January 2012 Headlines

GOP Wants to Abolish State Income Taxes

Many Republicans elected to various state legislatures around the country in 2010 have set their sights on reducing or even eliminating state income taxes.

Catholics: Abortion Coverage Mandate Violates Conscience

Churches and other religious organizations are pushing back against President Barack Obama's new health insurance policy mandate for birth control.

Romney Rides Wave of Support, Wins Florida

Voters in Florida gave former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney a commanding victory in the state's Republican presidential primary, Tuesday.

Romney Surges in Fla., Gingrich Plays Catch Up

The forecast is sunny for Mitt Romney, with polls showing him pulling ahead of Newt Gingrich, a victory firmly in his grasp. Still, the race is far from over.

Senate Clears Way for Vote on Insider Trading

Both Democrats and Republicans are rushing to pass a bill that would make it clear that insider trading laws apply to lawmakers.

Sleeping Power House? Latinos Combat Voter Apathy

Florida's Latino churches are pushing their members to go to the polls Tuesday to have a voice in immigration reform and the economy.

First Lady Announces Military Family Leave Plan

First Lady Michelle Obama announced Monday new plans to help military families adjust after service members are hurt in combat or deployed on short notice.

GOP Wins Long Right-to-Work Fight in Indiana

Indiana is poised to become the first right-to-work state in more than a decade.

Can Romney Deliver a Knockout Blow in Florida?

A dramatic swing in the Florida polls has shifted the momentum yet again in favor of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Why Evangelicals are Smitten with Newt Gingrich

Many are puzzled about why Newt Gingrich is doing so well among Christians despite his marital infidelities. The answer seems to start with forgiveness.

Santorum: Daughter's Recovery 'Miraculous Turnaround'

Republican Rick Santorum is staying home in Philadelphia to be with this hospitalized daughter and is canceling campaign stops in Florida.

Clinton Says She's Done with 'Political High Wire'

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is denying rumors that she might become President Barak Obama's running mate instead of Vice President Joe Biden.

Front-Runners Get Personal Ahead of Fla. Primary

The candidates are not only fighting over who's the better GOP candidate, they're fighting over pretty much everything, starting with immigration.

The Brody File: GOP Candidates Exposed

The GOP race lands in Florida, and the sun is shining hard on the top two candidates -- Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.

Obama-Backed Energy Company Goes Bankrupt

Ener1 is the third energy company to file Chapter 11 after receiving grant money from the Energy Department under the economic stimulus law.

Gingrich, Romney in Near Dead Heat Race for Fla.

A two-man fight between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich is shaping up ahead of next Tuesday's Florida primary.

House OK's Religious Symbols at War Memorials

The legislation comes after a federal court decision a year ago ruling a 43-foot cross at the Mount Soldedad veterans memorial unconstitutional.

Defense Plan Would Cut US Forces by 100,000

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has proposed cutting $487 billion from the defense budget over the next decade, as well as 100,000 U.S. ground forces.

Tense Exchange Captured between Obama, Brewer

Photographers captured a tense exchange between Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer and President Barack Obama upon his arrival in Phoenix Wednesday.

Gingrich: 'I Have Confessed My Weaknesses'

A new poll shows former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has erased most of the lead that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney had in the national polls.

Rep. Giffords Entrance Highlighed Bipartisan Spirit

While it may be rare in Congress, there were some examples of bipartisanship at Tuesday night's State of the Union address.

Bachmann Seeks Fourth Term in House

After a lengthy presidential campaign, the Minnesota congresswoman will likely need to start from scratch to fund her fourth run for Congress.

Obama Speech Draws Battle Lines for Campaign

For much of the night, Obama carried a tone of working together and continuing to believe in America, while the GOP warned viewers not to fall for false hopes.

Ind. Gov. Unveils Vision for Saving the Republic

Many had hoped Ind. Gov. Mitch Daniels would run for president. Though he's not in the race, he's written a book outlining his vision for America.



Republican Response to the State of the Union

Read and watch Gov. Mitch Daniels' Republican Address to the Nation, in response to President Obama's State of the Union address.

Gingrich, Romney Release 2010 Tax Returns

The top two Republican candidates for president released new information regarding their finances.

Romney Comes Out Swinging at Florida Debate

Mitt Romney went on the offensive at Monday night's GOP debate in Tampa, Fla., seeking to cast dispersions on Newt Gingrich's record as speaker of the House.

Obama Continues 'Fair Shot' Theme for Middle Class

In Tuesday's State of the Union address, Obama is expected to try and nurse economic worries by building on a speech for the middle class he delivered last month.

Florida Voters Flip to Gingrich after SC Win

Gingrich's campaign was declared dead twice, but he kicks off the Florida primary process with a major boost after winning South Carolina.

