September 2011 Headlines

Ex-Muslim Speaks Out about 'The Koran Dilemma'

CBN News recently spoke with one former Muslim who is looking to change the West's misperceptions of Islam by revealing the politically incorrect truth about the Koran.

Professor: Vanderbilt Univ. 'Suppressing' Christians

The Nashville school has put four groups on provisional status because their bylaws include requirements like Bible study and worship.

School Launches Probe into 'God Bless You' Case

Despite the reasoning behind saying "bless you," Steven Cuckovich says it's a disruption, banning the phrase from his health class.

'Love Wins' Author Bell to Produce 'Spiritual' TV Drama

Several months after rocking the Christian community with his controversial views on hell, author/pastor Rob Bell is embarking on a new spiritual "calling."

'Courageous' Producers Seek to Inspire Fathers

"Courageous," a new major motion picture from the Sherwood Baptist Church, opened in theaters across the country Friday.

Man Found Alive Days After Car Plunges Over Cliff

A 67-year-old man has been found alive six days after his car went over a steep cliff on a California mountain road.

Beating the Odds: Deaf Swimmer Hopes to Inspire

Sometimes people with disabilities are held back in life. But that's not the case for Texas high school student Abby McAlpin.

Zachery Tims Toxicology Report Delayed

The toxicology results for Florida pastor Zachery Tims will not be released on Friday as previously reported.

Ala. Judge Blocks Parts of Immigration Law

A federal judge in Alabama has blocked parts of the state's new immigration law.

Bible Exhibit Shows Faith of Chinese Christians

Members of China's government-sanctioned protestant churches are holding Bible exhibitions in the U.S. this week.

Court: Principals Protected from First Amendment

School children do have First Amendment rights, but school principals can't be held responsible for violating them, an appeals court in New Orleans has ruled.

Prolife Group Lauds Planned Parenthood Probe

The Susan B. Anthony List says the congressional probe of Planned Parenthood is a "critical first step" in exposing and holding the abortion provider accountable.

Supreme Court Likely to Rule on Health Law in 2012

President Obama's health care law is headed to the U.S. Supreme Court just as the 2012 election season heats up.

Boston Native Arrested in Homegrown Terror Plot

Authorities have arrested a Boston man for plotting to attack the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol with large remote-controlled planes filled with C-4 plastic explosives.

Series Promotes Products 'Made in America'

How can U.S. consumers help if so many of the nation's products are made overseas? ABC News tackles this issue with its 'Made in America' series.

Va. Students Rise Early for 'See You at the Pole'

At Atlantic Shores High School in Virginia Beach, students arrived an hour before the school bell sounded to take part in the the annual See You at the Pole event.

Islamic Charity Head Gets 33-Month Sentence

The former head of a now defunct Islamic charity will serve 33 months in prison for smuggling money to Saudi Arabia.

Survey: Health Insurance Costs Surge in 2011

The cost of employer-sponsored health insurance surged this year, snapping a trend toward moderate growth.

ACLU Sues Va. County Board Over Prayers

The American Civil Liberties Union is suing the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors in Virginia for praying before the start of their meetings.

Pricey Holiday Travel Season Expected

The popular travel website Expedia says the price of plane tickets are expected to be about 4 percent higher this year.

Engineers Inspect Quake-Damaged Wash. Monument

The workers will be rappelling down the sides of the Washington Monument Tuesday to check for cracks and other damage.

Catholic Charities Illinois Contracts Still in Jeopardy

An Illinois judge stood by his decision Monday to cancel adoption and foster care contracts with Catholic Charities.

Healthcare Law Could End Up at Supreme Court

The lawsuit against President Obama's healthcare law could be headed for the U.S. Supreme Court after the administration decided not to ask a federal appeals court to review its recent ruling.

Songwriter, Gospel Singer Jessy Dixon Dies

Singer and songwriter Jessy Dixon, a regular fixture in gospel giant Bill Gaither's popular Homecoming series, has died. He was 73.

Couple Fined For Bible Study, Calls It Persecution

For years, the Fromms have held Bible study in their large California home, drawing up to 50 people.  But city officials have ordered those meetings to stop.

