September 2010 Headlines

America's Hunger Grows in Tough Economy

Many standing in line at food banks aren't your typical picture of those seeking assistance. In one suburban area, megachurch Willow Creek is stepping up to help.

Beyond the Border, Nebraska Tackles Immigration

The illegal immigration debate is extending beyond the border, as states and cities around the country begin pressing the issue -- even in America's heartland.

Football Dad Wants Pre-Game Prayers to Stop

An assistant coach for the Holmes County Pee Wee Football Association wants the league to stop its pre-game prayers because they violate his and his son's rights.

Survey: American Knowledge of Religion 'Poor'

Atheists, Agnostics, Jews and Mormons outperformed Protestants and Catholics in questions concerning teachings and history.

Madison County Bridges Build Path to Historical Past

The bridges of Madison County, Iowa, were made famous by a book and movie. Now, they're helping reveal the importance of preserving heritage.

TN Flood Survivors: God's Hand Was There

Joe and Colleen Coury shared with CBN News the story of their miraculous rescue after being trapped in their car by raging floodwaters.

Gay Characters on Scripted TV Increasing

The number of homosexual characters on scripted television is rising, according to a new report by the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

Sixth Graders' Balloon Letters Spark Donations

When elementary school teacher Dan Goldman employed creative means to boost his students' enthusiasm for writing, he got more than he bargained for.

FBI Reveals NYC Times Square Bomb's Potential

The FBI has revealed what might have happened if convicted car bomber Faisal Shahzad's explosive device had actually gone off in Times Square in New York City.

Poll: Distrust of News Media Hits Record High

A new Gallup poll shows 57 percent have little or no trust in the media to report the news fairly and accurately.

Nicole Brings Heavy Rain, Flooding to East Coast

Remnants of Tropical Storm Nicole drenched the East Coast Thursday. Forecasters predicted some areas could see up to 14 inches of rain and flash flooding.

Actor Tony Curtis Dies at Las Vegas-area Home

 Tony Curtis, the Bronx tailor's son who became a 1950s movie heartthrob and then a respected actor has died. He was 85.

Grand Ole Opry Re-Opens After Flood Damage

Some of country music's finest gathered to celebrate the re-opening of the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville after five months and $20 million worth of repairs.

One of Bishop Long's Accusers Breaks Silence

One of the four men who have accused Long of sexual abuse broke his silence on Tuesday, calling the prominent Atlanta pastor a "monster."

Douglas Fir Chosen as White House Christmas Tree

The tree will be cut down and delivered personally to first lady Michelle Obama in November.

Congress Condemns Theft of Mojave Cross

Congress condemned the theft of a Mojave cross dedicated to the nation's veterans, in a resolution passed Tuesday.

Down Syndrome Football Player's Dream Comes True

The two rival teams from Snohomish High School and Lake Stevens High School worked together to allow junior Ike Ditzenberger to score the only touchdown of the night for his team.

The Church in America: Surviving a Dark Culture

The American church has made headlines recently for not living up to God's call to righteousness. Many now wonder what may be missing in the Body of Christ.

Student Opens Fire at Univ. of Texas, Kills Self

The University of Texas was put on lockdown through Tuesday afternoon, after a masked gunman opened fire in the campus library and eventually shot himself dead.

How to Respond: Should Bishop Long Step Down?

Accusations of sexual abuse against megachurch pastor Bishop Eddie Long have sparked debate both in and outside of the Christian community.

Gov't Seeks to Expand Terrorist Tracking Avenues

The Obama administration is pushing new rules that would require banks to report all electronic money transfers in and out of the country.

President Obama Backyard Discussion on the Economy

President Obama Backyard Discussion on the Economy

Former President Carter Recovering After Hospital Visit

Former President Jimmy Carter is doing fine after being rushed to the hospital during his book tour.

Extreme Temps Roast Los Angeles, Fire Danger High

Although forecasters predicted another day of scorching heat in Los Angeles for Tuesday, they said the high temperatures will be heading downward soon.

