April 2009 Headlines

The Easter Story ... in Sand

Artist Joe Castillo shares the Easter story like it's never been shown before -- in sand.

New Zealand's Backpacker Phenomenon

For many young people, it's common to take time to see the world. And thanks to ministries in New Zealand, many travelers are also discovering Jesus along the way.

Bringing Israel's Lost Tribe Home

One of the great mysteries of ancient history has been the fate of the lost tribes of Israel.

Pushcart Classrooms Educate Filipino Kids

Pushcart classrooms go out to the poor communities in the Philipines to help children who cannot afford formal education are living in dumpsites, the slums and the cemeteries.

Missionary Fights for Children of East Africa

Thousands of children have been the victims of one of the most brual terrorist groups in the world known as the Lord's Resistance Army.

Islamic Scholars Seek 'Muslim Reformation'

You have probably heard of the Christian Protestant Reformation. Now get ready for what some are calling a Muslim reformation.

Young Christians Take on European Missions

European society has been called post-modern and post-Christian. Some even say it's the new dark continent.

A Talk with Zimbabwe's Prime Minister

An African country riven by political turmoil and economic distress now finds it's Christian heritage at risk.

Hate Crimes Undermining the West?

Australian pastor Danny Nalliah knows firsthand the danger that hate crimes laws pose to Christians.

Comedian's Daughter Bites Back on Malaria

Countries around the world are holding events to raise money and awareness about the fatal disease Malaria.

Pakistani Christians in Danger as Taliban Grows

Just last week, Pakistan ratified a treaty with the Taliban, giving up control of the Swat Valley in return for promises of peace.

Hate Crimes Undermining the West?

Australian pastor Danny Nalliah knows firsthand the danger that hate crimes laws pose to Christians.

U.S. Senator Defends Christian Prisoner

A U.S. Senator is standing up for a Christian prisoner in China.

Vietnam: Massive Christian Celebration Allowed

Vietnam authorities granted rare permission to unregistered house church groups to hold a large, public Easter-related service here last night.

Holocaust Twins Survival: Faith & Forgiveness

Eva Mozes Kor and her twin sister, Miriam, grew up in a small village in Romania in the 1940s. Theirs was the only Jewish family in the region.

Sri Lanka: Buddhist Mobs Attack Churches

Buddhist mobs attacked several churches in Sri Lanka, threatening to kill a pastor in the southern province of Hambanthota.

Martyrs' Legacy: Hope for Christians in Turkey

April 18 marks the second anniversary of one of the most brutal attacks against Christians in Turkey.

Most Christians Don't Believe Satan Is Real

The majority of U.S. Christians say they believe in God but not in the devil or the Holy Spirit, a recent study found.

Easing Cuban Restrictions: Good or Bad?

The Obama administration has announced plans to loosen restrictions on how Americans can visit and do business with Cuba.

Discussing North Korea's 'Nightmare'

The U.S., Russia and Asian are all keeping a wary eye on North Korea after it expelled U.N. weapons inspectors from its country this week.

WorldWatch: Updates on the Global Church

Click play or read below for this week's stories affecting the global church.

Sudan: Converts from Islam Struggle to Survive

When Halima Bubkier of Sinar town converted from Islam to Christianity last year, initially her husband accepted it without qualms.

Is Christianity Really Declining in America?

Newsweek Magazine's latest cover proclaims "decline and fall of Christian America." But is this really true?

Linking Astronomy, History to Easter

Throughout the world, whether in secret or in public, Christians are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Epicenter Examines Events, Bible Prophecy

The world's most powerful leaders gathered in Europe to try to solve a growing host of global problems. But many Americans are looking elsewhere for answers.

Last Day for Conscience Clause Comments

WASHINGTON -- Today is the last day for the public to weigh in on whether it backs the Obama administration's decision to wipe out the conscience clause.

Doctors Fight for Conscience Clause

WASHINGTON - Thursday is the last day for public comment on President Obama's plan to get rid of the Conscience Clause.

UK Praying G-20 Will Meet Expectations

LONDON -- President Barack Obama made his first trip overseas this week as commander-in-chief. He left Tuesday for the G-20 summit in London where world leaders met to try and find solutions for the global recession.

The Growing Trend of International Adoption

CWN.org - A Malawi judge recently rejected pop singer Madonna's application to adopt a second child from the African nation.

Morocco Forces Christian Missionaries Out

Police in Morocco raided a Bible study this week, forcing five Christian missionaries to return home.

President Obama to Visit Divided Turkey

President Obama's trip to Turkey this weekend is being seen by many as the beginning of attempts to reach out to the Muslim world.

Economic Crisis Hits Worldwide

In Japan, tens of thousands of workers have lost their jobs as the global market for cars and electronics has stalled.

Spring Breakers Trade Parties for Prayer

College students often escape the stress of term papers and exams by flocking to warm beaches during spring break.

Morocco: Officials Deport Five Foreign Christians

CWN.org - The Moroccan government announced on Sunday, March 29, that it had expelled five foreign female Christians for trying to "proselytize" in the Islamic country, although sources said they were foreign visitors merely attending a Bible study with fellow Christians.