June 2008 Headlines

Obama Defends Patriotism; Honors McCain

CBNNews.com -- As the nation prepares to celebrate July 4th with their families and friends, Sen. Barack Obama defending his patriotism Monday in a town appropriately named Independence, Mo.

McCain Meets with Billy Graham and Son

CBNNews.com -  Republican presidential nominee John McCain had the chance to pray with an old acquaintance of his family on Sunday.

Will Christians Sit Out This Election?

If John McCain cannot get the help of Christian conservatives in the Republican Party during the fall campaign, he and his wife will probably not be relocating to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue next January.

McCain Seeks Christian Conservative Advice

John McCain is making a new effort to rally Christian conservatives.

China's Olympic Politics

China has been a fierce critic of other countries politicizing the Olympics, but a recent speech by the top Communist official in Tibet has shifted the direction of the criticisms.  Now China has had to defend itself from many questioning its own political Olympic agenda.

Faith-Based initiatives May Continue

Faith-based initiatives are very likely to continue after President Bush's term ends.

Obama: Dobson 'Making Up Stuff'

CBNNews.com -- Presidential hopeful Barack Obama has accused Focus on the Family's James Dobson of "making stuff up."

Price Pump Gouging Bill Fails, Oil Drops

As oil futures took a sharper than expected tumble Wednesday, Congress is continuing its efforts to provide Americans some relief at the pump.

Housing Rescue Plan Clears First Hurdle

CBNNews.com  - WASHINGTON - Congress is wrapping up legislation that will lend a helping hand to struggling homeowners. The bill comes as home prices plummet and foreclosures continue to rise.

Candidates Target Evangelical Voters

CBNNews.com -- TAYLOR, Mich. -- Could Barack Obama's views on abortion be a deal breaker with Christian voters?

Obama Embroiled in Financing Controversy

Senator Barack Obama is facing criticism for bypassing public funds.

Former Aide Testifies in CIA Leak Case

A former White House spokesman took his charges against the Bush administration to Capitol Hill Friday.

Administration: Give Fed More Powers

The government must move quickly to give the Federal Reserve more powers to regulate the financial system and to readily deal with problems, such as this year's volatile financial market, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said Thursday,

Obama, McCain Respond to Attacks on Wife

The attacks have been at times ruthless and downright dirty.

Bush to Congress: Allow Offshore Drilling

WASHINGTON - Record high gas and oil prices are taking center stage in the presidential campaign.

Obama Takes the Pulpit on Father's Day

CBNNews.com - This Father's Day Senator Barack Obama took time off from his two week economic tour to issue a plea to dads everywhere - particularly African American fathers.

Obama Fights Rumors with Web Site

CBNNews.com -- Sen. Barack Obama is using the Internet to squelch rumors about him that continue to circulate on the Web.

How Obama Got the Dems Vote

CHICAGO, Ill. - Team USA beating the Russians at the Olympics. Now that was a miracle. So was Joe Namath and the New York Jets winning the 1969 superbowl and David defeating Goliath.

Congress at Odds over Rising Energy Costs

As motorists watch the price of gasoline hover near $4 a gallon, Republicans and Democrats still can't agree on how to stop rising energy prices.

Senate Republicans Block Oil Tax

CBNNews.com -- Senate Republicans blocked a measure that would have placed a new tax on the top five U.S. oil companies as a way to take away some of their record profits.

Obama Reaches Out to Faith Community

Democrat presidential hopeful Barack Obama reached out to a group of well-known Christian leaders from several denominations, in a private meeting in Chicago Tuesday.

McCain Clears Up Meeting Rumors

Sen. John McCain's campaign is clearing the air about a story circulating in cyberspace suggesting he's not that interested in reaching out to evangelicals.

Obama Reaches Out to Young Evangelicals

The Obama campaign is making a play for young Christian voters. They're trying to rock the vote by reaching out to the new generation of evangelicals and Catholics.

Bush Speaks on Iraq Funding Bill

Read below for this week's presidential radio address, verbatim.

Obama and Clinton Hold Secret Meeting

The Democratic Party's heir apparent Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton met together privately Thursday night to talk about healing the rifts in their party.

Clinton Speech to Supporters

class="MsoNormal" style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt">WATCH LIVE: Sen. Hillary Clinton speaking to supporters in Washington, D.C. where she is expected to supsend her campaign and officially put her support behind presumed Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama

Clinton to End Campaign, Support Obama

WASHINGTON - Hillary Clinton is planning to end her presidential campaign this weekend and throw her support behind former rival Barack Obama.

McCain, Obama Town Hall Meetings?

Now that the presumptive nominees have been picked for the Republican and Democratic parties, a general election strategy is beginning to emerge for both parties.

Democrats Talk of Support for Israel

The primary race is officially over but neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton are taking a break.

Clinton's Next Steps Uncertain

Hillary Clinton's campaign Web site is full of comments from supporters responding to the senator's request to let her know what they think she should do "next."

Obama Claims Democratic Nomination

Barack Obama claimed victory tonight, in a speech declaring himself the Democratic presidential nominee, even as he reached out to his rival Hillary Clinton to wrap up the 17-month long primary battle. Click play to hear CBN News Sr. Political Correspondent  David Brody analyze the outcome of Tuesday night's primaries following this report.

McCain Speaks on 'Right Kind of Change'

John McCain welcomed Barack Obama as his presumed opponent Tuesday, but said the senator would not provide America with the "right kind of change" it needs.

Obama Selects VP Search Team

CBNNews.com - Who will be Barack Obama's running mate now that he has clinched the Democratic party's nomination?

Sen. Kennedy Faces Chemo, Treatments

Senator Ted Kennedy is recovering at Duke University Hospital after undergoing risky brain surgery for a malignant tumor.

Clinton Open to Being Obama's VP

CBNNews.com - WASHINGTON - Presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton told colleagues today she would consider taking the number two spot with Barack Obama, if doing so would help Democrats win in November.

McCain Supports International League Idea

Sen. John McCain is supporting a proposal for an international league of democracies to achieve what the United Nation sometimes cannot.

Kennedy Recovering from Brain Surgery

Sen.Ted Kennedy is recovering following brain surgery Monday.

Clinton Win - Too Little, Too Late?

Sen. Hillary Clinton pulled the largest number of votes in Puerto Rico's Democratic primary held Sunday.

Obama Resigns from His Church

CBNNews.com -- After facing some serious criticism surrounding his former pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Sen. Barack Obama has left his church -- Trinity Church of Christ.

WATCH LIVE: DNC Delegate Meeting

CBNNew -- The Democratic Party's Rules and Bylaws Committee is meeting in Washington, DC. The committee is to decide what should be done with the disputed Michigan and Florida delegates.

Clinton and Obama Campaigns

WATCH LIVE: Senator Hillary Clinton is at Puerto Rico Campaign headquarters where she is the expected winner of the country's democratic primary. Sen. Barack Obama is campaigning in South Dakota where democrats will vote in that state's primary on Tuesday along with Montana. Click here for live coverage of both candidates this afternoon.