Docs Confident Sen. Kirk Will Recover from Stroke

Sen. Mark Kirk underwent "successful" surgery Monday to relieve brain swelling after suffering a stroke over the weekend, a spokesperson for GOP lawmaker said.

The Brody File: Narrowing the GOP Field

This week on The Brody File, CBN News takes a look at the narrowing presidential field in South Carolina. Which candidates have the best chance of surviving?

SC Shocker: Gingrich Wins Republican Primary

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, R-Ga., came from behind in the polls to win the Republican South Carolina primary.

White House Set to Press Congress for $1.2T in Cuts

The administration plan will likely include new taxes and fees that the GOP won't support, meaning another showdown could be looming over the budget.

Critics Pan Obama's Rejection of Keystone Pipeline

Critics say President Obama is putting politics ahead of energy independence and job creation.

James Dobson Endorses Santorum for President

Former Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa., received a big endorsement Thursday in his bid to win the Republican nomination for president.

Down to the Wire: Final Four Battle for SC Votes

Just hours before the first Republican primary in the South, things have changed in the race for the party's nomination.

Candidates Get Dirty ahead of SC Primary

With just one day left before the primary in South Carolina, the mud-slinging among GOP presidential candidates has reached new lows.

Perry's Exit, Gingrich Endorsement Shake Up Race

Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced he is dropping out of the presidential race and endorsing former opponent Newt Gingrich.

Santorum Edges Romney in New Iowa Count

Rick Santorum edged front-runner Mitt Romney by 34 votes in a surprise twist to the final results of the Iowa caucuses.

Gingrich Gaining, GOP Hopefuls Court SC Pro-Lifers

With just two days until the South Carolina Republican presidential primary, polls show Newt Gingrich is gaining ground on front runner Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney Tax Flap Won't Die Down

Rivals Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are pressing the former Massachusetts governor to release his tax returns.

Debt Limit Vote Symbolizes Washington Gridlock

Wednesday's vote is only symbolic and won't stop the increase, nor will it help break the gridlock in Washington to push legislation through.

Obama Rejects Canada-Texas Oil Pipeline

President Barack Obama on Wednesday rejected plans for the Canada-Texas oil pipeline.

State Dept. Expected to Nix Keystone Pipeline Project

Sources in the oil industry are expecting the State Department to announce it cannot approve the much-debated Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to Texas at this time.

Gingrich to CBN News: 'I Very Badly Want to Win S.C.'

In an exclusive interview with CBN News, Gingrich said that of the three "non-Romney" candidates, he's the one who knows how to implement a national campaign.

Occupy Protesters Target Capitol Hill Lawmakers

Occupy Wall Street protesters took their efforts to Capitol Hill Tuesday, calling attention to what they say is an influence of corporate money in politics.

Obama Touts Progress to Jobs Council

President Barack Obama met with his jobs council Tuesday to discuss ideas of how to grow jobs and bolster America's competitiveness around the world

GOP Hopefuls Press Romney in First SC Debate

Time is running out for candidates at the bottom of the pack, and they had a clear plan of attack at the first of two debates before the South Carolina primary.

Evangelicals Rally Behind Santorum; Huntsman Out

Former Utah governor Jon Huntsman said he believes Romney to be the "best equipped" to defeat President Obama.

ACLJ's Sekulows Endorse Romney for President

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential front runner, picked up the endorsement of two evangelical leaders over the weekend.

Romney Rivals Fight for South Carolina Coast

Mitt Romney's presidential challengers were to campaign up and down the South Carolina shoreline on Sunday.

The Brody File: SC Primary and Beyond

Gingrich discusses his plan against Romney in South Carolina, Rick and Karen Santorum open up about their prayer life, and a word with Rick Perry's campaign manager.

Judge: John Edwards Has Serious Health Issues

John Edwards is suffering from a life-threatening condition, according to a federal judge overseeing his trial for suspected campaign finance violations.

Obama Makes Plans to Shrink Gov't Size

President Barack Obama asked Congress Friday for the authority to reorganize the government in an effort save money and shrink its size.

President Obama Requests $1.2T Debt Limit Hike

The $1.2 trillion request is largely a formality, but it still carries election year implications.

ACLJ Calls Obama's Appointments 'Smokescreen'

The Justice Department's legal justification for President Obama's two recent recess appointments is "a smokescreen," according to the American Center for Law and Justice.

Fla. Church Leaders Get Out the Hispanic Vote

Latino church leaders in Orlando are aggressively encouraging Hispanic evangelicals to get out and vote in the state's Jan. 31 primary.

GOP Candidates Fail to Qualify for Ballots

Nevertheless, they're still turning up the attacks on Mitt Romney's record as governor and in the business world. 

Evangelical Voters Struggle to Support One Candidate

Campaigning is well underway but evangelicals have yet to rally behind one candidate.

