May 2012 Headlines

Lights Out: Government Making War on the Light Bulb?

The federal government is phasing out traditional light bulbs, with the 100-watt bulb first to go. Is this an energy-saving move or another government power grab?

Federal Marriage Definition on the Ropes

While polls show shifting public perceptions on same-sex marriage, they don't show the widening cultural divide between opposing sides.

P. Parenthood Ads Claim Romney 'Wrong for Women'

Planned Parenthood has endorsed President Barack Obama, launching a million dollar campaign this week against GOP candidate Mitt Romney.

War on Women? Lawmakers Target Fetal Gendercide

House lawmakers are pushing a bill that would make it a crime for doctors to perform abortions simply on the basis of gender.

Texas Runoff Boils Down to 'Who's More Conservative'

The battle to fill an open U.S. Senate seat in Texas is heading for a runoff election for each party.

Romney Clinches GOP Nomination with Texas Win

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney clinched the Republican presidential nomination, winning 69 percent of the vote in Tuesday's primary in Texas.

Lawmakers Accuse IRS of Unfairly Targeting Tea Party

Members of Congress are accusing the Internal Revenue Service of unfairly targeting Tea Party groups, saying the tax agency is overreaching.

Blunt: High Court Will Decide Contraception Mandate

Sen. Roy Blunt predicts the Supreme Court will decide whether the Obama administration can require religious organizations to provide contraception in their insurance coverage.

Senator: Prostitution Scandal Not Isolated Incident

The U.S. Secret Service prostitution scandal is wider than believed according to Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine.

GSA Tip of Iceberg in Wasteful Gov't Spending?

A bipartisan group of senators wants to know whether the $823,000 spent on the lavish GSA conference in Las Vegas is a rare exception or part of a "culture of excess."

Obama to Push Clean Energy Technologies in Iowa

President Barack Obama is putting tax credits to boost clean energy in the spotlight this week as he heads to the political battleground state of Iowa.

GOP Lawmakers Irate over Lavish Judicial Conference

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is set to hold a taxpayer-funded conference in Hawaii in August. Some of the events include a golf tournament and a snorkel trip.

New Poll Puts Obama Campaign on the Defensive

President Obama's re-election campaign is feeling the heat of a new voter poll this morning. Very few Americans say they're better off since President Obama took office.

Legislative Scream: Bill Targets Lawmakers' Wallets

For three years, the Senate has been borrowing trillions without a budget. Now a new bipartisan bill has been crafted to hit lawmakers where they live -- their wallets.

Conscience Clause at Issue in Defense Bill Vote

Republican lawmakers are pushing for a measure that would protect the conscience of all armed services personnel who disagree with homosexuality.

Ladies Man: Romney Takes Lead with Women

A new CBS News/New York Times poll shows that women, who make up the election season's key-voting block, favor Romney 46 percent over Obama.

Tea Party 'Generals' Counter 'War on Women'

Palin. Bachmann. Haley. They have all energized the Tea Party cause. Behind the scenes, women are also among the top leaders in their fight for freedom.

Budget Fail: President Obama's Plan Gets Zero Votes

President's Obama's budget went down in flames in the Senate 99-0 after a resounding defeat in the House. Now both parties are accusing each other of not caring.

Boehner: No Debt Ceiling Increase Without Cuts

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, says Republicans will once again play hardball when it's time to vote on a debt ceiling increase.

Romney Wins Neb., Ore., Campaigns in Iowa

Victories in Nebraska and Oregon Tuesday moved Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney closer to the total number of delegates needed to be his party's nominee.

Poll: Obama's Gay Marriage Stance Could Hurt Him

Most of those polled say the president's position will not impact how they vote. But 26 percent say they are now less likely to vote for Obama.

Obama Defends Same-Sex Marriage on 'The View'

President Obama took his case on gay marriage to women on ABC's "The View" and to the gay and lesbian community with a Ricky Martin fundraiser in New York.

