January 2009 Headlines

Popular Pro-Life Ad Cut From Super Bowl

A pro-life ad depicting President Obama as an unborn child will not run during Sunday's Super Bowl game.

Gallup Poll: Miss. Most Religious State

CBNNews.com  - Mississippi is being called "the most religious state" in the country.

Economist on Crisis: It's a Bloodbath

WASHINGTON - New numbers released this morning more clearly reveal the extent of the economic crisis. One economist calls it a "bloodbath."

Judge: Prop 8 Donor List to Remain Public

Same-sex marriage opponents harassed for supporting Proposition 8 will not be allowed to keep records of their donations to the ballot measure anonymous.

China Blames the U.S. for Global Financial Mess

While the upcoming stimulus package has dominated domestic headlines, much of the rest of the world is focused on Davos, Switzerland, at the World Economic Forum.  Though President Obama is not personally attending, the U.S. has been a convenient scapegoat for many global leaders, including China's Premier Wen Jiabao. During today's talks, Wen blasted the U.S. indirectly by references to "inappropriate macroeconomic policies of some countries" coupled with "prolonged low savings and high consumption."  A lack of banking regulations was also on Wen's list of grievances. It doesn't take a political genius to catch the blatant reference to the U.S. despite discussing it specifically.  Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was far more specific in his criticism of China's currency valuation last week. Despite these disagreements, the trade relationship between the U.S. and China remains far too significant to the respective economies, not to mention the global financial system, to let these remarks cause much friction between the two countries. The Beijing government has a staggering $2 trillion dollars in U.S. debt, so a failing U.S. economy or weakened dollar would not bode well for China.  Similarly, a strong protectionist stance from either country could have detrimental results for both. With so many joint interests, Chinese and U.S. leaders should mutually benefit from increased cooperation.

ORU Ends Long Search for New President

Oral Roberts University officials have finally chosen a new president, since the founder's son resigned from that role last year amid allegations of misspending.

Haggard HBO Doc Premieres Tonight

Former Evangelical pastor Ted Haggard has a new job these days, making the media publicity rounds to promote a new HBO documentary about him scheduled to air Thursday night.

Iran Rejects US Call to Halt Nuke Program

CBNNews.com - TEHERAN, Iran - An aide to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Iran rejects the new US administration's call to halt its nuclear program.

Thousands Face Cold, Dark Nights Ahead

More than a million people found themselves without electrical power, Thursday, after an icy winter storm blasted its way across the country from the Southern Plains to the East Coast.

Debt Forces Crystal Cathedral Lay Offs

Economic trouble has forced Crystal Cathedral, the church founded by Rev. Robert A. Schuller, to lay off members of its pastoral staff and put two properties up for sale.

Schools Crack Down on Class Skipping

Every day thousands of students skip school in the U.S., but some are making it more difficult for kids to fail.

Family Turns Tragedy into Forgiveness

CBNNews.com - Imagine something as routine as going to church and being caught in the middle of a shooting spree.

CO Christians Forgive Killer, Find Healing

DENVER - Just more than a year ago, shootings rocked two Colorado Christian communities killing four and injuring several more.

Equal Pay Bill Awaits Obama's Signature

CBNNews.com- A legislation that is making it easier for women and others to sue for pay discrimination, is awaiting President Obama's signature.

NC Woman Forgives Her Kidnappers

A Kernersville, North Carolina woman has chosen to forgive the abductors, who kidnapped her at gunpoint.

Victory for Rights of CA Christian School

CBNNews.com - A Christian school that disciplined students for their homosexual behavior won a legal victory Monday.

Palin's Church to Reopen for Services

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin's home church is reopening for services this Sunday.

Millions in the Dark after Winter Storm

CBNNews.com - More than a million people are without power as a massive winter storm covered the Northeast, Wednesday.

Pro-Life Advocates Fear FOCA Support

It has become a winter ritual. For 35 years, Americans opposed to abortion have been marching on Washington on January 22 -- the day the United States Supreme Court ruled that abortion was legal.

Target, Others Forced to Layoff Too

Popular retailer Target Corp. is the latest company to join in recent layoffs and closings.

'Social' Web Site Offers Needy Cities Help

CBNNews.com  - U.S. based non-profit organizations now have an easier way to direct their resources to those in need around the world.

Digital TV Switch Could Be Postponed

CBNNews.com - It may be a few months longer until America makes the full switch-over to digital television.

Obama Gives First Interview to Arab TV

On the al-Aribiya news channel Tuesday, the President said he wants to repair relations between the U.S. and Muslims, calling for a new partnership between the two. "My job," Obama told the Dubai-based network, "is to communicate to the American people that the Muslim world is filled w

Georgia the New Christian Hollywood?

CBNNews.com - While Hollywood is the center of the movie industry, there's an East Coast phenomenon quickly becoming the 'Christian' movie capital. And it's all happening at a church in Albany, Georgia.

New Life Deals with New Haggard Scandal

A new HBO documentary has stirred up more allegations against former Evangelical pastor Ted Haggard for sexual misconduct and New Life Church in Colorado Springs where he served.

'Fireproof' Actor Talks about DVD Release

CBNNews.com  - The Christian blockbuster hit "Fireproof" will be released on DVD Tuesday.

Rambo's Daughter Sues Driver, Company

The daughter of the late gospel singer-songwriter Joyce "Dottie" Rambo is suing the bus driver and owner of the tour bus Rambo was leasing when she was killed in an accident last May.

Sonograms: A Window to the Womb

Millions of babies have been aborted in this country since abortion was legalized in 1973. And the battle has been raging ever since.

Lower Sales Bring Brutal Job Cuts

Several big companies are announcing massive layoffs in the coming months, hoping to "align production with market demand" in the country.

Priest Says Being Gay a 'Gift' from God

An Episcopalian priest who openly accepts the homosexual community in his congregation shocked millions of Oprah Winfrey Show viewers, this month, when he proclaimed "being gay is a gift from God."

US Airways Pilot Breaks Silence

The pilot who landed a US Airways jet in the Hudson River Jan. 15 has finally broken his silence.

Abortion Policy Sets 'Disappointing Tone'

In his first week of office, President Obama set a disappointing tone for pro-life advocates by overturning the Mexico City Policy, which bans federal funding of abortion around the world.

Students' Moment of Silence Revoked

CBNNews.com  - Public school students in Illinois will no longer be allowed to take a moment of silence at the start of classes, a judge has ruled.

Denominational Loyalty on Decline

CBNNews.com  - A new survey shows most Protestant church-goers are open to a variety of denominations other than the one they currently attend.

Home Schooling Becoming More Popular

More parents are deciding to have their children taught at home as opposed to in a traditional school environment, a new report revealed.

God's Word and the Presidency

CBNNews.com  - CBN News sat down with one of the musicians performing at this weekend's Inaugural Prayer brunch.

Family, Worship Impact Grades, Achievement

A recent study reveals just how important a sound family environment and regular worship activities can be to a child's upbringing.

Team Learns Lesson in Sportsmanship

A Texas high school girl's basketball team that won a game 100-0 now has "blowout remorse."

US Approves 1st Embryonic Stem Cell Study

 An American biotech company is about to start the world's first study using human embryonic stem cells.

Smile! You're on Candid Surveillance

CBNNews.com - WASHINGTON - If you walk through any big city in America these days, there's a good chance you're being watched.

EXCLUSIVE: Mexico City Policy will NOT be Overturned TODAY by President Obama

The Brody File has learned that President Obama WILL NOT issue an executive order today that would have reversed a Bush administration policy which bans federal money by non-governmental agencies that provide abortions overseas. It’s called the Mexico City Policy. Go to the end of this blog to read more from White House Producer Laura Robertson on this policy.   A source with knowledge of the situation says the fact that Obama will not issue this executive order today (on the same day of the huge March for Life rally in DC) sends a strong signal to religious leaders across the political spectrum that President Obama wants to set a different tone in Washington.

