April 2009 Headlines

The Fairness Doctrine: What Does It Mean?

Does the Fairness Doctrine offer balance to talk radio dominated by conservative talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh or does it stifle free speech?

Adoption: New Front in Gay Rights Battle?

One of the priorities of the Obama administration is to advance adoption rights for gay couples.

Obama and the Freedom of Choice Act

President Barack Obama says he's not interested in pushing a controversial pro-choice bill through Congress.

A Look at Obama's First 100 Days

Wednesday marks President Obama's 100th day in office, but has he impressed conservatives thus far?

Faith-Based Charities Hiring Reviewed

The Obama administration is reviewing hiring practices by federally-funded religious charities.

Lawmakers Push Much of Obama's Budget

A budget pact reached on Capitol Hill would give an endorsement to President Barack Obama's agenda by his 100th day in office.

Abortion Debate: Do Moderates Hold Key?

THE WHITE HOUSE -- President Barack Obama has signaled a desire to reduce abortions in this country, but pro-life groups say his policies don't give him much credibility on that front. Still, religious moderates may hold the key to the abortion debate in Washington.

Obama Tells Credit Card Cos. to Regulate

WASHINGTON - President Obama is taking credit card companies to task for the way they treat consumers. He says they've been bad, bad, bad.

Calif. Senator Denies Ethical Misconduct

Ethical questions surrounding California Sen. Dianne Feinstein are not going away.

First Lady Welcomes Kids to White House

CBNNews.com - Take Your Child to Work Day is the annual day where kids go to work with their parents and 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. was no exception.

DHS Exec Transfer Amid Memo Controversy

CBNNews.com - The head of the agency that wrote the controversial memo suggesting that veterans, pro-lifers and others might become terrorists has been transferred.

Clinton: Abortion is 'Reproductive Health'

CBNNews.com - Secretary of state Hillary Clinton spent a second day on Capitol Hill discussing foreign affairs and the exchange she had over abortion with a Republican congressman is getting a lot of attention in pro-life circles.

Obama Attends Holocaust Remembrance

CBNNews.com - President Obama paid tribute to the six million jews killed in Nazi Germany as he attended a holocaust "Days of Remembrance" ceremony at the capitol.

Hate Crimes Bill Threatens Free Speech

WASHINGTON --  A House committee is expected to pass hate crimes legislation Thursday. 

Obama to Crack Down on Credit Card Cos.

President Obama is set to meet with credit card company executives to discuss what many say are deceptive practices in the credit card industry.

Hate Crimes Bill a Threat to Free Speech?

WASHINGTON -- On Wednesday morning, the House judiciary committee is expected to pass hate crimes legislation.

Congress Takes Up Huge Climate Bill

CBNNews.com - CAPITOL HILL- Congress is using Earth Day to begin serious debate of a climate bill.

Obama to Invite Middle East Leaders to WH

President Barack Obama plans to invite the Israeli, Palestinian and Egyptian leaders to the White House in the coming weeks.

Senator's Husband Gets Lucrative Fed Deal

California Senator Diane Feinstein disputes allegations that she helped her husband's real estate company get a lucrative contract from a federal agency.

Officials Stand Behind CIA Interrogations

A new Senate report places fresh blame on the Bush administration for what it calls "abuse" of terrorist suspects, but some officials are stepping out in support of the techniques.

Obama Open to Probe of Interrogations

After an uproar from some Democrats, President Barack Obama said he is leaving the door open to prosecuting Bush administration officials who authorized interrogation tactics that some call torture.

Sebelius Closer to Confirmation as HHS Sec

A divided Senate committee has voted to advance Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius in her quest to become Health and Human Services secretary.

Obama Signs Serve America Act

Sen. Kennedy and and former president Bill Clinton were on hand for Tuesday's signing events. The money will help several programs includi

Geithner on Defense, TARP Criticism Grows

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner continued to defend the government's $700 billion bailout plan, Tuesday, saying the U.S. is still in a "very severe financial crisis."

Obama Defends Release of Torture Memos

Despite growing criticism, President Barack Obama took time Monday to defend the release of so-called torture memos, during his meeting with intelligence officials at CIA headquarters in Langley, Va.

Obama Orders Cabinet to Find Budget Cuts

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama is ordering his cabinet to find some cuts in his new budget. But those cuts only amount to a $100 million out of a $3.5 trillion budget.

