December 2011 Headlines

Eyes on Iowa Evangelicals as Caucus Draws Near

With the Iowa caucus around the corner, the question now is which candidate will evangelical Christians throw their support behind this time?

Obama Signs Defense Bill Despite 'Reservations'

President Barack Obama signed a wide-ranging defense bill into law Saturday despite having "serious reservations" about provisions that regulate the detention, interrogation and prosecution of suspected terrorists.

Santorum Edges Out Gingrich in Iowa Poll

Iowa voters are still thinking about the new GOP flavor of the week with only a few days remaining until next Tuesday's Republican presidential caucus.

Perry Asks Court to Place Him on Va. Ballot

Texas Gov. Rick Perry filed an emergency order in federal court to get his name placed on the Virginia ballot for the state Republican presidential primary.

Will Republicans Pick Up Sen. Nelson's Seat?

Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson is stepping down after nearly two decades.

Obama to Ask for $1.2T Increase in Debt Limit

It is the third and final increase of the debt ceiling deal that was negotiated during the summer as a part of the Budget Control Act of 2011.

Super Pacs Spend Big Money in Iowa GOP Race

With the Iowa GOP caucuses just six days away, undecided Iowans are being targeted by a flood of television and radio campaign commercials.

Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson Announces Retirement

Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska told his supporters Tuesday he plans to retire rather than seek a third term.

GOP Hopefuls Race Across Iowa for Votes

With just a week to go before the Iowa caucus, several Republican presidential candidates are making a last minute push for votes

Gingrich, Perry Fail to Meet Va. Ballot Requirement

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich's campaign is attacking the system in Virginia that will keep him off the state's Republican presidential primary ballot.

The Brody File: Campaign Coverage 101

This week on The Brody File show, CBN News puts the mainstream media under the microscope.

Anger at Congress Grows as Payroll Deadline Nears

With nine days remaining until New Year's, Americans are growing frustated as the standoff over whether to extend the payroll tax cut rages on.

Game of Chicken? Payroll Tax Fight Could Cost GOP

The payroll tax standoff is particularly damaging to the GOP, who rejected the Senate's two-month extension in favor of a deal that will last through 2012.

Ron Paul Giving Gingrich, Romney Competition in Iowa

Most recently, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has taken first place, but his lead is now dwindling to Mitt Romney and unexpected contender Ron Paul.

Lawmakers Leave Tax Debate Behind for the Holiday

A stalemate in Congress could mean a downright unfriendly Christmas gift for millions of Americans.

Family Leader CEO Endorses Rick Santorum

The Family Leader has decided not to endorse a Republican presidential candidate this election, although the group's president did lend his support to Rick Santorum.

New Year's Day May See Payroll Tax Hike

Political brinkmanship in Washington means millions of Americans may see a tax hike on New Year's day.

Forget the Polls - Grassroots Muscle Rules in Iowa

The nation's first caucuses are just two weeks away, and the GOP presidential race is too close to call. But polls are not everything when it comes to Iowa.

Ron Paul Leading as Iowa Caucus Approaches

GOP voters in Iowa have just two weeks to decide who they'll choose to be the Republican nominee for president, and so far, they're impressed with Ron Paul.

Gingrich Says He Would Work to 'Stop Activist Judges'

The GOP frontrunner said he would put an end to the "steady encroachment of secularism through the courts to redefine America as a nonreligious country."

Franklin Graham on Voting for a Mormon

In a recent poll, 41 percent of evangelical voters said they would not vote for a Mormon.  But should Christian's refuse to vote for a Mormon candidate?

New Showdown Looms as House Shuns Payroll Bill

The measure approved by the Senate Friday would cut the payroll tax, extend jobless benefits, and avoid cuts in Medicare payments.

Holder: Voter ID Laws Stifling Civil Rights

Attorney General Eric Holder wants to stop new voting laws and redistricting in some states, following concerns that the new rules could reduce the voting rights of minorities.

GOP Leaders Keep Pipeline in Payroll Tax Bill

House Speaker John Boehner says Republicans will push for the construction of a controversial oil pipeline by including the project in the bill to extend a payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits.