Marine Who Lost 3 Limbs Gets Hero Welcome

An emotional homecoming was held Sunday for a war hero who lost three of his limbs in Afghanistan.

Jail or Jesus? Inmates Given Option to Attend Church

A new program called "Operation Restore Our Community" allows misdemeanor offenders to work off their sentences in prison or by going to church.

Living People to Be on New US Stamps

The U.S. Postal Service announced Monday that it had dropped the rule that only dead people can appear on postage stamps and are asking the public who should be the first living person to be so honored.

Texas Teen Suspended for Opposing Homosexuality

A 14-year-old high school student in Fort Worth, Texas, was suspended from classes for three days for opposing homosexuality.

Freed American Hikers Describe Iran Prison Ordeal

The two American hikers recently freed from an Iranian prison spoke about their two-year ordeal at a Manhattan press conference, just hours after their plane landed at Kennedy International Airport.

Critics: 'Dolphin Tale' a 'Life-Affirming' Film

The film tells the story of how a group of medical experts and the unwavering devotion of a young boy bring about a miracle in the life one young dolphin. 

Police Arrest 80 at 'Occupy Wall Street' Protest

Police arrested about 80 demonstrators who marched through lower Manhattan on Saturday.

Author: How to Tap into Your Creative Gifts

With unemployment hovering around nine percent, and jobs hard to find, jobseekers have been forced to re-invent themselves.  But exactly how does one do that?

How Godly Petitions Change Headlines

Most Christians know that prayer is powerful -- but can it change the headlines and world events?

Billy Graham Still Relevant Despite Age, Health

Rev. Billy Graham will turn 93 in November. And although the popular evangelist has a few health issues, they haven't stopped him from spreading the gospel.

Car Dealer Helps Plant 4,000 Churches Worldwide

Dois Rosser made his fortune in the car business. However, as he approached his retirement, he traded his earthly fortune to see the gospel go into all the nations of the world.

'Love Wins' Author Bell Resigns from Church

Rob Bell has resigned from the church he and his wife founded 12 years ago to pursue other opportunities.

VA Reaches Settlement in Faith Discrimination Case

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs agreed to settle a religious discrimination lawsuit.

Woman Drops 100+ Pounds to Save Sick Brother

Two years ago Kari Roberts weighed 320 pounds. She knew she needed to lose weight, but had lacked the incentive -- until her brother was diagnosed with kidney disease.

'Inspirational Archer' Aims for Hearts, Record Books

A Nebraska man is using his disability to inspire others and at the same time, attempting to put himself into the record books.

Alabama School District Drops Pregame Prayer

A Northern Alabama school superintendent will no longer allow pregame prayers before high school football games.

Troy Davis: Is the Death Penalty Justice or Murder?

For 20 years, death row inmate Troy Davis maintained that he's an innocent man. Yet, just after 11 p.m. Wednesday, he was executed by lethal injection.

Texas Drought Could Hurt State's Rice Farms

The Lower Colorado River Authority may cut off the water flow to a river that hundreds of South Texas farmers use as their primary source of water.

Southern Baptists Consider Name Change

SBC President Bryant Wright says a new name would help the denomination grow outside of the South and Southwest.

Pro-Life Message for Blacks Met with Backlash

For almost every black child born in the United States, another is aborted.  Some are calling that alarming statistic "genocide" within the African-American community.

Holocaust Survivor, 90, Makes Comedy Debut

One Arizona woman is showing the world that it's never too late to go for your dreams.

Court Tosses Suit against Christian Shelter

A religious discrimination lawsuit against a Christian homeless shelter in Boise, Idaho, has been thrown out by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Reaction Mixed as Military Lifts Ban on Gays

 Not everyone at the Pentagon is onboard with the change -- especially military chaplains who fear they won't be able to voice their religious beliefs.

Gunman Wounds Two, Subdued by Church Members

A man shot and killed his wife in their home before opening fire at the Greater Faith Christian Church in Lakeland, Fla., this weekend, wounding both pastors.

Reno Air Crash Survivor 'Thanks God' He's Alive

A survivor of Friday's deadly crash at the Reno, Nev., air show says he's blessed to be alive.