Congress Faces Tough Issues After Recess

CBNNews.com - Members of Congress are returning from their Easter recess to tackle several controversial issues this week-- including one that has many Christians concerned.

Questions Remain Over CIA Torture Memos

The Obama administration is catching heat from the right and left after the release of CIA memos involving enhanced interrogation techniques.

'Extremists' Report Issued Despite Concerns

CBNNews.com -  The Department of Homeland Security issued a report on right-wing extremists even though civil liberties officials at the department did not agree with some of the language.

Religious Symbols Covered at Obama Event

The president spoke on the economy Tuesday at Georgetown University's Gaston Hall. Normally, the room has a triangle with a cross and Catholic monogram of

Obama: Trains Foster Energy Independence

Cutting down on traffic congestion, cleaning the air and saving money on energy are all reasons President Obama says the U.S. should invest in major upgrades to rail travel.

Napolitano to Name 'Border Czar'

CBNNews.com - WASHINGTON -- Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is naming a "border czar" to oversee issues related to drug-cartel violence along the U.S.-Mexico border and the hundreds of thousands of people who try to enter the U.S. illegally through the Southwest.

HHS Nominee Criticized Over Abortion Funds

Health and Human Services secretary nominee Kathleen Sebelius has already been heavily criticized by pro-life groups because of her abortion record as governor of Kansas.

Obama Outlines 'State of the Economy'

President Barack Obama said Tuesday that the economy still faces serious challenges but is starting to show "glimmers of hope."

Treasury Tells GM to Get Set for Bankruptcy

The Treasury Department is telling General Motors to lay the groundwork for a quick surgical bankruptcy by June 1 -- a bankruptcy that would involve a fast restructuring of the company.

Congressmen Criticized for Havana Trip

CBNNews.com - Several Republican congressmen are criticizing their colleagues for taking a trip to Havana this week.

Obama, Advisers to Meet on Economy

CBNNews.com - President Obama is meeting Friday with his top economic advisors to discuss new ways to end the recession, stabilize the financial system and deal with the rising unemployment rate.

Obamas Still Searching for Church Home

With Easter just a few days away, President Obama and the first family are still searching for a church home.

Obama Seeks Legal Status for Immigrants

President Obama is seeking legislation to make legal status possible for illegal immigrants, according to a New York Times report.

Poll: Obama More Polarizing than Bush

Three months into Obama's presidency, a new poll shows that Americans appear more polarized politically than ever before in modern times.

Defense Sec Gates Proposes Weapons Cuts

The Obama administration says it wants to profoundly reform the way the Pentagon buys weapons and does business.

WH Faith-Based Office Introduces Itself

WASHINGTON - More than 60 leaders from different religious faiths and secular organizations are in the nation's capital for a two-day gathering to discuss the role and purpose of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

Geithner Puts Bank CEOs on Notice

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is putting bailed out bank CEOs on notice.

Senate Rejects Cutting Charitable Tax Breaks

The Senate has unanimously rejected a proposal by President Obama to cut tax breaks for charitable contributions.

Bill Would Federalize Cybersecurity Rules

Lawmakers are crafting legislation that would broaden the government's authority over cybersecurity standards in the private industry, the Washington Post reports.

Gov. Sebelius Fights for Chief Health Spot

Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius told a Senate committee, Thursday, she's not aware of any reason why she shouldn't be confirmed as secretary of health and human services.

Biden Meets with Latin American Presidents

Vice President Joe Biden is laying groundwork for the upcoming Summit of the Americas.

House Denies Budget Alternatives

CBNNews.com - The House went on to approve a blueprint of President Obama's budget, Thursday, despite calls from Republicans and Democrats alike to scale down its hefty price tag.

GOP Offer Alternative to Obama's Budget

Republicans have realeased their alternative to President Barack Obama's budget.

Gov't to Reward Volunteers with 'Serve' Act

The Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act is headed to President Obama's desk.

Senate Hearings Begin for Judge Hamilton

CBNNews.com - Senate confirmation hearings begin today for President Obama's first judicial nominee - district judge David Hamilton.

Officers to Obama: Keep Ban On Gays

More than 1,000 retired military officers sent a statement to President Barack Obama, Tuesday, urging him to keep a law that bans gays from being open in the military.