Mo. High School Outlaws Dirty Dancing

Students at one Missouri high school who want to attend school dances this year must first sign a contract.

Passengers Pray During Emergency Landing

A routine Delta Connection flight turned shocking when one of the plane's wheels failed to come down.

Calif Measure Shows State's Conflicted Link to Pot

In the state more closely associated with marijuana than any other, the ballot measure to legalize pot has exposed California's conflicted relationship with the drug.

Texas School Board Adopts Resolution Limiting Islam

Social conservatives on the 15-member board warned of a creeping Muslim influence in the nation's educational publishing industry.    

Research: Kids Are Swearing Earlier

New research shows more children are swearing at younger ages than has been recorded in the past 30 years.

Ten States File Brief Against Same-Sex Marriage

Ten states have filed an amicus brief with a federal appeals court opposing same-sex marriage.

Judge Orders Lesbian Reinstated to Air Force

For the second time in September, a federal judge has ruled against the government's Don't Ask, Don't Tell military policy.

Pastors Test IRS Regulations, Endorse Candidates

Nearly 100 pastors across the country challenged IRS regulations on Sunday by speaking about biblical principals and endorsing political candidates from the pulpit.

Bishop Long: 'I'll Fight like David Battled Goliath'

Bishop Eddie Long told his church family Sunday that he will fight allegations that he lured young men into sexual relationships.

Residents Flee Homes as Wis. Levee Starts to Fail

Some residents of the central Wisconsin town of Portage have fled their homes in the face of rising floodwaters after a levee started to fail Sunday.

New Muslim Superhero Comic Coming

Comic book fans will soon be getting their first glimpse at a Muslim boy in a wheelchair with superpowers.

Keeping Faith in a Post-Christ Culture

Author and speaker Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. told CBN News that believers need both sound thinking and courage to successfully confront a hostile culture.

Newark Hopes Facebook Gift Translates to Results

Can a $100 million gift from the founder of Facebook really turn around New Jersey's largest school district?

Author: Palin's Faith Essential to Political Path

In his book, "The Faith and Values of Sarah Palin," author Stephen Mansfield takes a look at Palin's Christian faith and how it has molded her career.

Pastors to Challenge IRS on 'Pulpit Freedom Sunday'

At least 100 church pastors will defy the Internal Revenue Service by endorsing political candidates for the Nov. 2 elections from their pulpits this weekend during Pulpit Freedom Sunday.

Bishop Eddie Long to Address Sex Abuse Claims

Bishop Eddie Long told his congregation Sunday that he would fight the allegations of sexual misconduct that have been made against him.

Road Deaths Spur Crack Down on Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is still a leading cause of traffic deaths in the U.S.

Five Shot at Party Near Seton Hall in NJ, One Dead

Authorities in New Jersey says a 19-year-old Seton Hall University student died in an overnight shooting that injured four other people at a private party.

WH: Lawsuit Would Reveal State Secrets

The Obama administration invoked the state secrets privilege which would kill a lawsuit on behalf of U.S.-born cleric Anwar al-Awlaki.

University Gives Students Money to Change Lives

A Christian University in Tennessee is paying their students to learn a very valuable lesson.

Facebook Founder Donates $100M to NJ Schools

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced his first major gift of $100 million to help public schools in Newark, N.J.

Sex and the Church: Accountability in the Pulpit

Charisma editor Lee Grady talks about how recent sex abuse scandals have highlighted the need for accountability for church leaders.

Rare Scene: Cattle Herd Drives Off Bear Attack

An Oregon rancher captured on video a rare tussle between his cattle and a black bear.

Calif. Corruption Scandal Touches Nerve of Voters

A scandal involving eight Calif. city officials charged with misappropriating $5.5 million in public funds has touched a nerve with voters around the country.

New Rules Slow Gulf Drilling in Shallow Water

New federal regulations are making it harder for energy companies to drill in shallow water in the Gulf of Mexico.

Va. Inmate 1st Woman Executed in Five Years

Teresa Lewis died by lethal injection Thursday night for masterminding the murders of her husband and stepson in 2002.

Court Rulings Take Aim at Military's DADT Policy

Court rulings are expected Friday in two lawsuits targeting the U.S. military's Don't Ask Don't Tell policy.

N.J. Abortion Clinic Closes After State Funding Cut

A New Jersey Planned Parenthood office is closing its doors forever after Gov. Chris Christie cut state taxpayer funding to the abortion giant.

Upper Midwest Residents Race against Rising Waters

Rising waters have forced evacuations in Wisconsin and Minnesota, but townspeople are working together to salvage what they can as floodwaters threaten just about everything.

Obama Pushes for Peace in World's Volatile Regions

President Barack Obama is using his last day at the United Nations to push for peace in some of the world's most volatile regions.

'50s Singer Eddie Fisher Dies at 82

Fifties pop singer Eddie Fisher died Wednesday night at his home. He was 82.

Gov't Officials: Homegrown Terrorists Troubling

Terrorism experts say al Qaeda's threat to America has grown more complex over the past year because of a push to recruit and radicalize U.S residents.

Bishop Eddie Long Denies Sex Abuse Allegations

Long, prominent pastor of a 25,000-member church outside Atlanta, denies allegations that he sexually abused three former members of his congregation.

Fla. Court Rules Gay Adoption Ban Unconstitutional

Florida will no longer enforce its law banning gay people from adopting children after a state appeals court ruled the law unconstitutional.

Austin's Homeless Express Themselves Through Art

An organization in Austin, Texas, is giving homeless people in the city a way to express themselves.

Students Seek God at 'See You at the Pole' Event

Christian students of all ages gathered at schools across the country Wednesday morning to pray before their classes began.

World's Oldest Man Turns 114

A Montana resident believed to be the world's oldest man celebrated his 114th birthday Tuesday at a retirement home in Great Falls.

Eight Calif. City Officials Face Corruption Charges

The mayor and ex-city manager of the Los Angeles suburb of Bell were among eight current and former city officials arrested in a corruption scandal that cost the city more than $5 million.

Amputee Makes Record Swims Across English Channel

This week, Philippe Croizon swam 21 miles across the English Channel in less than 14 hours -- without arms or legs.

Muslims: NYC Mosque Project a 'Civil Rights Issue'

Muslim leaders likened the people who want the mosque built elsewhere to those who insisted Rosa Parks give up her seat on a segregated bus in 1955.

Airman Awarded Posthumous Medal of Honor

President Obama awarded the nation's highest military honor to Chief Master Sgt. Richard Etchberger who was killed during the Vietnam War.

FBI Arrests Suspected Terrorist in Chicago

An undercover operation has led to the arrest of a suspected terrorist in Chicago.

Business Leaders Respond to Tenn. Students Letters

Students at an inner city school in Memphis, Tenn. recently got the attention of several high- powered business executives when they petitioned them to help meet the needs of their struggling school.

Allegation: Texas Textbooks Biased Against Christianity

The State Board of Education will vote Friday on a resolution aimed at restraining publishers from printing textbooks with a clear bias for Islam and against Christianity.

ACLU Sues N.J. City Over Lord's Prayer

The American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey has filed a lawsuit against the Point Pleasant Beach City Council for reciting the Lord's Prayer before its meetings begin.

Minn. Archbishop: Catholics Oppose Gay Marriage

Minnesota's Roman Catholic diocese has launched a campaign against the legalization of same-sex marriage in the North Star State.

Obama Family Visits St. John's Episcopal Church

The Obama family took part in worship services Sunday in Washington.

Gov't: Distracted Driving Deaths Still Epidemic

The number of people killed in crashes connected to driver distraction declined last year, but the government said the problem remains an epidemic for American motorists.

