August 2012 Headlines

The First Mormon President? Does Faith Matter?

This year could be historic if Mitt Romney were elected America's first Mormon president. That milestone will involve a number of complexities.

Kleefisch: Most Women Prize Family, Not Birth Control

Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch said it was "insulting" to suggest reproductive rights were a number one priority for all women.

RNC Showcases GOP's Increasingly Multicultural Face

Some liberals call Republicans a party of white people. But this year's GOP convention suggests that's not the case.

Cruz: Our God-Given Rights Are 'the American Miracle'

When Mitt Romney speaks on the campaign trail he usually gets the most applause when he talks about people's God-given rights.

What America Would Look Like under Obamacare

The book The Battle for America's Soul paints an ominous picture of life under Obamacare, especially for the elderly and those with life-threatening illnesses.

Romney Urges Americans to 'Turn Page' on Obama

Mitt Romney vowed to work for all Americans to fix the economy, as he accepted the Republican nomination for president, Thursday night.'s Bannon Helps Shape Alternative Media

Steve Bannon, who now helps manage, talked about Breitbart's vision with CBN's David Brody at the Republican National Convention.

Huckabee: Policies Count More than Religion in Voting

Many Christians have expressed concern about voting for a Mormon. But this week, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee said policies count more than religion in electing a president.

Christians Intercede for Nation's Leaders at RNC, DNC

Politics: that's the concern of many in and around the GOP convention in Tampa, Fla., this week. But for an increasing number, it's becoming spiritual.

Clint Eastwood at RNC: 'It's Time for Someone Else'

Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood threw his support behind presidential candidate Mitt Romney Thursday night.

Condoleezza Rice Talks to CBN News on GOP Diversity

CBN News Senior Political Correspondent David Brody was able to speak with Rice at the RNC Convention to talk about her thoughts on this year's election.

Romney's Faith to Take Center Stage in Speech

Mitt Romney takes the stage tonight to close out the Republican Convention. He's expected to talk about his Mormon faith when he accepts the party's nomination.

Paul Ryan: Leadership Missing in the Oval Office

Mitt Romney running mate, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, gave a rousing warm-up speech Wednesday at the Republican National Convention.

Ryan, GOP's Budget Man, Takes Convention Spotlight

Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan took his party's national convention spotlight Wednesday night.

Ann Romney Shines at RNC, Vows 'Mitt Will Not Fail'

Mitt Romney's wife, Ann, stepped into the primetime spotlight at Tampa's RNC convention Tuesday. "This is the man America needs," she told the crowd.

GOP Rejects Gay Marriage, Abortion in Platform

Social conservatives are hailing the Republican Party platform for its firm stand against abortion and gay marriage.

Obama, Romney Buying 'Fake' Twitter Followers?

Most of President Barack Obama's nearly 19 million Twitter followers are probably fake, according to analysis in a New York Times report.

Polls Show Presidential Race a Dead Heat

As the Republican National Convention kicks off in Tampa, Fla., polls show a tight race between President Obama and challenger Mitt Romney.

Republicans Nominate Mitt Romney for President

Republicans have officially nominated former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for president.

RNC Convention Kicks Off with Knockout Lineup

Ann Romney, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, and former presidential contender Rick Santorum all took to the RNC stage during primetime.

'Toxic Atmosphere' Led Huckabee to Pass on Pres. Race

Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee told CBN News one of the reasons he opted out of the presidential race was what he called a "toxic atmosphere" in the GOP.

Trump: Romney Should Talk More about His Faith

Business mogul Donald Trump said Mitt Romney should talk more about his Mormon faith, not less.

Ann Romney's Speech to Showcase Mitt's Softer Side

The Republican National Convention is getting underway Tuesday after being delayed by the threat of Tropical Storm Isaac.

Isaac's Impact on GOP Convention Sparks Talk of God

Tropical Storm Isaac has already cost the Republicans one day of their convention after cancelling Monday's proceedings for fear Isaac could pose a real danger.

Tea Party, Ron Paul Aim to Leave Mark at RNC

While GOP leaders want their convention to be smooth sailing, members of the Tea Party are sure to make some waves.

