October 2008 Headlines

Bakken - Home of the Next Big Oil Boom?

DICKINSON, North Dakota - How can America reduce its dependence on foreign oil? Some maintain alternative fuels are the answer.

Opponents of CA Prop 8 Play Rough

California residents who are voting "yes" to keep the traditional definition of marriage are facing vandalism from opponents of the proposed state constitutional amendment.

Christians Rally for VA Police Chaplains

Pastors and Christians from across Virginia will be rallying this weekend in support of police chaplains who resigned amid a prayer controversy.

Poll: Gay Marriage Campaigns Tighten

The latest polls show tight races in three states with marriage amendments.

Banks to Use Bailout Funds for Loans

Some U.S. banks are promising to use the money they're getting from the government's bailout program for new loans.

Handling Halloween as a Christian

Halloween is today and the scramble among parents for costumes and candy is on. But what about Christians?

Political Rivals Serve at Same Church

MONTGOMERY, Ala. - John McCain may have an uphill battle for the White House, but he's not alone. So do congressional Republicans in their respective races across the country as Democrats vie for big gains.

U.S. Closes Damascus Embassy to Public

DAMASCUS, Syria - The U.S. will close its embassy in Damascus Thursday "due to increased security risk," as tensions continue to escalate following Sunday's raid on the border town of Abu Kamal in eastern Syria.

Bush to Participate in 'Interfaith Session'

President Bush plans to take part in an "interfaith session" at the United Nations.

CA Marriage Fight Shifts to Schools

CBNNews.com - The battle over gay marriage in California has shifted to the public schools.

Gay Marriage to Become Legal in Connecticut

Homosexuals in Connecticut will be allowed to legally get married starting on or after Nov. 10.

Syria Demands U.N. Response to U.S. Raid

DAMASCUS, Syria - Syrian officials are demanding that the United Nations Security Council condemn the U.S. raid on its territory Sunday.

Court Upholds Cobb County Prayers

A Georgia county can continue to start their meetings with Christian prayers, a federal appeals court in Atlanta ruled on Tuesday.

Warren Endorses Prop 8 in California

Saddleback Church Pastor Rick Warren has publicly taken a stand against gay marriage in California.

Ex-Lesbian Found in Contempt of Court

CBNNews.com - A former lesbian who became a born-again Christian was found in contempt of court Monday for refusing to give unsupervised visitation of her biological daughter to her former lesbian partner.

New Holocaust Movie Debuts in November

A new movie that will be released next month shows the Holocaust of the Jews during World War II from a unique perspective.

Titans Square off in Sixth Debate

Political heavyweights squared off Friday at Regent University's sixth annual "Clash of the Titans" debate.

Gay Activists Target Smaller Races in U.S.

While most eyes are on the White House race, homosexual activists are quietly targeting smaller contests throughout rural America this year.

Minorities May Decide CA Marriage Vote

Whether California will support gay marriage or not could come down to voter turn-out among African-Americans and Hispanics.

San Francisco Decriminalizing Prostitution?

In San Francisco, prostitutes may soon be allowed to freely work the streets.

Reckless Use of Mobile Devices Widespread

A new survey reveals that many Americans send and receive text messages on mobile e-mail devices while driving and in other dangerous situations.

Israeli Sends 42,000 U.S. Ballots

JERUSALEM, Israel - Vote from Israel, a nonpartisan organization helping Americans to vote by absentee ballot, says Israel has the third largest group of Americans living abroad, next to Canada and Britain.

'Fireproof' Continues Box Office Success

The faith-based Film Fireproof had now grossed 40 times its original budget with ticket sales-- an accomplishment that has raised even the eyebrows of its own directors.

Pharmacy Caters to Pro-Life Customers

The Roman Catholic Church has given its blessing to one of the few pro-life drug stores in the country. So much so that the patron saint of pharmacists is on display at the pharmacy, which is located in a Chantilly, Virginia shopping center.

Oil Drops, So Do Gas Prices

The price of oil is still plunging - dropping today to its lowest level since June of 2007.

Washington Considers 2nd Stimulus

WASHINGTON - As the challenges gripping the economy continue to grow, so does support on Capitol Hill for a new stimulus package to revive the economy with another jolt.

