January 2011 Headlines

Diaper Bank's Policy Causes a Stink in Fla.

A ministry that gives diapers to mothers in need in southwest Florida has caused a controversy in the Sunshine State.

Michael Reagan on Brother's New Book, Faith

Michael Reagan believes his brother regrets the claims he made in his new book that President Reagan showed signs of Alzheimer's while still in office.

Chick-fil-A Defends Beliefs Amid 'Anti-Gay' Claims

The popular fast food chain Chick-fil-A is under fire for its support of pro-family groups that denounce gay marriage.

Fla. Judge Rules Healthcare Law Unconstitutional

A Federal judge has ruled that President Obama's health care law is unconstitutional, marking the second ruling against the controversial legislation.

Condoleezza Rice's 'Extraordinary, Ordinary' Life

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice shares with CBN how her journey from the segregated South to international diplomacy is a truly American story.

Huge Winter Storm Could Hit One-Third of the U.S.

Much of the nation is bracing for a massive winter storm, expected to bring "potentially historic and destructive" rain, ice and snow.

U.S. Protesters Offer Support to Egyptians

Relatives and supporters of Egyptians calling for President Mubarak to step down protested in major American cities.

Many Biology Teachers Lukewarm on Evolution

New research shows many public high school biology teachers are not comfortable teaching evolution.

Military Preps for End of Gay Service Ban

The Pentagon is giving the military three months to prepare for the end of its "Don't ask, Don't Tell" policy against homosexual troops.

U.S. Muslim Population Expected to at least Double

A new Pew Research study claims the Muslim population in the U.S. will more than double over the next two decades.

Iowa Senate Denies Push for Gay Marriage Ban

The Democrat-controlled Senate in Iowa has shut down an attempt to let Iowans vote on gay marriage in their state.

Fla. Lawmaker Proposes Report Cards for Parents

Florida parents could soon learn if they're making the grade when it comes to preparing their children for school.

No More Color-Coded Terror Threats

The color-coded terror alert system developed after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks will soon be a thing of the past.

Churches Loan Buildings to Muslims for Worship

Some American churches have taken a controversial step to reach out to their Muslim neighbors.

Billy Graham's Biggest Regret: Politics

Rev. Billy Graham says if he had it to do over again, he would steer clear of politics, according to Christianity Today.

Polamalu's Faith On and Off the Field

All-pro Steelers safety Troy Polamalu has contributed to much of his team's success. And he credits God for the athletic talent.

N.J. Governor Seeks Money for Storm Cleanup

Many of New Jersey's residents are still without power due to a recent storm that dumped as much as 19 inches of snow across the state.

Racy MTV Show 'Skins' Sees Big Ratings Drop

Ratings for a new show on MTV being criticized for its racy material have dropped by more than 50 percent after only one week on air.

Police Officers' Deaths Spark Cry for Gun Control

This year is already one of the most violent ever for police across the U.S, in what appears to be a three-year trend of deadly violence directed at law enforcement.

Record Snowstorms Continue to Batter Northeast

Wintery weather has continued to wallop the Northeast this year. Cities from Washington, D.C. to New York and beyond were buried again in heavy snow Thursday.

Calif. City Approves Mosque Construction

The city of Temecula, Calif., will be home to a new Islamic mosque.

Osteen Defended for Calling Homosexuality a Sin

In an interview with CNN, Houston megachuch pastor Joel Osteen stated that he believed homosexuality is a sin. Now gay groups are demanding an apology.

Hawaii Senators Hold Prayer Despite Ban

Nine senators from Hawaii are not backing down when it comes to prayer.

Maryland Next in Line for Gay Marriage Debate

Lawmakers in Maryland have introduced twin bills that could legalize same-sex marriage in the state -- but not without a fight.

Southern Baptist Leader Leaves 'Mosque Coalition'

A Southern Baptist Convention leader says a religious coalition developed to monitor 'mosque discrimination' is crossing the line to promote Islam.

First Gitmo Trial Results in Life Sentence

The first Guantanamo Bay detainee to stand trial in an American civilian court will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Another Snowstorm Set to Pound the East Coast

A winter storm that brought a mixture of rain and heavy snow to parts of Tennessee and New England this week is now predicted to cause dangerous travel conditions and disruptions throughout the East Coast.

Court Upholds World Vision's Hiring Practices

A federal appeals court in San Francisco has ruled that World Vision, a Christian humanitarian relief organization, can hire and fire employees based on its statement of faith.

Doctos Say Giffords Contuing to Improve

Doctors at the Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center Upgraded Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' status from serious to good.

Lawsuit: Where's the Beef, Taco Bell?

A group of California attorneys say Taco Bell uses false advertisement by referring to "seasoned beef" in its food when in fact the fast food chain doesn't use real meat.

Two States Tighten Restrictions on Abortion Clinics

Kansas and Texas have taken steps to put tighter restrictions on abortion clinics.

Va. School District Reposts Ten Commandments

A southwest Virginia school district has reposted copies of the Bible's Ten Commandments in all county schools, despite concerns that doing so is unconstitutional.

Younger Generation Inspired to Fight Abortion

After 38 years of opposition against the U.S. Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision, the younger generation has moved in to take over the fight.

Engineer Gets 32 Years for Military Secrets Sale

A former B-2 stealth bomber engineer was sentenced to 32 years in prison Monday for selling military secrets to China.

Loughner Pleads Not Guilty

Jared Loughner's lawyer submitted his client's not guilty plea in court on Monday.

Activists 'March for Life' in Washington, D.C.

Activists gathered on the National Mall, Monday, for the "March for Life" to stand against the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion.

Woman who Raised Baby Faces Kidnap Charges

A North Carolina woman who raised a kidnapped child for 23 years was scheduled to appear in federal court Monday.

Northeast, Midwest Brace for Record Cold Weather

Meteorologists have urged residents in the Northeast and Midwest to stay indoors on Monday as they will probably face harsh winter conditions

Life Prize Awards Honor Pro-Life Movement

The awards recognize individuals who have made outstanding strides in preserving and upholding the sanctity of human life.

'Honor Killing' Trial Starts Monday in Phoenix

A jury in Phoenix will hear opening statements Monday in the murder case of an Iraqi immigrant accused of killing his daughter because he believed she was too Westernized.

Jack LaLanne, 96, Dies at Calif. Home

Jack LaLanne, the fitness guru who inspired television viewers to trim down, eat well and pump iron, died Sunday. He was 96.

Precinct Shooting Sparks Security Concerns

A gunman who opened fire in a Detroit police station, wounding four officers before he was shot and killed.

NFL Labor Debate Could Mean No Fall Football

The NFL Super Bowl is nearly two weeks away, but if a labor agreement isn't reached soon, this could be the last professional football game played for a while.

NFL Player: 'More to Life Than Super Bowl'

The Pitsburgh Steelers' tight-end Heath Miller felt there was more to life than just winning a ring, acclaim and a trophy for his team.

PTC Calls for Child Porn Probe of MTV's 'Skins'

"Skins" made its debut on the cable network last week. The program features underage actors engaged in sexual situations.

Hawaii State Senate Will Pray No More

The state senate had been inviting clergy from various religions to speak, which led to a challenge from the American Civil Liberties Union.

Unique Bracelets Help Promote Braille Literacy

Research shows as many as 90 percent of the blind community is illiterate and cannot read Braille.

Rehab Aims to Give Giffords Her Life Back

She inspired the nation with her fairy-tale recovery. Now Rep. Gabrielle Giffords must inspire herself through the ordeal of rehabilitation.

Olbermann and MSNBC: A Failing Relationship

Keith Olbermann was MSNBC's most popular personality. Despite that, he often seemed to be walking on a tightrope with his job. Friday night, it snapped.

Ground Zero Mosque Facing 'Money Issues'

The American Center for Law and Justice is asking the New York Supreme Court to suspend construction of a proposed mosque center near Ground Zero.

Snow Blasts Midwestern States, New England

Forecasters say the storm is expected to dump 5 to 8 inches of snow, with New York City getting as much as 32 inches.

Homeless Radio Announcer: Is Fame Too Much?

Has the bright lights of the media attention for once-homeless radio announcer Ted Williams proven to be too bright?

Texas Golfer Tees Off for the Record Books

Richard Lewis has set out to play 600 rounds of golf this year, earning him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

First Lady Surprises White House Guests

White House visitors were visibly startled Thursday when they were unexpectedly greeted by first lady Michelle Obama.

Philadelphia Abortion Doctor Charged With Murder

Dr. Kermit Gosnell and four members of his staff have been charged with murder after apparently delivering hundreds of live babies and then killing them.

Poll: Most Say Prayer Saved Rep. Giffords' Life

Less than two weeks after being shot in the head, Rep Gabrielle Giffords left the hospital for rehab. Most are crediting prayer for her 'miraculous' progress.

Saturday Marks Roe v. Wade 38th Anniversary

Saturday is the 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade -- the U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion.

DA: Philadelphia Doctor Killed Babies with Scissors

A Philadelphia doctor has been charged with murder after an investigation revealed the death of several babies and a 22-year-old mother at his clinic.

Feds Arrest Dozens in Historic Mafia Bust

In one of the largest Mafia crackdowns in FBI history, authorities arrested 127 suspected mobsters Thursday in New York, New Jersey and other parts of the Northeast.

Woman Finds Parents 23 Years after Kidnapping

More than 20 yearss after being kidnapped as an infant from a New York hospital, Carlina White was reunited with her parents, Joy White and Carl Tyson.

Ala. Gov. Apologizes for Remarks on Christians

Alabama's newly sworn in governor is trying to calm the controversy he started on Monday when he said only Christians are his brothers and sisters.

More Than Half the States in 'Obamacare' Lawsuit

The states say the law is unconstitutional and violates people's rights because it requires people to buy health insurance by 2014 or face penalties.

Giffords Able to Stand, Readies for Rehab

Less than two weeks after surviving a bullet through the brain, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords stood up and looked out the window of her hospital room.

Federal Grand Jury Indicts Loughner

A federal grand jury on Wednesday indicted the suspect in the deadly Arizona shooting rampage that wounded U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

Homeless Awareness Signs Cause Controversy

City officials say life-size signs meant to inform Dallas residents of the homelessness in their community are illegal.

Court Rejects Appeal Over D.C. Gay Marriage Law

The U.S. Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from opponents of homosexual marriage who want to overturn the law accepting gay marriage in Washington, D.C.

Colo. Student Pays Tuition in Dollar Bills

College tuition is a growing burden on some in the tough conomy.  One Colorado student went to great lengths to show how heavy the financial load can be.  

Three Critical Following Fatal Philly Gas Explosion

A powerful gas main explosion rocked a northeast Philadelphia neighborhood Tuesday night, killing one utility worker and injuring five others.

Univ. of Kentucky Settles Lawsuit from Astronomer

Martin Gaskell, a Christian astronomy professor who sued the University of Kentucky for religious discrimination, reached a settlement with the school Tuesday.

Atlanta Public School System Put on Probation

An educational standards agency has given Atlanta Public Schools nine months to make improvements or risk losing accreditation for its high schools.

Ground Zero Mosque Leader on National Tour

Feisal Abdul Rauf said his tour is to promote 'interfaith understanding,' and show that Islam is 'not an alien religion.'

Students Wounded in Calif. School Shooting

A Los Angeles Unified School District spokesman says two students were wounded in an accidental shooting at a high school.

Tucson Hero: 'I'm Still Trying to Calm Down'

As Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' husband Mark Kelly gave his first interview about the shooting in Tucson that left his wife in intensive care, others who were there are also talking about that day.

Panera Bread Opens Third 'Fair Share' Café

The newest addition to the Panera Bread family of restaurants doesn't look any different than any one of the company's 1,400 restaurants across the country.

Eighth Grader Creates Most Popular Free App

After being available for only one day, Robert Nay's game received more than 400,000 downloads.

NYC Mayor Defends Chancellor's Birth Control Joke

New York City Mayor Bloomberg's new schools chancellor has drawn fire for a joke she made during a discussion about overcrowding in city schools.

New Miss America a Christian, Home Schooled

A few days before she won the title as the next Miss America, Teresa Scanlan told CBN News that being in beauty pageants has strengthened her faith in Christ.

Prosecutors: Gitmo Convict Deserves Life Term

The first Guantanamo detainee to be convicted in a civilian court is an "evil" force who helped al-Qaeda members bomb two U.S. embassies in 1998.

Giffords' Husband Willing to Meet Suspect's Parents

The husband of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., has expressed his willingness to meet with the parents of the man suspected of shooting his wife.

King's Niece: MLK, A Social Conservative

The niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. says her uncle would be considered a social conservative today.

SPECIAL: Tragedy in Tucson: Latest Coverage

CBN News gives unique coverage of this tragic event, including analysis of Loughner's motives.

Paramedics Describe Ariz. Shooting Scene

Veteran paramedic Tony Compagno stepped off Engine 30 and into hell. He  and other paramedics were first to respond to the mass shooting in Tucson.

Doctors Replace Giffords' Breathing Tube

Doctors freed Rep. Gabrielle Giffords from the ventilator on Saturday, replacing the breathing tube with a tracheotomy tube.

Crews Rescue 80+ Skiers from Stalled Lift

Emergency crews used ropes and pulleys to rescue nearly 85 skiers from a stalled chairlift at an Ohio ski resort.

Pro-Life Groups Rally at Va. Capitol

Pro-life groups across Virginia have called on their state lawmakers to implement tougher restrictions on abortion facilities in the Commonwealth.

Major Milestone: Giffords Moves Arms, Legs

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is opening both eyes, moving both legs and arms and is responding to friends and family.

Wild Wild West: Guns Still a Part of Ariz. History

As the victims of the mass shooting in Tucson, Ariz., are being laid to rest, some politicians are calling for stricter gun control laws.

Tucson Widow Honors Slain Husband

Through his death, Stoddard gave the world an example of heroism.  Now his widow wants everyone to know about the man who loved his wife and his God.

Amber Alerts Come to Facebook

The new program is a joint effort between Facebook, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and the Department of Justice.

NY Subway Rider Shoots Video of Rat Attack

New York Subway riders aren't usually surprised to see rats inside a subway station. But they don't expect to find them riding inside the train with them.

Film Critic Reviews 'Green Hornet,' 'The Dilemma'

Will the new movies "The Green Hornet" and "The Dilemma" be films that you should allow your children to see?

More States Want to Fight Against 'Obamacare'

Five more states want to become part of the lawsuit filed against the new health care law, which requires all Americans to buy health care insurance.

Tenn. County Sued Over Ten Commandments Plaque

The suit claims Johnson County commissioners in June rejected Ralph Stewart's bid to hang two posters at the Mountain City courthouse's "public forum" area, one titled "The Ten Commandments Are Not the Foundation of American Law."

Thousands Attend Arizona Girl's Funeral

The casket for Christina Taylor Green seemed too small to hold the grief of the 2,000 mourners who came to say goodbye.

Kristian Stanfill 'Moves Mountains' with New CD

Worship leaders Kristian Stanfill recently released a new music album titled "Mountains Move." 

Atheist to High Court: Drop 'In God We Trust'

California lawyer and atheist Michael Newdow has again petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to do away with the nation's motto "In God We Trust."

Obama Urges Americans to 'Stay United'

President Barack Obama told Americans to stay united during a memorial service Wednesday evening for the Tucson, Ariz., shooting victims.

Police: Alleged Ariz. Shooter Had Prior Arrests

Arizona police say Jared Loughner, the alleged gunman in the Tucson massacre, had 12 previous encounters with authorities over the years.

GLAAD Asks CNN to Stop Booking Anti-Gay Guests

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation has launched a Web petition against CNN's use of anti-gay activist on sexual orientation issues.

New England Digs Out from Winter Storm

Much of New England continued to struggle to dig out and thaw out Thursday after the latest blast of winter weather.

Tragedy Renews Debate on Gun Control Law

The tragedy in Arizona is renewing a heated national debate on gun control. Those who want stricter laws are using the shooting to make their case.

Church Helping with Tucson's 'Psychological Wounds'

Stress centers are being set-up around Tucson. Some of the counselors belong to a group sponsored by a church whose members are trained to help in a crisis.

Ice Brings Unusual Sights to Mich., Miss.

For most in America, there's no doubting winter is here, and with the cold weather comes ice.

Families Speak as Tucson Preps for Memorial

Mourners gathered Tuesday night for mass to remember the six killed in the shooting.

Church Cancels Picket at Tucson Victim's Funeral

A controversial Kansas church known for protesting at military funerals has called off one of its demonstrations at the funeral of a victim of the recent Tucson, Ariz., shooting.

Palin: Media Incites Hatred After Ariz. Shooting

Sarah Palin has responded to critics who have been hinting that one of her Internet postings could have incited the alleged Tucson, Ariz. shooter.


Did Ariz. Suspect Think Shooting was a Dream?

Some friends of Jared Loughner have suggested the Tucson, Ariz. shooting suspect may have thought Saturday's attack was nothing more than a dream.

Winter Storm Strikes the Northeast

A fast-moving winter storm, or a "weather bomb" as some forecasters have called it, has brought heavy snow and winds along the East Coast.

Obamas Travel to Ariz. to Attend Memorial Service

The president is scheduled to speak Wednesday evening at the nationally televised memorial service at the University of Arizona.

Verizon Wireless to Get Apple IPhone

Verizon and Apple have finally teamed up to offer the iPhone to customers.

'Guitars 4 Troops' Helps Soldiers Harmonize

A Tennessee guitar shop owner is helping troops overseas by sharing the gift of music.

Devoted Husband Gives Life for Wife in Attack

Devoted Christians Dorwan and Mavy Stoddard were two victims of the Jan. 8 shooting rampage during a public event in Tucson, Ariz.

Jared Loughner: A Homegrown Terrorist?

The FBI is looking into Jared Loughner's motives. Domestic terrorism charges have not been ruled out, but defining such charges can be difficult.

Auburn Wins BCS Title 22-19 Over Oregon

With the win, Auburn also became the fifth consecutive Southeastern Conference team to win the Bowl Championship Series title

'Climate of Hate' to Blame for Ariz Shooting?

Liberals quickly blamed conservatives for creating the climate that led to the attack -- and that has sparked a fiery debate about political rhetoric.

Men Receive Life in Prison for Texas Church Fires

Both men pleaded guilty last month to setting a string of fires at five Smith County churches. They also pleaded guilty to trying to break to several other churches during the 39-day arson spree.

Storm to Blend with Midwest System, Head North

Much of the U.S. on Tuesday was facing some sort of winter storm watch, warning or advisory.

Court: Texas Can't Block Gay Divorce

A federal appeals court in Austin, Texas said the state's attorney general cannot block a divorce granted to a lesbian couple who married in Massachusetts.

Slain Judge Remembered as 'Fervent Christian'

The judge killed in Saturday's Arizona rampage is being remembered as a "fervent Christian" who treated everyone with kindness and respect.

Graham Warns against Blame Game in Ariz. Shooting

Evangelist Franklin Graham has warned Americans to be cautious about placing blame in the senseless Tucson, Ariz massacre.

Shooter's Motive Sparks Debate on Political Rhetoric

As more information is released about the Tucson, Ariz., shooting suspect, many are blaming growing political anger for his actions.  But are they right?

Ted Haggard to Debut TLC Reality Show

Ted Haggard, the former head of The National Association of Evangelicals, is slated to debut his own reality show on TLC Sunday.

NYC Religious Leaders Target City's Abortion Rate

New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan recently called on religious leaders work towards lowering the city's abortion rate.

R.I. Bishop Blasts Leaders for Gay Marriage Push

A Rhode Island bishop is speaking out against Gov. Lincoln Chafee (I) and his push to legalize gay marriage.

Kansas Prison Chapel Brings Inmates Closer to God

After more than seven years of hard work and fundraising, one Kansas correctional facility is now home to the largest prison chapel in the nation.

South Paralyzed By Rare Winter Weather

Snow crews are working to keep up with the rare southern weather. Most major cities in the region only have a handful of snow plows, if any at all.

Ariz. Shooting Suspect Could Face Death Penalty

The man accused of shooting Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., and 19 others faces the chance of the federal death penalty.

Rep. Giffords Showing 'Encouraging' Progress

Doctors say they are "very, very encouraged" by the progress Rep. Gabrielle Giffords one day after she was shot in the head at a public event in Tucson, Ariz.

All House Votes on Hold After Shooting

Business of the U.S. House of Representatives has been derailed following the deadly shooting rampage in Tucson, Ariz.

WikiLeaks Subpoenas Spill Out into Public Realm

Investigative documents in the WikiLeaks probe spilled out into the public domain Saturday for the first time.

'Golden-Voice' Man Credit's God for Redemption

Ted Williams, the Ohio homeless man with the velvety announcer's voice, acknowledged God as the source of his redemption.

Film Critic Gives His Appraisal of 'Country Strong'

Now that the holidays are over, what will you and your family do over the weekend?

Family Movie 'Change of Plans' Premieres Saturday

The highly rated family movie night returns to network television this weekend.

Probe of Televangelists Finds 'No Wrongdoing'

A more than three-year long Senate investigation of spending by six well-known evangelical ministries wrapped up Thursday, with no findings of wrongdoing or penalties for the pastors.

Third Package Ignites at D.C. Postal Facility

A package ignited at a Washington postal facility Friday, a day after fiery packages sent to Maryland's governor and transportation secretary burned the fingers of workers who opened them.

Mass. Lt. Gov. Pulls Kids from Burning Minivan

Murray quickly sprang into action, an act that almost got him in trouble with the kid's grandmother

NPR: Executive in Williams Firing Has Resigned

The National Public Radio executive who fired analyst Juan Williams for comments he made on Fox News has resigned.

Court Blocks Removal of Utah Highway Crosses

The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver ruled Tuesday that an order to remove 14 memorial crosses along a state highway in Utah be blocked.

NH Man, Ex-Wife in Home Schooling Legal Battle

Martin Kurowski says his ex-wife's strict religious teachings were socially isolating their daughter.

Charity Shows Students How to Serve Others

Operation Blessing International teamed up recently with Regent University in order to reach out and serve the needy in the Virginia Beach, Va., community.

NYC Shakes Things Up as More Snow Looms

As more snow approaches parts of New York, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is taking no chances of another political beating.

Homeless Man Offered Jobs for His 'Golden' Voice

Ted Williams became an overnight sensation after a video of him talking like a broadcaster was posted on YouTube.

'Smoky' Packages Shut Down Md. Gov't Buildings

Packages delivered to two state government buildings in Maryland exploded Thursday, sending sulfur-like fumes into the air and minimally hurting one mailroom worker.

Bronze Bear Statue May Leave Calif. Capitol

Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger moved out of the governor's office in the California state Capitol building last week. However, he left behind his $20,000 bronze grizzly bear statue.

Revised Mark Twain Works Omit 'Offensive' Words

Mark Twain wrote in a letter in 1888 that "the difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter."

Lesbian Episcopal Priests 'Married' by Mass. Bishop

Two of the U.S. Episcopal Church's most high-profile lesbian priests were married to each other in a ceremony presided by Massachusetts Episcopal Bishop M. Thomas Shaw.

Commission Won't Be Last Word on Gulf Oil Spill

The last word on the largest offshore oil spill in history won't be the conclusion from a presidentially appointed commission.

Racial Slur Removed from Mark Twain Novels

Revised versions of "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" and "Tom Sawyer" will be published to better suit changing times.

Navy Captain Loses Post over Lewd Videos

The Navy captain at the center of an investigation of crude videos shown to sailors onboard an aircraft carrier two years ago has been relieved of his command.

Fed Court Asks CA Court for Prop 8 Clarification

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals asked the California Supreme Court to clarify whether the supporters of Prop 8 have the legal standing to file an appeal.

Court Says Cross on Federal Land Unconstitutional

The memorial cross at the center of a 22-year legal battle was ruled unconstitutional on Tuesday by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Lifesaving Buoys Strung on Border Canal

A government agency on the front lines of the immigration debate has begun installing lifesaving buoys in a fast-moving canal along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Santa Banned from Nursery After Muslims Complain

The St. Peter Head Start Program stopped Santa from coming to the nursery to deliver presents after a Somali Muslim family complained.

Bald Woman to Compete for Miss America Crown

The image portrayed of Miss America is that she should have beautiful hair. But what if the winner of the annual pageant had no hair?

DNA Clears Texas Man Who Served 30 Years

Prosecutors declared a Texas man innocent Monday of a rape and robbery that put him in prison for 30 years.

California Sees More Rain, Plus Snow and Ice

Heavy rain causes flooding in Northern California, while the southern part of the Golden State sees blowing snow and ice.

Millions Gather Worldwide to Ring in 2011

Revelers smooched and cheered the famous ball drop in New York's Times Square as the largest New Year's Eve celebration in the U.S. ushered in 2011.