'Young Gun' Mia Love: Freedom Makes America Great

If you haven't heard of Utah Mayor Mia Love by now, you will. Should this black, conservative mom win Utah's 4th Congressional District seat, she'll be a trailblazer.

Romney Unveils Energy Plan after Recession Warnings

GOP presumptive presidential nominee Mitt Romney said he wants the United States to be energy independent by the year 2020.

Cardinal Dolan Picked to Offer Prayer at RNC

Roman Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan will give the benediction at the Republican National Convention.

Obama Hits Ryan on Bill's 'Forcible Rape' Language

The Obama campaign is taking aim at Rep. Paul Ryan over an abortion bill he co-sponsored with embattled Rep. Todd Akin.

Warren Cancels Presidential Forum, Citing Incivility

Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren has cancelled the civil forum between President Obama and GOP presumptive nominee Mitt Romney.

Chair: GOP 'Won't Apologize' for Being Pro-Life

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus told CBN's The Brody File show that the Republican Party will not apologize for being a solid pro-life party.

Cause for Alarm? DNC Featuring Muslim Program

The DNC will feature a three-day series of events catering to Islamists. They'll include everything from prayer, to a regal banquet and a cultural festival.

Romney, Obama in Dead Heat Ahead of Convention

President Obama and his top Republican contender Mitt Romney are about neck and neck among voters, just days before the GOP convention in Tampa.

Akin Calls on Christians, Pro-Lifers for Help

Akin issued a fundraising appeal this week, saying the "liberal elite" are trying to keep a "strong, pro-life conservative" out of the Senate.

Fmr Obama Supporter Artur Davis Stumps for Romney

It's not often that a Congressman supports a Democrat for presidential election - then supports the GOP in the next. But that's what Artur Davis is doing.

Tropical Storm Isaac Threatens GOP Convention

Another storm is threatening the Republican Party and this one is headed for next week's convention in Tampa, Fla.

Akin Defies GOP, Won't Drop Out of Senate Race

GOP Senate candidate Todd Akin issued an apology video for remarks he made about rape and reaffirmed that fact he has no plans to drop out.

Republican Party Panel Endorses Pro-Life Platform

The 110-member panel passed the Human Life Amendment Tuesday in Tampa, Fla., where the RNC will hold hits convention next week.

Dems on Defense as Ryan Flips Script on Medicare

Republicans are used to losing arguments with Democrats over Medicare, but the tables appear to have turned.

Mo. Republican Apologizes for 'Legitimate Rape' Comment

Missouri Republican Todd got in hot water for his answer when asked if he would support abortions for women who have been raped.

Axelrod: Ryan Plan Would Lead to End of Medicare

President Barack Obama's senior campaign adviser David Axelrod says the Medicare changes supported by Rep. Paul Ryan, the likely Republican vice presidential candidate, would put the popular health-care plan for the elderly in "a death spiral."

Democrats Criticize Ryan's Social Security Plan

Democrats are attacking Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan over his plan for privatized social security.

Romney, Obama Camps Battle Credibility Concerns

The Obama campaign still wants Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to release additional tax returns to prove he paid the correct amount of taxes.

A Tale of Two Catholics: How Biden, Ryan Differ

Vice President Joe Biden and the man who hopes to replace him, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, are both Irish-American Catholics.

Women Voters the White House's Secret Weapon?

Michelle Obama has been called a secret weapon for the White House. She appeals to women voters,  which both the president and Mitt Romney know is key.

US Sees Least Productive Congress in Decades

Today's 112th Congress is on track to be the least productive group of lawmakers since World War II.

Conservative 'Superhero' Brewer Turns Up Arizona Heat

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer isn't afraid to take a stand. It's a quality that's earned her a number of political enemies on issues from abortion to immigration.

Biden's 'Back in Chains' Comment Draws Concern

Vice President Joe Biden is drawing criticism after telling a crowd that Mitt Romney's campaign policies would put them "back in chains."

GOP Establishment Beats Tea Party Contenders

Republican establishment candidates pulled out wins against strong Tea Party contenders in primary races in Florida and Wisconsin.

