December 2012 Headlines

Fiscal Cliff Deal Clears House; Heads to Obama

The House has passed a fiscal cliff deal approved by the Senate early New Year's Day to neutralize a combination of across-the-board tax hikes and spending cuts.

Chaplains Pray to Break Fiscal Cliff Gridlock

House and Senate chaplains are making the fiscal cliff gridlock in Congress a matter of prayer.

Cliff Hanger: Washington Tries for Last-Minute Deal

President Obama will host a meeting with lawmakers Friday in a last ditch effort to break the stalemate with the Republican-dominated Congress.

No Deal in Sight as Fiscal Cliff Nears

Lawmakers are back in Washington Thursday to work on a plan to solve the "fiscal cliff" crisis. But it's looking like no deal will be reached before the end of the year.

Scaled-down 'fiscal cliff' agreement?

President Barack Obama has scaled back his ambitions for a sweeping budget bargain with Republicans. Instead, he's calling for a limited measure sufficient to prevent the government from careening off the "fiscal cliff" in January by extending tax cuts for most taxpayers and forestalling a painful set of agency budget cuts.

Obama Nominates Kerry for Secretary of State

President Barack Obama nominated Sen. John Kerry as his next secretary of state, elevating the lawmaker and foreign policy expert to the top diplomatic job he had coveted.

House Ok's Defense Bill with Conscience Protections

The House has approved a new defense bill that protects military chaplains who refuse to perform same-sex marriages.

House Leaders Throw in the Towel on 'Plan B'

House leaders have given up on "Plan B," a controversial bill proposed by House Speaker John Boehner on a fiscal cliff deal.

Israel Supporters Concerned over Possible Pentagon Nominee

Supporters of Israel are concerned that President Barack Obama may choose former Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel to run the Pentagon.

A House Divided? GOP Ponders its Future

Presidents use election victories to claim mandates and Barack Obama is no different.

Fiscal Cliff Talks Stall, House Votes on 'Plan B'

A confrontation is looming between the House GOP and the president as the fiscal cliff nears. Meanwhile, the House is set to hold a vote Thursday on "Plan B."

Obama Taps Biden for Gun Control Task Force

President Obama vowed to take action to reduce gun violence, less than one week after the horrific elementary school shooting claimed the lives of 20 children and six adults.

Washington Inching Closer to a Fiscal Cliff Deal

Washington may be getting closer to a deal on the fiscal cliff. President Obama responded to House Speaker John Boehner's latest proposal with a new offer.

Rep. Tim Scott to Replace Sen. Jim DeMint

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley announced today that she will appoint Rep. Tim Scott to replace outgoing Sen. Jim DeMint.

Hawaii, Lawmakers Mourn Loss of Senator Inouye

The people of Hawaii and Washington lawmakers are mourning the loss of Sen. Daniel Inouye, D-Hawaii, who passed away Monday of respiratory complications.

Boehner Deal Offers Possible Progress on Fiscal Cliff

There is potential progress in the stalled fiscal cliff talks.

Obama Vows to Protect Children from Gun Violence

President Obama is vowing to use "whatever power his office holds" to protect the nation's children from gun violence.

Surprise! More 'Hidden Fees' in Obamacare

A new hidden fee has been uncovered in the Obama administration's controversial health care law.

Bernanke: Fiscal Cliff Already Affecting Economy

America's economy is set to reach the infamous fiscal cliff in just 18 days and there's still no solution in sight.

Washington Invokes Social Media in Fiscal Cliff Battle

Twitter can be a powerful tool. It has even fueled revolutions across the Middle East. Now the White House is using it, hoping to win a different kind of battle.

Congress Moves to Stop Cyber-Stalking

The Senate Judiciary Committee has taken steps to ban cyber-stalking by approving a bill that makes it a crime for companies to make and operate stalking applications.

Search on for State Sec. after Rice Drops Candidacy

Ambassador Susan Rice announced she is withdrawing her name as a candidate for secretary of state. Now the search is on for who will fill the top spot.

Post-Election Federal Regs the New Fiscal Cliff?

Some lawmakers and business groups are warning that federal regulations put on hold during President Obama's re-election bid could be America's new "fiscal cliff."

How Plunging Off the Cliff Would Benefit Obama

Some are suggesting President Obama is calculating he's likely to come out a winner in the fiscal cliff negotiations -- deal or no deal.

Sen. Lieberman Calls for Compromise in Last Speech

After 40 years of public service, 24 of those in the Senate, Joe Lieberman delivered his last speech in the world's greatest deliberative body Wednesday.

Small Signs of Progress on Fiscal Cliff Talks

 President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner met Sunday at the White House

Sen. DeMint Departure Leaves Void in Senate

Staunch conservative Sen. Jim DeMint is leaving Congress to take over as the president of the policy think tank The Heritage Foundation.

Pl. Parenthood's Successful Lobby in 2012 Election

Planned Parenthood Action Fund has been labeled the most effective political group in the 2012 election campaign cycle.

Geithner Warns 'It's Either Tax Hikes or the Cliff'

U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said the Obama administration is "absolutely" ready to go over the fiscal cliff rather than not raising taxes for top earners.

Non-Profits: Tax Deduction Loss Would Be Devastating

Hundreds of representatives of non-profits gathered on Capitol Hill Wednesday to fight for the charitable tax deduction that rewards Americans for their giving to charities and churches.

Signs of Deal Emerging amid Fiscal Cliff Rhetoric

Insiders say the White House and House Republicans are starting to identify areas of significant overlap that could form the basis for a final fiscal cliff agreement.

Payback Time? GOP Strips Tea Party Reps. of Posts

Rep. Tim Huelskamp has been an outspoken critic of House leadership for not pushing to cut more spending. Now it appears he's paying the price.

Tensions Escalate over Fiscal Cliff Stand-Off

As the clock winds down on the fiscal cliff, relations appear to have grown chilly between President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner.

Washington Hints at Taking the Fiscal Cliff Dive

With just four weeks to go until the country hits the so-called "fiscal cliff" on Jan. 1., Democrats and Republicans are showing signs they may drive right over it.