April 2008 Headlines

Obama Fights to Keep Campaign on Track

HICKORY, N.C. - Sen. Barack Obama is working feverishly to keep his campaign headed in the right direction.

Bush Pushes Congress on Economy

Holding court in the Rose Garden, President Bush dove right into a thorny issue for many Americans these days. the slowing economy.

Dems Souring on Rival Candidates

CBNNews.com - Democratic Party members increasingly dislike the contender they are not supporting in the nomination fight, an Associated Press-Yahoo News survey and exit polls of voters show.

Clinton Works to Ride Wave of Momentum

CHARLOTTE, NC - Momentum may truly be on Sen. Hillary Clinton's side. She is expected to pick up a huge endorsement Tuesday from North Carolina Governor Mike Easley.

Bush Attends Last White House Dinner

President Bush made his final appearance at the White House Correspondents Dinner this weekend.

Wright: Criticism Is Attack on Black Church

 Sen. Barack Obama's former pastor said Monday that criticism surrounding his fiery sermons is an attack on the black church and rejected those who have labeled him unpatriotic.

Bush Prods Congress on Student Loan Bill

Click the play button or read below for this week's presidential radio address, verbatim.

Pastor Wright: The Media is Unfair

WASHINGTON - Barack Obama's former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, calls the media's treatment of him "unfair."

NC Republican Ad Takes Aim at Obama

Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama traded critical ads in the run-up to the Pennsylvania primaries.

One Primary Later, A Few Dollars Richer

The next Democratic primary race is less than two weeks away and Hillary Clinton not only has the momentum of her win in Pennsylvania but also a little more cash on hand.

Will Clinton's PA Victory Be Enough?

CBNNews.com - Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primary in Pennsylvania, Tuesday, a huge victory in keeping her campaign alive in a drawn-out race for the party's nomination.

Dems Face Decision Day in PA Primary

WASHINGTON - Voters across Pennsylvania are showing up at the polls.

BREAKING NEWS: Hillary Clinton Gives PA Victory Speech

As the projected winner in the Pennsylvania primary Tuesday night, Hillary Clinton thanked a crowd of cheering supporters for her victory.

McCain Takes Campaign March to Selma

Republican John McCain began his weeklong tour of Selma, Ala., Monday.

Lawmaker Creates List to Tackle Islam

One lawmaker wants America to "wake up" and stop allowing terrorism to proliferate.

Dems on the Attack Ahead of PA Primary

CBNNews.com - With one day left before the Pennsylvania primary, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton observed the rituals of the last days of campaigning: visits to churches, stops at restaurants catering to families, as many public events as possible -- and blanketing the state with attack ads.

Bush Pushes Colombia Deal in Address

In his Saturday radio address, President Bush urged Congress to reconsider it's position on the Columbia free trade agreement. Read the transcript of his remarks below:

McCain Releases Taxes, Dems Look to PA

Senator John McCain became the last presidential candidate to release his personal tax records.

Obama Defends Relationship with Ex-Terrorist

CBNNews.com -- Associations with a former terrorist added fuel to the fire in the battle between Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Dems Battle for Edge in Penn. Debate

CBNNews.com - Last night, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton faced off in their only debate before Pennsylvania holds their primary next week.

Bush Sets Goals for Emissions Regulations

President Bush announced Wednesday his plan to stop the growth of the nation's greenhouse gas emissions by 2025.

Democrats Battle over 'Bitter' Comments

The Democratic candidates are gearing up for the last week of campaigning before next week's Pennsylvania primary.

Obama, Clinton Talk Faith, Politics

CBNNews.com - HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania - Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama talked faith and politics at an event called The Compassion Forum last night at Messiah College in Pennsylvania.

The Softer, Gentler Side of Obama, Clinton

GRANTHAM, PA - Why does God allow good things to happen to bad people? Do you believe life starts at conception? When have you felt the presence of the Holy Spirit? Did God create the world in six days?

Obama, Clinton to Attend Compassion Forum

How does faith inform the decisions of the leading presidential candidates?

Hope for the Religious Right?

The religious right was a powerful political force in the 1980s and 90s, but in this election year, Christian conservatives failed to unite around one candidate.

Scalia: Tradition Before Rules in Court

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia says the founding fathers never intended to banish religion from government.

House to Bush: Boycott Opening Ceremonies

CBNNews.com - The House is urging President Bush to boycott the opening ceremonies for the Olympic games in Beijing -- unless China takes stronger action to end the violence in Sudan's Darfur region.

Petraeus Won't Recommend More Troops

The top general in Iraq will not recommend another troop buildup, even if security worsens before U.S. soldiers begin coming home this summer, he said Wednesday.

McCain Focuses On Progress in Iraq

Republican presidential candidate John McCain talked to veterans on Monday about the turnaround in violence since the troop surge began.

Penn Out As Clinton Senior Strategist

New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton will now rely on her communications chief to formulate her presidential campaign.

Bush Praises NATO's Expansion

Read below or click the play button for this week's presidential radio address.

Obama Raises Cash, Clinton Courts Gays

WASHINGTON - Barack Obama continues to pile up impressive fundraising numbers. He brought in more than twice as much as Hillary Clinton in March.

House Approves $50B Plan to Fight AIDS

The House of Representatives has approved a $50 billion plan to fight AIDS and other diseases worldwide.

Obama: Gore Will Have Role in Presidency

Senator Barack Obama says if he's elected President, Al Gore will play a "major role" in his administration.

Senate Leaders Agree on Housing Relief

The U.S. Senate has reached an agreement on a plan to help the slumping housing market.

Earmarks Still Pose Problem in Congress

Earmarks. They're those expensive pet projects that members of Congress often slip into spending bills.

Earmarks Still Pose Problem in Congress

When Democrats took over Congress, they promised to get rid of those expensive pet projects known as earmarks.

Polls Show Dem Race in PA Tightening

Polls show a tightening race for the Democrats in Pennsylvania.

Pain at the Pump - Who's to Blame?

WASHINGTON -- The pain at the pump has a lot of Americans looking to play the blame game.

Pelosi: Bush Should Boycott Ceremony

Some world leaders may boycott the Beijing games because of China's recent crackdown in Tibet and its record of human rights abuses.

Congress Has Big Questions for Big Oil

The major oil companies are once again being questioned about rising cost of gasoline.

Dem Race: When Will It End?

WASHINGTON - The campaign trail is heating up as Democrats attack the presumptive Republican nominee.