September 2008 Headlines

Candidates: Raise Deposit Insurance Limit

Presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama said Tuesday the federal deposit insurance limit should be raised from $100,000 to $250,000. Both candidates view the action as a way to help prop up the struggling U.S. economy.

Obama, McCain Assure Voters Amid Bailout

With 35 days until the election, both presidential candidates worked to show voters they understand their concerns about the economy.

Stocks Plunge as House Defeats Bailout Bill

WASHINGTON - The Dow plunged 780 points Monday as the House delivered a stunning defeat on an economic rescue bill to help stave off an crisis in America's financial system.

Candidates Spar over Economy, Iraq, Iran - Presidential hopefuls John McCain and Barack Obama faced off in their first debate Friday night tackling the economy first before getting into foreign policy issues.

Dems Predict Economic Rescue Deal Soon

WASHINGTON - Negotiators on Capitol Hill continue to pound out a economic rescue plan, even as stocks closed this week with mixed results as investors wait for a finalized deal.

Will the Presidential Debate Go On? -- Even with a bipartisan agreement from lawmakers of the $700 billion bailout, Republican presidential candidate John McCain may not be convinced it's enough action on the country's economic problems to attend Friday's scheduled presidential debate in Mississippi.

Candidates Strive to Keep Pace on Bailout

Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama both expressed their concerns over the Bush administration's $700 billion bailout on Monday.

A Look at Sarah Palin's Faith Walk

Hers is a story of an overnight media sensation.

Abortion Debate Plays out in Election Ads

Barack Obama is responding to recent attacks against his voting record on abortion.

The Place where Everybody Knows Palin

WASILLA, AK - The tiny town of Wasilla, Alaska has officially been placed on the map.

Obama Has a Plan, McCain Says No Bailouts

Democratic presidential nominee Barak Obama says he has a plan for the economic rollercoaster Wall Street is currently riding.

Candidates Argue Handling the Economy

After an upsetting week on Wall Street, the presidential candidates are using the market plunge to argue how they would handle America's economic troubles differently.

The Constitution and this Year's Election

Wednesday marked 221 years since the U.S. Constitution was first signed by the Founding Fathers. But this year's anniversary proved to be more important than those before, as the country prepares to elect its next president.

Top Clinton Fundraiser Backing McCain

A high-ranking Democrat and former Hillary Clinton supporter is now campaigning for John McCain.

'Born Alive' Act Continues to Dog Obama

It's an issue that has dogged Obama since his days in the Illinois State Senate.

Campaign 08: Back to 50 State Strategy?

In presidential politics, the 50-state strategy is old news - just look back to 2004. That's when we constantly heard about Ohio, Florida and so-called battleground states.

'Faith Moms' May Transform Election

The selection of Sarah Palin for the GOP vice presidential candidate may have energized a sleeping giant: women with children who are active in church.

McCain: Greed Created Wall Street's Woes

The economic mess is a top issue on the presidential campaign trail.

Values Voters Summit Highlights Palin Pick

With the absence of John McCain and the anticipation of Hurricane Ike, this year's conservative voter hallmark, the "Values Voters Summit," remained a low-key event compared to years past.

Values Voters Summit Kicks Off

Thousands will gather in the nation's capitol this weekend for what has been named one of the most influential events to the 2008 presidential election.

Palin Urges Alaskans to Help Texas

ANCHORAGE - Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin urged Alaskans to help their fellow Americans in Texas Saturday, during a rally in her home state.

Candidates Respond to Ike's Devastation

Both presidential candidates are urging prayer and assistance for those affected by Hurricane Ike Saturday, even as President Bush declared a major disaster in Texas in the wake of the Category 2 storm.

Candidates Encourage Community Service

Presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama are encouraging more Americans to step up and volunteer for community service.

Palin Talks to ABC on Issues

Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin told ABC News anchor Charles Gibson Thursday that she is confident she is ready to lead this nation should the situation demand it.

Biden: Clinton May Have Been Better Pick

With so much focus on Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and women voters, some Democrats are questioning why Barack Obama did not make Hillary Clinton his running mate.

Catholics Correct Biden on Abortion

The Catholic Church leaders who spoke out against Nancy Pelosi for her comments supporting abortion are now going after Democratic vice presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Obama Takes Heat over "Lipstick" Comment - Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama gave a heated response Wednesday to his rival's accusations of making a sexist remark about GOP vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin.

Reviewing the Palin Effect

WASHINGTON - You could call it "The Palin Effect." Sarah Palin has energized the Republican ticket and women voters from across the political spectrum.

Candidates Differ on Bush's Troop Plan

Democratic candidate Barack Obama told reporters today that he's not impressed with President Bush's recent troop withdrawal announcement, saying the plan "comes up short."

