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April 2012 Headlines

Fast and Furious: Botched Gun Probe or Criminal Scandal?

Investigative reporter and author Katie Pavlich says the 'Fast and Furious' case involving Attorney General Eric Holder is a criminal ordeal that can't be ignored.

EPA Official Apologizes for 'Crucify' Rhetoric

A top EPA administrator has apologized for using the word "crucify" when describing the agency's enforcement tactics.

Biden: Romney 'Stuck in the Cold War Era'

Vice-President Joe Biden defended President Obama's foreign policy record Thursday in a New York campaign speech.

Parties Bicker over Coming Student Loan Interest Hike

Democrats and Republicans want to stop the cost of federal student loans from doubling. But each party wants to pay for it with savings the other side hates.

Gingrich Faces Uncertain Future after Failed Run

As he winds down his presidential campaign, Newt Gingrich faces a new challenge: reinventing himself politically yet again.

Napolitano Calls Prostitution Scandal 'Inexcusable'

Sen. Chuck Grassley is asking whether the Colombian prostitutes at the center of the Secret Service scandal could have actually been Russian spies.

Romney Sweeps Primaries, Sets Sights on Obama

Mitt Romney laid claim to the fiercely contested Republican presidential nomination Tuesday night with a fistful of primary triumphs.

Obama Cozies Up with Islamists in 'Post Al Qaeda Era'

The White House is moving toward developing ties with the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists groups in the Middle East.

Gingrich's Daughter: Campaign to 'Reassess'

Gingrich's daughter says her father will "reassess" the campaign after today's Delaware primary.

Obama Student Loan Plan Targets Youth Vote

Speaking Tuesday at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, he promised to keep the cost of college loans from soaring for millions of students.

Romney Pounds on Obama's Economy, Debt Record

Presumed GOP nominee Mitt Romney continued to highlight the president's poor performance on the economy and the country's massive debt problem this week.

Sen. Marco Rubio on Romney's Veepstakes Shortlist?

Sen. Rubio recently appeared with Romney at a campaign event in Pennsylvania and his presence adds to speculation that he's on Romney's short list.

Opening Arguments Begin in John Edwards Trial

Opening arguments were heard Monday in the case to decide whether former senator and presidential candidate John Edwards misused campaign funds.

Obama Vows to 'Always Be There' for Israel

During a visit to the Holocaust Museum Monday, President Obama restated his commitment to Israel saying he'll "always be there" for the Jewish state.

Lawmaker on Secret Service: Expect More Firings

The Secret Service Columbian prostitution scandal could result in more firings as the Senate and House Homeland Security committees widen their investigations.

Democrats Express Health Care Law Regret

A growing number of Democrats are expressing remorse over President Barack Obama's health care law.

Bill Offers Military Chaplains Conscience Protection

Rep. Tim Huelskamp and 45 co-sponsors are hoping to pass the Military Religious Freedom Protection Act to protect the conscience rights of military personnel.

Romney to Speak at Liberty University Graduation

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been chosen to deliver the commencement address at the evangelical Christian institution Liberty University.

House Passes Highway Bill despite Veto Threat

The House of Representatives has passed a highway bill, including a measure that requires the building of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Obama Reaches Hispanics with Spanish Ads

The ads will air in Colorado, Nevada, and Florida -- all battleground states with growing Hispanic populations.

White House Threatens Veto over Keystone Pipeline

The White House is threatening to veto a transportation bill if it also mandates construction of the Canada to Texas Keystone XL oil pipeline.

Pastor Critical of Romney's Faith Endorses Him

Mitt Romney is picking up key endorsements from Congressional Republicans in his bid for the GOP presidential nomination.

Senate Grills GSA Officials on Lavish Spending

Democratic-led Senate committees are getting their chance to question General Services Administration officials over the agency's lavish spending scandal.

New Video Exposes Ease of Voter ID Fraud

Critics say voter ID laws place an undue burden on minorities and the poor. But citizen journalist James O'Keefe recently proved how easy voter fraud can be.

Obama: Illegal Manipulation Raising Gas Prices

Hoping to eventually put a dent in rising gas prices, the White House unveiled a $52 million energy plan meant to increase penalties for oil market manipulation.

Mitt Romney to President Obama: Start Packing

Likely Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is already calling dibs on the White House.

Senate Republicans Block 'Buffet Rule'

Senate Republicans blocked President Obama's "Buffett Rule," a measure that would impose a higher tax rate on the nation's wealthy residents.

GSA Scandal Fallout Continues on Capitol Hill

Lawmakers will be hearing more from former GSA Public Building Service chief  Robert Peck, who threw a lavish party on the taxpayers' dime.

Arizona Votes on Rep. Giffords' Replacement

Arizonans head to the polls Tuesday to vote on who will temporarily replace former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

Congress Delves into GSA Spending Scandal

The GSA is under fire for wasting taxpayer dollars at a 2010 conference. Lawmakers are expected to look for more evidence of wasteful spending by the agency.

Conservatives Rebuff 'Buffet Rule' as Class Warfare

The Senate is preparing to hold its first vote on the Buffet Rule, a measure that would subject the wealthy to a higher tax rate. Critics call the measure "class warfare."

Romney Speaks to NRA Hoping to Gain Support

The former Massachusetts governor and the National Rifle Association have not always seen eye to eye. On Friday, Romney hopes to win over the key group.

Ann Romney Attack Puts Dems on Defense

A verbal attack on Romney's wife by Democratic consultant Hilary Rosen has now put the White House on the defensive with women.

Romney Won't Rule Out Santorum in 'Veepstakes'

Romney said he won't rule out former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum as a vice presidential running mate. In fact, he said he won't rule out anyone at this point.

Ryan Warns America Courting Economic Crisis

GOP Rep. Paul Ryan warns that the country could find itself in hot water if lawmakers don't get their acts together.

Support for 'Obamacare' Hits Record Low

A new poll shows public support for President Obama's health care reform has hit a record low.

Gender Gap May Be an Issue for Romney

A recent Washington Post-ABC News poll found that more women voters prefer President Obama over likely GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Romney Nomination Appears Set after Santorum Exit

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney now has a clear shot at President Obama in the race for the White House.

White House Easter Egg Roll Keeps Kids Active

President Barack Obama faced some stiff competition at the White House Monday -- thousands of children racing to the finish line of the yearly Easter Egg Roll.

Rick Santorum: Presidential Race Is 'Over for Me'

Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum announced Tuesday he is suspending his presidential campaign.

Obama Wants 'Buffett Rule' Tax on Millionaires

President Obama is pushing Congress to raise taxes on millionaires again, hoping to gain support for the so-called "Buffett Rule."

Eighth GSA Worker Placed on Leave after Scandal

The General Services Administration has placed an eighth employee on leave after an investigation into a lavish 2010 training conference in Las Vegas.

Presidential Race Shaping into Two-Man Face Off

A new poll out today shows the presidential race looking like a two-man face off, with President Obama enjoying the lead for now.

Gingrich: Romney Most Likely Nominee

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich said he's still in the race, but he made it clear he believes Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee.

Millions Diverted to IRS to Implement 'Obamacare'

The Obama administration is giving approximately a $500 million to the Internal Revenue Service to help implement its controversial health care law.

Senate Chaplain Prays Urgently for Nation's Leaders

Senate Chaplain Barry Black offers prayer and spiritual guidance to the nation's leaders in a special, non-partisan way.

GSA Scandal: Rap Video Adds Insult to Injury

The GSA is in the middle of a wasteful spending scandal. Now video of a GSA worker dreaming about wasting tax dollar is adding fuel to the fire.

President Obama Marks Passover with Seder Dinner

President Obama released a Passover message, saying he's "proud" to take part in the "special" tradition of the Seder dinner.

Bipartisan JOBS Act Signed Into Law

The Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Acts gives small businesses and startups more access to fundraising and new investors.

Romney Pans Obama's 'Hide-and-Seek' Campaign

Increasingly seen as the inevitable GOP nominee, Mitt Romney is turning his attention to November and sharpening his attacks against President Obama.

President Obama: 'Overcome the World' as Jesus Did

President Obama joined Christian leaders from across the country at the White House Wednesday for a time of prayer and reflection.

South Carolina's Nikki Haley: 'Can't Isn't an Option'

When South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley decided to run for public office, prejudice reared its ugly head. But her parents taught her that "can't is not an option."

Obama Signs Congressional Insider Trading Ban

The president, members of Congress and other federal workers will no longer be allowed to engage in insider trading.

Chris Christie Says N.J. 'Stands with Israel'

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie pledged Wednesday that he and his state would stand with Israel "in all its endeavors."

'Obamacare' Critics Brush Off Judicial Activism Claims

The president warned against "judicial activism" when deciding on the constitutionality of his health care law. But critics say that argument is flawed.

Romney Sets Sights on Pa. after Three-State Sweep

Mitt Romney tightened his grip on the GOP presidential nomination Tuesday night, sweeping primaries in Wisconsin, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Obama: Ryan Budget Thinly Veiled 'Darwinism'

President Barack Obama is attacking GOP Rep. Paul Ryan's budget, calling it a "Trojan horse" that would hurt the pocketbooks of working Americans.

GSA Heads Roll over Lavish Spending Scandal

According to a federal report, the General Services Administration went "over-the-top" with an $820,000 training session at a resort near Las Vegas.

Gaffes, Health Care Law Show Obama's Weakness?

Regent University's executive vice president warned of how "Obamacare" and other issues could be serious weak points for President Obama in the coming election.

Cruise Control: Romney Takes the Lead in Wis.

Whether you call Romney cautiously optimistic or just plain determined, one thing is for sure: the former Massachusetts governor is in the driver's seat.

Wis. Gov: Long Primary Makes Candidates 'Better'

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker told CBN News the long presidential primary process will make the eventual Republican nominee stronger for the general election.

Romney Inching toward GOP Nomination

More members of the GOP are rallying behind Republican front-runner Mitt Romney's bid for the party's nomination for president.