November 2009 Headlines

Bible Translators Bring God's Word in Native Tongues

There are still more than 2,200 people groups without a Bible in their own language, according to Wycliffe Bible translators.

'United by Christ' Shelter Cares for Orphans

In Paraguay, a single mother watched a report about an abandoned and mistreated baby girl. That heart-tugging story launched Patricia Bozzano on an extraordinary adventure.

Planting a Lasting Covenant

Four hundred years ago, English settlers arrived on the shores of America with a revolutionary idea: to create a new society based on the laws of the Bible.

Human Rights Lawyer Arrested in China

A prominent human rights attorney who'd just returned to China after four weeks in the U.S. was arrested in Beijing Thursday.

Christians Hold Prayer Summit in Israel

Last week, several hundred Christians from North America held a prayer summit in Jerusalem.

Accused Mexico Christians Protest Jail Time

Evangelical prisoners released after nearly 12 years behind bars are now protesting the lack of justice for their remaining companions still in jail.

Christian Convert in Egypt Sends Plea to Obama

A 15-year-old Egyptian girl recently wrote a letter to President Obama describing the persecution of Christians in her country and asking for his help.

Muslim Extremists Attack Worship Service in Uganda

Rowdy Muslims with machetes and clubs came ready to destroy the church and hurt the congregation.

Mexico Court Frees Nine Accused in Massacre

Joy mixes with disappointment as 28 of 57 convicted in Chiapas remain in prison.

Iran Forces Church to Close Doors on Friday

Iran's Revolutionary Guards have forced the nation's largest official church to close its doors on Fridays.

New Dimension in India’s Anti-Christian Violence

Concern grows that Hindu terrorists could become more apt to target Christians.