May 2010 Headlines

Adoption: Fulfilling Families through Saving Kids

Some 800,000 children pass through the foster care system in the U.S. each year. But a growing number of Christians are stepping up to do something about it.

For Love of Liberty: America's Black Patriots

Long before the 1951 integration of the U.S. military, African Americans were fighting to protect this country.

Kids at Risk: Bullying in the New Millennium

Bullying is an age old problem. Today it has had new and deadly consequences.

Immigration Law Helping or Hurting Arizonans?

Arizona's ranchers say they know first-hand why the state's immigration law is so important. But opponents claim the law will do more harm than good to its citizens.

Relief for Gulf is 2 Months Away With Another Well

The best-case scenario of sealing the leak is two relief wells being drilled diagonally into the gushing well - tricky business that won't be ready until August.

Mom's Memorial Day One to Remember

It was a monumental Memorial Day for a proud Massachusetts mother and her two sons as one family experienced a weekend full of laughter and tears.

Biden Honors War Dead, Obama Talk Rained Out

The arrival of a severe thunderstorm Monday scuttled President Obama's plans to pay the nation's respects to America's war dead.

Crude Summer? BP Tries Again after Top Kill Fails

BP tries another mix of undersea robot maneuvers, containment devices after top kill fails to contain the gusher.

Actor Dennis Hopper of 'Easy Rider' Dies

Dennis Hopper, whose memorable and erratic career included an improbable smash with "Easy Rider," has died. He was 74.

Economy Forces Many to Rethink Summer Plans

The recession has many Americans are opting for the cheaper "staycation," simply enjoying time off at home.

Soldiers Place Flags at Arlington Cemetary

Service members gathered Friday, for the annual ceremony to place flags on each of the gravestones at Arlington National Cemetery.

Nation Waits for Success of Oil Spill Plug

British Petroleum officials are saying it could be Sunday before it's known if efforts to pump heavy drilling mud and debris into the well have succeeded.

Alert Issued in Texas for Somali Terror Member

U.S. Homeland Security officials are on the lookout for a terrorist suspect who may be trying to get into America by way of the U.S.-Mexico border.

Rifqa Bary Diagnosed with Cancer

Rifqa Bary, the Ohio teen who fled to Florida after her Muslim parents discovered she'd become a Christian, has been diagnosed with uterine cancer.

Diff'rent Strokes Actor Gary Coleman Dies

Gary Coleman, child star of 1970s show "Diff'rent Strokes," dies after intercranial hemorrhage. He was 42.

Naval Academy Plebe Ritual Made Easier, Safer

Freshmen at the academy celebrated the end of their plebe year by scaling a 21-foot campus monument. But this year, the academy did not grease the monument.

Billy Graham May Preach at Panthers Stadium

Evangelist Billy Graham may preach in the Carolina Panthers football stadium near Charlotte, N.C. next year.

Another Scaled-back Summer for Vacationers

Americans aren't in the mood to spend much on travel this summer.

Scientists Predict Major Hurricane Season

Forecasters warn the Atlantic hurricane season could be the worst in five years, when Hurricanes Rita and Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast.

NYC Bus Ads Offer Muslims Help to Leave Faith

Bus ads are appearing throughout New York City offering Muslims a way out of Islam.

Legendary TV Host Art Linkletter Dies

Art Linkletter, known on TV for his funny interviews with children and ordinary folks, has died. Watch Linkletter's guest appearance on The 700 Club in 2006.

Ground Zero Mosque Approval Angers New Yorkers

A New York City community board has voted overwhelmingly to support a plan to build a mosque near Ground Zero.

iPhone 'Sermonettes' Provide Daily Dose of Faith

A person can find iPhone applications for just about anything these days - including inspirational sermons.

Florida Boy Aces National Geography Bee

An eighth grader from Palm Harbor, Fla., proved a little bit of knowledge can go a long way.

Calif. Church Members See Miracles in Outreach

A California church has taken prayer for the sick to a whole new level.

Image-Conscious Youth Rein in Social Networking

A new report says that young people are fast becoming the gurus of online reputation management, especially when it comes to social networking sites.

East Texas Church Arson Suspects Indicted

Two men have been in indicted by a Texas grand jury in connection with a string of church fires in east Texas earlier this year.

Obama on Oil Spill: It's My Job to Shut This Down

Questions about the oil spill dominated a news conference with President Obama, Thursday. The disaster is now being declared the worst oil spill in U.S. history.

