May 2008 Headlines

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Another Reason I Hate Politics

In an interview yesterday with the San Francisco Chronicle, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi made one of the most heinous statements I've heard in quite some time. She credited the success of the troop surge in Iraq to the Iranians.

Touring Obama Central

CHICAGO - Deep dish pizza. The Cubs and Bulls. Lake Michigan. Fantastic shopping.

CIA Chief Says Al Qaeda on Defensive

Is al-Qaeda regrouping or is it really defeated in Iraq?

TN Lawmakers Tackle Biblical Illiteracy

The Bible is the best-selling book of all time. But despite its importance and influence in culture, many Americans are biblically illiterate. Lawmakers in Tennessee want to change that.

Dems Push for Swift End to Primary Race

Barack Obama could well be the Democrats' presidential nominee by this time next week.

McCain Criticizes Obama for Not Visiting Iraq - John McCain is criticizing Obama for not visiting Iraq since becoming a presidential candidate.

McClellan: Faith Motivated Me to Write Book

Former White House spokesman Scott McClellan says his Christian faith motivated him to learn from his mistakes and to write his controversial book about his days as press secretary.

Puerto Ricans Head to Polls Sunday

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- Puerto Rico: full of festive times, sandy beaches and full of passionate voters.

Ex-Press Secretary's Book Bashes Bush

A former top White House spokesman is unleashing some harsh crtiicism about President Bush and the Iraq War.

McCain Gets Financial Help from Bush

Republican presidential candidate John McCain is getting some financial help this week from President Bush.

Clinton Speaks of Faith in Face of Adversity

HORMIGUEROS, Puerto Rico - Hillary Rodham Clinton on Sunday offered a spiritual defense for continuing her presidential campaign despite the long odds of overtaking rival Barack Obama.

Obama Tries to Reassure Jewish Voters

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is vowing his "unshakable commitment to Israel's security" if he's elected.

Hagee Defends Comments after Rejection

Pastor John Hage defended himself Friday, in the face of a controversy that prompted Republican John McCain to reject his endorsement.

Senate Passes Iraq Funding Bill - The Senate has approved $165 billion to fund the war in Iraq -- plus some domestic projects -- until President Bush leaves office.

Clinton Pushes for FL, MI Delegates

Senator Barack Obama may look to have the Democratic nomination all but locked up, but Senator Hillary Clinton says she's far from finished.

Dem Race Draws to an End... The Winner?

Despite a stinging defeat to Hillary Clinton in Kentucky, Barack Obama now has a commanding lead that is all but impossible to beat. He is presently claiming a majority of pledged delegates.

Kennedy Released, Returning to Cape Cod -BOSTON -- Sen. Edward M. Kennedy was released from the hospital Wednesday, while doctors consider the best ways to treat his deadly brain tumor.

Clinton Wins Easy Victory in KY - As expected, Sen. Hillary Clinton cruised to a relatively easy win Tuesday in the Kentucky Democratic Primary.

Scandal-Plagued NY Rep. Won't Run Again

The only Republican congressman from New York City has announced that he will not seek re-election.

Will Obama Tip the Scales Tonight?

WASHINGTON - Today's primary contests could in Kentucky and Oregon could be an important day for Barack Obama.

Clinton to Obama: No Nominee Yet

The Democratic presidential primary season is winding down to its final few contests.

Progress is Better than Politics

After weeks of political ads and attacks in the United States, I'm getting to the point where I'd almost rather be in Iraq. Things there feel much more promising.

Puerto Ricans to Choose Clinton, Obama?

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- The music is melodious. The scenery is gorgeous. The island breeze is calm, but don't let any of that fool you.

Bush Reiterates Middle East Peace

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Obama Fires Back at "Terrorists" Remarks

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is criticizing both Republican John McCain and President Bush for comments he says hint he would try to appease terrorists.

Bush Remarks in Israel Anger Obama

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is accusing President Bush of launching a "false political attack" against him.

John Edwards Endorses Barack Obama -- Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards has endorsed his former rival Barack Obama for president.

Obama Touts Faith Before KY Primary -- Barack Obama's campaign is circulating a flyer in Kentucky that focuses in on Obama's Christian faith.