Forgotten Hatteras: 'My Life is Living Here on the Street'

Irene is gone, but those living on North Carolina's Outer Banks are far from recovery. Residents who were born and raised on Hatteras Island say Irene was historic.

Popular 'I Am Second' Site Urges Putting God First

One website is taking the phrase 'I surrender all' to heart, encouraging believers from all walks of life to put Christ first in their lives.

NRB Study: Social Sites Censoring Christians

A new study released Thursday revealed that Christians are one of the few groups being censored online.

Constitution Day Not Observed by Most Schools

Federal law requires public schools to observe Sept. 17.  However, a group known as Wallbuilders says studies show most schools ignore the law.

Film Critic Reviews New Sarah Jessica Parker Movie

Sarah Jessica Parker stars in a new romantic comedy, but is it family friendly?

Biker Pulled from Burning Wreck Thanks Heroes

Brandon Wright's dramatic rescue was caught on video Tuesday and has been seen around the world on television and on the Internet.

US Army Relinquishes Keys to Historic Ft. Monroe

The U.S. Army has turned over management of historic Fort Monroe to the commonwealth of Virginia.

AZ Governor Wants Day of Prayer Suit Dismissed

The governor of Arizona has asked for a lawsuit that challenged the state's annual day of prayer be dismissed.

Obama Bestows Medal of Honor on Marine

President Obama awarded the Medal of Honor to a U.S. Marine in a White House ceremony Thursday for saving the lives of three dozen of his comrades.

Utah Car Rescue Video Goes Viral

A camera set up by several Utah State University students for a project captured video of an amazing rescue that's now been seen around the world.

Justice Ginsburg Slides to Safety After Plane Scare

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had to slide down an emergency chute in order to evacuate a commercial airliner on Wednesday.

Columnist: Beware of Leftist Assault on America's Kids

Washington Times columnist Marybeth Hicks warns political correctness and pop culture are misleading America's kids.

Texas Fire Evacuees Return to Burned Homes

With the Bastrop County fire almost 70 percent contained, some residents are returning to their homes for the first time in nearly a week.

Wash. Bakery Provides Free Cakes for Kids

A birthday is a special time for most kids.  But what if their parents can't afford to throw a party or bake a cake? One Washington state woman came up with the perfect solution.

Texas Water Shortage Could Last for Years

Texas officials say there appears to be no end in sight for the worst drought in the state's history.

Appeals Court Hears Lawsuit on Okla. Sharia Ban

A federal appeals court is considering whether Oklahoma's ban on Sharia law can stand.

ACLU Sues School Board over Commandments Display

The American Civil Liberties Union is suing the Giles County, Va. School Board for posting the Ten Commandments as part of a history display.

Pa. Judge Rules Health Law Unconstitutional

A federal Pennsylvania judge ruled the new health care law's mandate that individuals buy health insurance is unconstitutional.

CBN Remembers September 11, 2001

Watch powerful testimonies of survivors, video remembrances from CBN News, and other resources to honor this tragic day.

Google Street View Captures Image of Nude Woman

The Google map tool known as the Google Street View is used to capture images of streets around the world.  Recently, attention has been called to images of a nude woman seen on the application.

Guardsman Pops Question to Soldier Girlfriend

One Indiana soldier got more than a warm welcome when she returned home. She got a marriage proposal.

NC House OKs Referendum on Same-Sex Marriage

North Carolina voters are one step closer to deciding whether a ban on same-sex marriage should be added to their state constitution.

Dobson in 'Good Spirits' after Horse-Riding Fall

Focus on the Family founder Dr. James Dobson is in stable condition after suffering several broken bones from a horseback-riding accident over the weekend. 

Calif. Group Wants 'Anti-Family' Bills Vetoed

Several days after the end of the California legislative session, the pro-famliy group Save California says there are several bills they hope voters can convince the governor not to sign.

Fla. 9/11 Monument Place of Peace for Parents

The parents of a NYC firefighter killed on 9/11 find peace at a monument to victims located in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

Justices to Consider Extent of Gov't GPS Tracking

The U.S. Supreme Court will be weighing on how far the government can go in using technology to track its citizens.

Author Pens New Teen Thriller on Radical Islam

The book, titled The Final Hour is the last book in his "Homelanders Series" in which a Christian teen named Charlie West battles Islamo-fascists.

