July 2013 Headlines

Revival in America? Time to Get off the Sidelines!

Many Christians are praying for a revival. But are too many believers sitting on the sidelines spiritually and politically? One group of Iowa pastors says "yes."

Senators Put Surveillance Programs Under Microscope

National intelligence experts addressed concerns over the government's collection of Americans' phone records and other electronic data.

Conservative Groups Want End to IRS Media Blackout

Nearly 200 conservative and Tea Party leaders are demanding that major news media outlets end their virtual blackout on the IRS targeting scandal.

Report: USDA Paid $36M in Subsidies to Dead People

The USDA paid up to $35.9 million in farm subsidies to dead people between 2008 and 2012, according to a new report by the Government Accountability Office.

GOP Says 'No Deal' to Obama's 'Grand Bargain'

President Obama is calling his new tax proposal to Republicans a "grand bargain for middle class jobs." But GOP lawmakers are less than impressed.

Republican Wins in Democratic CA District

A Republican won a state Senate seat in a heavenly Democratic and Hispanic district in California.

IRS Targeting Scandal Rooted Deep in Washington

The White House insisted the IRS scandal was confined to the agency's Cincinnati office. But now, it's clear the scandal was rooted in the nation's capital.

Reporter: Low-Level NSA Analyst Can Search Emails

The National Security Agency surveillance programs allow even low-level analysts to search the private emails and phone calls of Americans, according to The Guardian.

Graham Audit Prompts House to Widen IRS Probe

House Republicans say they may look into the use of audits against groups like the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and the Family Research Council.

GOP Steps Up Fight as Obamacare Price Tag Grows

The GOP is stepping up its fight against the healthcare overhaul, and it could leave Congress with a tough decision: de-fund Obamacare or shut down the government.

Republicans Boycott Homeland Confirmation Hearing

President Obama's choice to be the second-in-command at the Homeland Security Department may be at the heart of another Washington scandal.

Senate Dems Reject Proposed IRS Budget Cuts

Senate Democrats have stepped in to protect funding for the Internal Revenue Service.

Holder Threatens Lawsuit over Texas Voting Rights

Attorney General Holder said the Justice Department will go to court to force Texas to get permission from the government before it can change its voting laws.

Sen. Paul: US Churches Should Challenge the IRS

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., said churches in America should challenge the Internal Revenue Service by speaking boldly from the pulpit, without worrying about the consequences.

Americans Turning on NSA Leaker Snowden?

A new poll found that public opinion of NSA leaker Edward Snowden has changed drastically, with 53 percent of Americans now saying he should be charged.

Faith Leaders Lobby House for Immigration Reform

Religious leaders are lobbying the House for immigration reform.

Pres. Obama Kicks off Economic 'Refocus' Tour

Despite spending political capital on Obamacare, gun control and immigration reform, the White House says job creation has always been the President's priority.

Edward Snowden Still Stuck in Moscow in Airport

A lawyer advising NSA leaker Edward Snowden says his asylum status has not been resolved and that he is going to stay at the Moscow airport for now.

NSA Urges House to Nix NSA Spying Amendment

The head of the National Security Agency is urging House lawmakers to reject a defense bill amendment that would stop domestic spying.

Cruz: Pastors Could Soon Face Hate Speech Charges

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz says America is going down a dangerous road regarding what is considered "hate speech."

House Takes Up Bipartisan Syria, NSA Amendments

A key national security debate is set to kick off Tuesday as the House begins work on a $598.3 billion defense spending bill.

Govt. Surveillance May Spur Congress

Both parties in House and Senate are preparing legislation to limit NSA and other government surveillance activities.

Obama Goes on PR Offensive for Embattled Health Care Law

Obamacare is losing its luster. The president is trying to change that and prevent the law from being repealed in part or whole.

Texas Abortion Law a Model for Other States?

Landmark legislation restricting abortion in the state of Texas is getting the attention of legislators across the country.

IRS Counsel Implicated in Targeting Scandal

The Internal Revenue Service Office of Chief Counsel has now been implicated in the agency's targeting of Tea Party and other conservative groups.

