June 2011 Headlines

Chinese Immigrants Find Faith in America

Each year, thousands of Chinese immigrants reach the U.S. hoping to fulfill dreams of freedom and wealth. But often, they find faith in God is far more valuable.

Writing in Cursive: Skill Lost on America's Youth?

In the last six months, Americans have sent 1 trillion text messages. That's why some schools say there's no longer a need to teach students how to write in cursive.

Is the Muslim Brotherhood Coming to Brooklyn?

Residents of one Brooklyn neighborhood fear another mega-mosque project could be inviting the Muslim Brotherhood into their community.

Model's Tips for Staying 'Fashioned by Faith'

Summer months can be a fashion challenge for young girls and their mothers who want to be "cool" in clothing and in style.

Video Unveils P. Parenthood Deception on Medicaid

In the ongoing debate to defund Planned Parenthood, the abortion provider has used Medicaid patients as its defense.  But a new undercover video counters their claim.

Bristol Palin: God Has Ways of Surprising You

Growing up, Bristol Palin was known as a good girl. But her personal drama would be played out in front of a world-wide audience with no place to hide.

Condo Community Brings Luxury Living to Water

The Minnesota company River Cities is offering floating condo communities equipped with a swimming pool, golf course, stores, and other amenities.  

Turtles Cause Delays at JFK Airport

At least 150 turtles are responsible for major delays at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport.

Ohio Appeals Court: Health Law Constitutional

A federal appeals court in Cincinnati, Ohio gave President Obama a victory on his healthcare plan, ruling that a key part of the law was constitutional.

Cuccinelli: Pastors Can Talk Politics in the Pulpit

But the Virginia Attorney General warns, "You never want to lead anyone to possibly believe that you on behalf of your church are endorsing a candidate."

Rhode Island Passes Gay Civil Unions Bill

The Rhode Island Senate has approved of allowing gay couples to enter into civil unions. Lincoln Chafee is expected to sign the measure into law.

Federal Agency Releases College Cost Comparisons

Looking for a college bargain? Try any of nine University of Puerto Rico campuses, where annual tuition hovers at or below $2,000.

Jihadist Web Forum Knocked Off Internet

A popular jihadist Internet forum has been knocked off the Internet, and counterterrorism experts say it appears it was hacked.

NY Dem: Christians Dropped Ball on Marriage Vote

New York Sen. Ruben Diaz, D-Bronx, has sounded the alarm to Christians on the issue of defending traditional marriage.

Gay Couples to Sue NJ for Right to Marry

Seven homosexual couples plan to file a lawsuit Wednesday in another effort to force the state to recognize same-sex marriage.

NM Residents Worry as Fire Rages Near Nuke Lab

Although Los Alamos National Laboratory authorities say the dangerous materials are safely stored, the situation has many people worried.

Prop 8 Lawyers Appeal Ruling over Gay Judge

Prop 8 attorneys are appealing a court decision that a gay judge didn't need to recuse himself before ruling on California's traditional marriage amendment.

High Court: Minors Can Buy Violent Video Games

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday that California cannot ban minors from renting or buying violent video games.

'Jetpack' Company Gives Tourists a Chance to Fly

The sky is the limit for a new water sport in the Florida Keys.  Jetpack Adventures is giving tourists the chance to fly -- propelled by water.

LOL: Calif. Seniors Tap into the World of Texting

To help the older generation bridge the technological barriers of the 21st century, California's Caremore Senior Facility is offered texting classes.

Minot Native Shows Flood Disaster in Photos

Photojournalist Kyle Martin captured images of the flooding for CBN News.  He was able to take a tour of the flood with National Guard troops.

Natural Disasters Threaten U.S. Nuke Plants

As natural disasters threaten nuclear power plants in New Mexico and Nebraska, a disturbing new report is out on the state of America's nuclear facilities. 

Texas Could Pass First TSA Anti-Groping Measure

Texas could become the first state to ban invasive pat down searches by airport screeners.

Wildfire Shuts Los Alamos Lab, Forces Evacuations

Thousands of residents fled an approaching wildfire that appears headed toward the town that's home to the Los Alamos nuclear laboratory.

