February 2008 Headlines

Presidential Candidates Stump in OH, TX

The presidential race is revolving around key contests in two delegate-rich states: Texas and Ohio.

Mixed News for Your Wallet

WASHINGTON - Although lower interest rates are on the way from the Federal Reserve Americans may still want to get a grip on their wallets: higher prices are coming for food and gasoline.

Voters Get Head Start in Ohio, Texas

Early voting is underway in Texas and Ohio, in what could be the final battle to determine the Democrats' presidential nominee.

Bush Presses Congress on Terror Bill

WASHINGTON -- President Bush is challenging critics who want to cut funding for the war in Iraq.

Fed Tries to Stave Off Stagflation

WASHINGTON - The Federal Reserve says it's ready to cut interest rates to strengthen the weak economy even though that could mean more inflation, on top of record oil prices, according to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.

Bloomberg: I'm Not Running for President

CBNNews.com - Mayor Michael Bloomberg will not seek the White House but might put his support behind another candidate who will govern across party lines.

Courting the Latino Vote

CBNNews.com - AUSTIN, Texas - Hispanics are growing faster than any other ethnic group in the country and that is helping make them a major political force. That strength may become apparent as soon as Tuesday when Texans go to the polls.

Bernanke Signals Another Rate Cut

The country may be in for a period of sluggish business growth, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke told lawmakers Wednesday.

Clinton, Obama Hurl Accusations in Ohio

The debate is over and the candidates are back on the campaign trail trying to get an edge over the other.

McCain Apologizes for Obama Remark

Sen. John McCain is distancing himself from insults made against Barack Obama at a McCain campaign stop.

Anti-War Democrats Ponder Next Step

Democrats are talking about changing their strategy as they try to end the United States military involvement in Iraq.

Hillary Clinton on Her Campaign, Faith

CBNNews.com - PROVIDENCE, R.I. - Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are facing a new opponent. His name is Ralph Nader, and he's running for President.

Democrats Seek FEC Probe of McCain

Money may make the world go around, but it also keeps a political campaign rolling. But when you are running for the office of President of the United States, you must also follow certain laws regarding money and fund-raising.

Officer Dies While Escorting Clinton

CBNNews.com - DALLAS - A police motorcycle officer died after a crash while escorting Hillary Rodham Clinton's motorcade to a campaign rally.

Dem Debate a Knockout or Draw?

CBNNews.com -- AUSTIN, Texas - A good old fashioned showdown was held between Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama at the University of Texas Thursday night. For more on the Obama - Clinton debate, click play to watch CBN News Correspondent David Brody's report.  Also, be sure to listen for Gordon Robertson's comments at the end.

Sen. Kennedy Stumps for Obama in Texas

SAN MARCOS, Texas - Sen. Ted Kennedy held no punches Thursday morning at a Barack Obama rally in San Marcos, Texas. Before a crowd of about 400 people, Kennedy slammed the Republicans, praised all the current and former Democratic presidential contenders and urged Texans to go to the polls and vote for the candidate he has endorsed - Obama.

McCain Calls NYT Report 'Smear Campaign'

WASHINGTON - With his reputation on the line, John McCain emphatically denied any inappropriate relationship with a female lobbyist, Thursday.

Obama, McCain Extend Winning Streaks

GOP candidate John McCain and Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama put some more ground between themselves and their rivals Tuesday night.

McCain Wins Wisconsin, Wash. Primaries

CBNNews.com - Republican presidential candidate John McCain easily won the Wisconsin and Washington state primaries, edging closer to the 1,191 delegates he needs to clinch the Republican nomination.

Obama, McCain Ruling the Delegates

WASHINGTON - Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton each locked in a very close battle for Democratic delegates, as Sen. John McCain seeks to knock out his remaining rivals for the GOP nominee.

Democrats in Wis., Hawaii Head to Polls

Democrats in Wisconsin and Hawaii go to the polls Tuesday to choose between Sen. Barack Obama or Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton as their party's presidential nominee. 

Obama Counters Plagiarism Claims

Sen. Barack Obama admitted today he has been using some of the same lines as his friend, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, but that it was not a big deal.

President Bush's Weekly Radio Address

The following is the transcript from the president's weekly radio address as broadcast on February 16, 2008.

Bush, Congress in Spy Bill Standoff

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance act allows the U.S. to wiretap the phone calls and e-mails of suspected terrorists. President Bush says America is in greater risk of a terrorist attack without it.

Mitt Romney Endorses Former Rival McCain

One-time rival in a heated GOP race for the nominee, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is now backing Sen. John McCain for President.

Justice Says Waterboarding Not Legal

Waterboarding as an interrogation technique is not legally allowed since the enactment of laws and other limits in 2006, according to a senior Justice Department official.

