his jobs speech.

Cain Camp: Fundraising Up Despite Allegations

GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain is taking his bid for the White House to Capitol Hill, introducing himself to congressional Republicans on Wednesday.

Obama to Congress: Pass Transportation Bill

President Barack Obama was back on the stump pushing his American Jobs Act, Wednesday.

The Tea Party: Extreme or Mainstream in 2012?

While many voters support the movement, its critics are resorting to labeling it as extreme and stubborn.

Physical Shows President Obama in 'Excellent Health'

The president, who recently turned 50, is tobacco free and physically active.