CA Churches Rally to Support Prop. 8

Dozens of California churches linked by broadcast satellite, held a rally in support of a state constitutional amendment that would define marriage as being between a man and a woman.

Abortion Ban Returns to Ballot in S. Dakota

South Dakotan voters on Nov. 4 will decide on another abortion ban that is less restrictive than the one they decided against in 2006.

Gas Prices Continue to Fall

Gas prices continue to go down.

Regent Professor of Theology Passes Away

Regent University is mourning the passing of one of its theology professors, Dr. J. Rodman Williams.

'Love Dare': A Plot Device Turned Best Seller

The Love Dare, the book that began as a plot device for the faith-based movie Fireproof, has become a New York Times Best Seller and a top-selling book on Amazon.com.

How Families Can Cope with the Economy

The stock market has recovered some of last week's losses in the last couple of days.

A Dreary Forecast for the Economy

WASHINGTON - All signs point to a recession - possibly a severe one, headed our way.

Pastor Defies IRS with Pro-McCain Sermon

Bishop Robert Smith is taking a path less-travelled by many pastors during election years. He's endorsing a presidential candidate from the pulpit.

Parents Say Doll Promotes Islam

The Fisher Price "Cuddle n' Coo" doll is supposed to make baby noises and say "mama." But some people say that it's saying something else.

Poll: CA Marriage Issue a Tight Race

A new public poll on gay marriage in California is shocking gay right advocates.

Police Head to U.S. on Rishon Tours Case

JERUSALEM, Israel - A team of Israel Police National Fraud Unit detectives will head to the U.S. next week to gather additional evidence in the 'Olmerttours' case, also known as the Rishon Tours multiple-billing affair, against former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

Social Security Benefits Taking Big Jump

WASHINGTON - Social Security benefits for 50 million people are expected to go up next year by the largest amount in more than a quarter-century.

The Economy: Is the Sky Really Falling?

WASHINGTON - The economy will likely continue taking center stage on the campaign trail.

Ohio Files Appeal Over Voter Fraud Ruling

Ohio's Democrat elections chief has asked the U.S. Supreme Court to decide if the state must help counties verify voter eligibility.

New Safety Changes for School Buses

The U.S. government is announcing new safety measures for school buses.

School Prayer Case Appealed to High Court

A New Jersey high school football coach is taking a team prayer case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Liquid Coal: The New Black Gold?

WILLIAMSON, W.Va. - America has billions of tons of coal in its mountains, and with gas prices going through the roof, the question is why isn't more coal being turned into liquid fuel? Where Coal is King

Voter Group Speaks Up Over Fraud Charges

A voting activist group defended itself Tuesday over charges of fraud, saying most of the group's voter registration efforts were done legitimately and should not keep voters out of the Nov. 4 election.

Atheist Soldier Drops Lawsuit

A U.S. Army soldier who claims to be an atheist has dropped his discrimination lawsuit against the Defense Department.

Bush, Leaders Finalize Bank Ownership Plan

WASHINGTON - In Washington, President Bush met with his top financial advisors to finalize the government's plan to take partial ownership in nine major banks.

Turning to God's Word in Financial Crisis

Scares on Wall Street have many questioning the future of their finances.

CA First Graders Attend Gay Wedding

A group of first graders in San Francisco took a school-sponsored field trip to a homosexual wedding.

AFA Ends Boycott against McDonalds

The American Family Association is ending its McDonald's boycott after the restaurant chain said it will stop its efforts to push the "homosexual agenda."

NBA Down in the U.S., But Scores in China

Considering the current U.S. economy, it shouldn't come as a huge surprise that less than eighty percent of NBA season passes are being renewed, which is a record low level.  As a result, the NBA's decision to cut 9% of its workforce in the U.S., which translates into about 80 jobs, also seems to be a pretty sound decision.

Gas Prices Going Down

Gas prices are still heading downward.

Pro-Family Groups Rally Against Gay Ruling

Pro-marriage forces are working on a strategy to challenge the Connecticut supreme court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage in the state last week.

'Fireproof' Surprise Hit of Fall Season

Actor Kirk Cameron's latest movie Fireproof has turned out to be a surprise hit at the box office this fall season.

Worried About Money? You're Not Alone

Failing banks and rising unemployment rates have Americans all stressed out, a new poll shows.

Tackling America's Child Prostitution Secret

It's known as "America's dirty little secret" --children forced into prostitution.

Connecticut High Court Allows Gay Marriage

CBNNews.com - Connecticut's highest court ruled Friday that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry, making the state the third in the country to legalize gay marriage.

Churches Fight CA Gay Law With Prayer

Many believe the outcome of the California marriage amendment will be felt nationwide. That's one reason the effort to win over voters on both sides has already raised more than $30 million.

Christians Gather on Capitol Hill to Fast, Pray

A group of Christians are finishing a week-long prayer vigil on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. today.

Consumers Watching Every Penny

In these uncertain economic times, Americans seem to be hunkering down to ride out the economic storm.

Creation Museum Drawing Big Crowds

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - It has been a year since the Creation Museum opened, and the museum is drawing big crowds.

Remaining Faithful in Financial Hard Times

Economic hard times have many stressed and Christians are no exception.

Short Selling Returns to Wall Street

CBNNews.com - Another source of uncertainty on Wall Street has to do with something known as short selling.

Lawsuit Tossed Over Nativity Scene

Hailed by Christian groups as a victory against those who want to strip away America's religious heritage, a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit Tuesday against the city of Green Bay, Wisc., over a Nativity scene displayed last year at the City Hall.

U.S. Considers Ownership Stake in Banks

WASHINGTON - Global investors believe Wall Street is getting closer to bottoming out which sent Asian and European markets higher.

High Court to Hear Profanity Law Case

CBNNews.com - The Supreme Court will decide soon whether the Federal Communications Commission can impose fines for profanity use on television.

'Bride', 'Groom' Back on CA License Apps

CBNNews.com - California is adding the words "Bride" and "Groom" back to its marriage license applications.

White House Has Harsh Words for AIG

The Bush administration has harsh words for American International Group, Inc. executives who accepted a federal bailout and then days later, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on a luxurious company retreat.

U.S. Judge Orders Release of 17 Uighur Muslims from Guantamo

A U.S. federal judge has called for the immediate release of seventeen Uighur Muslims who have been detained in Guantanamo Bay for the past seven years, because they're no longer "enemy combatants."  Despite this presumed innocence, they've remained in Guantanamo since they have been unable to find a country that will resettle them. 

What to Do with Your Money?

Pat Robertson answers a few questions sent in by viewers on what to do with their finances during the current economic turmoil.

Group Sues Bush Over Nat'l Day of Prayer

The nation's largest group of atheists and agnostics is suing President Bush and other officials over the federal law mandating the National Day of Prayer.

CA Pastors: Fast, Pray for Marriage Law

Hundreds of California pastors are calling on their congregations to fast and pray in support of Proposition 8.

Fireproof Still Going Strong at Box Office

The movie Fireproof had a strong second weekend at the box office.

High Court Allows 'Choose Life' Plates

After rejecting nearly 2,000 appeals, the nation's highest court will hear a handful of cases involving freedom of religious expression.

Christian Students Protest Book Ban

WASHINGTON - Christian students and their parents protested at a Fairfax County, Virginia high school Thursday.

CA Voters Support Abortion Notify Measure

CBNNews.com - A new poll shows that Californians narrowly favor a ballot measure that would require parents to be notified before an unmarried minor gets an abortion.

Pastors Defy IRS Rules, Back Candidates

In direct challenge to IRS rules, a legal defense group has encouraged pastors from across the nation to use their pulpits to endorse political candidates.

Parental, Gay Rights Mix in Montana

A Montana judge could be blurring the lines of gay and parental rights, after giving a homosexual woman joint custody of two children she had no legal or biological connection to.

Conservative Comedy Heads to Theatres

CBNnews.com - A political satire out just in time for the election features a cast of conservative actors who say they are tired of Hollywood's attacks on America.

Pastors Rally for VA Police Chaplains

CBNNews.com - Pastors from across Virginia gathered Wednesday in support of six state police chaplains who resigned amid a controversy over praying in the name of Jesus.

U.S. Judge to PLO: Terrorism Isn't War

A U.S. federal district court judge ruled Tuesday that victims of terrorist attacks in Israel can proceed with their $3 billion lawsuit against the Palestinian Liberation Organization.