Blown-Out BP Well Finally Killed at Bottom of Gulf

A permanent cement plug sealed BP's well nearly 2.5 miles below the sea floor in the Gulf of Mexico, five months after an explosion sank a drilling rig and led to the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history.

Gulf Residents Pray for Job Recovery

Gulf Coast residents are thanking God that the leaking British Petroleum oil well is finally sealed. They are now praying for a quick recovery of lost jobs.

Texas Sues EPA Over Global Warming Regulations

The state of Texas has taken the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to court over the issue of global warming.

Utah Wildfire Sparked from Firing Range

A Utah blaze sparked at a machine gun firing range prompted some 1,200 evacuations Sunday.

Sarah Shourd: We Were Never Spies

Sarah Shourd, the American woman imprisoned in Iran with her fiance and another friend, said they never spied or committed any crime.

Kingsbury on 'Like Dandelion Dust,' the Movie

A new faith-based film hits theaters nationwide this week - the big screen version of the best-seller Like Dandelion Dust by author Karen Kinsgbury.

Report: U.S. Ignoring Creeping Threat from Sharia Law

A group of national security experts is urging the Obama administration to change its current stance on the link between terrorism and Islam.

ACLU Thinks Neb Coach's Message 'Too Religious'

An assistant football coach at the University of Nebraska could be blacklisted from speaking to high school students because the American Civil Liberties Union thinks his message is too religious.

No Gadgets - Could You Go Offline for a Day?

In today's society, technology is everywhere. So what would happen if we all unplugged?

Poverty Rate at Highest Level in 15 years

A new report by the U.S. Census Bureau show's America's poverty rate is at it's highest level in more than 15 years.

New Airline Seats -- Like Riding a Cramped Saddle?

If you think riding on an airplane is like being a sardine packed in a can, just wait until you see the new SkyRider airline seat.

Assemblies of God's Largest Church Hispanic

Leaders of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference says the Chicago church's development shows the direction of the North American church.

New York City Cleans Up After Deadly Storm

A fast-moving storm ripped through the city Thursday, knocking down trees and power lines and leaving one person dead.

Obama Admin. Pursues Stricter Pipeline Safety

The recent gas explosion in California is prompting the Obama administration to seek stricter oversight of the nation's pipelines.

Police: Hopkins Gunman Shot Himself and Relative

Baltimore police say a gunman who wounded a doctor at Johns Hopkins hospital in Baltimore has shot and killed himself and a relative during a standoff with police.

Heroic Donkey Saves Goat from Mountain Lion

A donkey in northern California named Poppy is being called a hero after saving a goat from the clutches of a mountain lion.

Utah Troopers Seek Highway Cross Rehearing

In Utah, a rehearing is being sought in a case involving 14 crosses placed along a state highway.

Panel Hears Craigslist, Kid Prostitution Connection

At the House Judiciary Committee hearing, lawmakers heard how the Internet has greatly expanded child prostitution and child sex trafficking in America.

Pancakes vs. Prayers? Game on for 'IHOP'

The International House of Pancakes is suing the International House of Prayer over the use of the acronym IHOP.

Living U.S. Soldier Receives Medal of Honor

U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta became the first living soldier since the Vietnam War, to receive the country's highest military decoration, Wednesday.

Americans Question Who Makes a Family

A new study published on Wednesday suggests America's definition of family is changing.

Christian School to Get 'Extreme Makeover'

An Antioch, Tenn. preschool destroyed by flooding in May is now being rebuilt, courtesy of ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Calif. Blast Reveals Aging Pipelines

Even before they can pinpoint a cause, experts said the risks associated with aging gas pipelines are far more common than most people would think.

Fall TV Shows Pushing the Envelope

As sad as this statistic may be, the media is now the leading sex educator in America today.  Can the media be more responsible?

Fla. Judge Considers Health Care Law Challenge

A federal judge in Pensacola, Fla., will consider Tuesday whether President Barack Obama's health care law violates the U.S. Constitution.