Sheriff Takes Immigration Issues into His Own Hands

In three years, Maricopa County, Ariz., sheriff Joseph Arpaio has had 38,000 people investigated, arrested and detained in his jail over illegal immigration.

Frustration Spewing Forth over Gulf Oil Spill

More than five weeks since the ongoing oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico began, the price tag continues to climb as the frustation level rises over an apparent inability to fix the problem.

Hearings Begin in Church Graduation Lawsuit

Court hearings are wrapping up in a case involving a public school holding graduation ceremonies in a church.

Obama Orders Troops to U.S.-Mexico Border

The president will send 1,200 National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexico border, as he faces pressure to deal with drug and violence issues there.

Alaskan Pipeline Shut Down After Oil Spill

Thousands of barrels of crude oil have spilled from the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, which is partially owned by British Petroleum.

BP to Attempt "Top Kill," Rig Victims Remembered

Christian author Max Lucado spoke at a memorial service honoring the men who died in the April 20 explosion of the Deep Water Horizon oil rig.

Jordanian to Plead Guilty to Bomb Plot

A Jordanian man accused of plotting to blow up a Dallas skyscraper agreed to plead guilty in exchange for a lighter sentence.

Seventh Grader Suspended Over Religious Necklace

A New York school district could find itself in court after repeatedly suspending a 13-year-old student for wearing a religious necklace to class.

Young Music Prodigy to Play Carnegie Hall

It's what many aspiring musicians dream about, but only a few achieve. Isabella Tong, 8, will show off her piano skills at Carnegie Hall in June.

Conn. School Officials Defend Church Graduations

A Connecticut school system is defending its decision to hold its high school graduations inside a church.

As Spill Grows, Oil Soaks Delicate Marshes, Birds

As officials approached to survey the damage the Gulf oil spill caused in coastal marshes, some brown pelicans couldn't fly away Sunday. All they could do was hobble.

Son Skateboards Cross-Country in Honor of Father

A North Carolina college student is on a cross-country skateboarding effort in honor of his father who was killed in Afghanistan.

More Americans Call Themselves 'Pro-Life'

More Americans have called themselves "pro-life" than "pro-choice" on the issue of abortion, according to the latest Gallup poll.

Finger Pointing Begins in Gulf Oil Clean Up

Anger is growing as millions of gallons of oil pour into the Gulf of Mexico. Now the spill has entered a new phase: The blame game.

Inmates Craft Quilt to Honor Nation's Military Dead

Indiana prison inmates have created a giant, 40-foot quilt resembling the American flag to honor the country's fallen soldiers for Memorial Day.

Texas Board Approves Conservative Curriculum

The board approved the new standards after two 9-5 votes along party lines and months of ideological debate that drew attention well beyond The Lone Star State.

Advice from the World's Oldest Evangelist

Pastor Otis Clark is a living example of the power of the Holy Spirit -- and he has more than a century of experiences under his belt.

Christian Singer-Blogger Debuts 'Ragamuffin Soul'

Christian singer and songwriter Carlos Whittaker says his goal is to "ignite a movement of authenticity among all generations of Christians."

EPA Chief Returning to Gulf Coast to Monitor Spill

The return on Sunday marks Lisa P. Jackson's third visit since the oil started gushing from a blown-out undersea well more than a month ago.

Ground Zero Mosque: Olive Branch or 'Soft Jihad'?

The construction of a mosque has been approved near Ground Zero that has many people, especially family members of 9/11 victims, upset.

Kirk Franklin: Living Above Life's Storms

In his new book, gospel recording artist Kirk Franklin gives advice on overcoming obstacles and living the fulfilled life God intended.

CBN News Anchor's Son Shares Experiences in Iraq

The increased violence in Iraq is raising fears about the country's political instability. But how is it affecting the U.S.troops serving there?

Park Service Removes Mojave Cross Replica

The cross apparently was put up during the night and nobody has claimed responsibility.

Facebook Group's Challenge Enrages Muslims

Pakistan has banned Facebook because of a user-based group on the site encouraging members to draw pictures of Islam's prophet, Mohammad.

Missionary Back in U.S. after Haiti Ordeal

The missionary team leader arrested in Haiti after trying to take children to an orphanage after the Jan. 12 earthquake is back in the U.S.

