August 2009 Headlines

America's Uninsured: Can Uncle Sam Save Them?

A large group of Americans are especially concerned about how Washington might act on healthcare reform this year.

Having Faith in Joshua DuBois

What may at first glance appear to be a boring desk job in the White House - for Joshua DuBois - is anything but.

Lawmakers Push to Fill Kennedy's Senate Seat

Lawmakers are now focusing on how to replace Sen.Ted Kennedy's seat in the U.S. Senate.

Ridge: Talk of Terror Alerts Taken Out of Context

Former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge says a passage from his new book, The Test of Our Times: America Under Siege, is being taken out of context.

Poll: Most Americans Would Replace Congress

A recent telephone survey showed 57 percent of Americans would vote to replace all members of Congress and start all over again.

Insurance Co. Urges Customers to Get Involved

California-based insurer Anthem Blue Cross recently sent an e-mail to its customers and employees urging them to get involved in the health care debate.

Gay Rights Bill Gains Momentum in Congress

Congress is considering passage of the first major civil rights act protecting gays and trans-sexuals.

Cheney Defends CIA, Torture Policy

President Barack Obama has returned from his Martha's Vineyard vacation and is receiving serious criticism from former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Democrats: Honor Kennedy Through Civil Debate

Democratic lawmakers say the best way for Congress to honor the late Sen. Kennedy is to set aside the heated rhetoric of the health care debate.

Kennedy Remembered for His Years in the Senate

Crowds lined the streets of two cities on a day that marked the end of an American political era.

First Family Returning Home After Island Getaway

President Barack Obama and his family plan to leave Martha's Vineyard Sunday afternoon and fly home to Washington.

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, 1932-2009

Massachusetts Sen. Edward M. Kennedy died Tuesday night after a yearlong struggle with brain cancer. Click here for CBN News full coverage of Kennedy's passing.

Kennedy Carried to Arlington, Laid beside Brothers

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy was laid to rest alongside slain brothers John and Robert on hallowed ground at Arlington National Cemetery on Saturday evening.

Mourners Gather to 'Celebrate' Kennedy's Life

A special memorial service was held Friday at the JFK Presidential Library in Boston, Mass. for the late Sen. Edward Kennedy.


Could America's Seniors Affect Health Care Bill?

America's seniors have the most to lose or gain out of health care reform and they're making their opinions known.

Are Democrats Politicizing Kennedy's Death?

In the midst of all the memorials for Sen. Ted Kennedy, some critics say his death is being politicized.

GOP: Tort Reform Key to Health Care Reform

Some conservative lawmakers say the solution to reducing the cost of health care is to limit the amount of money patients can win by suing their doctor for malpractice.

A Look at Ted Kennedy's Catholic Faith

Though Sen. Ted Kennedy did not talk much about his religion openly, the Kennedy's are known for their Catholic faith.

Mourners Stop to Bid Farewell to Sen. Kennedy

Mourners gathered Thursday at both ends of a 70-mile route of a motorcade carrying the body of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy from the Cape Cod home where he spent his final days.

Did Ted Kennedy's Faith Affect His Politics?

Though Mass. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy did not talk about his religion openly during his life, the Kennedy family are well-known for their strong Catholic faith.

We're In the Money - Cons Get Stimulus Checks

The government has sent more than 4,000 inmates stimulus checks.

Will Town Halls Influence Health Care Debate?

Senator Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, is spending a lot of time talking about health care and trying to calm the outpouring of anger at his town hall meetings.

Elderly Concerned About Health Care Overhaul

Turns out you can fear a government takeover of health care even if the government already took over your health care.

S.C. Governor Rebuffs Call to Quit

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford rebuffed his lieutenant governor's call to resign Wednesday, two months after he admitted an affair.

Health Care Reform Loses Key Fighter

Throughout his decades in public service, one of Sen. Ted Kennedy's main crusades was pushing health care reform.

Debate Heats Up Over Abortion in Health Care

If the topic is abortion, you can expect a fight and healthcare reform is proving to be no different.

Health Care Town Halls Still Hotly Divided

Shouts, catcalls and at least one eviction were among the highlights of a packed town hall meeting in Reston, Va., Tuesday night.

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy Loses Battle with Cancer

Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy will be laid to rest near his brothers John and Bobby at Arlington National Cemetery.

White House: $9 Trillion Debt over Decade

The White House is predicting a 10-year federal deficit of $9 trillion, more than the sum of all previous deficits since America's founding.

Probing Terror Tactics: Good or Bad for Security?

The Obama administration is setting strict new standards for treatment of terror suspects, but is it a good idea?

RI Gov't to Shut Down to Balance Budget

Government offices in Rhode Island will be closed at least one day a month starting September 4.

Town Halls Resonate with Health Care Debate

President Barack Obama may be on vacation this week at Martha's Vineyard, but Americans are not taking a break from the debate over health care reform.

Gov't Extends Deadline for Clunkers Paperwork

Car dealers will have a bit more time to get reimbursed for their Cash for Clunkers deals after the government extended the deadline for filing applications for the government incentives into Tuesday.

Obama Reappoints Bernanke to 2nd Term

President Barack Obama is nominating Ben Bernanke for a second term as Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

Social Security Payments Shrinking

Millions of older people face shrinking Social Security checks next year, the first time in a generation.

Prosecutor to Investigate Alleged CIA Abuse

Newly declassified documents from the CIA give detailed accounts of interrogation techniques following 9/11 that could result in criminal charges.

'C Street' Mystery to Some, Refuge for Others

Recent political scandals have put a Washington D.C. Bible study group under the microscope and in the headlines.

No Time Off for Health Care Debate

President Barack Obama may be vacationing on Martha's Vineyard, but back here in Washington the controversy over health care reform goes on.

Obamas Vacation in Martha's Vineyard

The president and the first family have begun their vacation at Martha's Vineyard on a secluded 28-acre private estate in Massachusetts.

Obama Sends Muslims Ramadan Message

Just before leaving on his vacation, President Barack Obama recorded a special message for Muslims, in honor of their celebration of the holy month of Ramadam.

McCain: Obama Must Drop 'Public Option'

Sen. John McCain says President Barack Obama will have to drop proposals for a government-run health insurance option if he hopes to reach congressional agreement on health-care reform.

Martha's Vineyard, Here Comes the Obama Family

Hurricane Bill blew out in time for the Obama family to blow in to Martha's Vineyard off the Massachusetts coast for the president's first vacation since taking office.

Competition Lacking among Private Health Insurers

One of the arguments against a gov't medical plan is that it would quash competition - just what private insurers seem to be doing themselves in many parts of the U.S.

Poll Shows Obama Health Care Rating Low

A new poll shows that more Americans are unhappy with President Barack Obama's performance in the health care debate.

MI Residents Wary Over Obama Gitmo Plan

Some Michigan leaders want to move terrorist suspects to a prison in Standish, Michigan. That has some residents nervous.

Health Care Bill: Gov't Oversight and Parental Rights

The provision in President Obama's healthcare bill that calls for the government to send agents into homes to teach parents how to raise their children could undermine parental rights.

Obama Strikes Nerve in Abortion Funding Debate

From town halls to conference calls, health care reform continues to dominate President Obama's daily agenda. Now, the debate is turning religious.

In Radio Pitch, Obama Stands by Public Option

President Barack Obama is standing his position that a public option for health insurance coverage should be considered as part of legislation to overhaul the health care system.

WH Plans to Wind Down Clunkers Program

The Obama administration is developing plans to wind down the popular Cash for Clunkers program and could announce by Friday when the incentives will no longer be available.

Former Senator Slams Cap-and-Trade Bill

Former Sen. Timothy Wirth says the cap-and-trade bill making its way through Congress has "gotten out of control."

WH Says Deficit to be Less than Expected

The White House plans to announce the federal deficit will less than officials predicted earlier this year.

New Word in Healthcare Debate? Co-Op

Support for a government run "public option" in the healthcare plan is falling. So the new word in the debate is "co-operatives" or co-op for short.

Proposal for Gov't Home Visitation Sparks Concern

The government's desire to teach parenting skills has also become an important issue of the healthcare debate.

Health Care Reform Top Priority at Town Halls

Health care reform is the only item on the agenda at town hall meetings across the country, but the tone of the meetings has changed.

White House: Public Option Still on the Table

The White House is trying to tell anybody who will listen that a government-run option is not off the table.