Violent Crime Drops for Third Straight Year

Violent crime in the United States is down for the third straight year.

Wheaton Prepares to Inaugurate New Leader

Wheaton College will celebrate the start of new leadership Friday, as the school inaugurates Dr. Philip Graham Ryken, a former pastor and student, as president.

Imam Hopes for 'Peaceful Resolution' on NYC Mosque

Iman Feisal Abdul Rauf says he's trying to reach a peaceful resolution on the Ground Zero mosque, but that moving the center could cause a backlash against the U.S.

San Bruno Residents Return to Charred Homes

Residents started to return to their California neighborhood on Sunday after it was decimated by a gas explosion last week.

Calif. Gas Pipe Ranked High Risk

The section of gas pipeline that ruptured and exploded in a suburban San Francisco neighborhood, was ranked as high risk because it ran through a highly populated area.

Ky. Gunman Grew Hostile, Was Being Evicted

For months, Stanley Neace had shown increasing hostility to his neighbors in rural eastern Kentucky, to the point his landlord started eviction proceedings.

Out of the Ashes: 9/11 Survivor Shares Christ

9/11 survivor Sujo John hasn't allowed the events of that fateful day to make him bitter. Instead, through his powerful testimony, he's sharing the love of Jesus.

San Bruno Mayor: 'Say Prayer for Those People'

A natural gas line that ruptured Thursday night sending a fireball high into the sky in a California neighborhood has killed at least four people and destroyed dozens of homes.

9/11 Events Go On in Shadow of Islam Controversies

Family members of Sept. 11 victims recited loved ones' names through tears on the ninth anniversary of the attacks, avoiding direct mention of the political furor centered two block away.

Expecting Mary: A Family Film for All

The movie Expecting Mary that released Sept. 10 is being hailed as a family film about faith, love and sacrifice.

Fla. Pastor Will 'Not Today, Not Ever' Burn Quran

A Florida pastor says his church will "not today, not ever" burn a Quran, even if a mosque is built near ground zero.

Fla. Minister Cancels Burning of Korans on 9/11

The Florida pastor who had planned to burn Korans in opposition of Islam has called off the event after he claims a deal was reached to move the Ground Zero mosque.

Drew Brees: The 'Saint' of New Orleans

The Super Bowl winning quarterback talks about his faith in Christ and his new book, 'Coming Back Stronger.'

Report: U.S. Failed to Deal with Homegrown Terror

A new government report suggests U.S. intelligence didn't take seriously the threat of homegrown terror.

Christian Author Peter Marshall Passes Away

Christian historian and author Peter Marshall has died after suffering a massive heart attack at a gym in Orleans, Mass., Sept. 8. He was 70.

Runaway Ohio Convert Becomes U.S. Resident

A teenage Christian convert who fled her Muslim parents' home last year in fear for her life has gained legal U.S. residency, according to her attorney.

Va. Court: Police Can Use GPS Tracking

The ruling is the latest in the controversy over privacy issues and technology.

Fla. Pastor 'Suspends' Koran Burning Plans

The pastor who has angered Muslims across the globe with his plans to burn Korans on the anniversary of 9/11, said the burnings were only "suspended."

'National Back to Church Sunday' Set for Sept. 12

This Sunday, Sept. 12 is National Back to Church Sunday. It's a time for Christians to encourage relatives, friends and neighbors to join them at church.

Has Obama Awakened the Evangelical Vote?

Grassroots Christian activists from across the country are in Washington, D.C., learning how they can help change the course of the U.S. in November.

Motives of U.S. Muslim College Founders Questioned

The recent opening of a new Islamic university in Berkeley, Calif. has been met with some skepticism by critics.

Hermine Floods Parts of Texas, Heads North

Flood warnings were put in place Wednesday across Texas as remnants of Tropical Storm Hermine slowly moved through the state.