Sept. 11 Weekend Filled with Honors, False Alarms

The past weekend was filled with honor for 9/11 victims across the U.S. -- and some jitters as well.

Sept. 11 Marked with Reading of Nearly 3,000 Names

The names of the Sept. 11 dead, some recited by children barely old enough to remember their fallen mothers and fathers, echoed across ground zero Sunday.

Texas' Largest Wildfire 50 Percent Contained

The Bastrop wildfire burning near Austin, Texas, has become the most destructive fire in the state's history.

Sept. 11 Forged Spiritual In Roads for New Yorkers

The attacks of 9/11 may have changed the skyline of the Big Apple, but it also transformed the people of the city in another way.

Redeeming 9/11: Bringing Good from Tragedy

Christian author Dr. Jim Denison says there are key spiritual insights Americans can reflect on during the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

'Warrior' Movie Tells Story of Redemption, Family

A new movie "Warrior" tells a story of redemption and family. But while it has a positive message, some say its violence detracts from the family values.

By God's Grace: Surviving 9/11 from the 81st Floor

Jean and Dan Potter live a quiet life in Pennsylvania. It's a stark contrast to 10 years ago living in a Manhattan apartment just a few blocks from the World Trade Center.

Officials Tighten Security After New Terror Threat

Just days before the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the nation is on high alert after officials issued a terror warning involving a possible plot by al Qaeda.

Post 9/11, DC Residents Show Resilience

Like New York, many residents of Washington, D.C. believe the tragic events of 9/11 made them stronger.

Residents Return as Susquehanna Recedes

Tens of thousands of people forced from their homes in Pennsylvania were allowed to return as the Susquehanna River receded from some of the highest floodwaters ever seen.

Terror Expert Releases 'Land of the Free' Song

Former FBI special agent John Guandolo is known by many for his insight on the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda.

Nationwide Prayer Events Planned for 9/11 Weekend

In honor of the 10th anniversary of 9/11, thousands are expected to gather to pray in New York City and across the nation this weekend.

'Big Apple's Little Girl' Remembers 9/11 Hero Mom

One of the 9/11 images ingrained in the minds of many is the photo of 2-year-old Patricia Smith accepting the NYPD's Medal of Honor on behalf of her mother.

Thousands Evacuated in Deadly Northeast Flooding

Days of rainfall in the Northeast have triggered widespread flooding, forcing nearly 100,000 residents to evacuate and leaving at least 11 people dead.

Tapes from 9/11 Reveal Confusion, Uncertainty

Newly released audio tapes from the morning of Sept. 11, 2001 vividly reveal what happened when al Qaeda terrorists hijacked four commercial aircraft in flight over the U.S.

Northeast Showers Trigger Flooding, Evacuations

The ever-wet situation has Northeast residents from Maryland to New England praying for relief.

Court Dismisses Heath Care Reform Lawsuits

A federal appeals court in Virginia dismissed two lawsuits challenging President Barack Obama's healthcare law Thursday.

'Where's Waldo' Game Helps Sick Kids Smile

At Seattle Children's Hospital, patients often read the book "Where's Waldo." Now, a group of local construction workers have brought Waldo to life.

Archbishop: Church Not for 'Cafeteria Catholics'

The new archbishop of Philadelphia is a Native American who has earned a reputation as one of the church's most outspoken conservatives.

West Promotes Anti-Ground Zero Mosque Film

In an effort to help give 9/11 families a voice, Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., hosted a screening Wednesday of a new film titled "Sacrificed Survivors."

Texas Crews Make Gains Against Wildfire Near Austin

Fire crews have started to gain control of a wind-stoked wildfire that has raged unchecked across parched central Texas for days, destroying more than 800 homes.

Evangelicals Left Off of 9/11 Cathedral Program

Washington's National Cathedral 9/11 service will include a Hindu priest, a Buddhist nun, and a Muslim imam. But it does not include a evangelical representative.

Boy Walking, Talking after 'Miracle' Rescue

Last month, Dale Ostrander made national headlines when he was miraculously recovered after being dragged underwater by a strong riptide.

Colorado Lawmakers Revive Prayer Caucus

Lawmakers in Colorado are reviving a prayer caucus in an effort to "uphold Judeo-Christian principles."

