April 2013 Headlines

Bye Bye to Tax-Free Internet Shopping?

The U.S. Senate will vote on a proposal Monday empowering states to collect sales taxes for Internet purchases.

Benghazi Whistleblowers 'Threatened' by Obama Administration

Some State Department and CIA officials say they've been threatened by the Obama administration for being whistleblowers in the Benghazi investigation.

Congress Ignores Army, Pushes for More Tanks

Members of both parties in Congress are pushing to spend an extra $436 million on the M1 Abrams tank against the wishes of senior Army officials.

Obama Yucks it Up at Correspondents' Dinner

The 99th annual White House Correspondents' Association dinner attracted Washington's power players and some of entertainment's biggest names Saturday.

Senate Dem Seeks to Revive Failed Gun Control Bill

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., says there was confusion over the first bill. He says his new plan is simple and will focus on criminal and mental health background checks.

Democrats Deny Seeking Obamacare Exemption

Democrats in Congress say they are not seeking any exemptions from Obamacare.

Congress Takes Up Measure to End FAA Furloughs

Congress is trying to end the air traffic controller furloughs that are blamed for widespread flight delays this week.

Obama Makes Historic Speech to Planned Parenthood

President Obama became the first sitting president to address Planned Parenthood in person on Friday.

Presidents Unite for Bush Library Dedication

All the living American presidents unite in Dallas Thursday to salute one of their own.

Lawmakers Seek to be Exempt from Obamcare

Politico  reports lawmakers from both parties have been involved in confidential negotiations to get exemptions for Obama Care.

FAA Blames Flight Delays on Cuts, GOP Blames Politics

Air travel gridlock has escalated across the country this week. The FAA is blaming sequestration cuts, but Republicans say it's all political gamesmanship.

RI Senate Approves Same-Sex Marriage

The Rhode Island Senate approves gay marriage with a vote of 26-12 Wednesday.

New Gun Laws Spark Debates Nationwide

In light of the deadly Sandy Hook massacre, tough new guns laws are popping up across the country.

Critics: White House Playing Politics with Air Travel

Flight delays are piling up around the country because air traffic controllers are being forced to take days off due to budget cuts.

Library Opening Puts Bush Back in Spotlight

President George W. Bush is back in the spotlight as his presidential library is set to open May 1 -- and he has more American support than when he left office.

Obama Targets Guns Sales to Mentally Ill

President Obama is focusing his gun control efforts on restricting gun sales to those with mental health issues.

Senate Panel Takes Up Immigration Bill

The immigration reform bill is making its debut in before the Senate Judiciary Committee Friday.

Senate Dem Predicts 'Train Wreck' for Obamacare

A high-ranking Senate Democrat who supported President Obama's health care overhaul now says it's a disaster in the making.

Obama Blasts GOP for Gun Control Defeat

Senate Democrats have failed in their bid to pass new gun control measures.

GOP Lawmakers Criticize Labor Secretary Nominee

GOP lawmakers accuse Labor secretary nominee Thomas Perez of misusing power during his time as head of the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division.

Letter Mailed to GOP Senator Tests Positive for Ricin

Capitol Hill police say a letter mailed to the office of Sen. Roger Wicker, R-Miss., tested positive for a dangerous poison called ricin Tuesday.

Senate Background Check Bill in Jeopardy

A Senate push for new gun control measures is in deep trouble. Growing numbers of Republicans are opposing it, which could spell defeat.

'Gang of Eight' Immigration Bill Expected Tuesday

Republican Sen. Marco Rubio says a new deal on immigration does not include any kind of amnesty provision.

GOP Senators Break Ranks, Back Gun Control

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine said she would vote for a compromise on background checks, a compromise crafted by GOP Sens. Toomey and Manchin.

Does Sen. Paul Have Right Prescription for America?

Could Sen. Rand Paul be the next president?  Whatever he decides, the eye doctor from Bowling Green thinks he may have the right prescription for America.

Gun Control Debate Advances Amid Capitol Hill Vigil

People gathered on Capitol Hill Thursday to honor victims of recent gun violence. There religious leaders, including some from Newtown,Conn., began a 24-prayer vigil.

Senate Reaches Landmark Immigration Reform Deal

Protecting U.S. borders through increased surveillance and tighter security will be the centerpiece of the Senate's landmark immigration reform legislation.

Senators Strike Bipartisan Background Check Deal

Sens. Joe Manchin, R-Pa., and  Pat Toomey, R-W.V., announced Wednesday their bipartisan deal to expand background checks to include gun show and online sales.

Obama Budget Shadowed by Gov't. Waste Report

President Obama is unveiling his 2014 budget Wednesday. But some lawmakers are focused on a report on how the government is wasting tax dollors.

GAO: Gov't Wastes Billions on Overlapping Programs

The federal government is wasting billions of taxpayer dollars because of overlapping programs, according to a new report by the General Accounting Office.

Obama Vows to Honor Newtown with New Gun Laws

Months after the Sandy Hook tragedy, the president is making a push for a vote on gun control. But a growing number of Republicans pledge to block him.

White House Gets Heat from Both Sides on Budget

The White House is making the case for President Obama's budget which is scheduled to be formally released Wednesday morning.

Obama Reflects 'Holy Land Brought Scripture to Life'

At Friday's White House Easter breakfast, the president said his trip last month to Israel brought "scripture to life."

UN Treaty Sets Stage for Obama, NRA Showdown

The U.N. General Assembly has overwhelmingly approved an arms treaty, setting the stage for a showdown between the National Rifle Associatio nand the White House.

Gov. Walker: GOP Must Be 'Relevant' to Win in 2016

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is a proven fiscal conservative, and his stock continues to rise as Republicans think about their possible candidates for 2016.

Obama Takes Gun Control Push to Colorado

President Obama is in Colorado Wednesday, pushing new federal gun control measures.

Kirk Second GOP Senator to Back Gay Marriage

Sen. Mark Kirk's announcement comes less than three weeks after Sen. Rob Portman became the first Republican in the Senate to say he supports gay marriage.

'Gang of Eight' Senators: Immigration Deal at Hand

The bipartisan Gang of Eight senators say they're nearly finished with an immigration reform plan.