Gospel Singer Reaches Out to Homeless, Hopeless

Award-winning vocalist Candy Christmas has penned a new book on her life as singer, as well as her decision to found the Nashville homeless ministry "The Bridge."

Reagan Biopic Coming to Theatres in 2011

The life of former President Ronald Reagan will be featured in a new motion picture. The movie will be titled "Reagan" and is scheduled to be released next year.

Pastors Call for Prayer for Midterm Elections

A group of evangelical leaders is calling on the church nationwide to pray and fast for six weeks prior to the midterm elections.


U.S. Highway Deaths at 60-Year Low

The number of people dying on American highways has fallen to its lowest level since 1950, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Koran Burning Event Still On, Despite Opposition

Despite opposition from Christian leaders who predict a Muslim backlash, Pastor Terry Jones has refused to cancel plans to burn Korans to mark 9/11.

Colorado Wildfire 10 Percent Contained

The wildfire burning near Boulder, Colo., has forced more than 3,500 people to evacuate their homes.

Craigslist Bans 'Adult Services,' But Did it Help?

Craigslist appears to have surrendered in a legal fight over erotic ads posted on its website.

Imam Refuses to Back Down on Ground Zero Mosque

The Imam behind the plans to build a mosque near Ground Zero is back in the United States and weighing in on the issue for the first time in nearly two months.

Devoted State Employee Longest Serving in Pennsylvania

Government employees are sometimes stereotyped as not working hard, but not Betty Beard. For 56 years, she has worked as a devoted government assistant.

Winds Push Fires Through Dozens of Detroit Homes

Eighty-five homes and garages burned over a four hour period, according to fire officials.

Terminally Ill Dad Reunited with Daughter

A terminally ill man was reunited with his daughter when she happened to be his hospice nurse.

BP Report Plays Oil Spill Blame Game

BP laid much of the blame for the rig explosion and the massive Gulf of Mexico spill on itself, other companies' workers and a complex series of failures in an internal report.

Pastor's 'Burn a Koran Day' Sparks Int'l Uproar

Major religious groups across America have condemned Pastor Terry Jones' plans to hold "International Burn a Koran Day" this Saturday.

WTC Steel Columns Installed at Ground Zero

As the 9th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks approaches, New York City officials say they're making progress in rebuilding at Ground Zero.

Chicago Mayor Won't Seek Seventh Term

Chicago, Ill. Mayor Richard M. Daley announced Tuesday he would not seek a seventh term as mayor of The Windy City.

Flight Lands in Los Angeles after Bomb Threat

FBI officials say a Thai Airways flight from Bangkok landed safely at the LA airport after a bomb scare.

Polls Show Many Americans Done with Democrats

Midterm elections are eight weeks away and the latest polls hint that Democrats could be in trouble.

Ga. Deputies Rescue Man from Burning Car

Three Georgia sheriff deputies risked their lives Sunday rescuing a man from a burning car. Their bravery was captured by a deputy's dashboard camera.

'Burn a Koran Day' Promoting Anti-Islamic Spirit?

A Fla. pastor is hosting "International Burn a Koran Day" on 9/11, leading some to question just how far recent mosque protests in the U.S. should go.

Weaker Hermine Heads Through North Texas

Tropical Storm Hermine made its way to north Texas late Tuesday, continuing a wet and windy path through the state similar to Hurricane Earl.

Colorado Wildfire Destroys Dozens of Homes

A wind-driven wildfire in the Colorado foothills triggered the evacuation of 1,000 homes, authorities said.

GPS Dating: Too Close for Comfort?

From speed dates to online matchmaking, people have found all sorts of ways to meet and fall in love.  Now, singles can even use their cell phones to find someone.

Va. Woman Sets New Chicken Wing-Eating Record

Sonya Thomas devoured a whopping 181 chicken wings in only 12 minutes, a grand total of 4.86 pounds.

Gallup Poll: More Voters Say They're Republican

The Republican Party has gained even more ground over the Democrats, according to the latest Gallup poll.

