The dangers of a nuclear Iran and its leaders' messianic expectations. The sudden passing of spiritual giant David Wilkerson. A massive quake and tsunami that rocked Japan, among other devastating disasters around the world.

These are just a handful of the major stories that grabbed your attention in 2011. Our team of veteran reporters

covered each of these stories in-depth, with the unique perspective our viewers have come to expect from the CBN News team.

The following are the CBN News top stories, by month. Check out the headlines that were most important to you this year. Click on each month to see the most viewed stories for that month.

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1. Special: Tragedy in Tucson

2. Osteen Defended for Calling Homosexuality a Sin

3. Why the West Won't Hear about Persecution

4. Muslim Halal Food Sales Supporting Terrorism?



1. Rosenberg: What to Make of the Middle East Shakeup

2. Europe's Multiculturalism Leading to Civil War?

3. Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood's Threat

4. Special: Egypt: Revolution in the Middle East

Top Blog: The Brody File | Exclusive: Sarah Palin Interview



1.  Most Viewed Story of the Year:
     Iranian Video Says Mahdi is 'Near'

2. Death Toll in Japan Likely to Exceed 10,000
    Related: Ripple Effect: Disaster in Japan

3. Major Earthquake to Rock California Soon?

4. Shaky Ground: Will the 'Big One' Hit the Heartland?

5. Former TV Anchor's 15-Year Battle with Alcohol

6. Rob Bell's 'Love Wins' Bad for Christianity?



1. Rev. David Wilkerson Killed in TX Car Crash
    Related: Legacy of Faith: Pastor David Wilkerson

2. Trump for President? Evangelicals Paying Attention

3. 'Love Wins' Pastor Caught Off Guard by Controversy

4. 'Mahdi Video' Exposure Rattles Iranian Regime

Notable News:
Severe Storms Make Record Impact in April

Top Blog: The Brody File | Donald Trump: 'I am Christian'



1. Oprah's Jesus Comments Reignite Faith Debate

2. Police Issue Warnings to Hagee Sermon Protestors
    Related: Netanyahu Tells Obama 1967 Borders 'Indefensible'

3. Natural Farming: Inspiring Passionate 'Stewards'

4. Fringe Christian Group: 'Christ to Return May 21'

Notable News:
U.S. Kills Osama bin Laden Decade after 9/11 Attacks

For Tornado-Battered Joplin, Second Punch Looms

Top Blog: 'Beltway Buzz | 'For God and Country Geronimo, Geronimo, Geromimo'



1. Global Weirding: What's Behind the Wicked Weather

2. Holding Grudges? Forgiveness Key to Healthy Body

3. The Gülen Movement: A New Islamic World Order?

4. Addicted to Salt? How to Kill the Craving

Top Blog: White House Wrap | Commander In Chief Misspeaks About Soldier Killed


1. Casey Anthony Found Not Guilty, Reaction Mixed
    Related: Casey Anthony Verdict a Miscarriage of Justice?

2. Glenn Beck Warns of Crushing Anti-Israel Efforts

3. Pastor Thanks God for 'Hot Wife,' Goodyear Tires

4. Ancient Philistine Dig Supports Biblical Account

Notable News:
Police: Oslo Suspect a Christian with Anti-Islam Views



1. Church Calls on God as Facts Emerge in Tims Death
    Related: Tims' Death: Is God Trying to Tell Us Something?

2. Iran Arrests Christians as More Muslims Convert

3. Houses of Horror: North Korea's Secret Prison Camps

4. Signs of the Times: Ezekiel's Prophecies Set to Unfold?



1. Stakelbeck on Terror: Muslim Brotherhood's Growing Influence

2. Iran to Pastor: Renounce Christ or Die
    Related: Death Sentence Still Stands for Iran Pastor

3. Biblical Implications of a Palestinian State
    Related: P.A. Statehood Bid Meant to Destroy Israel?

4. By God's Grace: Surviving 9/11 from the 81st Floor



1. Paul Crouch, Jr. Resigns from Family-Founded TBN
    Related: Paul Crouch, Jr., Joins 'The Word Network'

2. Joel Osteen Says Mormons Are Christian

3. Inside N. Korea's Prisons: Moms Kill Children to Survive

4. Muslim Brotherhood Gaining Foothold in U.S. Gov't?

Notable News: Sex Trade awareness.
'Nefarious' Docu-Drama Unmasks Global Sex Trade

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1. Iranian Nuke Attack on US Easy as EMP?

2. Cain Camp: Fundraising Up Despite Allegations (Cain's Rise and Fall)

3. Jamestown Find Upholds America's Christian Heritage

4. Israel, Iran on Collision Course with History?



1. Exclusive: Franklin Graham on Voting for a Mormon

2. Anglican Fever: Youth Flock to New Denomination

3. After Insults, Fox Host Kicks Atheist Off His Show

4. Franklin Graham: Islamists 'Lining Up' Against Israel

Top Blog: The Brody File | Michele Bachmann Says no to Trump Debate