Gulf Oil Spill Could be Worse than Expected

British Petroleum is suggesting the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico could be worse than they originally thought.

Vote on Texas Textbook Could Impact Nation

A Texas state board will cast a critical vote on history textbook standards Friday, which could impact the entire country.

Author Nicholas Sparks' Epiphany on Education

Nicholas Sparks may be one of the world's most famous authors, but it is his faith and his family that helps him keep both feet on the ground.

More Americans Traveling for Memorial Day

The travel group is predicting more Americans will hit the roads and skies over the holiday weekend, but will likely spend less than last year.

Stranded Boaters Rescued after Three Days

Three Florida boaters are back on dry land after being stranded in the middle of the ocean for three days.

La. Governor Sees Oil Spill Damage Firsthand

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal says damage from the Gulf Coast oil spill is already evident along the shorelines in his state.

Tea Partiers Take Stake in Immigration Debate

Opponents of Arizona's immigration law say it will lead to racial profiling, putting a bullseye on Hispanics, but one Tea Party leader in the state says that's not true.

U.S. and Cuba Hold Talks over Oil Spill

Balls of tar that floated ashore in the Florida Keys are not linked to the BP oil spill, but the Coast Guard is still on the lookout for contamination across the Gulf of Mexico.

Philly's Liberty Bell Center, Streets Evacuated

The downtown Philadelphia building that houses the Liberty Bell and the streets around it have been evacuated because of a suspicious item that looks like a balloon.

Pastor Named Ga. Commissioner of Juvenile Justice

Rev. Garland Hunt is the new commissioner of Georgia's Department of Juvenile Justice.

FEMA Apologizes for Incident With Church Group

Church workers said the FEMA photographer told them to take off their Salvation Army shirts, because he did not want the logo of a faith-based group in the picture.

Tensions Escalate Over Ariz. Immigration Law

Tensions over immigration reform and border enforcement continue to escalate following the passage of Arizona's tough new immigration law.

Mo. Car Dealer Admits Supporting Al Qaeda

A used car dealer in Missouri admitted he has been sending money to al Qaeda.

Child Saved from Kidnapper by 8-Year-Old Brother

An eight-year-old boy is being hailed as a hero for getting his sister away from a would-be kidnapper.

Heavy Storms Spawn Tornadoes in Oklahoma

Severe thunderstorms Wednesday night spawned several tornadoes across Oklahoma, causing some property damage but no serious injuries.

Elderly College Grad: Studying Keeps Mind Active

A University of Texas at Dallas graduate says she's not quite ready to join the workforce at the age of 90.

ACLU Sues to Stop Graduation at Conn. Church

A Connecticut school district is being sued for allowing two high school graduation ceremonies to be held at a church.

A Captain's Tale: Rescue on the High Seas

One year ago, Capt. Richard Phillips was rescued from Somali pirates who had kidnapped him from his ship. Phillips says prayer gave him the strength to endure.

YouTube Reaches 5 Year Milestone

The popular social media website YouTube is celebrating its five-year anniversary.

Colo. County Loses Church Zoning Battle

A Colorado church can move forward with its plans to expand now that it has won its case in court.

Scientists: Current Could Carry Oil to Keys

Scientists are concerned that a current could carry some of the crude oil spill to the Florida Keys.

RI School District Agrees to Rehire Fired Teachers

The 87 teachers and administrators who were fired at an under-performing Rhode Island high school will get their jobs back.

Vatican Denies Help to Failing Churches in Boston

The Vatican is refusing to step in to keep Catholic churches from closing in Boston.

Calif. Woman Earns College Diploma at 94

An elderly woman in California recently proved it's never too late to earn a college degree.

High Court: Sex Offenders Can Remain Locked Up

A new ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court could keep convicted sex offenders in prison even after their prison term expires.

States Pass Extra Laws Against Abortion Funding

Abortion opponents have succeeded in passing bans that, in some cases, go beyond federal statutes.

Softball-Sized Hail Drops in Oklahoma City

Some Oklahoma City residents were repairing damage Monday from a severe thunderstorm that dropped softball-sized hail.

Episcopal Church Ordains 2nd Openly Gay Bishop

Mary Glasspool became the second openly gay bishop to receive the approval of the Episcopal Church.

Ark. Man Takes Up a 'Cross' Country Journey

One Arkansas man's journey half-way across the country is turning heads in every state as he carries a massive 40-pound cross on his shoulder.

BP Makes Headway on Spill, Hearings Continue

More than three weeks after the leak began, BP crews have finally been able to contain some of the oil gushing into the Gulf.

'Field of Dreams' Farm Up For Sale

The 193-acre Iowa farm that inspired the 1989 movie "Field of Dreams" is up for sale.

Palin Hits Hard Against President Obama

Sarah Palin had harsh words for the president in two speeches Friday.

Marijuana Use the New Cool on TV?

Marijuana use is illegal, but you might not know that watching TV. Now, the Parents Television Council is calling on shows to stop portraying marijuana use positively. 

Charity Group Continues Aid to Tenn Flood Victims

Many Tennessee residents are trying to recover from the recent devastating floods and Operation Blessing International has been helping families who were affected by the tragedy.

Oil Spill Day 25: Obama Promises Stricter Rules

With the spill still not under control, Obama announced Friday that he will end the "cozy relationship" between federal regulators and companies drilling offshore.

FBI Arrest 3 Men Tied to Times Square Plot

Federal agents arrested three men who may have helped bankroll Faisal Shahzad, the Pakistani accused of plotting to detonate a bomb in Times Square.

Afghan President Pays Respects at Arlington

Afghan President Hamid Karzai joined Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and other top U.S. military officials, Thursday, to pay tribute to fallen troops.

Laura Bush Supports Gay Marriage, Abortion

Former First Lady Laura Bush says she disagrees with her husband on same-sex marriage and abortion issues.

Flood Victim: Hard Times Bring Out Best in People

An expression of kindness by his daughter's schoolmates in the wake of the Nashville flooding, make police lieutenant reflect on what's really important.

Despite Oil Leak, Public Backs Offshore Drilling

A new polls show most Americans still support more drilling for oil off America's coasts.

Summer Gas Prices Could Remain Down

It looks like gas prices are on their way down -- instead of heading up for the usual summer spike.

Sarah Palin Releasing Second Book

Sarah Palin is working on a new book titled America By Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag.

Girls Gone Wild on Cable? Parents Beware

The man behind the racy "Girls Gone Wild" franchise has a new show set to debut on cable this week.

Mojave Desert Cross Stolen After Legal Victory

The Mojave Desert cross at the center of a long legal battle that ended at the Supreme Court has been stolen.

VP Joe Biden's Son has Mild Stroke

Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, 41, was admitted to Christiana Hospital on Tuesday morning.

Oil Spill Wreaks Havoc on Gulf Fishing Industry

As the clean up effort intensifies, oil continues spilling into the Gulf of Mexico. And each day the futures of thousands of fisherman grow dimmer.

Oklahoma Braces for More Severe Storms

Oklahomans who were still recovering from Mondays tornadoes, were being warned that they could see more deadly weather later Wednesday.

Probe Sought After Russian Adopted Boy Sent Home

An adoption agency says it's asking a court to launch an investigation to determine whether a Russian boy was abused, neglected or abandoned.

Message in Bottle Forges New Friendship

A grandmother's message in a bottle washed ashore after a decade at sea.

Tenn. Flood Victims Deal with Mold Infestation

Residents have salvaged what is left of their homes and have begun the task of cleaning out the rest.

Will the Taliban Strike More U.S. Cities?

The latest Times Square plot proves that the Taliban's Pakistani branch is now looking to follow through on a threat it has been making for years -- to attack the United States.

Thousands Call with Ideas to Clean Up Oil Spill

As British Petroleum struggles to stop the spill in the Gulf, the company is also receiving a lot of suggestions from people around the country.

Deadly Tornadoes Rip Through Oklahoma

Tornadoes in Oklahoma killed at least five people and left dozens injured Monday evening.

Regent Graduates Ready to 'Change the World'

Regent University's Virginia Beach, Va. campus was filled with thousands of new graduates, their families and friends over the weekend.

Charity Aid Group Helps Elderly in Tenn.

The flood damage to the Nashville, Tenn. area has been estimated at $1.5 billion and the government has declared 42 Tennessee counties as major disaster areas.

Marine Husband Surprises Wife for Mother's Day

A military wife and mother got the surprise of a lifetime and it happened just in time for Mother's Day.

NYC Bombing Suspect Linked to Pakistani Taliban

The Obama administration says the suspected bomber in the failed New York City Times Square bombing attempt had help from a terrorist group in Pakistan.