Bernanke, Paulson Discuss the Economy

WASHINGTON -- President Bush's top money men are on Capitol Hill today giving lawmakers their take on the state of the economy.

Bush Signs Economic Stimulus Plan

President Bush on Wednesday signed a multibillion-dollar economic rescue package that means $300 to $1,200 rebates for many American households.

McCain, Obama Power Through the Potomac

Tuesday couldn't have turned out better for John McCain and Barack Obama, as they swept through Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. in their bids for the Republican and Democratic tickets to the presidency. Watch for more from American Spectator's Philip Klein, following this report. 

McCain Wins Potomac Primaries

John McCain won the GOP primaries in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia, Tuesday, withstanding a strong challenge from former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

Obama Sweeps MD, VA, DC

Sen. Barack Obama won the Democratic primaries in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia on Tuesday.

McCain, Obama Looking to Gain Momentum

WASHINGTON - It's primary day in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. Everyone's watching to see if the gap between the Democrats will tighten and whether there will be another upset in the Republican race.

Latest Wins Fuel Obama, Huckabee Camps

It was a big weekend for Illinois Sen. Barack Obama and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

Dobson Endorses Huckabee

CBNNews.com - Focus on the Family founder James Dobson officially endorsed the Southern Baptist minister Mike Huckabee in his GOP presidential bid Thursday night.

IRS to Mail Rebate Checks in May

Most Americans will be getting rebate checks from Washington within a few months as part of an economic stimulus plan passed by Congress.

Obama Receives Two New Endorsements

In the battle for endorsements, Democratic contender Barack Obama got a big boost today.

Bush Urges Conservatives to Stay United

President Bush talked openly for the first time about the November election, challenging conservative leaders to stay united behind their candidate.

McCain Rallies GOP Heavyweights

NORFOLK, Va. - Flanked by some heavy weight GOP hitters, presidential hopeful John McCain held a national security roundtable at the National Maritime Center in Norfolk, Va., Friday morning.

Dems Battle for Dollars and Delegates

In an intense Democratic race for the White House, Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton continue their battle, not only for delegates, but also for money.

Romney Suspends Campaign for President

Former Massachusett's Gov. Mitt Romney suspended his faltering presidential campaign Thursday, effectively ceding the GOP nomination to Sen. John McCain. What does this mean for the GOP race for The White House? Watch CBN News' David Brody, following this report.

Senate Agrees on Stimulus Package

If you are one of more than 100 million Americans who hoping for a promised $600-$1,200 government rebate checks, you could get them sooner than expected.

Tighter Race for Clinton and Obama

Chicago, Ill. - Barack Obama won more states than Hillary Clinton, but the New York senator won more delegates.

Race 2008: State-by-State at a Glance

Here is state-by-state information on Tuesday's primaries and caucuses in 24 states. The number of delegates are listed below the state. WTA indicates winner takes all. All times are Eastern.

Super Tuesday's Numbers Tell It All

WASHINGTON - None of the top five presidential candidates came up empty-handed on Super Tuesday, but some filled their pockets with more states and delegates than others.

McCain Now Clear GOP Front-Runner

Republican Sen. John McCain claimed the mantle of front-runner after a string of Super Tuesday victories in the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

A View from McCain Headquarters

PHOENIX, Ariz. - Super Duper Tuesday is finally here and it looks like it's going to be a super day for John McCain.

Huckabee Wins First Super Prize: W. Virginia

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has won the Republican caucuses in West Virginia - the first prize of the day for the GOP in a nation-wide competition for delegates.

Congress Looks Askance at Bush's Budget

WASHINGTON - President Bush says his budget proposal would help defend the country, preserve his tax cuts, and boost the economy. But Congress is already signaling the plan may be dead on arrival.

Start Your Pitches: Super Tuesday's Here

Super Duper Tuesday is finally here and millions of voters in more than 20 states are going to the polls.

Huckabee Emerges in Surprise Wins

CBNNews.com - Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee brought Southern heat to the GOP presidential race, vowing to press on with his campaign for the White House.

Final Push before Super Tuesday

WASHINGTON - Will John McCain lock-up the Republican nomination? Can Barack Obama catch Hillary Clinton? These questions may be answered in just 24 hours.

Bush Sends $3 Trillion Budget to Congress

President Bush is sending Congress his final $3 trillion budget today, but Democrats have already started to attack it even before the document arrived at the Capitol building.

Radio Address: First Lady Talks Heart Health

First Lady Laura Bush spoke about heart disease in Saturday;s weekly radio address.

Maine GOP: Let the Caucusing Begin

Wicked weather and Super Bowl parties aside, Republicans in Maine began the first of three days of caucusing, tonight.

Labor: Employers Tightened Belts, Cut Jobs

A new labor department report shows that employers cut 17,000 jobs last month, the first payroll reduction in more than four years.