Obama Campaign Rakes in $68M in Fourth Quarter

Obama campaign manager Jim Messina told supporters in a Web video Thursday that the president's campaign was off to a "pretty good start."

Obama Touts Plan to Bring Jobs Back Home

One day after the New Hampshire primary, President Obama touted his plan to return jobs to the U.S.

Candidates Turn Up the Heat on Romney in SC

The Republican front-runner is fighting off attacks portraying him as an elitist as he tries to win over evangelical voters concerned about his Mormon faith.

Eyes Turn to SC as Romney Racks Up Victory in NH

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is two for two in Republican primary contests following his impressive victory in New Hampshire Tuesday night.

Romney Wins Big in New Hampshire Primary

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney won a significant victory in New Hampshire Tuesday, earning 38 percent of the vote in the state's Republican primary.

Romney, Huntsman Tie in New Hampshire's Dixville

Just after midnight on Tuesday, the nine registered voters of Dixsville Notch cast the first ballots off the New Hampshire primary this year.

Romney Gaffe Has GOP Rivals Scenting Blood

Mitt Romney may look unbeatable to some, but he made headlines Monday when he declared, "I like being able to fire people who provide services to me."

Small Businesses Want Substance from Candidates

While candidates covered many issues the weekend, the economy is clearly the priority for voters, especially for small business owners.

Obama Announces Resignation of Chief of Staff

In an abrupt jolt to the White House, President Barack Obama announced Monday that chief of staff William Daley was quitting and heading home to Chicago.

Republican Candidates: Obama Hostile to Faith

Texas Gov. Rick Perry said the Obama administration's policies amount to a "war on religion."

ACLJ Files Brief to Strike Down 'Obamacare'

The American Center for Law and Justice is urging the court to strike down Obamacare, arguing that mandating Americans to buy health care insurance is unlawful.

Romney Strengthens Lead, Becomes Target for Rivals

Two debates this weekend gave GOP challengers the chance to gang up on Mitt Romney and make the case that he's not  a true conservative.

Hundreds Gather at Service to Recall Tucson Attack

Hundreds gathered Sunday for a service to remember a bloody morning one year ago when a gunman's deadly rampage shook a community and shocked a nation.

Road to NH Primary Bumpy for Santorum, Romney

The Republican presidential candidates will square off again this weekend, ahead of the election season's first primary in New Hampshire this Tuesday.

The Brody File: New Year, New Front-runners

This week on The Brody File, CBN News kicks off the new year with presidential campaign coverage, 2012 style.

What Iowa Caucuses Predict about the GOP Race

Although the Iowa caucuses are quickly becoming a distant memory, voter patterns from the contest teach a lesson about the battle for the Republican nomination. 

Target on Romney ahead of New Hampshire

Polls show Romney has a double-digit lead in New Hampshire, where voters cast their ballots in the Republican primary Jan. 10.

GOP Hopefuls Seek Funding Before NH Primary

The remaining Republican presidential candidates are scrambling to raise money before next Tuesday's primary in New Hampshire.

White House Launches Youth Jobs Initiative

President Obama is trying to create more summer job opportunities for young people.

Iowa Caucuses Shake Up GOP Presidential Field

The news comes after the Minnesota congresswoman cancelled her trip to South Carolina after finishing poorly in the Iowa caucuses.

Obama Skirts Senate to Appoint Consumer Chief

President Barack Obama recently made a recess appointment, naming Richard Cordray as head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

White House to Embrace Egypt's Brotherhood?

The White House appears ready to engage Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, a political group that has long been considered hostile to the United States.

Romney Beats Santorum by Narrow Margin in Iowa

Mitt Romney is moving on from Tuesday's narrow victory in Iowa to next week's New Hampshire primary, and anticipating sharper criticism from his rivals.

Perry Still In, Despite Low Support in Iowa

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is staying in the presidential race despite a fifth-place finish in the Iowa caucuses.

Conservative Women Key to Win the White House?

After Tuesday's Iowa caucus results, the GOP contenders will switch their attention elsewhere in an attempt to capture voters while they have the chance.

Romney, Santorum in Dead Heat for Iowa

By late Tuesday night, the first GOP caucus of the 2012 election season was still too close to call.

Back from Vacation, Obama Sets Sights on Iowa

The president plans to jump right back into his campaign for re-election, starting by hosting a live Web chat with supporters in Iowa Tuesday night.

Santorum Rises in Polls Ahead of Iowa Vote

Rick Santorum's strong resume, solid debate performances and consistent conservative message seem to have started to click with voters in Iowa.

Va. AG Will Not Help GOP Candidates for Primary

Republican presidential candidates who are struggling to get their names on Virginia's primary ballot will not get any inside help from the state attorney general.

Down to the Wire: It's Anyone's Race in Iowa

Most Iowa Republicans appear to have made up their minds, but a large number say they could switch at the last minute.