SC Governor Endorses Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney has won a coveted endorsement from the governor of South Carolina.

Election Poll: Majority Believe Obama Should Go

The results of a new poll finds that a majority of Americans think President Obama should be voted out of office in 2012.

GOP Freshmen: Budget Deals Weakening Pro-Life Bills

Freshmen GOP congressmen are angry over budget compromises that they say are weakening pro-life legislation passed by the U.S. House of Representatives.

GOP Hopefuls Lock Horns, Slam Obama in Iowa

The Republican presidential candidates may disagree on some things, but they are unanimous in the desire to oust President Obama in 2012.

Gingrich a Target in Final Iowa GOP Debate

The Republican candidates will face off Thursday night in the last debate before the Iowa caucuses scheduled for Jan. 3.

GOP Hopefuls Attend 'Gift of Life' Premiere

Four of the Republican presidential candidates spoke about the right to human life at a "The Gift of Life" documentary's premiere, Wednesday night in Des Moines, Iowa.

House Lawmakers Try to Fend Off Defense Cuts

The goal is to slash $1.2 trillion in government spending to avoid automatic cuts to the Department of Defense and some domestic programs.

Most Americans Want Payroll Cut Extended

Despite partisan bickering, a new Associated Press-GfK poll shows most Americans want the payroll tax cut extended.

Senate Votes to Save Religious Freedom Commission

The United States Senate voted Wednesday to reauthorize the U.S. Commission for International Religious Freedom, but there's a catch.

Defense Bill Raises Concern on Handling Terrorists

The House of Representatives is set to vote on a new defense bill that would require terrorist suspects to remain in military custody.

Critics Slam Congress as Legislative ‘Do Nothings’

Some believe there won't be any Congressional agreement on key issues without a clear mandate from American voters.

Senate Dems Say Payroll Tax Cut Bill 'DOA'

Senate Democrats are vowing to kill the latest House bill to extend payroll tax cuts through 2012.

Newt Gingrich: Comeback Candidate of the Year

Newt Gingrich has come a long way. The former House speaker was once struggling in the polls, but now, he's got the attention of voters in key states.

Romney Shrugs Off $10,000 Bet Remark

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has dismissed his $10,000 bet he tried to make Texas Gov. Rick Perry during Saturday night's Republican presidential debate.

GOP Ties Payroll Cuts to Keystone Pipeline

Republicans are working on a new plan to extend payroll tax cuts through 2012, and they're tying their proposal to a project that would pipe oil from Canada.

Obamas Attend Historic St. John's Church

The first family attended a church service near the White House on Sunday.

Two-Man Race? All Eyes on Gingrich, Romney in Iowa

The latest debate in Des Moines brought a smaller GOP field of candidates and a different face-off in the middle between Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.

Some GOP Lawmakers Won't Endorse Gingrich

Some Republican lawmakers are voicing their concerns about Newt Gingrich and have been reluctant to endorse him for the GOP presidential nomination.

Analysis: For Gingrich, No Bombast or Apologies

Newt Gingrich is trying to preserve his rapid rise in the GOP presidential race by defending his most controversial stands without appearing to be the thin-skinned hothead his critics often describe.

Religious Freedom Commission Faces Shutdown

A U.S. government agency tasked with monitoring religious liberty worldwide is in danger of being shut down for good.

A Tale of Three Wives: Life on the Campaign Trail

While presidential candidates stump and debate, their spouses work behind the scenes, avoiding missteps, providing counsel, and surviving life on the trail. 

The Brody File: On the Road with Newt Gingrich

This week on The Brody File, Newt Gingrich talks about the GOP race so far, the media, and how he handles the election campaign spotlight.

Trump Targets Obama in 'Time to Get Tough' Book

Trump has tough words for America's leaders in his new book, Time to Get Tough. But his harshest criticism was directed at the nation's commander in chief. 

Republicans Filibuster Obama Judicial Nominee

Republican Senators accused former New York Solicitor General Caitlin Joan Halligan of being a liberal activist.

