March 2009 Headlines

Embryo Adoption Giving More Babies Life

In America alone, some 500,000 frozen embryos left over from in-vitro fertilization are being stored in hospitals and infertility clinics.

Christians Fighting Cambodian Sex Trade

With the global recession affecting Cambodia, humanitarian workers say that more young women are being victimized and trapped into human trafficking and prostitution.

S. Korean Taxis Drive Passengers to Christ - Taxi drivers in Korea are collecting not just earthly fares, but heavenly rewards as well.

Missionary Turns Prison to God's Palace

All kinds of women show up at the Good Shepherd Prison in Paraguay for crimes from drug trafficking to murder and robbery.

Mexico's Drug Wars Headed to the U.S.?

Fighting between rival drug cartels has threatened the country's government as well as relations with the U.S.

Clothing Shop Puts New Spin on Witnessing

Most would agree that what people wear can speak volumes about who they are, and a Christian clothing store is taking that assumption literally.

A Look Inside Joel Rosenberg's 'Revolution'

From its open support of terror groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, to its push for nuclear weapons and threats to wipe America and Israel off the map, Iran has become the undisputed champion of radical Islam.

Volunteers Bring JESUS to Eastern Congo -- In the Democratic Republic of Congo, there are people who have never heard about Jesus - until now. This Easter, a group of U.S. volunteers will celebrate the holiday by taking the JESUS film to the Budu-koya, Budu-neta, Lika, Mangbetu and Mayogo people groups of Eastern Congo.

U.K. Minister Brings Muslims to Christ

In the United Kingdom, some Christians have been prevented from preaching the gospel to Muslims.

China: Action Urged for Missing Rights Activist Certain that Chinese authorities are torturing Christian human rights activist Gao Zhisheng following the escape of his family to the United States, advocacy group China Aid Association today urged the international community to take action on his behalf.

Calif. Street Preacher to Keep Preaching - A California street preacher has won the right to continue sharing his faith with others in public.

WorldWatch: Updates on the Global Church

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Turkey: Spreading Christianity May Become Unlawful - Turkey's decision last month to try two Christians under a revised version of a controversial law for "insulting Turkishness" because they spoke about their faith came as a blow to the country's record of freedom of speech and religion.

Baptism Center Opens in Jordan - An estimated 1,700 persons attended the dedication and opening ceremony and more than 120 people were baptized in the Jordan River at a new Baptism Center on Friday, March 20, by pastors from the Jordan Baptist Convention.

Colombia: Leftist Guerrillas Threaten, Kill Christians - Having been sentenced to die by leftist rebels for holding Christian worship services in 2006, a pastor in Colombia's northern department of Arauca took seriously the death threats that guerrillas issued on March 13th , according to Christian support organization Open Doors.

Evangelist Marilyn Hickey Defies the Odds

When it comes to ministering in the Muslim world evangelist Marilyn Hickey starts out with three strikes against her.

Change Marks Iraq War's Sixth Anniversary

Friday marked the six-year anniversary of the U.S. invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein.

British Minister Brutally Attacked

A British minister was brutally beaten this week after discussions with Muslims on his gospel program.

Guatemala Sees Outpour of Christian Faith

It is said that in Guatemala, a new church or ministry is born each day.

Obama Endorses Decriminalizing Homosexuality

U.S. President Barack Obama will endorse a UN declaration calling for a worldwide decriminalization of homosexuals, according to the Associated Press.

Pope's Condom Comment Sparks Debate

This week in Africa, Pope Benedict spoke out strongly against the use of condoms to fight AIDS.

Fight Continues Against AIDS in Africa

Currently, three-quarters of AIDS cases are in Africa, and while this figure is daunting, there are groups facing the problem head-on.

Pro-Life Groups to Meet with Obama Office

Conservative evangelical groups are set to meet with President Obama's new Office of Faith-Based Initiatives next week.

Sudan President Orders All Aid Groups Out - The president of Sudan is calling for all international aid groups to leave his country within a year.

Nokia More Than Cell Phones in Finland

When people hear of the small town of Nokia, Finland, they're likely to think think one thing--cell phones.

U.K. Deports U.S. Christians Under Visa Rule - A Christian musician and a team of missionaries from the United States were recently denied entry into the United Kingdom under new immigration rules that require religious workers to obtain a visa.

How to Keep Churches Safe, Yet Inviting

A recent church shooting that resulted in the death of an Illinois pastor has raised concern over church safety.

Colombian Hostage Finds God in Captivity

Few people have escaped from Colombia's notorious FARC terrorists, but American Marc Gonsalves is one of the exceptions.

Election Dividing El Salvador's Churches - Voters in the Central American nation of El Salvador go to the polls to elect a new president this week.

Iran Closer to a Nuclear Bomb?

An Israeli military intelligence officer warns that Iran has now "crossed the technological threshold."

Could CT Bill Cross State-Church Line? - Catholics in Connecticut are rallying against a state bill that would change the structure of their church.

IL Pastor Killed in Church Shooting

A man was charged with murder Monday for allegedly shooting a southern Illinois pastor through the heart during Sunday services.

Remote Panama Tribes Face Drug Wars

SAN BLAS ISLANDS, Panama - If you want to find the major source of United States' illegal drug problem, you have to look no further than Latin America.

WorldWatch: Updates on the Global Church

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Sudan Leader's Arrest Brings More Grief - At least 13 humanitarian aid agencies in Sudan have been ordered to leave Darfur since the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant, Wednesday, for the country's president.

Reaching the Amazon's Isolated Tribes

Christian missionary Michael Dawson has lived anything but an ordinary life.

India: 'Anti-Conversion Law Considered

The Hindu nationalist government in the southern state of Karnataka, which recorded the second highest number of attacks on Christians last year, is planning to introduce the kind of "anti-conversion" law that has provided the pretext for anti-Christian violence in other states.

Peru's First Lady Sows Seed to Poor

You're just as likely see the first lady of Peru on a struggling farm handing out shovels as in the presidential palace sipping tea.

The U.S. and China's Human Rights Record

This week, the U.S. State Department released a report criticizing China's human rights record. 

Church Offers Steps to Financial Healing - People in the church are not immune to tough economic times and more and more churches see this as a perfect chance to teach financial lessons God's way.