October 2012 Headlines

Election 2012: Key Races

Here is a list of key House, Senate and Governor races by state.

Election 2012: Key Issues

Here is a list of key ballot issues by state.

President Obama Tours Storm Damage in N. Jersey

President Obama skipped visits to election battleground states for a third straight day Wednesday to visit regions devastated by Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey.

Superstorm Sandy Brings Campaigning to a Halt

Hurricane Sandy is causing an unprecedented lull from campaigning only one week from Election Day.

Presidential Campaign Fundraising Tops $2 Million

This year's presidential race could be the most expensive ever. Already the candidates have passed the $2 million mark in fundraising.

'Clash of the Titans' Debate America's Two Visions

Americans head to the polls in one week, and even the presidential candidates say they won't be voting only for a political party.

Hurricane Sandy Impacting Battleground States

Hurricane Sandy is already having an impact on the presidential election, in more ways than one. Observers say it could disrupt voting all the way up to Election Day.

Obama Endorses Gay Marriage Ballot Measures

Voters in Maine, Maryland, and Washington will decide whether to allow gay marriage, and the president has thrown his support behind the measures in all three.

Faith Leaders: Nation's Destiny Hangs in the Balance

Values voters are likely to be one of the most decisive blocs at the ballot box, as some of their leaders heard at a strategy session in the key state of Virginia this week. 

Romney Erases Obama Lead with Women Voters

A new poll shows Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has wiped out President Obama's earlier huge advantage among women voters.

Moran's Son Resigns in Wake of Voter Fraud Video

Rep. Jim Moran's  son resigned from his father's campaign after an undercover video showes him discussing how to cast a ballot for someone else.

Former Sec'y of State Colin Powell Endorses Obama

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell announced Thursday he's endorsing President Barack Obama for a second term.

Ind. Senate Candidate Standing by Rape Remarks

Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock is standing by comments he made about rape and pregnancy.

Catholic Vote Not as Cut and Dry for Candidates

In what the polls show is a close race, both President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney are trying to win the Catholic vote.

Obama, Romney Make Mad Dash for Swing States

If you want to find President Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney over the next few weeks, look in the nearest swing state.

Tight Race: Have the Debates Made a Difference?

The 2012 race is tightning, with just a small number of undecided voters left. One pollster is weighing in on how much impact last night's debate will have.

Who's Counting? The Real Threat of Voter Fraud

The 2012 election is being described as the most critical in our country's history. With the race extremely tight, concerns over voter fraud are growing.

Social Media Abuzz with Political Chatter

A new study from the Pew Research Center finds nearly 40 percent of American adults use social media sites to engage in politics.

Final Debate Drifts from Foreign to Economic Policy

President Barack Obama and the man who wants to take his job, former Gov. Mitt Romney, sat side-by-side for their final debate before Election Day.

Candidates Tackle Foreign Policy in Final Debate

President Obama and Mitt Romney will face off Monday in their final debate. With only two weeks until Election Day, neither can afford to make mistake.

Funeral Service Announced for George McGovern

Services have been scheduled for former South Dakota Sen. George McGovern, the Democratic Party's one-time liberal standard-bearer.

Party Over: Voting Biblical Values over Politics

Many Christian leaders are campaigning hard this election year, but they're not backing a specific candidate. Instead, they are urging Christian voters to rely on biblical values.

Obama, Romney Trade Partisan Jabs for Jokes

The presidential campaign took a break in New York Thursday evening, as President Obama and Republican Mitt Romney traded partisan speeches for stand-up comedy.

Brit Hume: Left-Leaning Media Bias Is Tangible

Fox News Analyst Brit Hume told CBN News that media bias is tangible and has been on display over the administration's handling of the embassy attack in Benghazi, Libya.

Campaigns Intensify Fight for Undecided Women

With less than three weeks until voters head to the polls, both presidential campaigns have intensified their push to reach undecided women.

Obama, Romney Swing Hard in Feisty Second Debate

The second presidential debate turned into a verbal sparring session, with both candidates not missing an opportunity to take a jab at the other.

Pundits: Obama's Stronger Debate Won't Change Minds

Political pundits agree that President Obama's debate performance was far better than his first; however, most say it won't make much of an impact with voters.

Texan Politicos Wrangle to Win Latino Vote

In Texas the big political story this year is not President Obama or his challenger Mitt Romney. It's a population shift that's got both parties moving to claim territory.

Romney Rises in Support Among Women Voters

A recent USA Today/Gallup poll shows that Republican Mitt Romney has pulled within one point of the president among women who are likely voters.

Top 100 Government Waste Offenders Listed in Book

Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn's Waste Book 2012 listing the 100 worse abuses of government spending will be released Tuesday.

Second Debate Crucial to Convince Swing Voters

Hours away from their second crucial debate tonight, Republican Mitt Romney is looking to keep his edge while President Obama is hoping to rebound from the last debate.