Buzz over Obama Gay Marriage not Dying Down

The first Sunday after President Obama's decision to back same-sex marriage had pulpits and news programs buzzing.

Romney Courts Evangelical Vote at Liberty U.

The former Massachusetts governor has sewn up the GOP nomination. Now he needs the enthusiastic support of evangelical voters to take the White House.

Obama Nets $15 Million after Gay Announcement

Barely 24 hours after announcing his support for same-sex marriage, President Obama raked in the cash at a Hollywood fundraiser.

Congress Closer to Protecting Chaplains' Conscience

In a 36-25 vote Wednesday, a House panel passed an amendment directing the military to accommodate those who are morally opposed homosexuality.

Obama: Faith Informs 'Evolved' Gay Marriage View

Just eight years ago, the president said in a U.S. Senate campaign speech that he believed as a Christian that marriage was between a man and a woman.

Romney Stands by His Opposition to Gay Marriage

Mitt Romney reaffirmed his view that marriage should be restricted to one man and one woman, highlighting a sharp contrast with President Obama.

Keeping Faith: 'God's Not Through with America'

With less than six months left before Election Day, some people are looking to the past, honoring the faith and leadership of one of the nation's founding fathers.

Obama Declares Support for Gay Marriage

In a bold confirmation heading into the November election, President Barack Obama officially affirmed his support for gay marriage Wednesday.

Lawmakers Push Conscience Bill to Protect Military

Lawmakers will vote Wednesday on a measure that would protect military service members who disagree with homosexuality on religious or moral grounds.

Lugar Defeat Gives Tea Party New Momentum

Although Richard Mourdock doesn't claim Tea Party membership, his ousting of Richard Lugar was the biggest win this year by a candidate the group supports.

Indiana Senator Fights for his Political Life

Indiana's six-term Sen. Richard Lugar is locked in a tight battle against Tea Party favorite, State Treasurer Richard Mourdock.

Santorum Endorses Romney to 'Defeat Obama'

Former candidate Rick Santorum told supporters despite his disagreements with Romney, "above all else, we both agree that President Obama must be defeated."

Biden: 'I'm Comfortable with Gay Marriage Rights'

Biden said marriage is about being loyal to someone you love, whether that marriage is between a man and a woman, two men or two women.

Tea Party Has Indiana's Sen. Lugar on the Ropes

Forget the White House - the eyes of the political world will be on an Indiana primary Tuesday where GOP Sen. Richard Lugar is in the fight of his life.

Walking Tall: Wis. Governor Cool in Face of Recall

The eyes of the country will soon be on Wisconsin, where voters will decide if Scott Walker should be recalled as governor. But Walker says he doesn't plan on losing.

Romney Uses New Jobs Report as Ammunition

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is using the less than expected economic numbers to attack President Barack Obama on the campaign trail.

Bachmann: Unite with Romney to Beat Obama

Michele Bachmann's strong ties to the Tea Party and evangelical voters could help Romney win over and energize a key part of conservative voters.

Dems: Medicare in Danger if Health Law Struck

The Obama administration is warning the U.S. Supreme Court that striking down the health care law could have major consequences for Medicare.

King: Secret Service Scandal Not Tied to Terrorism

Rep. Peter King said so far there's no sign that the women involved in the Secret Service prostitution scandal posed a national security threat. 

Newt Gingrich Formally Ends Presidential Campaign

Gingrich posted a video Tuesday thanking supporters and pledging to work to prevent what he called the "genuine disaster" that would come from re-electing President Obama.

Ex-SEALs: Obama Taking Undue Credit on Bin Laden

The SEALs' comments came after a campaign commercial praised President Obama for his action and questioned what Mitt Romney would have done.

EPA Official Resigns Over 'Crucify' Comment

A top Environmental Protection Agency administrator has resigned over a YouTube video of a 2010 speech in which he vowed to "crucify" energy companies.