Calif. Capitol Rally Promotes Christian Values

Thousands of Christians from across the country gathered Saturday at the California state capitol to promote traditional values.

BP: Crews Lifting Key Device from Gulf Face Delay

BP crews to wait Saturday before they could safely hoist the 300-ton device to the surface that failed to stop oil from spewing into the Gulf of Mexico.

Earl's Biggest Damage in Northeast: Business

In the end, Earl's worst damage in New England was to seasonal businesses hoping to end their summer on a high note.

Coach Bobby Bowden on Life, Faith, Football

Legendary football coach Bobby Bowden gives fans a a behind-the-scenes look at his legendary career in his new book "Coach for Life."

First Army Chaplain Killed in Action Since Vietnam

Capt. Dale Goetz of the 4th Infantry Division stationed at Colorado's Fort Carson has become the first U.S. military chaplain killed in action since the Vietnam War.

NY School Changes Policy on Religious Necklace

A New York school district has voted to amend a discriminatory policy that led to the repeated suspension of a Christian student over his Rosary beads.

Hurricane Earl Causes Holiday Travel Delays

Hurricane Earl is forcing airlines to adjust their stringent rebooking fees on account of delays.

Pop-Tarts Top List of Hurricane 'Essentials'

Wal-Mart representatives say the boxed pastries sell seven times their normal rate during pre-hurricane shopping.

Illinois School District Uses GPS to Track Kids

An Illinois school district is using Global Positioning System tags to track children when they get on and off some of the district's school buses.

Poll: New Yorkers Want Ground Zero Mosque Moved

New York City residents do not want a Muslim mosque to be built near Ground Zero, according to a new poll.

Weaker Earl Takes Aim at New England

Hurricane Earl has weakened to a Category 1 storm but still poses a threat to parts of the Northeast. By Friday afternoon Earl's winds topped out at about 85 mph.

Earl Skirts Across N.C.'s Outer Banks

Hurricane Earl's potential danger to the Outer Banks became clearer after night fall.

East Coast States Brace for Earl's Landfall

The storm is barreling towards the Eastern Seaboard and residents living there are hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.

Coast Guard: No Spill from Oil Rig Fire

All 13 workers who were on board the platform at the time of the fire were rescued from the water.

Discovery Channel Gunman Hated Programming

The gunman who stormed the Discovery Channel's headquarters in Maryland said he hated the network's shows because they promoted population growth.

Mark Twain Will Have Last Word This November

When Mark Twain died on April 21, 1910, he left strict instructions that his uncensored autobiography remain unpublished until 100 years after his death.

Earl Threatens Labor Day Holiday Travel

Hurricane Earl could change travel plans for those who will be taking to the East Coast highways and airports this holiday.

Oil Sheen Spotted After Rig Explosion in Gulf

A mile-long oil sheen spread Thursday from an offshore petroleum platform burning in the Gulf of Mexico off Lousiana, west of the site of BP's massive spill.

Matt Maher: A Reluctant Christian Artist

Over the past few years, Maher has been on a journey, making the transition from full-time ministry at his home church in Mesa, Ariz., to life as a respected worship leader with an international platform.

Woods, the Highest Paid Athlete in History? No

Tiger Woods could still become the first athlete to earn $1 billion in his career. Even so, Woods is not the highest paid athlete in history.

Category 4 Earl Forces Coastal Evacuations in NC

Hurricane Earl gained strength late Wednesday to a Category 4 storm with 135 mph winds, after being downgraded to a Category 3 earlier in the day.

Is Your Family Prepared for a Disaster?

By planning ahead, the stress that is associated with emergencies will be reduced, and a financial disaster could also be avoided.

Baseball League Benefits Challenged Kids

A new baseball league brings the gift of the game to some very special kids with Autism and Down Syndrome.

InterVarsity Fellowship May Drop Some Colleges

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship says it may have to pull out of some college campuses this fall because of a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling.