December 2008 Headlines

Last Minute Tax Tips before Midnight - It may be the last day of 2008, but it's not too late to save money on your tax return.

NJ Rules against Camp's Civil Union Ban - Officials in New Jersey have ruled that a church group with a beach front pavillion 'discriminated' against a lesbian couple by refusing to rent out their property for a same-sex civil union ceremony.

CBN News Turns the Tables on O'Reilly

He's been called America's most controversial talk show host.

How Gay Activism Shapes U.S. Politics

He's considered to be America's biggest gay donor. And his out-of-the-box political strategies are reshaping public policy in the areas of marriage, family and gay rights.

'Lifehouse Everything Skit' Draws Millions

Forget the billions of dollars spent on producing Hollywood films and all-star lineups.

Wal-Mart Outshines Economic Gloom - The 2008 Christmas shopping season has been a dismal one for most retailers, with one exception.

Newspapers - A Thing of the Past?

America's newspapers have been facing tough times- even before the recession

Holiday Greeting To and From Our Troops

Most Americans are spending time with friends and family this holiday season, but thousands of U.S. soldiers will spend this time of reunion away from home.

'Merry Christmas' Billboards Prove Popular -- Three Ohio women have launched a unique campaign urging people to say "Merry Christmas" more and "Happy Holidays" less. It's their attempt to keep Christ in Christmas.

It's Okay. Wish Me a Merry Christmas

Two Christmases ago, Ashley Tartar became a frustrated shopper after retailers continually wished her "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas."

Huge Water Main Break Traps Drivers

Maryland Drivers headed to work Tuesday on a suburban Washington road were soon surrounded by water after an old pipe gave way.

More Signs the Economy is Weakening

There are more signs that the economy is weakening. New home sales are home values are down, and companies continue to lay off workers.

Thoughtful Kids Get Well-Deserved Gift

We've all heard it's better to give than to receive, but this important lesson is sometimes lost today.

A Bethlehem Tradition Comes to America

BEL AIR, Maryland -- Bethlehem. It's the town where Christ was born and Christianity once flourished.

Economy Forces Newspapers Cut Backs

The newspaper industry has taken its share of hits in these tough economic times.

Gay Marriage Battle Still Rages in Calif.

FRESNO, Calif. -- Election day is over -- but the battle over gay marriage is still hot in California. On Nov. 4, voters approved the Proposition 8 marriage amendment, which defines marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman.

First Day of Winter Hits Hard

WASHINGTON -- The wintry weather is causing flight cancellations and delays are expected to continue through Christmas.

Sharing Christmas with Our Wounded Vets

There are other ways you and your family can change the focus from presents to God's love this Christmas, like reaching out to our wounded veterans.

Judge: VA Churches Can Keep Property

A Virginia judge has ruled 11 breakaway Episcopal churches will be allowed to keep their church buildings.

Warren Defends Inaugural Invitation

Pastor Rick Warren is defending his invitation to pray at President-elect Barack Obama's inauguration in January.

More Families Can't Afford to Keep Pets

As the economy weakens, more and more people are saying farewell to Fido.

Study: Churches Becoming More Diverse

A new study shows America's churches are changing.

Teach Your Kids to Spend Less, Give More

The economic downturn means Christmas will be a little leaner for some folks.

More Than One Path to Salvation?

Most Americans believe there are many paths to God and eternal salvation.

Parents Warned About YouTube Searches

Do you know that graphic images and profanity on the Internet are just a click away for your children, even when they enter innocent search words on the popular Website YouTube?

Pro-Life Pharmacists Get Second Chance

A case challenging Illinois' rule requiring pharmacists to prescribe emergency contraceptives will get a second chance in court.

Plan B Case Sent Back to Lower Courts

A case challenging Illinois' rule requiring pharmacists to prescribe emergency contraceptives will get a second chance in court.

Homeowners Rush to Refiance

Homeowners across the country are rushing to refinance their mortgages after Tuesday's Federal Reserve interest rate cut.

Conservative Leader Paul Weyrich Dies at 66

Paul Weyrich, the conservative activist who coined the phrase "moral majority" and served as a key leader of the religious right, died early Thursday morning at age 66.

Helping Your Loved Ones Find God

Christmas is a time when people who don't think about God all that much the rest of the year tend to be more open to spiritual things.

Making Sure Your Holidays are Joyful

The holidays are supposed to be filled with joy, but for many people, this is the saddest time of the year.

Creation Museum, Zoo Cancel Joint Event

The Cincinnati Zoo recently canceled a joint ticket promotion with the nearby Creation Museum in Kentucky.

Hispanic Churches Hit Hard by Economy

Hispanic churches in the U.S. say the economic crisis has hit their members hard. Especially those who didn't read the fine print on their home loan applications.

Book: Media Doesn't Get Religion - Does today's media frequently miss or misunderstand many major news stories, because they don't take religion seriously?

Wintry Weather Spreads Across Nation

The December deep freeze continued across most of the nation Tuesday.

Low Gas Prices Now, Higher Later?

The current drop in oil prices has been great for consumers at the pump. But ironically, it could mean higher oil prices in the years ahead.

Fed Cuts Key Interest Rate to Record Low - WASHINGTON -- The Federal Reserve made another aggressive rate cut, Tuesday, bringing forth some of the lowest interest rates in American history.

No New Displays at WA Capitol

No new signs or displays will be set up at the Washington State capitol building.

Is Your Teen 'Sexting?'

Teenagers and cell phones seem to go hand-in-hand these days, but a new survey reveals youngsters may be using their cell phone for more than just talking to or texting friends.

Let the Post Office Rush Begin!

Today is the busiest mailing day of the year.

Palin's Church Burns, Services Continue - Alaska governor Sarah Palin's church held services Sunday in a local school despite a fire that badly burned their church building.

A Soldier's Crossroads of Faith, Freedom

Jerry Boykin spent more than 36 years in the Army. Much of that time was spent in the super-secret world of special operations. But Boykin's very public profession of faith in Christ played a role in bringing his decorated career to an end.

Athlete Offers Story for Drug Abuse Plan

Facing his last few weeks in the White House, President Bush is now making strides to tackle drug abuse in America.

Newsweek Gay Marriage 'Case' Full of Holes

Newsweek magazine's latest cover story has stirred strong criticism from Christians over its analysis of the Bible and the definition of marriage.

Child's Dictionary Drops 'Christian' Words

Several words associated with Christianity and British history have been removed from the latest version of a popular children's dictionary in the United Kingdom.

Keeping the Stress Out of Holiday Visits

Even if more people plan to drive to see loved ones this season, that doesn't always mean a stress-free trip.

NAE Spokesman Resigns Amid Criticism

After more than 25 years with the National Association of Evangelicals, longtime lobbyist and spokesman Richard Cizik has resigned over comments he made about same-sex unions.

Christian Ad Counters Atheist Campaign

Atheists in the nation's capitol have been campaigning to get Americans to doubt God's existence this Christmas, but one Christian woman is standing up against their efforts.

SC Ordered to Stop "I Believe" Plates

The state of South Carolina has been ordered to stop making and marketing license plates with the image of a cross and the words "I Believe."

California Cuts Greenhouse Gases

California has adopted the nation's most aggressive plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Bailout Dead, Big 3 in Search of Lifeline

WASHINGTON - There'll be no bailout for the Big Three from Congress. The deal died in the Senate overnight after an argument over wage cuts for autoworkers. Now Detroit is looking for help from The White House. Automakers Stunned

Investment Tips from King Solomon

With recent the recent economic downturn many are searching for sound ways to manage their money - without hiding it under their beds.

Church Gets $1.5M Answer to Prayer

A Texas congregation has proof that God answers prayer.

Church Memorial Held for Crash Victims

A heartbroken husband and father, who lost his wife, two baby girls and his mother-in-law in Monday's fighter jet crash in San Diego, is turning to God as he copes with an unimaginable tragedy.

San Diego Church Consoles Grieving Father

A heartbroken husband and father, who lost his wife, two baby girls and his mother-in-law in Monday's fighter jet crash in San Diego, is turning to God as he copes with an unimaginable tragedy.

Auto Rescue Deal Faces Murky Future

WASHINGTON - Congress and the White House have put the auto bailout plan on the fast track. But even after clearing the first hurdle in the House, the plan could hit some pot holes in the Senate.

Chuck Norris Issues Wake-Up Call to U.S.

Many know him as a martial arts master and actor. But these days, Chuck Norris is playing another role - that of political activist.

Tent Cities: Homeless Villages on the Rise

Most say Seattle is a jewel of the Pacific Northwest, boasting success stories like Microsoft and Starbucks. 

Gift Cards for Abortion this Season?

Indiana pro-life groups say the state's Planned Parenthood clinics are "making a mockery of Christmas" by offering holiday gift cards for health services, including abortion.

They Call Him 'Sky Angel Cowboy'

They call him the 'Sky Angel Cowboy'. Thirteen-year-old Logan Henderson lives on a ranch located in the middle of Nebraska.

Protestors 'Call in Gay' Over Prop 8

Gay rights activists encouraged homosexuals across the nation to take the day off from work Wednesday, in protest of a state constitutional amendment that ended same-sex marriage in California.

NJ Board: Gays Should Be Allowed to Wed

A state commission has suggested that New Jersey legislators should allow gay couples to marry.

Christian Man Grieves After Military Jet Crash

The U.S. military says it could take several weeks to determine what caused a Marine Corps jet to crash into a San Diego neighborhood, Monday.

Court to Decide Christian Fraternity Case

An Atlanta appeals court will decide Wednesday whether a Christian male fraternity must be recognized as a student organization at the University of Florida.

Christian Man Grieves After Military Jet Crash

The U.S. military says it could take several weeks to determine what caused a Marine Corps jet to crash into a San Diego neighborhood, Monday.

IL Gov. Arrested on Corruption Charges

After a series of court-ordered wiretaps, Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was arrested on conspiracy charges related to advancing his career and finances, including a plot to sell President-elect Barack Obama's former Senate seat.

CO Church Shootings One-Year Later

Tuesday marked the one-year anniversary of the shooting at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Deal Near on $15B Auto Deal

WASHINGTON - It looks like a deal is in the works to rescue the auto industry and it could go to a vote as early as this week.

Iowa High Court Sees Gay Marriages Debate

A debate on whether to legalize gay marriage in Iowa will head before the state's supreme court, Tuesday.

Iowa Court Hears Gay Marriage Debate

Oral arguments on whether to legalize gay marriage in Iowa were heard Tuesday before the Iowa Supreme Court.

Hundreds Protest Atheistic Holiday Display

Hundreds of people showed up at the Washington State capital building Sunday to rally against a holiday display that claims there is no God.

Heads Could Roll in Auto Bailout Deal  - WASHINGTON - Congress is drafting a watered down bailout plan for the auto industry. The plan will likely give about $15 billion to the Big Three U.S. automakers. That's less than half of what automakers were asking for. But the aid comes with a few provisos. Dodd to GM CEO: Step Down

UNC: No Christmas Trees in Libraries

Annual Christmas tree displays at the University of North Carolina's two main libraries will not be up this year, in an effort appease those who have complained about them in the past.

'Seller' Beware: The Latest in Online Scams

With its shiny maroon color and tan leather interior, Jill Ringer called her sporty 2001 BMW convertible the most fun car she ever owned.

Athiests Rollout Anti-God Campaign

Just in time for Christmas, a group is rolling out a new marketing campaign: bus ads that embrace atheism during the holidays.

Report: Bio Attack Likely in Next 5 Years

A new report by a bi-partisan commission says the U.S. can expect a terrorist attack using nuclear or biological weapons before the year 2013.

Is Cheap Gas Bad for the Economy?

Thanks to a worldwide economic slump, the price of a barrel of oil has plummeted to nearly $40.

Coffee-Table Bible Too 'Cool' For Christians?