Christine O'Donnell Tax Records Targeted by IRS

 A House committee is continuing its hearings into the Internal Revenue Service targeting Tea Party and other conservative groups.

House GOP Backs Legalizing Undocumented Kids

Republican leaders are opening the door for the children of illegal immigrants to stay in the United States.

Senate Bill Would Restore Lower Student Loan Rates

The Senate is preparing to vote on a tentative student loan rates bill that could help returning college students this fall.

Lawmakers Threaten to Cut Spy Program Funding

A leading congressman is warning the White House the government's electronic surveillance program violated the law and may not be renewed.

ACLJ Slams IRS Bid to 'Placate' Tea Party Plaintiffs

The ACLJ is criticizing the IRS's offer to expedite the applications of some conservative groups as effort to placate those targeted by the agency.

USA Today: Ban Too Soon for Down Syndrome Abortions

Texas' new anti-abortion law isn't sitting well with one of America's most popular newspapers.

Groups Sue NSA over 'Unconstitutional Dragnet'

A diverse coalition of 19 groups, ranging from environmental and human rights activists to church leaders, filed a lawsuit against the National Security Agency.

Senate Averts Filibuster Showdown, For Now

Senate Republicans have now agreed to confirm several stalled executive nominees if Democrats drop their plans to change voting rules in the Senate.

Texas Abortion Supporters: 'The Fight's Just Begun'

Texas Republican lawmakers finally managed to pass tough new abortion restrictions. But opponents say the fight's just begun.

Snowden Nabs Classified NSA Operational 'Blueprints'

The NSA agent accused of spilling the beans on America's most sensitive surveillance intelligence apparently has more secrets.

Democratic Senator Introduces Freedom to Pray Act

A new bill introduced Thursday would forbid the federal government from withholding funds from groups that engage in voluntary religious activity.

Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano Resigning

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano announced Friday she's stepping down to take a job running the University of California education system.

House GOP Won't Support Senate Immigration Reform

House Republicans have decided to embrace a smaller, step-by-step approach to immigration reform and not support the comprehensive plan passed by the Senate.

NC Lawmakers Retool Abortion Ban on Veto Threat

North Carolina is the latest state to attempt to pass new abortion regulations.

Coalition Says Military Christians Are Being Silenced

Some officials in Washington are attempting to force military members to keep their religious beliefs quiet.


Texas House Gives 20-Week Abortion Ban Final OK

The Texas House gave final approval to new abortion restrictions Wednesday following a 10-hour marathon debate.

House GOP Calls for Delay of Individual Mandate

House Republicans called for a delay in the portion of Obamacare requiring individuals to carry health insurance, Tuesday.

Snowden: NSA Given 'Full Access' to Web Services

NSA leaker Edward Snowden says tech companies in the U.S. have given the government full access to all the nation's online communications.

Texas Again Gears Up for Nasty Abortion Fight

Thousands of activists from both sides descended on the Texas Capitol building Tuesday as the abortion debate came back to life in the Lone Star state.

Gov. Rick Perry Won't Seek Re-Election

Texas Gov. Rick Perry helped bring many jobs to the Lone Star state. However, Monday he announced he will not seek re-election.

Immigration Bill Divides GOP Lawmakers

Immigration reform is one of the issues topping the list for Congress as it heads back to work after the Fourth of July holiday.

Justice Dept.: Anti-Homeschool Law Aids Tolerance

The Obama administration has filed another brief against the Romeike family, German homeschoolers seeking asylum in the U.S.

Texas House Panel Passes Abortion Ban on 2nd Try

The Texas abortion showdown is ramping up again after Gov. Rick Perry called a special legislative session on the issue.

Obama Admin. Delays Health Care Requirement

A major component of President Barack Obama's health care overhaul is being delayed until 2015.

One By One, Countries Deny NSA Leaker Asylum

National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden is beginning to feel the long reach of the U.S. government.

Round Two: Texas Battles Over Abortion Regs

On Monday lawmakers in Texas convened for the second round of a political battle over a proposed measure regulating abortion.