September 2008 Headlines

Iraq's Parliament Excludes Christians -- Iraq's prime minister on Sunday sought safeguards for small religious communities in the mainly Muslim country as Christians protested parliament's decision to stop setting aside seats for minorities on provincial councils.

Christians Hold Prayer Rally in India

Thousands of Christians held a prayer rally in New Delhi, India, Friday for those being persecuted by Hindu radicals.

Attacks on India's Christians Still Spreading

NEW DELHI -- The unprecedented wave of anti-Christian attacks that began a month ago continued in the past week with more incidents of murder, rape and arson, mostly in the eastern state of Orissa and southern state of Karnataka. Two Christians were also found murdered in the northern state of Uttarakhand.

Reporter Exposes the Lives of Isolated Tribes

Since pictures of an isolated tribe in Brazil surfaced almost four months ago, an increasing interest has sparked in the world's "lost" tribes.

Indian Christians Protest in U.S.

Indian Christians in the U.S. are making their voices heard.

WorldWatch: Updates on the Global Church

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Religious Leaders to Meet with Ahmadinejad

A group of U.S. religious leaders are planning to meet with radical Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,Thursday night. And some conservatives are concerned.

Christians Call for Peace, Prayer in Bolivia - It's been a devastating week in the South American nation of Bolivia. Political strife and riots brought the country to the brink of civil war.

Many Believe Angels Watching Over Them - Touched by an angel? Hearing the voice of God? A recent survey says many Americans feel they've experienced both.

Germany Declares War on Home-Schoolers

NUREMBURG, Germany - It certainly looks as if the German government has declared open season on Germany's tiny home-schooling community.

Violence against Orissa Christians Spreads - In India, attacks against Christians continue to spread.

OB, Mercy Chefs Serve Meals to Ike Crews

High waters, downed power lines, fallen trees, lack of fuel and food -- Hurricane Ike left it's mark on the Texas coast early Saturday morning.

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India's 'Dalits' Turning to Christ

Christians say the Hindus want to drive all believers from Orissa state. The reason lies at the heart of Hindu culture.

More Die in India Violence against Churches

Police in India fatally shot two rioters in a mob responsible for attacking churches.

Iraqi Refugees Create New Lives in U.S.

BOISE, Idaho -- Iraqi refugees Alaa Amir and his son Mustafa have begun a new journey -- thousands of miles from the uncertainty and persecution they found in Baghdad. Their new path is on the streets of Boise, Idaho.

Faith-based Disaster Relief Teams Ready

As the Gulf states wait for the back wall of Hurricane Ike to move out of the area, faith-based disaster relief teams are positioned to respond with emergency supplies and prayer.

Family Leaves Hinduism for Christianity

Eleven-year-old Riya lives in Delhi, India. After she had a fever for more than 15 days, her right leg went numb and she had trouble walking. Her mother, Mamta, didn't know what to do.

Missions Team Has Close Call with Ike - One missions team weathered a close call just before Hurricane Ike passed over Haiti.

Church Banks on Unexpected Miracle - One New York church received a much need miracle recently

Orissa Christians Unable to Return Home

Thousands of Christians in India's Orissa state still can't return to their homes after radical Hindus attacked their homes and churches.

Haiti Hit Hard by Back-to-Back Hurricanes - The Caribbean nation of Haiti is no stranger to trouble. Extreme poverty and political turmoil have made it the poorest country in the western hemisphere. And the influence of voodoo keeps it people in spiritual bondage.

Chapman Sings 'Cinderella' on CBS

Christian artist Steven Curtis Chapman performed his top-selling single "Cinderella" on CBS's The Early Show Wednesday morning.

Hispanic Faith Voters Face Tough Choice

DENVER - Reaching people of faith is a clear goal for Democrats this week, but they are also giving specific attention to Hispanics.

'Great Music! Good News!' Brings Party to Portland

The weekend crowd at the Portland, Ore., waterfront park came for the party.

Dead Sea Scrolls Link Past and Present

JERUSALEM, Israel - Just over 60 years ago, a Bedouin boy stumbled on one of the greatest treasures in history. He discovered the first of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which constitute the oldest evidence for the Hebrew Bible.

McCain's VP Pick Reassures Delegates

ST. PAUL, Minn. - The Republican National Convention is overflowing with social conservatives who care deeply about the pro-life cause. And - for awhile at least - some doubted John McCain's fervency for that cause.

House Churches Growing in Iran

TEHRAN, Iran - A major crackdown against house church Christians is proceeding in Iran.

Many Don't Know What an 'Evangelical' Is

Evangelical Christians are in the headlines a lot this election year.

Orissa's Anti-Christian Violence Enters Third Week

More than 20 people are dead as anti-Christian violence enters its third week in the southeastern state.

WorldWatch: Updates on the Global Church

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Police Do Little to Protect Christians in Orissa, India

BHUBANESWAR, India -- State police in Orissa, India, have been mere spectators as Hindu extremists attack Christians, burn their homes, and destroy their churches in violence entering its 12th day, according to Christians who have fled to the state capital for safety.

Indonesia's Christian Struggle for Freedom - EAST JAKARTA, Indonesia - Lukas Dikson is thankful he was miraculously spared from becoming blind after angry members of the Islamic Defenders' Front threw acid on his head, face and other parts of his body.

Pastor Finds Purpose After Katrina Disaster

DALLAS - Three years after the flooding of New Orleans, one man says he was severely affected by Hurricane Katrina, but for the better.

OB Volunteers Hit Ground Running

HATTIESBURG, MS - As thousands of residents packed their belongs, loaded their cars and headed out of town, fleeing the path of Hurricane Gustav, a group of God-fearing, Bible-believing volunteers headed into town. Their purpose: to provide hope, help and relief to those in the path of the storm.

Relief Groups Ready to Help Gustav Victims -- As Hurricane Gustav made landfall southwest of New Orleans, faith-based organizations are poised to begin serving the nearly 2 million evacuees who have fled the storm's path.