March 2009 Headlines

Congress Looks at Selective Abortions

WASHINGTON -- There's a ban on abortions that many Americans support.

Obama Tells Automakers to Change or Else

WASHINGTON - President Obama is giving General Motors and Chrysler a blunt message: You must change in order to survive.

CBN News to Follow Obama's Europe Trip

Next week, President Barack Obama will take his economic message to the global stage.

Must Politicians Abandon Faith for Politics? - Politicians sometimes find themselves at odds between their political beliefs and their faith.

WH Budget Marches through Congress

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama's latest trip to Capitol Hill appears to have been a success.

Geithner Unveils Massive Regulatory Agenda

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner called for a sweeping overhaul of the financial system, Thursday, that would allow regulators to crack down on big hedge funds and derivatives trading.

Budget Concerns Still Hover on Capital Hill

President Obama tried again, Wednesday, to promote his massive and controversial federal budget-- this time to his own Democratic colleagues.

Obama Sees No Threat to Dollar

WASHINGTON - President Obama is defending the U.S. dollar as the world's currency. This comes after China and Russia both said the dollar should be replaced as the world's standard with a new international currency.

Pro-Life Groups, WH Talk Reducing Abortions

WASHINGTON -- Pro-life groups have been concerned that their cause will be totally ignored by the Obama administration. But on Tuesday, some of the most conservative pro-lifers had a chance to sit down for a long meeting with the White House point-man on abortion.

Obama Pushes Economic Plan

THE WHITE HOUSE - The president morphed from commander-in-chief to salesman-in-chief Tuesday night, pushing an economic plan that he says will turn the country's fortunes around -- eventually.

Jindal: Time for GOP to Leave Past Behind

WASHINGTON - In an interesting fluke of timing, the same Republican who responded to President Obama's big Capitol Hill speech last month was again representing the GOP opposite the president Tuesday night.

Senator: Freeze Budget to Stop 'Socialism'

A top Republican senator said Monday that a federal spending freeze is needed to reign in President Obama's massive budget proposal, and limit the government's slide toward "socialism."

Frank calls Justice Scalia 'Homophobe' - Massachusetts representative Barney Frank called Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia a "homophobe" in an interview with a gay news web site.

Pro-Life Groups, WH Office to Talk Abortion

THE WHITE HOUSE -- A number of pro-life conservative groups will meet today at the White House with Joshua DuBois, the head of its Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships Office.

Geithner Seeks Broad Regulatory Powers

WASHINGTON -- Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke both sat in the hot seat, Monday, as Congress grilled them on AIG's executive bonuses paid with taxpayer dollars from a federal bailout.

The Brody File: Inside Obama's Press Conf.

President Barack Obama continued to promote his plan for economic growth, Tuesday, using much of his second prime-time news conference to assure Americans that the country is "moving in the right direction" despite the current obstacles.

DHS to Use Biometrics to Identify Criminals

Criminals trying to enter the U.S. by sea may soon find it more difficult.

Obama to Talk Economy in News Conf.

President Barack Obama will take on critics at the White House Tuesday night for his second primetime news conference.

Obama Says Exit Key to Afghan Mission

President Obama says an exit plan is key to a comprehensive strategy in Afghanistan.

Obama, Congress at Odds over AIG Bonuses

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama may be at odds with Congress over the tax on the American International Group executives bonuses.

Geithner Unveils New Bank Rescue Plan

WASHINGTON --Once again, the government is looking to Wall Street to help solve the financial crisis - spending as much as a trillion dollars to jump start lending.

Senate to Take Up AIG Bonus Debate

Now the U.S. Senate will be taking up measures on those big American International Group bonuses. The massive bonuses were awarded to employees at insurance giant AIG have been at the center of debate on Capitol Hill this week.

Card Check: Leave Your Rights at the Door - SMITHFIELD, Va. -- The Employee Free Choice Act would make it easier for unions to organize in the workplace. But critics of this new bill say passing it would cost the country thousands of jobs and one basic freedom -- the right to a secret ballot.

The Fed's Plan to Revive the Economy

THE FEDERAL RESERVE -- The Federal Reserve is going to spend more than $1 trillion to help save the economy.

House Votes to Tax AIG Bonuses 90 Percent

The House passed legislation Thursday to tax executives who took bonuses from insurance giant AIG.

Obama Scraps Plan for Vet Medical Benefits

America's veterans will not have to worry about how their medical treatments will be paid.

The Fairness Doctrine's Chilling History

It's a policy that aims to promote balance and fairness on the airwaves, but the Fairness Doctrine, some say, does nothing but chill discussions of controversial issues. Politicians and broadcasters have been debating it for nearly 70 years.

AIG Chairman Says Payments Distasteful

WASHINGTON -- The chief executive officer of troubled insurance giant American International Group appeared on Capitol Hill today to answer questions about why the failing company spent millions on bonuses to employees after receiving billions in bailout money from the government.

Obama's Judge Pick: Moderate or Liberal?

President Obama's first pick to fill a vacant seat in a federal appeals court could draw criticism over his more liberal rulings in the past.

Jimmy Carter Returns to White House

CBNNews - Former president Jimmy Carter made a return to the White House today.

Vet Group Against Obama Insurance Plan

The debate over who should pay for the medical treatment of wounded veterans continued in Washington this week.

Card Check Bill, Push for Union Workers

Pennsylvania labor unions are promising to back the Republican party and in return they want their Republican Senator, Arlen Spector, to vote in favor of the controversial "card check" bill.

Obama's Fate Tied to Economic Crisis

Just as he predicted, President Obama's fate may be tied to how he deals with the economic crisis, support for the bank bailouts and his budget fall.

Obama Pushes States to Spend Money - The Obama administration is pushing states to spend money from the $787 billion economic stimulus package as fast as possible and governors must sign pledges saying they'll spend the money appropriately.

Cheney: America Less Safe under Obama

Former vice president Dick Cheney says Americans are less safe under President Obama's new detainee policies.

Obama Plans Small Business Lending Boost

WASHINGTON - Continuing his administration's recent optimistic tone, Monday, President Barack Obama promised help for the "heart of the American economy"-- small businesses.

Rep. Waters Defends Minority Bank Funds  - Rep. Maxine Waters deflected criticism Friday for helping a minority-owned bank with financial ties to her husband, receive taxpayer money.

Pay Hike for Lawmakers, Despite Economy

Lawmakers in Congress will be receiving automatic salary increases this year despite the tanking economy.

Some Leaders Wonder if Stimulus Will Work

WASHINGTON -- The recession is hitting home.

Nancy Pelosi Criticized for Military Air Travel

A conservative watchdog group is criticizing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her use of military planes.

Controversial Justice Dept. Pick Faces Vote

The Senate voted, Thursday, in the confirmation of President Obama's pick for deputy attorney general.

Obama to States: Be Fiscally Responsible

President Barack Obama pleaded for fiscal responsibility from those charged with spending the stimulus money.

Obama Vows Crackdown on Earmarks

President Obama laid out his ideas, Wednesday, on how to better remove earmarks from government spending bills.

Labor Bill Could End Secret Ballot Vote

Congressional leaders have introduced the Employee Free Choice Act in the House and Senate.

Obama Signs Spending Bill to Law

 President Barack Obama wasted no time, Wednesday, signing a well-disputed spending bill into law just one day after Congress voted to pass the pricey legislation.

Obama Pushes Plan for Education Reform

After spending most of his first 50 days in office focusing on the economy, President Obama spent Tuesday introducing his plan for improving America's schools.

Americans Worried Recession Could Last

WASHINGTON -- Talk of banks failing and iconic automakers going into bankruptcy have Americans worried from Wall Street to Main Street.

White House Strategists Target Limbaugh

The White House is going on the offensive against conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, ever since he said he wants President Barack Obama to fail.

Obama Considers Lifting Gay Ban in Military

President Obama has begun making good on a campaign promise to lift the ban on gays serving openly in the military.

New Spending Bill Upsets Both Dems, GOP  - Congress is debating a giant $410 billion bill to fund the government for the next year.

Obama Presses for Health Care Overhaul

WASHINGTON -- The Obama administration predicts health care costs will land more than a million people in bankruptcy this year, adding to the U.S. economic instability.

GOP Chairman Apologizes to Limbaugh

Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele is calling the sparring between him and conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh "a sideshow distraction."

Bill to Give D.C. House Member Vote Pulled

A vote on a bill to give the District of Columbia a voting member in the House of Representatives has been pulled off the calendar.

British PM Optimistic on Global Economy

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown went to Capitol Hill, Wednesday, with a positive outlook on the world's economic future.

White House Continues Economic Offensive

THE WHITE HOUSE -- The Obama administration will continue their economic offensive today as they unveil details of a home refinancing plan and a way to clean up wasteful government spending.

Lawmakers Question Obama Budget Plan

WASHINGTON-- Global stocks have taken a beating after Monday's historic decline in the Dow.

Can Pro-Life Groups Derail Sebelius Nom?

CBN -- THE WHITE HOUSE -- It's going to be one of the toughest jobs in D.C., tackling healthcare. So the new movie that's now playing here is "Mrs. Sebelius Comes to Washington."

Dodd Faces Heat Over AIG Connection - In the transition period after the 2006 elections, a top executive at American International Group Inc. encouraged associates to donate to Sen. Chris Dodd's re-election campaign, The Washington Times reported.

Is the Left Weakening the CIA?

WASHINGTON -- The Central Intelligence Agency has taken heavy criticism in recent years for everything from the Iraq War to torture. Now, under a new administration, the agency is looking to rebuild its reputation. But some are worried that ideology could get in the way of that mission.

Conservatives Talk GOP's Future in D.C

The Obama administration's response to the financial crisis has provided fodder for conservative activists.