Tom Delay Ready to Put on His Dancing Shoes

Former Republican and House Majority Leader Tom Delay said he's going to be on this season's Dancing With the Stars.

White House Loses Control of Health Care Debate

With liberals furious about dropping the public health insurance option and conservatives virtually unmoved, Obama's top domestic priority - for the moment at least - appears to be dead in the water.

White House Drops E-mail Reporting Campaign

The White House is no longer asking citizens to report people and "fishy" information in the health care debate.

Obama Administration: Marriage Law Unfair

The Obama administration has filed court papers claiming a federal marriage law discriminates against gays, even as it continues to defend the law.

White House Backs Away from Public Option

The White House is signalling a shift in the health care debate, one that could bring Republicans on board.

Poll: Stimulus Bill Didn't Help U.S. Economy

Even though President Barack Obama launched the $787 billion stimulus bill to bring the economy out of the recession, Americans now feel that it did not help.

Huckabee Supports Israeli Settlements

Former Arkansas governor and GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee says the Obama adminstration's Middle East policy is too harsh on Israel.

White House Willing to Drop Public Option?

The Obama administration has indicated it might be willing to drop the public option to its health insurance plan -- a compromise that many see as a political necessity.

Sebelius: Obama OK with Insurance Co-ops

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius says Obama still believes there should be choice and competition" in the health insurance market.

Obama Gets Personal in Health Debate

Obama invoked his own anguish over the death of a loved one as he challenged the notion that Democratic efforts to overhaul the nation's health care would include "death panels."

Obama Uses Campaign Skills to Pitch HC Plan

Obama headed west for a town hall meeting in Montana, Friday, and he had his work cut out for him in the conservative state.

Could Health Care Reform Bill Fund Abortions?

President Barack Obama is taking his health care pitch to Montana on Friday to discuss the controversial issue of abortion.

$3 Billion Buys Not-So-Green Vehicles

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, has cited the Obama administration's best-seller list of mostly smaller, fuel-saving cars like the Ford Focus to describe the success of the Cash for Clunkers rebate program.

Can America Afford Government-run Health Care?

How can America afford government-run health care? It's a question more Americans are asking at town hall meetings across the country.

Cheney Felt Bush Stopped Taking His Advice

Former Vice President Dick Cheney believes former President George W. Bush, gradually turned away from his advice during their second term in the White House, The Washington Post reported Wednesday.

Federal Deficit Hits All-Time High, Moving Higher

New numbers show the highest federal deficit ever at $1.27 trillion.  That number plus the debate over health care reform has packed out town hall meetings across the country.

White House Reception Welcomes Sotomayor

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle hosted a reception for Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor Wednesday.

Obama Presses HC Bill Despite Protests, Anger

The president is taking a summer road trip to convince Americans that the health care system needs to be reformed and that the federal government should play a major role.

Obama Tries to Ease Concern Over Health Reforms

President Barack Obama continued to try to calm fears Tuesday concerning his health care reforms at a town hall meeting in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Critics Overshadow Obama's Reform Proposal

The public outcry against the healthcare reform bill has put the Democrats and the White House on the defensive.

Pelosi, Hoyer: Healthcare Protests 'Un-American'

People at the town hall meetings have repeatedly said they are turning out on their own, because of their concerns about the healthcare plan.

New WH Website: Latest Health Care Weapon?

Free speech groups have raised concerns over a new White House website that asks citizens to report on each other.

Cash for Clunkers Hurting Charity Donations

Charities that rely on vehicle donations for funding say they are receiving fewer cars and trucks.

Obama Taking Health Care Pitch to the Insured

President Barack Obama is heading to New Hampshire on Tuesday for a town hall meeting to discuss his universal healthcare plan, but may face tough opposition.

House Criticized for Private Jet Funding

The House plan to buy a new fleet of private jets is drawing bipartisan criticism in the Senate.

Federal Deficit Continues to Grow

So far this year, the deficit is at $1.3 trillion, far above last year's total of $455 billion, according to the Congressional Budget Office or CBO.

Health Care Debate Follows Lawmakers Home

It's usually a quiet time for lawmakers, but with the debate heating up over healthcare reform, the break is proving to be anything but quiet for many.

