August 2008 Headlines

Pressure Intensifies for Gaza Christians

In Gaza, pressure on the small Christian community is intensifying.

Dems Reach Out to Faith Community

DENVER - The Obama campaign has made it clear: People of faith and the votes they represent are important. The official event kicking off the Democratic Convention highlighted that priority.

Climber Shouts Good News from Mt. Everest

Mount Everest, the highest peak on earth, sits in the Himalayan nation of Nepal.

Dozens Dead in Anti-Christian Violence -- Pope Benedict XVI on Wednesday condemned anti-Christian violence in India, where more than 20 people have been killed in three days of violence as Christians clashed with Hindu mobs attacking churches, shops and homes.

Younger Hispanics Embracing Protestantism

In some ways, Aviles says, it's the desecration of her

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CityFest Caps Season of Service -- Combining the biblical principles of faith and works, international evangelist Luis Palau's organization partnered with 600 Portland congregations to bring practical help and spiritual blessings to their city.

'The Call' Moves a Muslim Indonesia

JAKARTA, Indonesia - "The Call" is spreading around the globe. This week, the prayer gathering was held in Indonesia, a country that has more Muslims than any other nation in the world.

Olympians Gather for Prayer, Outreach

BEIJING, China - While thousands of people were praying on the Mall in Washington D.C., 7,200 miles away in the Chinese capital, Olympic athletes were also meeting for a weekend of prayer and outreach.

Abortion Vote Returns to Haunt Obama

WASHINGTON - One week from the Democratic convention and Barack Obama finds himself answering for a vote he made back in the Illinois state Senate.

Gold Medalist Credits God for Strength

Track and field star Stephanie Brown Trafton is bringing home the gold medal in the women's discus competition - a win many consider a huge upset victory or the United States.

Laurie's Tragedy Marks Greater 'Harvest'

Evangelist and pastor Greg Laurie, who lost his son in a car accident less than a month ago, received a standing ovation from nearly 30,000 people who attended the first night of his annual Harvest Crusades, Friday.

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Could Musharraf's Resignation Affect Christians? - Pakistan's president resigned this week amid a political crisis.

'The Call' Covers the Nation with Prayer

WASHINGTON D.C.- In times of trouble, national leaders have occasionally called the nation to pray and fast. Such was a moment this weekend when TheCall D.C. put tens of thousands of Christians on their knees right in front of Capitol Hill.

Saving Costa Rica's Isolated Tribes - TALAMANCA, Costa Rica - Thousands of tribal people live in the jungles of Costa Rica. Most remain on isolated reservations, cut off from healthcare and education for their children.And when sickness comes, the situation can quickly turn desperate.

Korean Christians Scarred by Tragedy - One year ago the world was watching as a group of Korean Christians were held hostage by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Georgia Churches Help in the Midst of Battle - Churches and other Christian ministries are helping refugees from the fighting in South Ossetia and Georiga.

Lakeland Leader, Wife Separating

Evangelist Todd Bentley, who has led nonstop revival meetings in Lakeland since early April, is separating from his wife, Shonnah, due to "significant friction in their relationship," his ministry announced Tuesday.

Ministry to Olympic Athletes - The Chinese government has strict rules about foreign evangelism at the 2008 Summer Games -- it is forbidden.

Christianity Growing in China

BEIJING - President Bush is encouraging China once again to allow greater religious freedom.

Christian Relief Agency Helping War Victims -- As the United Nations and European nations send food and humanitarian aid to the embattled country of Georgia, a Christian relief agency is on the ground helping locate pockets of internally displaced people and bringing them assistance.  

The Art of the Gospel - SONG ZHUANG, China - People all over China are embracing Christianity like never before.

Gossip Free is the Way to Be

A Michigan pastor is challenging his congregation and Christians across the country not to gossip for at least eight days. The campaign is called, "Gossip Free" and is set to begin on Friday, Aug 8.

Archbishop Urges Ban on Gay Bishops - The Archbishop of Canterbury has called on Anglicans worldwide to extend a ban on appointing gay bishops.

Evangelist Offers Salvation at Son's Memorial

Mega-church pastor Greg Laurie called for young people to give their life to God during the memorial service for his son, Friday.

European Group Practices 'Extreme Missions' - Some future church leaders in Europe recently took a crash course in living by faith.

Former Idol in Top Christian Charts

Former American Idol contestant Chris Sligh has reached No. 8 on the Christian music charts.

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Pope Urges More Action for Iraqi Refugees

Loss of Greg Laurie's Son Felt Worldwide

Mega-church pastor Greg Laurie will gather with friends and family, Friday, Aug. 1, to remember the life of his son Chris, who died last week in a car accident.

China's Christians Face More Persecution

The Beijing Olympics are now eight days away, but as China prepares for the games, Christians are facing more persecution.