The diet remedies that could help treat major diseases like cancer or Alzheimer's. The 2012 presidential election and the future of America. The ongoing fight for marriage and the country's moral soul. Israel, wars, and rumors of wars in the Middle East.

These are just a handful of the major stories that grabbed   your attention in 2012. Our team of veteran reporters

covered each of these stories in-depth, with the unique perspective our viewers have come to expect from the CBN News team.

The following are the CBN News top stories, by month. Check out the headlines that were most important to you this year. Click on each month to see the most viewed stories for that month.

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1. Coconut Oil Touted as Alzheimer's Remedy

2. Son of Oral Roberts Arrested on DUI Charge

3. International Evangelist R.W. Shambach Dies

4. Calvary Chapel's Smith Says He Has Cancer

5. Millions Chime in over Jesus vs. Religion Video



1. Houston's Final Performance Was 'Jesus Loves Me'

2. Caesar: Despite Her Demons, Whitney Wanted Jesus

3. Under Siege? Spain Resists Islamic 'Invasion'

4. Virginia Pastor Dies in the Pulpit after Sermon

5. Victoria's Secret Model Quits to 'Honor the Lord'



1. Kirk Cameron's 'Monumental' Debuts Amid Backlash

2. Kirk Cameron Defends Gay Remarks after Outcry

3. God's Beauty: Deformed Baby Unites a Community

4. American Teacher Executed in Yemen 'Loved His Job'

Top Blog: Stakelbeck on Terror Show: Former Islamic Terrorist Embraces Jesus



1. Remembering Prison Fellowship's Chuck Colson

2. Media Matters' Anti-Christian Agenda Exposed

3. Titanic Pastor's Last Cry: 'Unsaved to the Lifeboats'

4. Gibson’s Blues: Endless Laws Criminalizing Business

5. Specter of War Looms Heavy over Bosnia



1. Music Industry's 'Demonic' Edge Creeping into Gospel

2. Amazing End to the Hatfield-McCoy Feud

3. Franklin Graham: Obama Is 'Shaking His Fist' at God

4. Benny Hinn, Ex-Wife Have Reunited

5. Why Are Christians Really Leaving Bethlehem



1. Rosenberg: America Heading Toward 'Implosion'

2. Paralyzed Steve Saint: 'Give God All You've Got'

3. Benny Hinn, Ex-Wife 'Closer, Stronger Than Ever'

5. High Court Upholds 'Obamacare' Mandate as a Tax

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1. Dreams, Visions Moving Muslims to Christ

2. Andy Griffith's Wife: 'He Was Prepared to See the Lord'

2. Gwen Wilkerson, Wife of David Wilkerson, Dies at 81

4. Felon Farmers? Law Criminalizes Legitimate Businesses

5. Chick-fil-A President: 'Guilty as Charged' on Marriage

Also News: Colorado Massacre: Gunman Kills 12 at Batman Movie



1. Cause for Alarm? DNC Featuring Muslim Program

2. Israel on the Brink of War: Does the World Care?

3. Did Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day Help or Hurt?

4. UK Islamist Leader: Islam Will Dominate America

5. Am I a Hoarder? When Loving Stuff Goes Overboard

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1. Doomsday Ready? More Americans Becoming 'Preppers'

2. Dems: 'God Not Excised from Our Work'

3. 'Jesus Not Allowed': Anti-Faith Sentiment Sweeps US

4. Church Demolished by Russian Gov't Gathers Among Ruins

5. Iran Pastor Released, but Danger Remains

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1. Cholesterol Myth: What Really Causes Heart Disease?

2. Billy Graham Ad Encourages Voting Biblical Values

3. Muslim Trafficking Networks Target Coptic Women

4. Author: Is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World?

5. Turkish Mega Mosque in Germany Sparks Controversy

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1. CBN News 2012 Election Coverage

2. Franklin Graham: US Has Turned Its Back on God

3. Islamic Sharia Law Comes to Great Britain

4. Palestinian Rockets Continue to Target Tel Aviv

5. Deanna Protocol a Treatment for Lou Gehrig's Disease?



1. 'Evil Visited' Newtown Community; 20 Children Killed

2. Starving Cancer: Ketogenic Diet a Key to Recovery

3. Gen XXX: Teens Addicted in a World Awash in Porn

4. Be Prepared: What the Fiscal Cliff Means for You

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