Health-care Outbursts Foreshadow a Hot August

Heated exchanges continue to take place at town halls nationwide, as Democratic lawmakers return home for the August recess to rally support for President Obama's healthcare bill.

Recession Ending? Economic Landscape Still Ugly

Obama says things would be much worse without the $787 billion stimulus package he pushed through Congress.

Are Americans Standing Behind President Obama?

A new poll shows President Barack Obama's approval rating has slumped to 50 percent, down from 57 percent in July.

GOP Sen. Martinez Tells Supporters He's Resigning

Republican Sen. Mel Martinez of Florida said Friday he will resign from the Senate as soon as a replacement can be appointed.

'Cash for Clunkers' Gets Needed Fill-up

Car shoppers caught up in the frenzy of the "cash-for-clunkers" program will have more time now and a $2 billion reason to trade in their old gas guzzlers.

Opposition to Public Health Care Grows Louder

Two separate recent polls by NBC News and Fox News show more Americans think the president's proposal is a bad idea.

Senate Makes History with Sotomayor Vote

The vote was 68-31 for Judge Sonia Sotomayor, President Barack Obama's first high court nominee.

Congressmen: Obama's Israel Policy Misguided

Members of a delegation of 25 U.S. congressmen visiting Israel said the Obama administration's policy on Israel is misguided.

Will Healthcare Bill Reverse Abortion Restrictions?

The healthcare reform bill currently in Congress would reverse a law that restricts taxpayer money from being used to cover abortions.

Former Congressman Convicted in 'Freezer Cash' Case

A former Louisiana congressman accused of accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes was convicted in federal court Wednesday.

Senate: Deal on $2B 'Clunkers' Refill

The Senate reached a deal on saving the dwindling "cash for clunkers" program late Wednesday.

Bill Seeks to Protect Gays in the Workplace

A bill that would specifically protect gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people from workplace discrimination has been introduced in the Senate.

White House Fights Back on Health Care

Polls show support for President Barack Obama's health care plan appears to be losing steam - and the White House is trying to fight back.

Republicans, Dems at Odds in Sotomayor Debate

Senate Republicans are lining up to criticize Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor as unfit for the bench while Democrats offer effusive praise.

'Clunkers' Program Likely on Through Labor Day

Every once in a while, Washington comes up with a brilliant idea and the Senate agreed, Tuesday, to keep one of them going for at least another month.

Recess? Senators Greeted by HC Bill Protestors

It won't be a peaceful recess when some members of Congress leave Washington, D.C.for their summer break.

White House, Drudge Battle Over Health Care

The White House says a 2007 video of President Obama posted on the  Drudge Report gives the wrong impression of his plan for health care.

LaHood Calls Summit on Distracted Driving

The Obama administration will convene a summit of experts to figure out what to do about the problem of texting while driving.

Senate Opens Debate on Sotomayor

The Senate is starting a historic debate on Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor, who's on track to be confirmed this week.

New GI Bill Invests More in Soldier Education

Veterans who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan since Sept. 11 will now benefit from one of the most comprehensive education programs for the military in more than 60 years.

Gov't Eyes Kansas Prison for Gitmo Detainees

The Obama administration is reportedly considering the transfer of inmates from Guantanamo Bay prison to a federal maximum security facility inside the U.S.

'Cash for Clunkers' Needs a Funding Fill Up

A Senate vote this week will determine whether the popular Cash for Clunkers program will receive extra funding.

Obama Officials: Can't Rule Out Tax Hike

President Barack Obama's treasury secretary said Sunday he cannot rule out higher taxes to help tame an exploding budget deficit.

McCain Undecided on Vote for Sotomayor

Sen. John McCain says he is still on the fence when it comes to voting for Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor.

LaHood: Car Rebates to Stop Unless Senate Acts

The Obama administration says the popular "cash for clunkers" program will be suspended unless the Senate approves an additional $2 billion.

Officials to Seek Unemployment Benefit Extension

President Barack Obama's top economic advisers say the administration will work with Congress to extend unemployment benefits for millions of Americans.

Obama: 'Spirit of Innovation' Key to the Future

Citing fresh evidence the recession is winding down, Obama says the country's future economic prosperity depends on building a new, stronger foundation and recapturing the "spirit of innovation."