July 2009 Headlines

Is America Really a Christian Nation?

For many people today, it's a controversial question. But not for the nation's founders who saw the Bible as the basis for the American Revolution.

Churches Give Practical Guidance in Hard Times

Two North Carolina churches are spreading the gospel in a very practical way.

Christian Families Torn by Philippine Bombings

In the southern Philippines, Islamic radicals carried out a string of attacks against the population, including bombing a Christian church.

Christians Targeted in Iraq, Somalia Attacks

Extremist attacks in Iraq and Somalia have left Christians dead and several others injured.

Political, Military Pressure on Israel Increase

From Iran to the United Nations to Washington D.C., the military and political pressure on Israel has grown to unprecedented levels.

Pakistani Christians Seek Justice after Mob Attack

A Muslim cleric used a mosque loudspeaker to rally 500 muslims to ransack Christian homes in Kasur.

Protecting Aid Workers in Danger Zones

In Yemen, the bodies of three Christian workers were found mutilated in a remote region near the border of Saudi Arabia last month.