Wisconsin Budget Defunds Planned Parenthood

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has signed a budget that included cuts to the state's Planned Parenthood funding.

Young Cancer Patients Find Fun at Camp Horizon

Camp Horizon is a Tennessee-based summer camp designed specifically for children with cancer.  The group is sponsored by the American Cancer Society.

Fla. Drivers Go to Illegal Extremes to Save Cash

State authorities say many motorists are skipping out on paying tolls - even though it could result in a fine of over a $1,000.

Thousands of Homes Flooded in Minot, N.D.

The Souris River peaked late Saturday nearly two feet lower than the National Weather Service had predicted but not before flooding more than 4,000 homes.

Authorities Investigating Deadly Amtrak-Truck Crash

Six people were killed when a truck drove through closed crossing gates, ramming into the side of two train cars in the Nevada desert.

Minot Residents Determined to Rebuild after Flood

Despite the daunting task ahead of them, many homeowners are determined to rebuild and carry on, despite the fact that they have no flood insurance.

Faith Community Laments NY Gay Marriage Vote

Traditional marriage supporters believe New York's legalization of same-sex marriage could have a national impact.

Serving a City: Community Partners Faith with Action

The police department and churches are working side by side in Chesapeake, Va., to transform communities as part of the program "Serve the City."

Disney 'Choir Fest' Gives Church Groups a Chance

Gospel choirs are invited to compete in the second annual Disney Gospel Choir Fest on Sept. 10 at the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

New York Now Third State to Legalize Gay Marriage

New York lawmakers have voted to legalize same-sex marriage -- a passage that required some Republicans to cross party lines. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has signed the law.

Tea Party Show to Debut Sunday

Producers say 'Courage, New Hampshire' is meant to counter Hollywood shows that depict "conservatives and traditionalists and people of faith as halfwits."

CBN News Goes Extreme Navy SEAL Style

CBN News Reporter Chuck Holton, a former Army Ranger, recently went on a mission to find out if SEAL training was as tough as many say it is.

Officials: Six Dead in Nevada Amtrack Crash

A truck driver slammed into the side of an Amtrak passenger car in the Nevada desert, killing him and at least five other people on the train.

Nicole C. Mullen Releases New CD 'Captivated'

CBN News recently interviewed Mullen about her new CD and the incredible ministries she has created to help special groups of women and girls.

Muslim Converts Arrested in Seattle Terror Plot

Two converts to Islam were in police custody Friday morning in connection with a foiled terror plot on a military recruiting center in Seattle.

Boston Mob Boss Hiding in Plain Sight

As the FBI chased leads on two continents, Boston mob boss James "Whitey" Bulger spent nearly all of his 16 years on the lam in this quiet seaside city.

Self-Help Guru Found Guilty in Sweat Lodge Case

A jury has convicted James Arthur Ray, the self-help guru who led a deadly sweat lodge ceremony in Arizona in 2009.

Marine Linked to DC-Area Military Shootings

The Marine Corp reservist arrested last week after a Pentagon security scare is now being charged in a series of shootings at military buildings in Washington last year.

Arizona Wildfire Nearly Tamed after Burning Forest

The blaze is 340-square miles and has burned through Arizona's Chiricahua mountains.

Religious Groups File Suit over Circumcision Ban

A coalition of Jews and Muslims have teamed up with medical professionals and public officials to fight a proposal to criminalize male circumcision in San Francisco.

NY Inches toward Action on Gay Marriage Bill

New York's gay marriage debate is expected to reach a critical showdown Wednesday, with only one Senate vote needed to legalize same-sex marriage.

Gay Rights Movement Taught as History?

The gay rights movement could soon find its way into U.S. history text books in California.

Census: Whites Lose U.S. Majority Among Babies

Census figures show that babies of non-white ethnic groups now make up the majority of those born in the U.S.

Flooding Forces Midwest Residents from Homes

Thousands of people across the Midwest have evacuated their homes as areas from Nebraska to Missouri face massive flooding.