Mitt Romney: Obama Camp Pushing 'Division, Hate'

The presidential candidates began sparring over energy policy but ended up trading accusations of dirty campaigning.

Gov. Christie Will Deliver 'Hard Truths' at RNC

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie told USA Today he plans to offer some "very direct and hard truths to people in the country about the trouble that we're in."

Tea Party Surges in Wis. 4-Way Senate Race

GOP primary action in Wisconsin Monday pits establishment candidates against Tea Party candidates.

Romney VP Pick Paul Ryan Energizes GOP Base

Mitt Romney and his vice-presidential pick Paul Ryan are hot on the campaign trail Monday, drawing big crowds and energizing the Republican base.

Ex-Fed Prosecutor: Brotherhood Influencing US Gov't

Former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy is alleging the Muslim Brotherhood is gaining undue influence with the U.S. government.

House Sues to Enforce Subpoena against Holder

The Republican-led House of Representatives has asked a federal court to enforce a subpoena against Attorney General Eric Holder.

Dem. Party Committee Votes to Support Gay Marriage

The national Democratic Party is endorsing same-sex marriage and calling for the repeal of Defense of Marriage of Act.

Romney Picks Paul Ryan as Running Mate

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney tapped Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his vice presidential running mate on Saturday.

White House Hosts Ramadan Dinner

President Obama is hosting a Muslim dinner at the White House Friday night to celebrate the Islamic month of Ramadan.

Scraping Bottom? Candidates Distort Truth in Ads

President Obama and Mitt Romney are spending millions of dollars on negative ads. Now, both sides seem to be throwing "fact" out the window.

Obama, Romney: Boy Scouts Should End Gay Ban

President Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney agree on something: Both say the Boy Scouts of America should end its ban on gay members.

Both Candidates Plagued by Tepid Public Approval

The presidential candidates are battling for public approval in key states like Iowa and Colorado, both coming in with dismal ratings.

Tea Party Candidate Wins in Missouri

The Tea Party has another candidate in this year's Senate elections as Rep. Todd Akin won the Republican Senate Primary contest in Missouri Tuesday.

Reid's Claims on Romney Taxes Draw Red Flags

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's credibility is being questioned after he charged that Mitt Romney didn't pay taxes for 10 years.

Obama Camp Sues over Military Early Voting Law

The Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee are suing to change voting laws in the battleground state of Ohio.

Palin Gives Boost to Senate Candidate in Mo.

Republicans are aiming to claim a Senate seat from Missouri this year, as GOP voters select their candidate to take on Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill, Tuesday.

Romney's Fundraising Outpaces Obama's for 3rd Month

Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney raised $25 million more in July than President Obama and his Democratic machine did.

Vets Act Will Restrict Military Funeral Protests

President Barack Obama signed the Honoring America's Veterans Act Monday, which will require protestors to stay at least 300 feet away from military funerals.

GOP Chairman Priebus: Sen. Reid's a 'Dirty Liar'

The leader of the Republican Party is firing back at Sen. Harry Reid over his repeated claims that presidential candidate Mitt Romney did not pay taxes for 10 years.

Congress Breaks without Drought Relief Agreement

Lawmakers are leaving for summer recess without having reached agreements on at least two pressing problems: drought relief and cyber-security.

Young, Old Voters Face Off for 2012 Election

As the conventions draw near, both campaigns are going all in for voters. So far, the 2012 race for the White House appears to be mainly focused on age.

Cybersecurity Bill Fails in the Senate

A bill meant to protect America's essential computer networks from cyberattacks failed in the Senate Thursday.

Romney, Obama Visit Key Battleground States

President Obama and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney are hoping to draw voter support from key swing states after Thursday's campaign stops.

House Strikes Down DC Abortion Ban Bill

House lawmakers failed to pass a bill that would ban abortions in the District of Columbia after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Sen. Reid Caught Spreading Rumors about Romney

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., has been caught spreading rumors about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney based on unverified information.

Tea Party-Backed Cruz Wins Texas Runoff

Tea Party-backed Ted Cruz soundly defeated Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst to replace retiring GOP Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison.