November 2008 Headlines

Digging Through Years of Jewish History

South of the city of Jerusalem in a place known as Ramat Rachel, dozens of volunteers dug back into biblical history.

Christians in Iraq Form Militias for Protection

Christians in Iraq are forming new armed militias to protect themselves against what they call a systematic campaign by Muslim extremists.

Radio Host Unravels 'The Christmas Sweater' - Radio talk show host Glenn Beck is the author of a new novel that he says is based on a very personal and true story about his own life.

The Bible's Founding Influence

Just how much did the Bible influence the nation's founding ideals?

Farm Family Lets Neighbors 'Glean' - One Colorado farm family found a unique way to gave back to its community this holiday season.

Mosul: Battleground for Christians

MOSUL, IRAQ -- A month after thousands of Christians fled the northern Iraqi city in terror, many of the refugees have returned home, but church leaders say that some fear a new wave of sectarian violence.

Christians Struggling in Mexico

MEXICO CITY -- As the number of evangelical Christians in southern Mexico has grown, hostilities from "traditionalist Catholics" have kept pace, according to published reports.

Vietnam: Authorities Pressure Christians to Recant

HO CHI MINH CITY -- In violation of Vietnam's new religion policy, authorities in Lao Cai Province in Vietnam's far north are pressuring new Christians among the Hmong minority to recant their faith and to re-establish ancestral altars, according to area church leaders.

California's Prop 8 Tensions Continue

California's supreme court announced this week it will hear several legal challenges against the state's new ban on same-sex marriage.

A Reward for Killing Christians in India?

On Orissa State, India extremist Hindus are offering big rewards for killing Christians and destroying their property.

Militant Group Threatens Iraqi Christians

In Iraq, a militant Muslim group is telling Christians to leave the country or be killed.

Iran's Christian Call for Fasting, Prayer

Iran's Christians are calling on churches worldwide to join them in three days of praying and fasting this weekend.

Economy Leaving More Families Hungry

New government figures show the number of hungry kids in the U.S. is growing.

Ministry Helps CA Wildfire Victims

Residents are recovering after three wildfires destroyed about 1,000 homes in an area covering 65 square miles.

Pakistan: Prayer for Persecuted Christians

LAHORE, PAKISTAN -- The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church was observed in Pakistani city of Lahore on Nov. 9.

Iraqi Court Releases Christian Girl

In prison at the age of 14 for having fatally stabbed her uncle in northern Iraq, Asya Ahmad Muhammad's early release on Nov. 10 thanks to a juvenile court decision was overshadowed by fear of retaliation from her extended Muslim family.

Thanksgiving Outreach to Students

With more than 624,000 international students studying in the United States, the president of Overseas Students Mission , Dr. Bill Bray, is calling American Christians to share their Thanksgiving with those who are far from home at this holiday time.

'Blasphemy' Cases Send Christians into Hiding

A Christian doctor in Pakistan jailed since May 5 on charges of "blasphemy" was acquitted last week, while another Christian and his adult daughter remained incarcerated after more than a month on charges of desecrating the Quran.

Amid Birthday, Graham's Legacy Lives On - Billy Graham has given advice to every U.S. president since Eisenhower, but his role as "Pastor to the Presidents" may be ending.

Make Way for the Mega-Mosque

LONDON - Some now call London the "Muslim capital of Europe."

WorldWatch: Updates on the Global Church

Read below or click the play button for this week's stories affecting the global church.

Saudi Arabia Hosts Interfaith Meeting

Saudi Arabia's King Abdallah sponsored an interfaith meeting at the U.N. this week, in hopes, he said, of building bridges between people of different faiths and cultures.

Fearful Refugees Find Hope with OB

NORTH COTABATO, Philippines - On the island of Mindanao in southern Philippines, rebel attacks and subsequent military assaults have killed many civilians, soldiers and Muslim guerillas.

Wycliffe Gets Mega-Donation for Bibles

Wycliffe USA, a ministry known for its efforts to translate the Bible into all of the world's known languages, has received $50 million contribution by an anonymous donor.

"Hope" for Brazil

Hundreds of Thousands of Brazilian Christians reached out to friends and neighbors during "My Hope World Evangelism Through Television" project, November 6-8, according to a late report from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

Orissa Bracing for More Violence

NEW DELHI, India - Compass Direct News -- Terrified Christians already ravaged by more than two months of violence in Orissa state's Kandhamal district braced for more carnage as suspected Maoists today gunned down a local worker of the Hindu extremist Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

Iranian Court Acquits Christians of Apostasy

Compass Direct News -- An Iranian judge has ordered the release of two pastors charged with "apostasy," or leaving Islam, but the defendants said the ruling was based on the court's false claim that they confessed to having never converted to Christianity.

Christians Cry Out for Afghanistan, Persecuted

Christians across the globe will lift their voices this weekend for those suffering for their faith.

Hebrew Text Discovery Points to King David - BET SHEMESH, Israel - Israeli scholars say the discovery of five lines of ancient Hebrew text is the nation's most exciting archaeological find since the Dead Sea Scrolls, which it predates by a millennium.

Pastor Credits Prayer for CA Marriage Vote

It was a nail-biting night for many Christian conservatives watching how California would vote on a gay marriage ban.

Marriage Amendments a Success in Polls - California's Proposition 8 to ban gay marriage sailed to victory this week. Two other states also voted to protect traditional marriage.

Missionaries 'Travel the Road' for Jesus TBN's show "Travel the Road" features missionaries who have been called to reach people around the world in Jesus' name.

Southern Baptist Pastor Released

SAN DIEGO, CA (ANS) -- Pastor Manual Jesus Tec is home with his family in San Diego after a harrowing 11 days in the hands of kidnappers who tortured him and, in the end, tried to kill him, according to his son Johnny Tec.

Rally Held for Troopers over Jesus' Name

RICHMOND, Va. - The name of Jesus was the focus of a prayer rally outside the governor's mansion in Richmond, Virginia over the weekend.