June 2008 Headlines

Pastor Moves an Atheistic Hungary

Communist authorities tried repeatedly to destroy Pastor Nemeth's congregation.  But today he leads one of the fastest growing churches in Europe.

Iranian Christian Converts Arrested

CWN.org -- Security police officials in Tehran this month tortured a newly converted couple and threatened to put their 4-year-old daughter in an institution after arresting them for holding Bible studies and attending a house church.

Faith: What Americans Really Believe

WASHINGTON - A new study on faith in America is providing a better view of what Americans truly believe.

Radical Muslims Threaten Indonesia's Liberty

CWN.org - JAKARTA, Indonesia - Thousands of Indonesia's Muslims took to the streets in protest this week, expressing outrage over the government's refusal to outlaw a moderate Islamic sect.

Palestine, Texas, Church Connects with Middle Eastern Christians

For the members of First Baptist Church in Palestine, Texas, sharing names with a Middle Eastern territory has led to a connection with Christians on the West Bank.

Hindu Idol Maker Turns His Life to Christ

Every year, Malaysia's Hindus celebrate the festival of Thaipusam.

Is Adoption Really a Christian Duty?

The Bible tells us to care for the orphans and that task grows tougher each year. Right now, there are an estimated 140 million orphans worldwide.

Episcopal Church Hopes Turn to Third World

It's one of the country's smaller but more influential denominations. And it's breaking apart. Deep-seated differences over theology have led to the rift in the Episcopal church.

Christians Help Afghanistan Heal

In Afghanistan, Taliban fighters reportedly destroyed bridges, planted mines and seized villages near the city of Kandahar.

OB Lends IN Flood Victims a Helping Hand

With the floodwaters in Indiana having already passed through some areas in the Midwest, Operation Blessing is now lending a hand in clean up efforts.

Graham's Son Draw Thousands in Mexico

CWN.org - In Villahermosa, Mexico, more than 100,000 people heard the message of Christ from evangelist Franklin Graham this month.

World Watch

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Relief Workers say God is at Work in Flood Aftermath

CWN.org--Southern Baptists are on the front lines of relief efforts in America's flood-ravaged Midwest and workers on the scene say they are seeing God at work in people's lives.

High Fuel Prices Affecting Missionary Work

CWN.org -- The high price of oil is threatenening to dim the light of missionaries around the world.

Myanmar's Christians Tell Stories of Hope

In the midst of tragedy and what seems like countless deaths, there are many stories of survival and hope here in Myanmar.

Gays Rush to Tie the Knot in California

WASHINGTON - Today is the first full day same-sex couples can legally marry in California. But while hundreds - maybe even thousands - are tying the knot, opponents are mounting an effort to ban the practice.

Tribal Members Turning to Christ in Papua New Guinea

CWN.org (Papua New Guinea)-- Members of a tribal group that lives in bondage to sorcery, spirits, and sickness are coming to Christ on the island of Papua New Guinea, New Tribes Mission reports. This week, tribal elders baptized 59 new believers of the Siawi tribe into the Christian faith, increasing the number of converts to about 100.

Missionary's Life Blessed among Bedouins

CWN.org - Jordan is a country rich in biblical history. But many of its people live in poverty - particularly the Bedouins, a tribal people who live in the desert.

Pope Breaks Protocol During Bush Trip

CBNNews.com -- President Bush paid a visit to Pope Benedict in Rome. Benedict hosted the president during Bush's final European visit.

British Preachers Harassed by Police

Two preachers in Britain, a predominantly Christian nation, are fighting religious discrimination.

London Church Forced Off Its Property

LONDON - If you live in London, and you want to build the largest Mosque in Western Europe, that's great. But if you want to build the largest church, forget about it.

Baptists Respond to Disastrous Floods

CWN.org -- In the wake of torrential weekend rains of up to 10 inches in some central Indiana towns, Indiana Baptists have mobilized disaster relief teams and put crews from other Midwestern states on stand-by.

Christians Accused of Hate Crime

Two Christian preachers are suing British police after an officer accused them of a "hate crime" for handing out gospel literature in a Muslim area of Birmingham in February. Arthur Cunningham and Joseph Abraham say they were told to stop and threatened with arrest.

Nepalese Christians Pray for Evangelist's Freedom

CWN.org -- As political change sweeps through the Himalayan nation of Nepal, the country's Christians are hopeful that a pastor imprisoned for nine years soon will be released.

Sudan's Christian, Muslim Fighting Continues

Recent fighting in southern Sudan has some fearing the civil war could be heating up again.

Pastor Survives Threats to Start Churches

CWN.org -- NARANJITO, Ecuador -- They came for him in the afternoon.

Spreading the Gospel in Ecuador's Jungles

The sight and sound of a most unusual aircraft is turning heads in the jungles of Ecuador these days.

Christians Hope for Change in Nepal

KATHMANDU, NEPAL - At the top of the world in the nation known for Mount Everest, the birth pangs of a new republic.

Graham's Grandson Preaches Gospel Celebration

CWN.org -- Will Graham, son of Franklin Graham, and the grandson of renowned evangelist Billy Graham, is staying in the family business.

Lakeland Outpouring Coming to Your City?

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania - Ten weeks in, daily and nightly revival services still continue in Lakeland, Florida.

Eritrea Jails 34 Christians in Church Raid

CWN.org -- Eritrean security police cracked down on more Christians again last week, arresting 34 evangelicals gathered for prayer and fellowship in a local home in Keren.

Bible Burning Targeted at Messianic Jews

CWN.org - In Israel, there are reports that some ultra-Orthodox Jews burned New Testaments in the town of Or Yehuda.