Pastoral Accountability: How to Face Church Scandals

Recent church scandals have many Christians asking what it takes to ensure accountability in the pulpit, and how to support leaders when they fall.

Midwesterners Start Summer with Severe Weather

The last day of spring brought severe weather to parts of the Midwest, including dozens of tornadoes and hailstorms.

Bloated River Forces Evacuations in North Dakota

Residents of parts of Minot, N.D., are evacuating their homes due to melting snow that's fueling the region's worst flood in four decades.

Pentagon Gets Cyberwar Guidelines

The orders spell out just how far military commanders can go in using cyberattacks and other computer-based operations against enemies and as part of routine espionage in other countries.

Groups Say 'Black & Beautiful' Pro-life Ads Racist

A new pro-life campaign in California seeking to combat abortion in the black community is drawing charges of racism from Planned Parenthood.

GAO: Leaks at Aging Nuke Sites Hard to Detect

U.S. nuclear power plant operators haven't figured out how to quickly detect leaks of radioactive water from aging pipes.

Country Legend Glen Campbell has Alzheimer's

Campbell, who's known for such hits as "Rhinestone Cowboy" and "Gentle on my Mind," was diagnosed by his doctors six months ago, his wife revealed this week.

'Flash Robs' Leave Stores in Awe Over Mass Thefts

A recent trend, called flash "robs," has dozens of people converging not to two-step to a Michael Jackson number, but to rob stores.

Supreme Court Blocks Wal-Mart Discrimination Suit

The U.S. Supreme Court has sided with Wal-Mart in what was set to be one of the largest sexual discrimination lawsuits ever.

NBC Apologizes for Omitting God from Pledge

NBC apologized to viewers for cutting the words "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance which aired during their live coverage of the U.S. Open.

Supreme Court to Hear Religious Hiring Case

The U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether churches and ministries have a right to hire or fire employees who disagree with their religious beliefs.

Men Freed after Being Trapped in Kentucky Mine

Three men were rescued Monday after being stranded for 14 hours in a southeastern Kentucky coal mine.

Religious Groups Want Explanation from NBC

Religious groups are demanding an explanation from NBC for omitting the words "under God" from a segment featuring the Pledge of Allegiance.

Parents, Kids Take Year-Long Trip to See America

One Florida family decided to take family bonding to the next level

McIlroy Wins U.S. Open, Sets Tournament Record

On Sunday, 22-year-old Rory McIlroy became the youngest golfer to win the U.S. Open since 1923.

Fire Crews Battle Wildfires in 10 States

The rash of wildfires blazing throughout the western U.S. show no sign of dying out.

State Trooper Escapes Death, Shows Forgiveness

For Colorado state trooper Scott Hinshaw, getting dressed everyday is a blessing after almost losing his life.

Movie Reviews: Green Lantern, Popper's Penguins

"The Green Lantern" and "Mr. Popper's Penguins" are two family friendly movies that make their box office debuts this weekend.

Fmr NY Giant: Gay Marriage a Slide toward 'Anarchy'

Former New York Giant David Tyree says in an online video that allowing gay marriage in the state will mark a slide toward "anarchy."

Author: How Stepdads Can Be Godly Leaders

Author Ron Deal discussed the important role of stepfathers in the family and how they can be Godly role models.

Pentagon Bomb Scare Suspect a Marine Reservist

Authorities said a suspicious vehicle parked outside the Pentagon after midnight belonged to Yonathan Melaku, 22, of Alexandria, Va

United Airlines Glitch Delays Travel Plans

It could take several days for thousands of stranded travelers to get home after a United Airlines computer system shut down for several hours.

Feds Support Planned Parenthood in Defunding Case

The Justice Department has entered a legal battle on behalf of Planned Parenthood over a new Indiana law that bans taxpayer funding for abortions.

Religious TV Stations Fight for Broadband Space

With mobile and Web technology continuing to develop, the airspace or "spectrum" once used primarily by television stations to transmit content is getting crowded.

Man Donates Kidney to Church Member

Kidneys are often donated between relatives and loved ones, but one Idaho man recently went a step further -- donating the organ to a complete stranger.