Legendary Singer Lena Horne Dies

Renowned singer and actress Lena Lorne died at New York-Presbyterian Hospital on Sunday. She was 92.

Dozens Injured in Staten Island Ferry Crash

A Staten Island ferry with a history of accidents malfunctioned as it approached its terminal Saturday and smashed into a pier with a jolt that tossed passengers to the deck.

American Flag Shirts Spark Uproar at CA School

There have been protests and threats of violence since five students were sent home for wearing American flag shirts on the Spanish holiday Cinco de Mayo.

Large Mosque Going Up Near Ground Zero

A 13-story building damaged by debris on 9/11 will be refurbished to become The "Cordoba House" mosque.

Top Ten Baby Names: What's In, What's Out

On Friday, the Social Security Administration released its list of last year's top 10 most popular baby names.

Film Reviews: Can 'Iron Man 2' Fend Off 'Babies'?

Steely brawn faces off against cuddly cuteness as the films "Iron Man 2" and "Babies" debut in theaters across the country Friday.

Charity's 'Hair Raising' Solution to Gulf Oil Spill

Beauty salons could hold the answer to helping clean up the oil spill along the Gulf Coast.

Court Orders Militia Members to Remain in Jail

Nine members of a Christian militia being charged with plotting an attack against police officers will remain in a Michigan jail for now.

NYPD Bomb Squad Gives All-Clear in Times Square

Police cleared the streets of Times Square after a cooler was discovered on the same block where a failed car bomb was found over the weekend.

Tenn. Flood Victims Slowly Recovering

In most areas the floodwaters have receded, people have returned to work and power has been restored.

Giant Box Nearly Above Oil-Leaking Well in Gulf

A 100-ton containment box has been hauled out to the Gulf oil rig to divert the thousands of gallons of crude oil that continues to leak from it.

Wash. State Widow Seeks to Forgive Murderers

The widow in the recent Craigslist killing case has said she hopes God will turn the tragedy into victory.

Officials Seek Money Courier in NYC Terror Plot

Investigators are looking for a second suspect in the failed terror attack in New York City's Times Square.

Big Turnouts for Day of Prayer, Despite Controversy

The National Day of Prayer went on as planned despite a number of objections including claims that the day violates the separation of church and state.

NBA's Phoenix Suns Join Immigration Debate

The Phoenix Suns will wear different jerseys for the team's Cinco de Mayo game, Wednesday, and it's being seen as a political statement on immigration.

Graham Responds to Prayer Service Opposition

Despite being disinvited to speak at a Pentagon service for the National Day of Prayer May 6, Rev. Franklin Graham is in Washington to pray for the nation's leaders.

Changes Made Amid 'No-Fly' List Concerns

The Department of Homeland Security is trying to prevent a repeat of what happened this week with the Times Square bombing suspect.

Graham, Dobson Sound Off on Prayer, Islam, Elections

Dr. James Dobson and Rev. Franklin Graham talked candidly with CBN News about being shut out of the Pentagon prayer, Islam, and the coming elections.

BP Works to Protect Gulf's Natural Resources

Crews have been doing all they can to protect the Gulf Coast's precious natural resources, the jobs of thousands of fishermen and the economy.

Failed Bomb Plot Returns Nat'l Security to Spotlight

Officials say the man suspected of trying to detonate a car bomb in Times Square has been providing "useful information" about his failed attack.

Charity Group Feeds Tenn. Flood Victims

Operation Blessing International is in Tennessee providing aid to the area's flood victims.

Officials Piece Together Bomb Suspect's Motivations

Federal agents say that Faisal Shahzad has waived his right to a speedy arraignment and has told investigators more about his intentions.

Poll: Country Supports Immigration Crackdown

There seems to be a lot of support across the country for Arizona's recent immigration crackdown.

Ga. Fire Crews Save Three in River Rescue

It was a tense scene in Georgia as rescuers attempted to pull three college students - a woman and two men - stranded at the mouth of a 30-foot waterfall.

MercyMe CD Encourages Believers to 'Love Well'

The award-winning Christian band MercyMe has just released a new album entitled "The Generous Mr. Lovewell."

Two Arizona Cities to Sue over Immigration Law

City officials voiced concerns about enforcement costs and negative effects of the new law on the state's tourism industry.