DOD Labels Ft. Hood Attack 'Workplace Violence'

Sen. Susan Collins blasted the Defense Dept. for failing to identify radical Islam's threat, suggesting political correctness is a priority over military security.

Holder: Buck Stops with Me on 'Fast and Furious'

Attorney General Holder is gearing up to face some tough questions from lawmakers over the Justice Department's handling of a botched gun sting.

Lawmakers Vote to Rein in Gov't Regulations

House Republicans voted Thursday to give Congress the power to approve or reject major federal rules with a bill known as the Reins Act.

Perry Takes Aim at Obama's 'War on Religion'

The Republican presidential candidate has started a massive $1.2 million broadcast advertising schedule promoting the country's Christian heritage.

Candidates Lambast Obama over Israel Policy

Newt Gingrich promised a gathering of Jewish Republicans that as president he would honor a congressional law to move the U.S. embassy in Israel.

Romney 'Too Busy' to Attend Trump Debate

Mitt Romney says he will not participate in this month's GOP presidential debate hosted by real estate mogul Donald Trump due to a packed schedule.

Blagojevich Gets 14 Years in Prison

Rod Blagojevich is headed home to his family after a federal judge sentenced him to 14 years in prison for political corruption.

Gingrich New Target at Top of GOP Pack

Newt Gingrich has surged to the front of the Republican presidential candidate pack, but can he overcome the attacks that have taken down previous frontrunners?

Obama Recalls Roosevelt in 'Square Deal' Tax Plan

Obama spoke from the Kansas town where President Theodore Roosevelt delivered his "New Nationalism" speech on giving regular Americans a "square deal."

Obama's Move to Advance Gay Rights Worldwide?

President Obama has officially sanctioned using U.S. foreign aid to promote gays rights overseas.

New GOP Poll: Gingrich Widens Lead in Iowa

A new poll released Tuesday reveals that Newt Gingrich has widened his lead in Iowa.

Trump Endorsement a Blessing or Curse?

Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich says he wants business mogul Donald Trump's endorsement. But some warn of the downside to playing politics with "the Don."

Gingrich Makes Gains as Cain Bows Out

Cain's departure from the presidential race set off a mad scramble for his supporters and staff. However, it's Newt Gingrich who has emerged as the front-runner.

US Envoy Draws Fire for Anti-Semitic Comments

The Obama administration is distancing itself from controversial statements by U.S. ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman, justifying anti-semitism among Muslims.

Obama Calls Voters to Pressure Congress on Tax Cuts

President Obama implored voters to call their representatives and urge them to keep the payroll tax cuts in place.

In Sabbath Book, Lieberman Explains 'Gift of Rest'

Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman is one of the busiest people in Washington. Yet, he's made the Sabbath an integral part of his life.

Cain Suspends Presidential Campaign

Herman Cain is suspending his bid for the GOP presidential nomination to avoid continued news coverage of allegations of sexual misconduct that is hurtful to his family.

Gingrich Boldly Declares 'I'm the GOP Nominee'

The race has already seen many front-runners, but Gingrich believes his track record will give him staying power.

Slain Giffords Aide Honored at US Capitol

A congressional meeting room located on Capitol Hill will soon be memorialized in honor of the first congressional aide killed in the line of duty.

HHS Under Fire for Denying Grant to Faith Group

A House panel is investigating whether the Obama administration abused its power by blocking religious groups from receiving grant money to help victims of abuse.

US Transfers Iconic 'Camp Victory' to Iraqis

America's military placed Camp Victory into the hands of Iraqis on Friday.  The move represents a significant and symbolic milestone in the Iraq war.

Congress, White House Spar Over Defense Bill

The latest defense spending bill has Congress and the White House at odds over how to handle suspected terrorists.

Obama: Extend Tax Cuts or Economy will Suffer

President Obama is warning of dire consequences if Congress does not extend payroll tax cuts, saying that failure would deliver a "massive blow to the economy."

Cain Meeting with Wife Before Campaign Decision

Herman Cain says he won't decide the future of his presidential bid until after he meets with his wife on Friday.