RELATED STORIES: Handwritten Bible Heads to Stores Next Year 'Experience' the Bible in a New Way But some say the editorial-style photography is too racy and even offensive. The Swedish group, which isn't religious based, also says the book wasn't produced with Christianity in mind.    "We have no religious agenda and support no specific faith," the Illuminated World Web site reads.  "Bible Illuminated is intended to be a unique vehicle for reacquainting today's reader with one of history's most important texts."   California State University, Chico student Kelly Chandler wrote an article in her school's newspaper against the book. She says the new take on the Bible --adding pictures and shortened passages--isn't needed because the Bible speaks for itself.  

Abortion Nurse Suspended Over Videotape

An Indiana abortion clinic nurse has been suspended after an undercover video showed her neglecting child abuse laws.

Attention Shoppers: Watch Those Scanners

Christmas is right around the cornder, and if you're like most, you probably still have more gifts to buy. But some warn that the technology sometimes cheats customers.

An Alternative to Gift Cards for Abortion

In response to Planned Parenthood affiliates selling abortion gift certificates during the Christmas season, a pro-life group is encouraging supporters to give "gifts of life."

Big Three State Case before the House - WASHINGTON - After getting little sympathy from senate lawmakers, executives from the Big Three auto companies will take their case to members of the House today.

Blair Urges U.S. to Pressure Israel - NEW YORK CITY - European Union special envoy to the Middle East Tony Blair urged U.S. President-elect Barack Obama to pressure Israel for more territorial concessions.

Bush Recognized for AIDS Awareness Efforts

Mega-church Pastor Rick Warren held a special forum to honor President Bush on World AIDS Day Monday, for his work in tackling the epidemic in Africa.

T.V. Host E.D. Hill Tackles Parenting

Every parent wants to be not just a good mom or dad - but a great one. But how do you teach your children to be responsible, confident and fulfilled members of society?

Case Against Obama Citizenship at SCOTUS

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear a challenge to President-elect Barack Obama's citizenship and consequent eligibility to take the nation's highest office, Friday.

Religion a Factor in CA Prop 8 Vote

A new poll reveals that California voters economic status and religious convictions played a much larger role in their decision to support Proposition 8 than did race or age.

ACLU Sues for Prisoner's Right to Preach - The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a law suit on behalf of a New Jersey inmate, claiming his rights were violated when prison officials banned him from preaching.

Auto Execs Try Selling Congress on Rescue - NEW CARROLTON, Md. - Showing that they've learned a few lessons from their first failed pitch, the CEOs from the Big Three rolled into Washington - not on their corporate jets, but in hybrid vehicles.

U.S. 'Experts:' Talk to Iran, Hamas - WASHINGTON - A report compiled by the Council on Foreign Relations and the Saban Center for Middle East Policy calls on U.S. President-elect Barack Obama to open dialogue with Iran and Hamas.

U.S., Israel Team Up on Alternative Energy - EILAT, Israel - At an upcoming conference in the southernmost Israeli resort city of Eilat, US and Israeli government representatives will announce four joint alternative energy projects.

It's Another Round of Auto Bailout Talks - WASHINGTON - U.S. auto executives are going back to Capitol Hill for another round of bailout talks.

'God' Hard to Find in New Capitol Center - WASHINGTON - Visitors to the U.S. Capitol will no longer have to be at the mercy of the elements while they wait to get into Congress.

Atheists Deck the Halls at WA Capitol

The largest atheists and agnostics group in the U.S. has installed its own "holiday" decorations at Washington state's Capitol this year.

New Anglican Church Unveils Constitution

Conservative Episcopalian leaders unveiled the constitution of the Anglican Church in North America Wednesday, the founding document for the new church body.

How to Shop Smart this Christmas

The struggling economy has some consumers putting the brakes on gift giving this year. Psychologist and author Linda Mintle explains how to avoid falling into the trap of over-spending.

Barbara Bush Released from Hospital

Former first lady Barbara Bush has been released from a Houston hospital Tuesday, one week after undergoing surgery for a perforated ulcer.

Worst Downturn Since 1980s?

WASHINGTON - It's finally official: the United States is in a recession. The government says it will do everything they can to fight it. But some forecasters warn that this could still be the worst downturn since the early 1980s.