March 2012 Headlines

Fatal Flaw? Romney's Disconnect with Middle Class

Even though Mitt Romney is the GOP front-runner, analysts note that he still has a problem connecting to many voters - particularly the middle class.

Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan Backs Romney

Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan announced his support of the former Massachusetts governor Friday. Ryan is chairman of the House Budget Committee.

Supreme Court Mum on 'Obamacare' Decision

The nine U.S Supreme Court justices remained silent on the fate of President Barack Obama's health care law, Friday, after casting their ballots behind closed doors.

Tea-Party Favorite Marco Rubio Endorses Romney

Sen. Marco Rubio says it's clear Romney will win the nomination and that continuing the primary fight will only damage efforts to beat President Obama.

Political Pressure Continues as Gas Prices Surge

With gas prices on the rise, President Barack Obama is now targeting oil companies in his re-election campaign.

Cuccinelli: Leaders Gave False Hope with 'Obamacare'

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli told CBN News that those who have concerns about the health care law should take their frustrations to the ballot box.

House Passes GOP 'Path to Prosperity' Plan

House Republicans passed their $3.5 trillion budget Thursday, calling for deep cuts in federal spending, overhauls to Medicare and tax rate cuts.

Did 'Obamacare' Opponents Land Knockout Punch?

After three days of hearings, opponents were more relaxed, as the possibility of the Supreme Court throwing out the massive health care reform law brightened.

Tight on Cash, Gingrich Scales Back Campaign

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is retooling his presidential campaign -- again.

'Obamacare' Protests Expand to Abortion Coverage

Tuesday, demonstrators both for and against the health care law continued to gather in Washington, this time with many of them focusing on the abortion issue.

Santorum, Romney Weigh in on 'Obamacare' Hearing

Republican presidential candidates Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney have wasted no time weighing in on the Obamacare hearing.

Emotions Run High During 'Obamacare' Arguments

Americans on both sides of the debate gathered at the Supreme Court to make their voices heard on President Obama's controversial health care law.

GOP: Obama Wants Top Tax Rate Near 45 Percent

Democrats have attacked Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan's budget plan, saying it helps only the rich.

White House Hosts Biggest Obama Campaign Donors

President Obama is rewarding his biggest financial donors by granting them access to the White House, according to an Associated Press review.

Santorum: 'Romney Worst Republican to Face Obama'

Former Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Rick Santorum brought up the health care law on the campaign trail Saturday while campaigning in Wisconsin and then loses his cool with the press.

White House Silent as Obamacare Heads to High Court

The White House was noticeably silent on the law's two-year anniversary Friday. The Supreme Court will hear arguments Monday on whether it's constitutional.

Five Ways GOP Could Finally Settle Presidential Race

Still, the Republican presidential race has got to end sometime, whether it's April or August. Here are five ways to settle this thing:

Gas Prices Hurting Obama's Re-election Chances?

The rising cost of gasoline could jeopardize President Barack Obama's re-election chances, even as he spent the day in Oklahoma and Ohio touting his energy policy.

'Etch A Sketch' Comment Puts Romney on Defensive

Just as Mitt Romney was beginning to see some daylight in the race for the GOP nomination, a gaffe by one of his top aides has jolted the campaign.

Jeb Bush Endorses Romney as GOP Nominee

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush congratulated Mitt Romney on his Illinois victory, saying he was just the kind of leader the nation needs.

Abortion Funding 'Hidden' in Health Care Law

A just-revealed mandate within President Obama's health care law that would still require several health insurance plans to pay a monthly fee for covered abortions.

Buffett Rule Would Only Dent Deficit by 1 Percent

The "Buffett Rule," which would raise taxes on upper-income Americans, would only lower the national deficit by 1 percent, according to a congressional study.

Romney Emerges Triumphant in Illinois Primary

Mitt Romney said he's "almost there" in his six-year pursuit of the Republican presidential nomination.

GOP Budget Counters President Obama's Efforts

Republicans admit their plan has little chance of becoming law, but they wanted to present a contrast to President Obama's budget proposals.

Romney, Santorum Pan Government Overreach

Romney and Santorum took aim at President Obama's economic policies, panning what they view as government intrusiveness.

Voter ID Advocates Deny Disenfranchisement

Some states want to protect Americans right to vote by requiring picture IDs at the polls. But critics argue the requirement restricts voters' rights.

Santorum Stumps for Illinois Win over Romney

Rick Santorum is hard-charging ahead in Illinois and Louisiana, trying to tally as many delegates in his column and out of Mitt Romney's.

Obama: Congress Should Kill Oil Industry Tax Breaks

President Obama argues that America needs to spend more on investing in green energy for the long term.

Gingrich Vows to Stay in the Race No Matter What

Despite less than expected results in recent primaries, Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich said he's staying in the race unil the convention.

Obama Holds 5 Big Bucks Fundraisers in One Day

In a one-day fundraising blitz, the president planned five events: three in Atlanta and two in his hometown of Chicago.

Santorum Promises to Crack Down on Porn

Rick Santorum has promised that he'll crack down on pornography if he's elected president, saying America is suffering from a pandemic of the illicit material.

Biden Woos Ohio Workers for Obama Support

Vice President Joe Biden is officially back on the campaign, kicking off his first event for the president's re-election at a stop in the swing state of Ohio.