Clinton Wins Big in West Virginia -  Sen. Hillary Clinton won West Virginia by a wide margin Tuesday night, making a strong case to undecided superdelegates that the Democratic race is not yet over.

Hagee Apologizes for Catholic Comments

A well-known Christian televangelist apologized Tuesday for making comments which were misconstrued as an attack on the Catholic church.

McCain Speaks Out on 'Climate Crisis'

Republican presumptive nominee John McCain is focusing part of his presidential campaign this week on alternative energy and how to solve what he says is the world's climate crisis.

Clinton Wants WV Win, Obama Looks Ahead

The Democratic Party can now be viewed as a train running on two different tracks. One track goes through Tuesday's West Virginia primary. The other spur looks like one very long track. It shows a map of the states where Barack Obama's campaign says he must challenge Republican John McCain this fall. 

Clinton Banking on W. Virginia Win

Sen. Hillary Clinton is banking on a big win over Sen. Barack Obama in West Virginia's Democratic primary on Tuesday.

Washington's Fiscal Wake-Up

It's the dirty little secret politicians don't like to discuss. The federal government is spending more than it collects, running up the nation's credit card, and leaving a legacy of debt to the next generation.  "Whether you're a liberal, conservative, Democrat or Republican, the numbers just don't add up over the long term," Robert Bixby, head of the Concord Coalition, said. Bixby is one of a group of economic analysts from think tanks including the Concord Coalition, The Heritage Foundation, the Brookings Institution, and the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, who launched a nationwide "Fiscal Wake-Up Tour."

Politics, Economy Collide in West Virginia -- CHARLESTON, W. Va. - It's wild and wonderful, and the center of attention.

Mujeres por Hillary - SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - They call themselves Mujeres por Hillary, or Women for Hillary. And their mission is very clear: to help Sen. Hillary Clinton become President of the United States of America.

Evolution Bills Die in Florida Legislature

Two bills that would have allowed teachers to challenge the theory of evolution have failed to pass in the Florida state legislature.

Clinton Camp Predicts Next Big Wins

A top campaign aide for Sen. Hillary Clinton is predicting big wins for her in the coming weeks, first in West Virginia, then Kentucky.

Puerto Rico Set to Play Role in Dem Primary

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - Good music dances through the air as a man plays the guitar and sings. The scent of mofongo, rice, peas and other delicious foods can be found on every corner.

Obama Gains Support; Clinton Hangs On - Four more Democratic superdelegates announced support for Barack Obama, Wednesday, one day after he won North Carolina and barely lost in Indiana.

McCain Promises 'No Activist Judges'

Republican candidate John McCain may have the Republican nomination wrapped up, but he too spent the day campaigning in North Carolina.

It's Decision Day for Indiana, NC Voters

WASHINGTON - Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are both hoping for wins in the tight battle for the Democratic nomination.

Votes Still Being Counted in Indiana

Thousands of votes are still being counted in Indiana, where Hillary Clinton has taken a slight lead.

Gas Tax Holiday Anyone?

The idea of a holiday from the federal gas tax is still a hot debate among the presidential candidates.

Dems Make Final Push for Hoosier State

Voters in Indiana and North Carolina head to the polls Tuesday to cast their vote for either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

NC Primary - A Done Deal? Maybe Not

WASHINGTON - In just four days voters in North Carolina and Indiana will head to the polls to cast their vote for the Democratic nominee. And with neither candidate able to win the nomination outright - each vote will be crucial.

Washington's Ethanol Craze May be Over

WASHINGTON - The debate over the rising costs of food and gas is intensifying and right in the crosshairs is ethanol.

Who Makes Up the Middle Class Vote?

In the race for the White House, we continually hear the candidates courting the middle class. It's a block of voters that could decide who becomes our next President. But who exactly is the middle class? That depends on who you ask -- and the answers could influence your vote. Middle Class 'Qualifications' The presidential hopefuls fill up campaign speeches with proposals that would help the middle class. This is not surprising, when you consider most Americans believe the candidates are talking to them.  However, is there an "official" middle class income range? Responses from random people ranged from $25,000 to as high as $300,000 a year. The U.S. Census Bureau doesn't even have a definition for the middle class.