Congress Warms to New Oil Drilling

Now that it has become a presidential campaign issue, drilling for more off-shore oil is scheduled to be debated next week on Capitol Hill.

GOP Rock Star? Palin Shakes Up Race

When John McCain announced that Sarah Palin would be his running mate, many were skeptical that the Alaska governor was the right choice.

Bush Encourages Spirit of Volunteerism

President Bush is continuing his call for all Americans to devote at least two years worth of their life to giving back to the community.

Convention Flags Raise Party Controversy

A controversy is brewing over bags of American flags left behind at the Democratic National Convention.

Obama Explains Abortion Comments

Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama is trying to clarify comments he made to Pastor Rick Warren about abortion at last month's candidate forum.

McCain Shows Post-Convention Bump

Sen. John McCain gained a lead over his rival Sen. Barack Obama -- one that puts him beyond the statistical margin of error.

McCain, Obama All Tied Up with TV Viewers

Presidential contenders John McCain and Barack Obama are neck and neck in how many television viewers they drew on their big night.

McCain Calls for End to Partisan Politics -  Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin hit the campaign trail in Wisconsin and Michigan today. Those are their first campaign appearances after becoming the official presidentian and vice presidential canditates of the GOP Thursday night.

Cindy McCain Focuses on Giving, Leadership

On the night her husband accepted the GOP presidential nomination, Cindy McCain spoke of America's duty to lend a helping hand.

Brownback: McCain Says 'Yes We Will'

Sen. Sam Brownback painted a picture of an unselfish candidate who "loves America" on the final day of the Republican National Convention.

Pawlenty Calls McCain the Man for This Time

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, whose state has hosted the Republican National Convention, told convention-goers that John McCain is the man for this time.

McCain's Night in the Spotlight

ST. PAUL, Minn. - Tonight, John McCain accepts the title he has fought twice to win -- Republican presidential nominee.

Supporters React Strongly to Palin Speech

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - It was the moment that had Republican supporters holding their breaths.

Giuliani Holds Nothing Back at the RNC

Rudy Giuliani poked fun at Barack Obama's experience, Wednesday, and hailed John McCain as the more qualified "applicant" for America.

Palin Goes on Offense in RNC Speech - Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, a virtual unknown less than a week ago, stepped into the national spotlight to make an historic acceptance speech as the GOP's nominee for Vice President of the United States, Wednesday night.

Balloons Drop at GOP Convention

What a week it has been for all of us covering the Republican National Convention.

Obama Ad Tackles McCain on Abortion

Sen. Barack Obama has unleashed a new attack on John McCain's stance on abortion, saying he will "take away [women's] right to choose."

McCain, Palin Differ on Creationism

John McCain and his running have different views on the evolution debate, but neither have pushed their stance on the issue.

Palin to Take Center Stage at GOP Party - ST. PAUL, Minn. - Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin will step to center stage at the Republican National Convention Wednesday to tell delegates how she can help John McCain win the White House.

Romney Downs Democrats' Idea of Change

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney spoke of the need for a "conservative Washington," Wednesday night in his speech to the Republican National Convention.

Huckabee: Media Coverage of Palin 'Tacky'

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, once a rival for the GOP nomination, praised John McCain for his tested leadership and sacrificial love of his country, Wednesday night.

Lieberman: McCain Best Choice for America

Sen. Joseph Lieberman, once an avowed Democrat, called McCain the best choice to lead the country because he can reach across party lines in accomplishing good for his country.

Bush Hails McCain as 'Ready to Lead' - Speaking to Republican convention-goers Tuesday night, President Bush praised John McCain as a courageous candidate who is "ready to lead this nation."

Protests at GOP Convention Turn Violent

More than 200 people spent the night in jail after an anti-war protest outside the Republican National Convention, Monday.

Bush to Address RNC Via Satellite Tonight

Republican Party officials wasted no time in getting their national convention being held in St. Paul, Minn. back on track. After a short delay due to Hurricane Gustav, officials have confirmed President Bush will speak to the delegates Tuesday night via satellite from The White House.

Palin Pregnancy May Help Her Candidacy

Some political analysts say the pregnancy of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's teenaged daughter may actually help -- not hurt -- her candidacy.

GOP Strategy: Steady as She Goes

ST PAUL, Minn. - Many conservatives put up a real fight against John McCain in the primary season but some analysts feel his embrace of certain issues won over enough conservatives to secure the nomination.

Thompson Praises McCain, Palin at RNC

Former John McCain opponent Fred Thompson hailed the senator as a man of "strength, courage, humility, wisdom, duty and honor," Thursday.

Conservatives Happy with Palin, Platform

It may be a much shorter convention now - but there is still much to be done in St. Paul.

Eclipsed by Gustav, GOP Convention Begins

ST. PAUL, Minnesota - Gustav has also put the brakes on the Republican National Convention.