Akin Leading in Mo. Race Despite 'Rape' Comment

A new poll shows Republican Todd Akin with a lead over incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill in Missouri, despite controversial remarks he made earlier this year.

Rep. Allen West Key Target in Fight for Congress

While the White House is the ultimate prize in November, control of Congress is a close second. One of the Democrats' key targets in that fight is Rep. Allen West.

Long-Time Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter Dies

Long time Sen. Arlen Specter died Sunday morning after a battle with non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Obama Barely Leads Romney Ahead of Second Debate

As President Obama and Republican Mitt Romney prepare to meet for a second debate, a new poll shows the president barely leading Romney among likely voters.

Obama, Romney Hunker Down for Debate Prep

President Barack Obama and Republican Mitt Romney are each forgoing time on the campaign trail Sunday in favor of hours of intense debate preparation.

Graham to Romney: I'll Do All I Can to Help You'

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney took a moment from the heated campaign Thursday to seek a little spiritual support from Rev. Billy Graham.

Biden Draws Fire for 'Disrespectful' Debate Style

Many analysts believe Thursday's debate between Vice President Biden and Paul Ryan was even. But several criticized Biden for what they called his disrespectful demeanor.

Tony Evans: 'Scripture Trumps Political Alliances'

Dr. Tony Evans says it's critical Christians promote God's Word when they walk into the voting booth on Election Day.

Silent Minority: Pro-Life Democrats the Party Stepchild?

Pro-life Democrats. It's a group that's some 21 million strong. Still, they are the first to admit they're not exactly the life of the Democrat Party.

Biden, Ryan Clash on Foreign Policy, Social Issues

It was a fight right from the start. Vice President Joe Biden and Representative Paul Ryan held what many pundits are calling a "spirited" debate.

Romney Pledges to End Planned Parenthood Funding

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is clarifying his stance on abortion after announcing that he has no plans to push for new legislation on the issue.

All Eyes on Ryan, Biden in Only VP Debate

The eyes of the nation will be on Danville, Ky., Thursday as Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan face off in their first and only vice presidential debate.

Abortion Legislation Not Part of Romney's Agenda

GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney said he will not pursue new legislation restricting abortion.

Romney: Obama Big Bird Ad a Diversionary Tactic

The Obama campaign has made Big Bird the star of a new advertisement mocking GOP challenger Mitt Romney's vow to cut federal funding of public broadcasting.

Generation Apathy? Millennial Vote Up in the Air

Millennials represent the "future" that both candidates reference on the campaign trail. But a new survey finds America's youngest voters feeling apathetic.

Denver Bounce: Mitt Romney Surging in Popularity

New polls release in the last few days show GOP nominee Mitt Romney is surging on the strength of what most observers call a big debate victory.

Romney on Foreign Policy: 'Hope is Not a Strategy'

GOP challenger Mitt Romney slammed President Obama's foreign policy, accusing the president of being "passive," during his first major campaign speech on the topic.

Pastors Take Politics to the Pulpit, Defy IRS

Many pastors participated in "Pulpit Freedom Sunday." The aim is to prompt a court challenge to overturn federal tax laws they say deprive them of their right to free speech.

Black Bishop: End 'Slavish Devotion' to Democratic Party

A growing number of black ministers are calling on their church communities to take a closer look at the issues and support the candidates that best reflect their values.

Weak Economy Remains Top Issue for Voters

The jobless rate for September dropped 7.8 percent. For most Americans, the economy is easily the number one issue in the presidential election.

Game Changer? Romney Has Big Night in Denver

Wednesday's debate turned quickly from handshakes to an aggressive Romney laying out the case that the Obama administration has been a major failure.

Liberals on Denver Debate: 'Where Was Obama?'

Many on the left were surprised by President Obama's lackluster performance during Wednesday's presidential debate in Denver.

Economic Woes Key in First Presidential Debate

The president will likely be on the defense in Wednesday's debate, trying to explain how an economy with a jobless rate above 8 percent has begun to rebound.

Md. Group: Thousands of Deceased 'Still on Voting Rolls'

A watchdog group claims they have found more than a thousand people on Maryland's voter rolls who are actually dead.

Candidates Role Play Ahead of High Stakes Debate

President Obama and Mitt Romney are focused on Wedesday's first presidential debate, role playing with advisers in preparation for the big night.

Possible 'Taxmageddon' Headed to the Middle Class

Families making between $40,000 and $60,000 a year may see taxes go up by $2,000 if numerous tax cuts are not renewed by Congress.

Minority Church Leaders Usher 'Souls to the Polls'

Many African American and Latino church leaders have been urging their congregations to register, even handing out registration cards during services.

Romney, Obama Seek to Lower Debate Expectations

President Obama and Mitt Romney are scaling back campaigning as they gear up for the first of three presidential debates scheduled to take place in Denver.