November 2013 Headlines

McCain on Iran: 'They Have Lied, Cheated' for Years

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill are skeptical of the recent nuclear deal with Iran.

Unintimidated: Scott Walker's Story, a Nation's Challenge

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, author of Unintimidated, recounts how he won the fight of his political life and the lessons conservatives can learn from his success.

Obamacare Could Spark 2nd Wave of Cancellations

Obamacare may lead to between 50 million and 100 million insurance cancellations for American employees next fall, according to an American Enterprise Institute report.

GOP Calls Filibuster Rules Change a 'Power Grab'

The GOP says by weakening the rules on filibusters of presidential appointees Democrats overturned 200 years of legislative restraint, setting a dangerous precedent.

Senate Democrats Pass Filibuster 'Nuclear Option'

Senate Democrats voted along party lines to end filibusters, which have been used to block a final vote on presidential appointees.

Hackers to Congress: 'Shut Down'

Paid professionals hackers and cyber security experts have one suggestion for Obamacare's federal website: "Shut it down."

IRS Ohio Office Falsely Accused in Tea Party Scandal?

New evidence has surfaced showing the Internal Revenue Service's illegal targeting of conservative groups was not just a "low-level" problem.

House, Census Bureau Investigate 'Fake' Jobs Report

The Census Bureau and a House subcommittee are investigating a report about fake numbers in the unemployment report ahead of last year's election.

President's Popularity Drops amid Obamacare Debacle

The bungled rollout of Obamacare and broken promises that Americans could keep their insurance are taking a toll on President Barack Obama's popularity.

Police: Va. Senator in Hospital After Assault

Democratic Sen. R. Creigh Deeds was critically injured Tuesday after being assaulted at his Virginia home, and another person was found dead inside the home, officials said.

Report: White House Warned about Health Care Site

A new report says the White House was warned as far back as late March that the Obamacare website rollout was facing serious risks.

Sen. Rubio: 'America's Morality at Risk'

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., said America's morality is at risk, during a fundraising dinner for the conservative Florida Family Policy Council.

Obama, Dems Battle to Regain Trust on Health Law

The problems with Obamacare have become a battle for President Barack Obama to regain the public's trust.

Another Blow: 39 Dems Join House's Obamacare Fix

With the help of 39 Democrats, the Republican-controlled House passed as fix intended to rescue consumers who have lost their insurance because of Obamacare.

Obama on Cancellations: You Can Keep Your Plan for Now

Americans whose insurance was cancelled under Obamacare will get to keep their current plans for one year, President Barack Obama announced Thursday.

Fewer than 27,000 Signed Up for Obamacare

The Obama administration says fewer than 27,000 signed up for federal plans on in it's first month.

Homeland Security Nom: Counter Terrorism Third in Priority

President Barack Obama's nominee for Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, faced the Senate today for his confirmation hearing.

Extortion: Your Congressman Shaking You Down?

Extortion. It's a strong word that means "pay up or else." Best-selling author Peter Schweizer says it goes on in the halls of Congress on a daily basis -- and it's legal.

Clinton to Obama: Keep Your Promise on Health Law

Former President Bill Clinton said President Barack Obama should honor his promise to the American people about keeping their health care.

Obama Health Care Apology Faces Fresh Criticism

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie joined with other Republicans in saying President Barack Obama's health care apology does not go far enough.

Senators Introduce Abortion Ban after 20 Weeks

Sen. Lindsay Graham and other Republicans introduced a bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, arguing that fetuses feel pain after 20 weeks.

Senate Passes Gay Rights Bill Banning Discrimination

The U.S. Senate passed a gay rights bill that bans workplace discrimination against gay, bisexual, and trans-gender Americans.

Obama Seeks to Reassure Dems on Obamacare

President Barack Obama is trying to reassure members of his own party about his health care plan as problems with the Obamacare website drag on.

Gay Rights Group Want Faith Exemptions Dropped

Senate leaders are pushing ahead with a bill giving special protections to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals.

A Preview of 2014? Takeaways from Election Night

Tuesday's election results could prove to be an early barometer of the parties' support ahead of the midterm elections in 2014.

Sebelius Faces More Heat over Obamacare Debacle

The woman in charge of the failed rollout of the president's healthcare plan is facing more heat from lawmakers.

President's Obamacare Vow Returns to Haunt Him

President Obama is under fire for his vow that Americans who were satisfied with their current health care plans would be able to keep them under Obamacare.

Governor Elections a Peek at Current Voter Attitudes

The outcome from Tuesday's election could provide clues for mid-term elections next year as both parties are closely watching the governor's races in New Jersey and Virginia.

Romney: Obama Wasn't Honest about Obamacare Pledge

The White House continues to push Obamacare even as it scrambles to fix the health care website. Meanwhile, Republicans are upping their attacks on the rollout.

Cuccinelli Closing in on McAuliffe in Va. Gov Race

Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Ken Cuccinelli are both looking to make Virginia's election for governor into a referendum on Obamacare.

Obamacare Stats: Only Six Signed Up the First Day

A House panel has released documents from the Obama administration showing it was nearly impossible to sign up the first several days on the

Obama Admin. Committed to Religious Freedom?

Former U.S. Speaker of the House and 2012 presidential candidate Newt Gingrich said President Barack Obama isn't doing enough to protect religious minorities under attack.