January 2009 Headlines

Family Ministry Gives Urban Kids Hope

For Henry Bouma of Grand Rapids, Mich., playing basketball in his backyard is more than just a game -- it's ministry.

Church Helps Christians in War-Torn Iraq

In a corner of Iraq, one church is thriving as it provides a safe haven to Christians fleeing persecution.

Operation Lifeshield: Trying to Protect Israel

The town of Sderot sits on the front lines of rocket attacks from the Gaza strip.

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France Ministry Goes Cyber

CWN.org  - PARIS, France - The internet has been blamed for a lot of social ills. But it could be the ultimate mission field.

Churches Get Ready for Super Bowl Parties

Churches in the U.S. will be able to show the Super Bowl on big screen TVs this Sunday without fear of violating copyright laws.

Civil Rights Policies Updated at White House

Just moments after Mr. Obama took the oath of office, the White House Web site was updated with the new presiden'ts policy positions.

Putting a New Face on Church and Politics

PORTLAND, Ore. - One interesting difference about this year's election campaign is how much the Democratic Party is reaching out to Evangelicals.

Burma: Authorities Clamp Down on Christians

CWN.org - Burmese authorities last week increased restrictions on Christian activity in the capital city of Rangoon and surrounding areas, including the closure of several churches, Compass sources confirmed yesterday.

New Constitution Rallies Bolivia's Christians

CWN.org - Sunday, Bolivian voters easily accepted a new constitution for the country written by supporters of leftist President Evo Morales.

Renowned Vocalist Sings for Obama

CBNNews.com - Renowned Christian vocalist Wintley Phipps delivered a soul stirring performance of the timeless classic "Amazing Grace" - a highlight from today's National Prayer Service.

Graham's Grandson to Lead FL Mega-Church

Rev. Billy Graham's grandson may soon be the leader of the Florida mega-church once led by well-known televangelist Rev. D. James Kennedy.

Eritrea: Christian Deaths Mount in Prisons

Three Christians incarcerated in military prisons for their faith have died in the past four months in Eritrea, including the death on Friday of a 42-year-old man in solitary confinement, according to a Christian support organization.

WorldWatch: Updates on the Global Church

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President Barack Obama Makes U.S. History

CWN.org - History was officially made at 12:05 p.m. in Washington, D.C, as Barack Obama was sworn in as America's 44th president--and the first African American ever to hold the nation's highest office.

Breakfast Focuses on Prayer for Obama

The inaugural events began with a joyous time of praise and prayer in downtown D.C.

Thousands 'March for Life' in Washington

CBNNews.com  -  Thousands of pro-life advocates endured the frigid temperatures on the National Mall, Thursday, in hopes of bringing media attention to their cause as they marched toward the Supreme Court.

Jesus Breaks the Power of Witchcraft

CWN.org -- Some of the stories from members of a ministry working in Central Africa could have come straight from the biblical book of Acts.

Good Samaritan Hosts Charitable Inaugural

WASHINGTON - In two weeks, millions of people will travel to Washington DC to witness the historic inauguration. While many are shelling out big bucks for transportation and housing, a few will be getting it all for free.

Pakistani Christians Risk Lives for God

HERAT, AFGHANISTAN - Supplies bound for Afghanistan are destroyed by Taliban militants not far from Peshawar, Pakistan. It's just another example of the Pakistani government's inability to control the country's lawless border region.

Ministry Helps Fleeing Iraqi Families

More than 2 million Iraqis, including Christians, have fled their country seeking a safe and secure place to raise their families.

Obama Prepares for Big Duties

Washington, D.C. has been buzzing with activity as it prepares for the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama on Jan. 20.

Churches Urge Obama to Help Poverty

CWN.org - Christian leaders are calling on the incoming Obama administration to put poor people first.

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Costa Rica Recovers After Quake

Costa Rica is recovering from one of the strongest earthquakes to hit the small nation in the last 150 years. The quake shut down some popular tourist attractions, leaving foreigners stranded and thousands of residents homeless. But the government and churches were quick to respond.

Legal Victory For House Churches in India

CWN.org -- Over four months after government authorities closed several house churches in Karnataka, India, the Karnataka High Court said they should reopen and can hold worship services.

Remembering the Martyrs

CWN.org -- For veteran American missionary Frank Drown, that January day in 1956, when he found the body of his pilot friend Nate Saint, was something he will never forget.

Muslim Sentenced for Stabbing Priest

CWN.org - A judge in Turkey sentenced a 19-year-old Muslim to four-and-a-half years in prison on Jan. 5 for stabbing a Catholic priest in the coastal city of Izmir in December 2007.

Philippines Residents Get Help From OB

CEBU, PHILIPPINES -The island of Cebu is the fasting growing province in the Philippines, yet it's also one of the poorest.

Outreach Group Urges Prayer for Israel

One group rushing emergency aid to the people of Israel is the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews.

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Graham's Ministry Helps Sudan Survive

The president of south Sudan is wrapping up a visit to the United States.

Malaysian Christians Face Threats, Worries

CWN - Malaysia is not on the open doors list.

Baptism Center in Jordan Opening Soon

CWN.org - The Center is located on the bank of the River Jordan on land closely approximate to the region known as Bethany beyond Jordan, where it is believed that John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ.

Malaysian Government Fight Over "Allah"

CWN.org - Malaysia's Ministry of Home Affairs has ordered the Catholic weekly Herald to cease publishing its Malay-language section pending the outcome of a court case over the newspaper's right to use the Arabic word "Allah" for God.

Islamists Attack Churches in Pakistan

CWN.org - Islamist fundamentalists in the Pakistani city of Karachi in the Pakistani province of Sindh attacked two churches on the eve of New Year.

Despite Castro, Cuban Church Grows

CWN.org - HAVANA, Cuba -- In the communist country of Cuba, the Church has undergone 50 years of persecution. Dictator Fidel Castro declared atheism the state religion and Christians were arrested, sometimes killed.

China's Christians Targeted Through Christmas

CWN.org  - In China, police targeted Christians in several provinces this Christmas season.

2008's Biggest Stories on CWN

From China's devastating earthquake to a historical presidential election in the U.S., this year was full of some of the biggest stories impacting the global church.

Congo Attack Kills Nearly 200 Christians

Attackers killed scores of people at a Congo church during Christmas.

Is the Devil Gaining a Foothold in Rome?

ROME, Italy - In this predominantly Catholic nation, the devil is gaining a foothold.