Iran Says it is Ready for "New Approaches" from the U.S.

Sadly, no matter what approach the new U.S. administration takes, the Iranian regime simply will not give up its quest for a nuclear bomb. Period. For Ahmadenijad, Khameini and co., it is a religous obligation. Nevertheless, here's more on potential new approaches, from AP:

Bush Twins Leave Advice for Obama Girls

President Bush's daughters, Jenna and Barbara, wrote Sasha and Malia Obama a friendly letter in the Wall Street Journal with some heartfelt hints on how to enjoy their time at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Mitchell Likely to Be US Mideast Envoy

CBNNews.com - WASHINGTON, DC - Israel expects to receive confirmation soon on the appointment of former Democratic Senator George Mitchell as the US Middle East envoy.

Inauguration Sights and Sounds

The inauguration of President Barack Obama, Tuesday, was both a historical and ceremonial event for America.

Crowds React to Inauguration

More than a million people crammed onto the National Mall, Tuesday, to witness the swearing-in of the nation's first black president.

Hope, American Spirit Found at Nat'l Mall

WASHINGTON - More than one million people jammed into the National Mall Tuesday to welcome the new president.

Despite Temps, Chilly Parade Worth the Wait

President Barack Obama's inaugural parade down Pennsylvania Avenue was a chilly one, but for the thousands who braved the cold, it was a celebration to remember.

Obama Takes Oath on Lincoln's Bible

CBNNews.com  - Barack Obama's campaign promoted change but today he opts for something historic.

All Eyes Will Be on Michelle's Dress

WASHINGTON - President-elect Barack Obama may be the one taking the oath to become leader of the free world, but millions of eyes will be on his wife, Michelle.

Obama Family Goes to Church

CBNNews.com  - On Sunday, President-Elect Barack Obama and his family attended church at Nineteenth Street Baptist Church in Northwest Washington D.C.

Just How Safe Will the Inauguration Be?

Officials are expecting more than a million people to come to Washington D.C. to withness the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama, Tuesday, Jan. 20.

Study: Americans 'Customize' Their Religion

A new nationwide study says a majority of Americans pick and choose their religious beliefs, effectively customizing their religion rather than adopting beliefs taught by a church.

Judge Allows 'God' Phrase in Oath

WASHINGTON --  A federal judge will allow President-elect Barack Obama to continue using the words "so help me God" when he takes the oath of office Tuesday.

Livni Seeks U.S. Backing against Smuggling

CBNNews.com - JERUSALEM, Israel - Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni left for Washington Thursday evening to seek a commitment by the US on an agreement meant to prevent Hamas from rearming.

Investigations Start in 'Miracle' Plane Landing

WASHINGTON - Investigators are now trying to locate both engines of the US Airways plane that crashed into the Hudson River, Thursday.

CA Lawmakers Make Case for Prop 8

Lawmakers supporting the constitutional amendment that ended same-sex marriage in California are urging the state's Supreme Court to uphold the ban.

Was the US Airways Jet Crash a Miracle?

Many are calling the recent emergency landing by US Airways Flight 1549, "the miracle on the Hudson."

All Pulled to Safety after US Airways Crash

Officials say it's a miracle all 155 passengers on a US Airways flight from LaGuardia Airport to Charlotte, N.C. survived, Thursday. 

'Faith Plan' Aims to End Culture War

Can common ground be found on ending the culture war in America? A group called Third Way believes it can make a difference.

Frigid Weather Engulfs Bulk of U.S.

WASHINGTON - From 27 below zero in Iowa to 40 below in Maine the brutal cold that hit the Midwest earlier this week is now heading east.

Well-known Prophetic Minister Dies

Well-known prophetic minister and founder of Master Potter Ministries Jill Austin died Friday, Jan. 9., from surgery complications. She was 60.

Obama to End 'Don't ask, Don't tell' Policy

CBNNews.com  - Incoming White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says Barack Obama will get rid of the controversial "Don't ask, Don't tell" policy on gays in the military.

Who Can You Trust with Your Money?

With two embattled money managers fighting to stay out of prison, many are questioning the security of their investments.

New Bill Could Increase Funds for Abortions

Pro-life supporters say a new healthcare bill introduced last week in the Senate could provide millions more dollars to the abortion industry.

Bone-Chilling Weather Sweeps Midwest

WASHINGTON - The forecasters call it "dangerously cold weather." That's what's already blasting the Midwest, and now it's the East Coast's turn.

Group Calls America to Pray for Obama

Organizers of the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast are calling out to the body of Christ to join together with them as they pray for the new President and the nation's revival.

Atheists: Remove 'God' from Inaugural Oath

WASHINGTON - A collection of atheists, non-theists and secularists are trying to get God knocked out of the upcoming inauguration.

House Passes Health Care Bill For Children

About four million more children would receive government-provided health care under a bill passed by the House today.

Battles Continue over Traditional Marriage

CBNNews.com - Marriage Amendments have become one of the most effective tools to protect traditional marriage in our country.

Gas Prices Rise Again, OPEC Concerned

CBNNews.com - Gas prices have continued to rise in the past six weeks, jumping an average of 10 cents in the last week alone to $1.78 for a gallon of regular.

Influential Catholic Richard J. Neuhaus Dies

Rev. Richard John Neuhaus, one of America's most influential voices in unifying conservative Catholics and Protestant evangelicals, died Wednesday. He was 72.

Prop 8 Supporters File Suit After Threats

Supporters of the ballot measure that ended same-sex marriage in California are fighting to put an end to harrassment against them since the ban was passed last November.

Will You Keep Your New Year's Resolution?

Roughly 2 million people make New Year's resolutions each year, but how many actually stick to them?

Public Schools Teach the ABCs of Islam

Several recent studies have shown that American students are alarmingly ignorant about U.S. history and world events.

EXCLUSIVE: Video of Pastors Physically Blessing Obama's Inaugural Walkway

You have to check out this video.  It was sent exclusively to The Brody File.

Mortgage Rates Fall Again

CBNNews.com - Americans looking to buy a home or refinance their mortgage are getting some good news. Mortgage rates have fallen to a record low for the fourth straight week.

Discipline at Christian Schools in Jeopardy?

More court arguments were heard, Wednesday, in a case that could affect the rights of Christian school officials to discipline students based on Christian beliefs.

NY Inches Closer to Gay Marriage Vote

New York State is now a little closer to a vote on gay marriage.

Americans Gather for Pro-Israel Rally

More than 1,000 people gathered in Washington, Wednesday, to show their solidarity with Israel.

IRS Offers Leniency Program

With the economy in recession, the Internal Revenue Service is offering a new leniency program for taxpayers who are in a financial struggle.

Burris Refused Seat in U.S. Senate

The new Democratic controlled Congress opened for business with a bang, Tuesday.

Obama, Congress to Meet on Econ Plan

WASHINGTON - President-elect Barack Obama wants an economic stimulus package worth nearly as much as $800 billion. That hefty price tag means he'll have to sell both Congress and the public on his plan. Click play to hear Pat Robertson's comments following this CBN News report.

Economic Forecast for 2009

It's a new year, and many Americans are glad to put last year's bad economic news behind them.

Atheist Challenges the Inaugural Prayer

The atheist known for trying to remove the phrase "one nation under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance also wants to ban references to God during the Presidential inauguration.

2008 CBN News Makers

CBNNews.com -  A history making election season. An economy on the skids. Political rock stars and a Christian music star's unimaginable grief.

Gideons Celebrates 100 Years

The Gideons are celebrating a 100-year milestone.