March 2008 Headlines

HUD Chief Quitting, Cites Family Reasons - Housing and Urban Development Secretary Alphonso Jackson announced his decision to resign Monday effective April 18.

Overhaul of Financial Regulations Sought

WASHINGTON -- Today the Bush administration is revealing new regulations to prevent future credit crisis. Should the plan go into effect, the Federal Reserve would end up getting more power.

McCain Airs First General Election Ad

Republican presidential candidate John McCain started his first television ad of the general election Friday.

Dems Fear Tight Race Could Hurt Chances

WASHINGTON - As the Democratic primary race drags on, more of the party faithful are growing impatient.

House Panel Asks Jailed Ex-Gov. to Testify

Former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman has been asked to testify before Congress about possible political influence over his prosecution.

Party Division: How Much is Too Much?

Recently, former President Bill Clinton said he hoped the back and forth debating between his wife and Sen. Barack Obama would continue.

Obama Pastor Cancels Events, Safety Fears

Barack Obama's former pastor is canceling speeches after a backlash over his controversial sermons.

Social Security Not So Secure

The government's two biggest benefit programs - Social Security and Medicare - are facing enormous challenges, a new report says.

Candidates Hope to Cash in on Economy

With rising gas and food prices and falling home prices, the economy's front and center for most Americans -- and it's taking center stage on the campaign trail, too.

Clinton Misspeaks about Bosnia Trip - Senator Hillary Clinton "misspoke" last week when she described landing under sniper fire during a trip she took as first lady to Bosnia, her presidential campaign said.

Economy Focus of White House Race

The economy played front and center in the race for the White House, Monday.

Bushes Hosts White House Easter Egg Roll

The President and Mrs. Bush hosted their final Easter egg roll on the White House lawn Monday.

Bush Honors Troops in Easter Address

In his weekly radio address,President Bush reminded Americans to remember the nation's fighting men and women as they celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ this Easter holiday.

Group Wants Clinton Phone Logs Released

Thousands of pages of Hillary Rodham Clinton's schedule as first lady reveal her years in the White House as limited to a more traditional, restricted role.

Clinton Calls on Obama to Back Primaries

Senator Hillary Clinton is challenging Barack Obama to agree to new Democratic primaries in Michigan and Florida.

Obama's Speech Tackles Controversy

As far as big moments go, this was a big one. Barack Obama tackling the controversy involving Jeremiah Wright, his ex pastor and friend for years.

Bush Marks Five Years of War in Iraq

The economy has replaced Iraq as the number one issue among Americans.

Obama Addresses Racial Issues

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama sought to ease racial tensions Tuesday, in a speech aimed at unifying his party and addressing racially charged comments made by his long-time pastor.

Clinton, Obama Go on the Defensive

Both Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are trying to shore up crucial support before next month's important primary in Pennsylvania.

Desperate Times for the Economy

WASHINGTON - Nervous investors from New York to Shanghai are on edge.

Obama Rejects Pastor's Comments

The Obama campaign emailed the following statement written by Senator Obama himself on the controversy surrounding his Pastor's comments:

Congress Endorses Tax Hikes

WASHINGTON - Your taxes may be going up in the next few years.

Controversy on the Campaign Trail

They vowed to keep race out of the race, but the topic is rearing its ugly head.

Presidential Campaigns Court Evangelicals

In this precedent-setting election year, many political observers believe the evangelical vote is up for grabs.

Are We Better Off? America Weighs In

WASHINGTON - Are you better off than you were four years ago? That was the famous question Ronald Reagan used to win The White House in 1980.

Challenges Await Incoming NY Governor

Eliot Spitzer' replacement will face political challenges when he becomes New York's new governor Monday.

Clinton Apologizes to Black Voters

New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton apologized several times to black voters, Wednesday, for comments made during her presidential campaign.

Is the Religious Right Dead? -- With the race for the White House in full swing, some are wondering if the religious right still wields any political power.

Congress Looks at Lending Practices

Congress turned a blinding spotlight on credit card companies regarding their sometimes pricey practices.

NY Gov. Spitzer Resigns over Sex Scandal

New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer has resign his post in disgrace after being caught in a prostitution scandal. 

Obama Takes Easy Win in Mississippi

WASHINGTON - Mississippi earned Barack Obama his second victory in two weeks, winning the Democratic primary in a blow-out: 61 percent to Hillary Clinton's 37 percent.

House Leaders Speak Out on Earmarks

The Senate will vote this week on putting a one-year hold on pet projects known as "earmarks."

Obama Looks for a Win in Mississippi

Being near the end of the primary season, Mississippi Democrats probably never thought much attention would ever be paid to them.

Calls Mount for NY Governor to Resign

WASHINGTON - New York Republicans are preparing to impeach Governor Eliot Spitzer -- unless he resigns first.

A Mail-In Florida Primary Plan?

Democratic Party officials think a mail-in solution may be the best way to give Florida Democrats a voice in selecting their party's candidate for president.

Bush Explains Bill Veto in Radio Address

Read below or click the play button for the President's weekly radio address, verbatim:

Obama Aide Resigns over 'Monster' Remark

The political adviser who called Hillary Clinton "a monster" has resigned from Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

Dems Fight for Delegates...and Dollars

Senator Barack Obama is leading in delegates - and dollars.

Do-Over for Dems in Michigan, Florida?

Whatever you call it -- a cliffhanger, a nail-biter or a soap opera -- it's anything but smooth sailing for Democrats in their race for the White House.

Dems Fight On; GOP Decides

Rumors of Hillary Clinton's political demise were greatly exaggerated.

McCain Clinches GOP Nomination - Arizona Sen. John McCain, a political maverick and unflinching supporter of the war in Iraq, clinched the Republican presidential nomination Tuesday night.

Clinton Comes Back with Texas, Ohio Wins

Hillary Rodham Clinton won the Democratic primary in Ohio and Texas, two crucial victories and a soaring comeback to Barack Obama's string of earlier wins.

Clinton, Obama Face Day of Reckoning

The polls opened before daylight in Ohio, and many voters were eager to cast their vote. In Texas, an estimated 2 million people elected to beat the rush and cast their ballots in early voting.

Texas Could Be Huckabee's Last Stand

It may not be the Alamo - exactly.

Down to the Wire for Clinton, Obama

WASHINGTON - The clock is ticking, and both candidates know exactly what's at stake in what could be a defining day for Democrats.

Hillary Clinton Fights On - She still draws wild crowds everywhere --  Hillary Clinton lovers galore.