Ex-Ill. Gov. Blagojevich Starts Prison Sentence

Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich convicted of trying to sell or trade President Obama's Senate seat back in 2008, plus 17 other criminal counts.

Romney Ostracized for Planned Parenthood Remark

Mitt Romney's presidential campaign is under fire for a plan to cut federal funding to Planned Parenthood.

Senate Takes up 'Budget or Bust Act'

The Senate is finally holding a hearing Wednesday on a bill that would freeze lawmakers' pay until they pass a budget blueprint.

Winning Ticket? Ala., Miss. May Alter GOP Race

The outcome of Tuesday's primaries could put an end to Gingrich's candidacy, add momentum for Santorum, or give clear front-runner status to Romney.

Southern Sweep: Santorum Wins Alabama, Miss.

After a week of hearing candidates say "y'all" and talk about eating grits, it's Rick Santorum who woke up Wednesday morning with a southern grin.

Dangerous Ground: Obama Approval Hits New Low

The president is treading on dangerous political ground in an election year, with a new poll showing his approval rating has dropped again.

GOP Candidates Duke it Out for Southern Delegates

The Republican presidential candidates are now focused on the south, as Alabama and Mississippi prepare to hold primaries Tuesday.

Gas Prices Spike, Obama Approval Suffers

The average price of a gallon of regular gas in the U.S. has jumped 12 cents in the past two weeks, hurting President Obama's approval ratings.

Keystone Pipeline Dies in Senate, GOP Blames Obama

Senate Democrats blocked a Republican plan to speed approval of the Keystone XL pipeline. Now the GOP is calling them out for voting against jobs.

Obama Touts Jobs in Swing State of Virginia

Obama used another month of job growth to make his case for the economy. But opponents note some economic numbers were better before he took office.

Santorum Takes Kansas, Romney Wins Wyo.

Rick Santorum won the Kansas caucuses and Mitt Romney won in Wyoming, the latest contests in the campaign for the Republican presidential nomination.

Author: How Social Issues Impact the Economy

Even though media elites often say social conservatism hurts Republicans, author Jeffery Bell says the record proves otherwise.

Obama Pushes 'Alternative Vehicle' Program

The goal of the Obama administration's "National Community Deployment Challenge" is to make electric vehicles as affordable as gas-powered cars by 2020.

Romney Prods Challengers to Quit GOP Race

Republican front-runner Mitt Romney said he's going to win his party's presidential nomination in a slow but sure accumulation of delegates.

Political Witch Hunt? IRS Targets the Tea Party

Recently, the IRS sent dozens of questionnaires to Tea Party groups applying for nonprofit tax status, a move the ACLJ calls government harassment.

'Joe the Plumber' Gets GOP Nod in Ohio

Working class icon Samuel Wurzelbacher, who became known as "Joe the Plumber" during the 2008 election season, may soon switch professions.

Obama Urges Shift to New Energy Technologies

President Barack Obama on Wednesday made his most urgent appeal yet for the nation to wean itself from oil.

Lawmakers Express Support for Netanyahu, Israel

During meetings with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, political leaders on both sides of the aisle said they stand with the Jewish state in the Iranian crisis.

No Super Tuesday KO for Romney -- Now What?

The Republican battle for the White House is far from over as Super Tuesday allowed both GOP front-runners to put key states in their win column.

Obama Pressed on Iran, Foreign Policy Decisions

In his first press conference of the year Tuesday, President Barack Obama spent the bulk of his time explaining his foreign policy on Iran and Israel.

Santorum Wins Fuel Questions over Romney's Strength

Republican candidate Mitt Romney edged ahead of former Sen. Rick Santorum for a key win in the swing state of Ohio.

Obama Unveils New Housing Plan

President Obama will introduce a new mortgage relief plan aimed at helping military and homeowners refinance government-insured loans lower interest rates.

McCain Calls for US to Lead Airstrikes against Syria

McCain's request was born out of frustration with the Syrian government's brutal crackdown on the anti-government uprising.

Super Tuesday Wins Promise Big Campaign Boost

With 10 states and more than 400 delegates on the table, Mitt Romney could deliver the knockout punch that clears the way for his nomination.

White House May Defund Embryo Adoption Program

The 2013 fiscal budget could do away with the only federal program aimed at preventing the destruction of frozen human embryos left over from treatments like in-vitro fertilization.

Mitt Romney Gains Slight Lead in Ohio

A new Quinnipiac poll shows Romney inching ahead of Santorum in the Buckeye State, with 34 percent of the vote.

Super Tuesday May Decide GOP Nominee

Super Tuesday, March 6, is the largest single day of voting for the four remaining Republican presidential candidates in the race for the party's nomination.

Four Straight: Romney Wins Washington GOP Caucus

Mitt Romney rolled to a double-digit victory in Washington state's Republican presidential caucuses Saturday night, his fourth campaign triumph in a row.

Florida Schools May Allow Student-Led Prayer

The measure allows the state's school boards to permit student-initiated prayer and other "inspirational messages" at public school assemblies.

Blunt on Birth Control Defeat: 'Fight's Not Over'

The bill would allow employers and insurers to opt out of requirements in the president's health care law if they object on moral or religious grounds.