Amtrak Steps Up Security After Rail Scare

Authorities are on high alert after an apparent sabotage of train tracks in Iowa.

Boeing Lawsuit Threatens Thousands of Jobs

A lawsuit against well-known airline manufacturer Boeing could threaten some 12,000 new jobs in South Carolina.

Abortion Groups Force Pro-Life Signs Down

Pressure from abortion advocates has forced the removal of pro-life billboards in Los Angeles.

Judge Gives Texas Mom Probation for Spanking

A Texas judge has put a mother on probation for spanking her child.

Aid Group Helps Joplin Couple Repair Their Home

Volunteers working with CBN's Operation Blessing International surprised a Joplin, Mo., couple with a home makeover recently.

Quarterback Wuerffel Diagnosed With Rare Disorder

Heisman Trophy winner Danny Wuerffel has been diagnosed and is receiving outpatient treatment for Guillain-Barré Syndrome, rare autoimmune disorder that causes paralysis.

Catholic University to Abolish Co-Ed Dorms

The "slightly old-fashioned remedy" is a part of an effort to battle binge drinking and hook-ups among the college population.

Virginia AG to Pastors: It's Time to Get Political

Virginia Attorney Gen. Ken Cuccinelli is urging pastors to practice their right to speak freely from the pulpit.

Giffords: Time to Adjust to Home

In the long run, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords should flourish from returning to a home life with her husband.

NC Lawmakers Push More Drivers Ed Before Licensing

Before student drivers could move up from a learner's permit, the bill would require them to log 60 hours of supervised driving time with a licensed adult.

Lion Video Newest Youtube Sensation

What was supposed to be an family ordinary trip to the zoo has turn out to be an extraordinary Internet sensation.

La. Senate Panel Kills Commandments Display

The proposal had called for a display up to six feet tall and four feet wide. It would have been placed somewhere among the historic buildings at the capitol complex.

Vt. High School Grad Says Speech Censored

The valedictorian of a Vermont high school claims school officials would not allow him to share his faith in his graduation speech.

Judge Allows Christian Leaflets at Arab Festival

A federal judge has signed an order allowing Christian evangelists to distribute leaflets at a popular Arab-American Festival in Dearborn, Mich.

Seminary President: 'Baptists Have Been Homophobic'

The president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary says his denomination needs to repent from a form of homophobia that has condemned gays instead of embracing them as fellow sinners.

NY One Vote Away from Legalizing Gay Marriage

New York is just one vote shy of approving legislation that would legalize gay marriage after a GOP senator announced he will support the bill.

Citigroup: Hackers Affected 360,000

Hackers stole account information of more than 360,000 of Citigroup Inc.'s U.S. credit card customers in a recent data breach.

Top Charge Gone from NYC Terror Plot Case

Two men accused of a synagogue bomb plot won't face the most serious charge initially brought against them.

GOP Debate Brings Up Sharia Law Concerns

Former Gov. Mitt Romney said Sharia law would never happen in American courts. Many have warned that there are signs of it already seeping into America's ideals.

TV Station Refuses to Air 'Playboy Club' Show

An NBC affiliate in Utah refuses to air the networks new drama series "The Playboy Club."

Drug-Infested Kentucky Town Changed by Prayer

Just a few years ago, the town of Manchester, Ky., was torn apart by drugs and corruption. But residents have since experienced revival.

Ariz. Wildfire Near Biggest in State's History

Firefighters expect a massive wildfire in eastern Arizona to become the largest in state history.

ACLJ: Court Must Overturn Commandments Ruling

The American Center for Law and Justice wants the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn a decision removing a poster featuring the Ten Commandments from an Ohio courtroom.

So. Baptist Convention Elects First Black VP

America's largest Protestant denomination has elected a black pastor as its vice president for the first time in its history.

Court Upholds Gay Judge's Ruling on CA Marriage

A federal judge has upheld a gay judge's 2010 ruling that overturned California's Proposition 8 defining marriage as only between a man and a women.

Wis. High Court Upholds Controversial Union Law

The Wisconsin State Supreme Court has decided that the state law to end collective bargaining for public workers will stand.

Primetime Agenda: Hollywood Admits Liberal Bias

In his new book, Ben Shapiro claims Hollywood has promoted a liberal agenda for years. Most striking is that several long-time TV executives have admitted it.

WWII Hero Honored on Army's Birthday

Americans gathered to commemorate Flag Day and the Army's birthday, including a ceremony by the Sons of the American Revolution in Norfolk, Va.

David Wilkerson's Wife Still Recovering After Crash

Rev. David Wilkerson's wife, Gwen, is making progress at a nursing facility, more than a month after surviving a car crash that killed her husband.

Weiner's Sex Addiction: Disease or Excuse?

In light of "Weingergate" many are wondering if sex addiction is real. Some say it's a self-control problem, while others claim it's an actual psychological issue.

Doomsday Evangelist Recovering from Stroke

The doomsday radio evangelist who sparked controversy with his end-of-the-world predictions is resting in an Oakland, Calif. hospital after suffering a mild stroke.

NY Clergy Rally against Gay Marriage Efforts

Faith leaders in New York City will hold a noon rally on the steps of City Hall, Tuesday, in hopes to derail efforts to legalize same-sex marriage in the state.

Nation Honors 'Old Glory' on Flag Day

Tuesday, June 14 is Flag Day -- the day our nation has set aside to honor the flag.

Prop 8 Attorneys Challenge Gay Judge's Ruling

Proposition 8 supporters faced tough questions in a California court Monday, as they challenged a homosexual judge's ruling to allow same-sex marriage in the state.

Mavericks Defeat Heat to Take NBA Championship

The Dallas Mavericks pulled off a victory Sunday night, beating the Miami Heat and taking home the National Basketball Association championship for the first time in the Mavericks franchise history.

First Photos of Giffords Released Since Shooting

But the images left unanswered many questions about her cognitive abilities and when - or even if - she will be able to resume her job in Congress.

Residents Return as Ariz. Fire Threat Wanes

Officials began allowing some 7,000 residents from two towns to return to their homes since the blaze was "no longer a threat to the citizens."

Huge AZ Wildfire Spreads, Health Conditions Worsen

Health officials warned residents as far away as Albuquerque and Santa Fe about potential respiratory hazards.

Virtual Flirting: Cheating or Harmless Interaction?

Rep. Anthony Weiner's recent admission of exchanging racy photos and messages online has many people asking, Is this really cheating?

Creflo Dollar Defends Eddie Long, Warns of Gossip

Atlanta-area megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar speaks out in defense of Bishop Eddie Long, urging prayer and forgiveness rather than gossip and hypocrisy.

MTV Cuts Controversial 'Skins' Show

After just one season, MTV says it will cancel the controversial teen drama "Skins" due to low ratings.

Francis Chan Challenges Bell's Hell Notions

Christian teacher and bestselling author Francis Chan is challenging the notion that hell is not forever and that a loving God couldn't punish someone for eternity.

Arizona Wildfire Threatens New Mexico

Residents of Luna, N.M., located seven miles from the Arizona state line, have been ordered to evacuate their homes.

Midwest, East Coast Heat Wave Turns Deadly

The spring heat wave across the Midwest and East Coast has claimed the lives of at least eight people.

Alabama's Strict Immigration Bill Becomes Law

The law will also require public schools to determine a student's immigration status and make it a crime to knowingly give an illegal immigrant a ride.

Nationwide Initiative Targets Immigration Scams

Authorities want to crackdown on phony lawyers, or "notarios" offering their services to undocumented Hispanics seeking help obtaining American citizenship.

FCC to Strike Fairness Doctrine from the Books

Decades after the Fairness Doctrine was deemed unenforceable, the FCC has finally announced plans to remove all traces of the policy from its federal code.

Texas Governor to Hold National Prayer Rally

Texas governor and potential presidential candidate Rick Perry is organizing a national prayer rally called The Response.

Sexting Bill Could Reduce Punishment for Teens

For those underage, sexting can carry a felony charge because it is considered child pornography. But some states are now trying to change that.

Citigroup Hackers Access Credit Card Data

Citigroup is the latest high profile company to fall victim to a cyber attack.

Los Angeles Closes Curtain on Red Light Cameras

Red light cameras are getting no love in Los Angeles. The city's police department recently announced it would no longer use the traffic devices.

Memorial Dedicated to Fallen Military Chaplains

The Army dedicated a memorial garden in South Carolina to honor 306 chaplains and chaplain assistants died in service of their God and their country.

Your Cheating Heart: Fidelity in the Internet Age

The scandal over Rep. Anthony Weiner's, D-N.Y., tweeting of lewd photos has Americans questioning whether Internet sex is the same as infidelity.

N.C. Teen Heroes Credit God for Rescue

Many people in Raleigh, N.C., are calling six teenagers heroes for their efforts to rescue four passengers from a car after an automobile accident.

Temps Expected to Climb Again Along East Coast

Eastern cities from Washington, D.C. to Boston are expected to see temperatures near 100 degrees again Thursday.

Appeals Court Skeptical of 'Obamacare' Mandate

Lawyers for the Obama administration have been facing tough questions from an appellate court in Georgia regarding the controversial healthcare law.

Two Ariz. Towns Empty as Wildfire Approaches

A raging forest fire in eastern Arizona headed Wednesday for a pair of transmission lines that supply electricity as far east as Texas.

FDA Tells Restaurant to Take Bugs off Menu

Most restaurants work diligently to try and keep bugs out, but one establishment not only welcomes them , they intentionally cooks bugs into meals.

Churches Form Group to Address Societal Issues

Conservative and urban church leaders have come together to form the International Communion of Evangelical Churches.

Delta Criticized for $2,800 Baggage Fees for Troops

Delta Airlines is under fire after charging troops returning home from the Afghanistan war zone with hundreds of dollars in extra baggage fees.

Group: Abortion Industry Targets Latino Women

A Los Angeles advocacy group has launched a campaign against the abortion industry, accusing groups like Planned Parenthood of targeting Latinos.

Group Says CA Textbook Hiding Truth about Islam

A group in California says history textbooks being used in San Diego school district are covering up the truth about Islam.

Ex-Boyfriend's Anti-Abortion Ad Sparks Controversy

An anti-abortion billboard posted by a New Mexico woman's disgruntled ex-boyfriend has sparked a legal battle over free speech and the right to privacy.

'Weinergate' Spotlights Perils of Cyber Infidelity

Christian Therapist Janelle Hallman told CBN News the Weiner scandal points to the dangers of what's being called "cyber infidelity."

Catholic Groups Sue Illinois over Gay Adoption Law

Catholic charities in Illinois are suing the state over a new law that requires adoption agencies to place children with gay couples.

Va. School System to Repost 10 Commandments

A southwest Virginia school system has decided to re-post copies of the Ten Commandments even though it has been threatened with legal action by the ACLU. 

Health Overhaul Battle in Pivotal Appellate Court

The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta will hear arguments on whether to reverse a Florida judge's ruling that struck down the law.

Crews Try to Keep Flames from Reaching AZ Towns

The mammoth wildfire in eastern Arizona is threatening two more towns as firefighters continue to fight the blaze for the 11th day.

Fierce Battle Underway for N.Y. Gay Marriage

In New York, there's a fierce campaign underway to legalize gay marriage -- and it's backed by two of the state's most powerful politicians.

East Coast, Midwest Brace for Heat Wave

The severe Minneapolis heat appears to be headed for the New England area, even though the official start of summer is still about two weeks away.

Bishop Eddie Long Launches Satellite Church

Bishop Eddie Long is forming a satellite church in Birmingham, Ala., just weeks after settling charges brought against him of sexual misconduct.

Smoke from Ariz. Wildfire Reaches Other States

Smoke from the Arizona blaze has prompted officials in Colorado to issue a health advisory for the southern part of that state.

Airline Group Unveils New 'Iris Scan' Technology

Those long airport security screenings could soon be replaced by iris scans and micro-chips, if the International Air Transport Association has its way.

School, ACLU Compromise over Graduation Venue

The case is just the latest example of what appears to be a growing trend of church-state separation advocates targeting high school graduations.

Army Expects Full Breach of Mo. River Levee

Crews scrambled Monday to protect a southwest Iowa town from the swollen Missouri River.

Evacuated Ariz. Residents Play Wildfire Waiting Game

It's an emotional waiting game for residents of the Nutrioso mountain community and others affected by the fires. They have no idea if their homes will be spared.

Mass. Superintendent Bikes 600 Miles for Bucks

Education costs are soaring while education budgets face severe cutbacks, It's the kind of crisis that has one Mass. superintendent fighting back -- with his bike.

Fla. Homeowner Forecloses on Bank of America

When the Bank of America erroneously filed foreclosure papers on the home of a Fla. couple, they didn't get mad -- they got even.

Bill Calls for D-Day Prayer on WWII Memorial

Lawmakers and veterans are pushing to have President Franklin Roosevelt's D-Day landing prayer placed at the World War II memorial in the nation's capital.

P. Parenthood Back in Court over Ind. Abortion Law

Planned Parenthood continues its fight in court Monday against a new anti-abortion law in Indiana.

Appellate Court Lifts Texas Graduation Prayer Ban

Students at a San Antonio area high school will be allowed to pray at their graduation Saturday after a federal appeals court lifted a ban by a lower court.

Hackers Attack FBI Partner, Take Passwords

Nearly 180 passwords belonging to members of an Atlanta-based FBI partner organization have been stolen and leaked to the Internet.

Film Reviews: 'X-Men: First Class' Hits Theaters

The science fiction film, set in 1963, tells the story of how a young Charles Xavier starts up a school for mutants with the help of his future arch-enemy.

Court: NYC Schools Allowed to Ban Worship Services

An appellate court ruled 2-1 Thursday that churches meeting in schools are unconstitutionally converting the schools into state-sponsored Christian churches.

Broken: The Impact of Scandal on Churches

In the wake of a highly publicized sex scandal, Bishop Eddie Long's church appears to be floundering. One author discusses just how scandals impact congregations.

Graduations Latest First Amendment Battleground?

In recent years, opponents of religion have attacked schools that hold commencement activities in churches or other faith-oriented venues.

Smartphones on Their Way to the Battlefield

Today's smartphones are equipped to do just about everything. Now the Army wants to see if the hi-tech gadgets can be useful in combat.

Methodist Clergy Members: We'll Marry Gay Couples

In Minnesota, some 40 United Methodist ministers have announced that they're willing to marry gay couples.

Assisted Suicide Advocate Kevorkian Dead at 83

Dr. Jack Kevorkian, who said he helped some 130 people end their lives from 1990 to 1999, died in a Detroit hospital about 2:30 a.m. Friday.

Pa. Girl Wins Gripping Spelling Bee

Five competitors were left in the spelling bee, and it appeared none of them would ever miss again.

Mass. Digging Out after Deadly Round of Twisters

Tornadoes roared through Massachusetts on Wednesday, leaving at least four dead throughout the state.

County Defends Billboard Advertising Free Condoms

A North Carolina health department is defending its decision to put up billboards advertising free condoms.

S.D. Gov Urges Evacuations as Flooding Looms

Record rainfall in the northern Plains has forced the Army Corp of Engineers to release excess water from Missouri River dams.

Texas AG Joins School Graduation Prayer Fight

Attorney General Abbott said he'll join an appeal of a federal judge's ruling that banned public prayer at an upcoming high school graduation ceremony.

Europe's Neo-Nazi Websites Housed in U.S

The website is awash with neo-Nazi symbolism, calling the Mauthausen death camp Austria's largest open-air museum.

La. Boy Saves Mom with School CPR Skills

When 9-year-old Andrew found his mom collaped in their home, he quickly called 9-1-1. The operator told the boy to try and start CPR.

'Carpenters for Christ' Rebuild Ala. Church

Mountain View Baptist Church in Dekalb County is now being rebuilt after a tornado leveled the building, April 27.  And the work is all being done by Christians.