Criticism of Bloomberg's 9/11 Clergy Ban Grows

The issue of whether clergy should help mark the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks has pitted New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg against faith groups.

Calif. High Court Hears Prop 8 Arguments

California Supreme Court justices grilled attorneys Tuesday on whether Prop 8 sponsors have legal standing to appeal the judge's ruling.

Death Toll Rises in Nevada IHOP Shooting

A third National Guard member has died in Tuesday's Nevada IHOP shooting spree, bringing the number of casualties to five.

Christians Rally to Change Gay History Law

Conservative Christians in California want to change a new state law requiring public schools to teach gay rights history to children.

Deadly Wildfires Devour Homes Across Texas

High winds and the state's longest drought continue to fuel wildfires all over Texas.  The fires have already taken the lives of at least two people.

Remnants of Lee Cause Havoc in Southern States

The remnants of Tropical Storm Lee spawned tornados in Georgia and Alabama.

DC National Cathedral to Reopen for 9/11 Anniversary

The national landmark has been closed for repairs since last week's Mineral, Va., earthquake shook the East Coast.

Nationwide Terror Alert Spotlights Small Aircraft

The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security have issued a nationwide warning about al Qaeda threats against small planes.

A Weakened Lee Still Poses Flooding Threat

Tropical Storm Lee has been downgraded to a tropical depression. But the storm still poses a flooding threat as it makes its way toward the Southeast. 

Faith Film 'Seven Days in Utopia' Debuts in Theaters

A new faith-based movie, "Seven Days in Utopia," debuted in select theaters across the U.S. Friday.

Family Friendly? Bono Cast on 'Dancing' Show

The new cast of ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" has many questioning if the show will still be family friendly.

Almost Forgotten Town Gets Help after Irene

Volunteer teams with Operation Blessing International help a small community recover from the affects of Hurricane Irene.

Clemens Hearing to Determine Pitcher's Fate

Roger Clemens will return to court Friday to find out if he'll have to face a second trial on charges he lied to Congress about using performance enhancing drugs.

Football Player with Down Syndrome Inspires Team

The game of football takes athleticism, but it also takes a whole lot of heart as one Texas high school senior has proven.

As Water Recedes, Frustration Rises on East Coast

Still in the dark almost a week after Hurricane Irene, residents are complaining to their utility companies and to their politicians.

FEMA to Americans: Think of Us as Family

FEMA, whose disaster relief track record is spotty at best, rarely conjures up warm images in the eyes of the American public. Now the agency seeking to change that.

Autopilot Addiction? Pilots Forgetting How to Steer

Travelers put their lives in the hands of pilots every time they board a plane. Now the FAA says airline pilots may be forgetting how to manually fly.

Liberal Professor Confirmed to Calif. Supreme Court

A U.C. Berkeley law professor whom many conservatives considered too liberal to be a federal judge is now a member of the California Supreme Court.

Texas Set to Kick Off 'World Mandate' Conference

Thousands of people from all over the world are expected to gather in Waco, Texas for this year's annual World Mandate Missions Conference. 

AAA Predicts Holiday Travel to be Slightly Down

The American Automobile Association says travel on America's highways and skyways will be down this Labor Day weekend due to economic factors.

Aid Group Helps Outer Banks Recover from Irene

Volunteer teams with Operation Blessing International are in the Outer Banks of North Carolina visiting some of the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Irene.

ACLU Sues MO School District Over Web Sex Filter

The American Civil Liberties Union is suing a Missouri school district for refusing to lift its Internet sexuality filter.

Texas Wildfire Could Soon Be Contained

A devastating wildfire that burned more than three dozen cliff-top homes in North Texas may soon be contained.

President to Head to NJ to View Irene Damage

President Barack Obama will travel to New Jersey on Sunday to survey the damage from Hurricane Irene.

Judge Strikes Down Parts of Texas Sonogram Law

A federal judge in Texas has ruled against a key provision of the state's new sonogram law.

US Security Intensifying as Sept. 11 Date Nears

As the tenth anniversary of 9/11 approaches, security is intensifying at airports, train stations, nuclear plants and major sporting arenas.