Scared of Drug Cartels, Mexicans Flee to U.S.

Mexican refugees have fled drug cartels, who are driving them from their homes in an effort grab more land.

Dome to be Temporary Solution for Oil Spill

A barge will haul a 100-ton containment dome to the spill site 50 miles off shore that's designed to siphon gushing oil into waiting barges on the surface.

Bomb Suspect Admits Role, Faces Terror Charges

The man suspected of attempting to blow up a car bomb in the middle of Times Square has admitted to his role in the foiled attack.

Bodies Recovered as Nashville Floodwaters Recede

Floodwaters were beginning to recede in Nashville, Tenn., on Wednesday, but the Cumberland River, which winds through the city, is still out of its banks.

Shirley Dobson Speaks on Prayer Controversy

Despite a court ruling declaring national prayer observance unconstitutional,Thursday has been deemed a National Day of Prayer.

Speedup Airport Security Program to Relaunch

The Clear program, which allowed members to breeze through airport security, is expected to be up and running again by the fall.

Hot Air Balloon Lands in Calif. Neighborhood

Residents in a San Diego, Calif. neighborhood got a surprise visit by a hot air balloon that had to make an emergency landing.

Federal Law to Limit BP Liability in Oil Spill?

The Obama administration may have a tough time making British Petroleum pay for all the cleanup costs of the Gulf Coast oil spill.

Oil Spill Creates Ripple Effect on Region

The consequences of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico are affecting businesses and the livelihood of residents in the region.

Appeals Court Hears D.C. Gay Marriage Case

Traditional marriage supporters in Washington, D.C. are in federal court  asking for the right to vote on the district's same-sex marriage law.

High Court Refuses to Hear Boy Scouts Appeal

The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal by the Boy Scouts of America in a case over the religious aspects of the group.

More Victims Feared as Tenn. Floodwaters Recede

Life has come to a screeching halt due to the worst flood The Volunteer State has seen since 1979.

Death Toll Rises as Nashville River Crests

The death toll from the weekend storms climbed to 28 people in three states.

Pakistani Held in Failed Times Square Attack

FBI agents took a Pakistani man, believed to be the driver of the SUV used in a failed terror attack on Times Square, into custody on Thursday.

Texas Textbook Debate Could Have National Impact

New social studies curriculum changes in Texas will impact approximately 5 million of the state's school children and maybe others nationwide.

Militia Suspects Released from Jail Until Trial

Nine militia members charged with plotting attacks on the government have been released from prison.

Spectacular Footage Reveals the Glory of God

With spring in full bloom, many are prompted to consider the awesome wonder of God's creation.

Actress Lynn Redgrave Dead at 67

Lynn Redgrave, an introspective and independent player in her family's acting dynasty who became a 1960s sensation as the freethinking title character of "Georgy Girl" has died.

Obama to do Everything 'Humanly Possible' on Spill

Disaster crews are pursuing all possible options to stop or slow the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Authorities Hunt NYC Bomb Suspect

The hunt is on for the suspect behind the failed bombing that could have set off a deadly fireball in New York City's Times Square.

BP Says It Will Pay for Gulf Oil Spill Clean-Up

BP says it will pay "all necessary and appropriate clean-up costs" from the blown-out oil well that has caused a massive slick that continues to swell in the Gulf of Mexico.

'May Day 2010' Calls for Repentance of Nation

Christians from all 50 states gathered to pray in Washington, D.C. for May Day 2010 with a focus on repentance.

Parts of Nashville Evacuated Amid Flooding

Devastating thunderstorms in Tennessee, Kentuck and Mississippi triggered flooding that left at least 19 people dead this weekend.

Sheets Speaks on America's Urgent Need for Prayer

This week, churches across the U.S. will take part in the National Day of Prayer, something Dutch Sheets says America stands in desperate need of.

Choking Girl Saved Using ‘Spongebob’ Method

A 12-year-old New York girl says the children's television show "Spongebob Square Pants" helped her to save her friend's life.

Ark. Tornadoes Kill Woman, Injure 2 Dozen Others

Leveled homes, overturned vehicles and uprooted trees were scattered across central Arkansas on Saturday after several tornadoes touched down.

Obama to Go to Gulf Soon for Oil Spill Update

President Barack Obama will go to the Gulf Coast in the next 48 hours for a firsthand assessment of the Gulf Coast oil spill.