November 2011 Headlines

Jamestown Find Upholds America's Christian Heritage

Archaeologists say they've discovered the original 1608 church that was built at James Fort -- powerful evidence of America's Christian foundation.

Cuteness: Kids Explain Thanksgiving in Their Own Words

Thanksgiving is a time to remember what we're thankful for. But where did this tradition start? A group of kids recently shared their thoughts on the matter.

Elderly Street Evangelist Still Committed to NYC

Recently, CBN News met an 84-year-old New York woman who's taken the Great Commission to heart. She's been ministering on the streets of Manhattan for decades.

Mass Exodus: How the Church Is Losing the Youth

More than half of all young Christians are distancing themselves from church today. Researcher David Kinnaman explains why they young are leaving in droves.

'Wounded Wear' Helps Injured Vets Heal

For wounded warriors, even finding clothes to fit over medical devices can be a challenge. Now, one serviceman is using his experiences to bless other injured heroes.

Billy Graham's Sister Confident He Will Recover

Rev. Billy Graham was admitted to the hospital in North Carolina Wednesday, with a possible case of pneumonia.

Ohio Church Experiences the Taste of Poverty

A church in Medina, Ohio is working to raise money for the poor in Kenya by eating what the poor have to eat daily.

Proposed Child Labor Rules Have Farmers Fuming

Efforts to stop illegal child labor could end up hurting family farms, according to the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation.

Live Nativity Scene Displayed at Supreme Court

A Christian group gets permits to do Nativity scenes in prominent places across America, and asks Christians to do it wherever they live.

Food Banks Become 'New Normal' for Millions

America's largest food bank network says the tough economy means 37 million Americans now depend on food pantries.

Fewer US Children without Health Care, Study Says

The number of American children without insurance has dropped about 14 percent in the past three years, according to a new report.

Tree Farms Seek to Bring Christmas to US Troops

Communities across the country are working to send U.S. troops a little piece of home this holiday season through a program called Trees for Troops.

Church Leaders Uphold SC Episcopal Bishop

South Carolina's Episcopal bishop has not abandoned the denomination despite the ongoing disagreement over the ordination of gay clergy.

RI Gov. Declares Capitol Spruce a 'Holiday Tree'

The governor of Rhode Island is calling the 17-foot blue spruce tree in the statehouse a "holiday tree," even though state lawmakers passed a resolution in January declaring it to be a "Christmas tree."

Ga. Student Fights Expulsion over Biblical Beliefs

A Christian graduate student at a Georgia university has asked a federal appeals court to bar the school from expelling her over her biblical beliefs on homosexuality.

Police Close Occupy Camps in LA, Philly

Police officers raided the Occupy camps early Wednesday morning, where the protestor's tent city had remained two days after a deadline to evacuate.

Suit Against NY Same-Sex Marriage Can Continue

A lawsuit challenging New York's same-sex marriage law can continue, a New York state supreme court justice ruled Tuesday.

NY Church Fights to Hold Services at School

A growing number of churches hold Sunday worship services inside public schools. But in New York, officials are challenging the trend.

Michael Jackson Doctor Given Maximum Sentence

Dr. Conrad Murray will serve four years behind bars for his role in the death of Michael Jackson.

Fla. Residents Rally for Ten Commandments Display

Dixie County, Fla. residents are angry over a judge's decision to remove a Ten Commandments monument from in front of the local courthouse.

Christmas Miracle? Salvation Army's Red Kettle Surprise

The Salvation Army in Chattanooga, Tenn. says a Christmas miracle will make a big difference this year.

City Drops Charges in Home Bible Study Case

A Christian couple in southern California will be able to resume their home Bible studies without penalty and constant regulation.

Man Quits Job to Pursue PGA Tour

In today's economy and unemployment numbers, those who have a job understand the importance of keeping it.

Redbox Gives Kids Easy Access to R-Rated Movies

New technology and movie kiosks are making it easier than ever for kids to rent R-rated media.

Va. Ten Commandments Dispute Heads to Court

A federal court will hear the case of a Ten Commandments display in a southwest Virginia high school on Monday.

Two Occupy Eviction Deadlines Pass with No Arrests

Eviction deadlines for Occupy Wall Street protestors have come and gone in Los Angeles and Philadelphia but demonstrators there have vowed to stand their ground.

'Path of Fire' a Deadly Gamble for Illegals

Crossing the Sonoran Desert is dangerous, often deadly, for migrant workers from Mexico. For one pastor, that makes illegal immigration a human issue.

American Students Home after Egypt Ordeal

Three American students arrested during violent protests in Cairo, Egypt, have returned to the U.S. Despite charges, they said they had done nothing to harm anyone.

NBA Owners, Players Reach Tentative Deal

After nearly two years of bickering, NBA players and owners are back on the same side.

How Much Crazier Can Black Friday Get?

Pepper-sprayed customers, smash-and-grab looters and bloody scenes in the shopping aisles. How did Black Friday devolve into this?

Thanksgiving Celebrated Among Friends, Strangers

Spectators cheered and sang at annual Thanksgiving Day parades,  reminding each other there is much to be grateful for despite the country's hard economic times.

George Washington's Thanksgiving Proclamation

Dr. Pat Robertson reads George Washington's Thanksgiving Proclamation.

Behind the Scenes at Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

For many Americans, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade kicks off the holiday festivities. But what happens every year on 34th street is no small miracle.

President Obama Pardons Thanksgiving Gobblers

President Obama is standing up for Liberty and Peace -- the names chosen for the 45-pound turkeys pardoned at the White House on Wednesday.

Group Wants Cross Removed from Calif. Marine Base

The 13-foot cross sits on a Camp Pendleton hilltop in honor of veterans and those killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Occupy Wall Street Costing Taxpayers Millions

The movement that began in opposition to corporate excess and greed is now costing taxpayers nationwide millions of dollars, according to a new AP poll.

Despite Weather, More Travelers Hitting the Road

Wednesday is the busiest travel day of the year, and the American Automobile Association is predicting even more people will be on the highways this Thanksgiving.

Court Favors Episcopal Church in Property Fight

The Georgia Supreme Court has ruled 6-1 in favor of the national Episcopal Church in a property battle with a breakaway congregation.

Country Music's Heritage Celebrated at White House

Several country music artists were invited to perform at the White House as part of an ongoing music series to celebrate America's heritage.

Zachery Tims' Mother Heads to Court Over Autopsy

Madeline Tims will appear in court Wednesday to argue why her son's autopsy results should remain private.

Couple's Adoption Scam Story Lesson for Others

Adopting a child is often an emotional and vunerable process for a couple. A growing number of scam artists are ready to prey on those emotions for financial gain.

NYC Terror Suspect Was Building a Bomb

New York police have arrested a man they say is the fourteenth person to attempt an attack on the city since 9/11.

UC Davis Officials on Leave After Pepper Spray Event

Students and faculty at the University of California at Davis rallied on campus Monday in protest of a pepper spraying event that's gathered national attention.

Empty Bowl Project Feeds Hungry Kids in Texas

As many families gather around the table to celebrate Thanksgiving this week, one Texas group is urging people to remember those less fortunate.

Twilight's 'Breaking Dawn' Not Wedded Bliss

After a long, tumultuous courtship, Bella Swan and her vampire beau, Edward, are finally tying the knot. But their tale is hardly one of wedded bliss.

Target Worker Protests to 'Save Thanksgiving'

When Target employee Anthony Hardwick heard of his store's plan to open at midnight Nov. 25 -- he protested.

Catholics Ok'd to Buy Bankrupt Crystal Cathedral

A bankruptcy court judge has approved the sale of Crystal Cathedral to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange in California.

Soldier Gives Sons Real Life G.I. Joe Surprise

A birthday surprise for two brothers in Kentucky is sure to be one they'll never forget.

'Strike Force' Gives Food to America's Impoverished

Each week Operation Blessing's "Hunger Strike Force" transports about 2 million pounds of food to food banks and partnering ministries across the country.

Occupy Protesters 'Action' a 'Day of Disruption'

They've called it the "Day of Action." A thousand Occupy Wall Street protestors marched on the New York Stock Exchange Thursday, in an effort to close it down.

White House Shooter Claims Obama Is the 'Antichrist'

Bizarre details are emerging about the man charged with attempting to assassinate the president.

Iranian Nuke Attack on US Easy as EMP?

If Iran acquires a nuclear bomb, they might soon be able to cripple their "Great Satan" through an electromagnetic pulse -- or EMP -- attack off America’s coastline.

Prop 8 Supporters Can Defend Gay Marriage Ban

The California Supreme Court says supporters of the state's gay marriage ban can defend the law in court.

Leaders Warn Secularism Stampeding the Church

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops will discuss the growing threats against religious freedom at a conference Monday in Baltimore.

Medical Center Allows Santa Claus Back on Job

Santa Claus is returning to work at the University of South Carolina's Hollings Cancer Center in Charleston, S.C., after the hospital reversed itself over a question about its state affiliation.

Washington State Coalition Rallies for Gay Marriage

Gay rights advocates in Washington state are kicking off a campaign, Thursday, to make it the seventh state to recognize gay marriage.

Questions Remain in White House Shooting Incident

Many questions remain as to what motivated the man suspected of firing shots at the White House. Authorities say they're looking in to his mental health.

Storm Spawns Deadly Tornadoes in Southeast

At least five people are dead after a storm system spawned severe weather and tornadoes across six states in the southeastern United States, Wednesday.

How Illinois Ran 'Roughshod' over Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities has been forced out of the adoption service in Illinois because of it's stand on gay marriage. One attorney says this is a warning to the rest.

US Postal Service Edges Closer to Default

The United States Postal Service says it is nearing a possible default this Friday as the agency must make a multi-billion dollar payment to the federal government.

Suspect May Have Fired Shots at White House

The U.S. Secret Service believes Oscar Ortega-Hernandez, 21, may have fired shots near the White House last Friday.

Tennessee Woman Uses Foreclosure for Good

Thousands of Americans have felt the pain of foreclosure, but Knoxville resident Heather Finney has turned that negative reality into something good.

Condoleezza Rice to Students: Turn to the Holy Spirit

The former secretary of state and Alabama native told the crowd of 400-plus students that her Christian faith and the decisions she makes are inseparable.

NYPD Removes Occupy Protesters from Park

New York City is the latest municipality to evict Occupy Wall Street protesters from a public park.

Sandusky Denies Child Sex Abuse Allegations

Former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky denied allegations that he sexually abused eight boys, insisting he is not a pedophile.

Skeptics Say High Court Won't End Healthcare Fight

Some are skeptical the battle over the Obama administration's controversial health care law will be resolved by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Regent U. 'Rejoices in the Lord' on Day of Worship

Regent University in Virginia Beach, Va., joined in the Global Day of Worship by hosting a 24-hour worship service.

Calif. Occupy Protesters Brace for Police Crackdown

Tensions are already rising in Oakland, Calif., as police Monday step up patrols and warn protesters to move out.

Paul Crouch, Jr., Joins 'The Word Network'

The largest African American religious network in the U.S. welcomed the eldest son of TBN founders Paul and Janet Crouch with open arms.

Penn State Scandal a Lesson to Stop 'Doing Nothing'

Randy Singer, an attorney and pastor of Virginia Beach's Trinity Church, said the Penn State case serves as a reminder to Christians.

Michael W. Smith Joins 'Holiday Mail for Heroes'

The American Red Cross has a way for you to let US. troops know they're in our thoughts and prayers during the holidays, with its Holiday Mail for Heroes project.

Pastor to Vets: God Can Heal 'Marks of War'

As the country prepares to honor Veterans Day Friday, pastor and author Steve Mays wants soldiers to find purpose in their experience with war.

Hold the Whiskey! Church Holds Service in Bar

One Monday night a month, NorthStar Church holds a service called "Church at the Joe" inside the Cotton Eyed Joe nightclub in Knoxville, Tenn.

Ministry Deploy's 'Bible Sticks' to US Troops

This Veteran's Day, one ministry is spreading the gospel to America's Armed Forces using a unique tool called the Military Bible Stick.

Rick Perry 'Oops' It Up with David Letterman

Gov. Rick Perry's GOP debate debacle gave late night comedians some extra material Thursday evening.

Muslims Using Same 'Strategy' in US as Europe?

Muslims are using the same strategy to target America that they used in Europe, one Mideast expert said.

Penn State Struggles Amid Sex Abuse Scandal

The Penn State community is beginning to calm down Friday, after the riots that followed legendary coach Joe Paterno's firing.

US Delays Massive Oil Pipeline from Canada

The State Department is ordering the developer of a pipeline that would carry oil from Canada to Texas to reroute the project away from parts of Nebraska.

Coach Paterno Plans to Retire at End of Season

Pressure has been mounting for the coaching legend to step down after one of his former assistant coaches was accused of molesting young boys for more than 15 years.

Penn State's Paterno, President Fired Amid Scandal

The child sex abuse scandal that has rocked Penn State University has now cost legendary football coach Joe Paterno his job.

'Family Circus' Creator Bil Keane Dies at 89

Bil Keane's "Family Circus" comics entertained readers with a simple but sublime mix of humor and traditional family values for more than a half century.

Calif. Schools Start 'Transitional Kindergarten'

California public school systems plan to add "transitional kindergarten" as a new grade to help younger children prepare for school.

Nat'l Emergency Alert System to be Tested Wednesday

The system would be activated by President Obama in the event of a terrorist attack or other major disaster.

NY Town Clerk in Gay Marriage Flap Reelected

Voters in the Finger Lakes region of New York rejected an attempt to unseat a town clerk who refuses to sign same-sex marriage licenses because of her faith.

Pro-life, Anti-Union Laws Rejected in Ohio, Miss.

Supporters of Mississippi's personhood law called it a gateway to challenging abortion rights nationwide. But 55 percent of voters rejected the initiative.

Unfettered GPS Tracking by Police? Justices Weigh In

The Supreme Court dived into the question of whether police should be able to use the latest high-tech equipment unfettered when it comes to tracking suspects.

University Board's Support for Joe Paterno 'Eroding'

Calls for Paterno's resignation have been increasing in the wake of a child sex abuse scandal involving one of his former assistant coaches.

Homeland Security Advisor Accused of Leaking Docs

A Texas Muslim activist, Mohammed Elibiary, stands accused of leaking sensitive documents to the media to spread charges of "Islamophobia."

Appeals Court Upholds Obama Health Care Law

A conservative federal appeals court upheld President Obama's health care law Tuesday, setting the stage for a fight before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Gallup: Republicans Go to Church More than Dems

Republicans go to church more often than Democrats, and conservatives outnumber liberals in America, according to the results of recent Gallup polls.

Mass. School System Closes for Muslim Holy Day

A Massachusetts school system was among the first schools in the country to give students a day off for a Muslim holiday.

'Personhood' Amendment Put to Vote in Mississippi

Mississippians will vote on a controversial measure Tuesday that declares life begins at fertilization.

Boxing Great Joe Frazier Succumbs to Cancer

Boxing great Joe Frazier, 67, died Monday night after a brief battle with liver cancer.

Recognizing Jerusalem at Issue in Passport Case

A 9-year-old boy's desire to have the word 'Israel' on his passport has dragged all three branches of the government into a legal fight before the Supreme Court.

Doctor Convicted in Michael Jackson's Drug Death

Michael Jackson's doctor was convicted of involuntary manslaughter after a trial that painted him as a reckless caregiver who administered a lethal dose of anesthetic.

Photos 'Deep in the Heart' Promote Adoption Needs

The Heart Gallery of Central Texas and the Adoption Coalition decided to tell the stories from one small group of local children.

Food Banks See Demand Rise as Economy Falls

Food banks across the country say the demand for food has spiked in the last several years, thanks to the weak economy.

Penn State Officials Head to Court in Abuse Case

Two Penn State officials are facing arraignment on charges they perjured themselves before a grand jury and neglected to report properly suspected child abuse.

Sexual Harrassment in School at All Time High

A new national survey to be released Monday claims sexual harassment in America's middle and high schools is at an all time high.

Oklahoma Quake Leaves Scientists with Questions

Work crews in Oklahoma were assessing damage Monday after an earthquake shook a small community near Oklahoma City over the weekend.

Billy Graham Turns 93, Speaks of 'Nearing Home'

Rev. Billy Graham, America's most famous evangelist, turned 93 on Monday and just published his 30th book.

Town Clerks Bullied over NY Gay Marriage Law

Gay marriage has been legal in New York for a little more than four months. It has already led to a crisis of conscience for some public workers.

'Genesis Code' Movie Tackles Question of Creation

Creators of the new film "The Genesis Code" say there shouldn't be a conflict between the biblical account of creation and scientific theory.

Drug Traffickers Prey on Poor, US Charitable Efforts

Every year, the U.S. sends billions of dollars in food aid around the globe. Those acts of charity can have unintended side effects. 

Most Americans Fall Back Tonight

With leaves swirling and an autumn chill in the air, nature reminds us it's time for most Americans to set the clock back.

Prosecutors Dismiss Charges in Vt. Lesbian Case

Prosecutors reached a deal with an U.S. missionary in Nicaragua who may help them find a woman who fled the country in a custody dispute with her former lesbian partner.

Andy Rooney, Wry '60 Minutes' Commentator, Dies

Andy Rooney, the curmudgeonly commentator who spent more than 30 years wryly talking about the oddities of life for "60 Minutes," died Friday night.

'Adoption Day' Helps Adoptions Get Finalized

Two dozen Texas children have new homes and last names, thanks to Adoption Day.

Film Critic Reviews 'Tower Heist,' Other Movies

The new movie "Tower Heist" premieres in local theaters this weekend.  But is it family friendly?

ACLU Demands Prayers Stop at Neb. Schools

The American Civil Liberties Union has told officials at a Nebraska school district they are violating students' First Amendment rights by allowing prayer at high school graduations.

Young People More Accepting of Other Lifestyles

From gay marriage to religion, Pew researchers noticed a 'greater acceptance of diversity among young people' in their latest study.

Wall Street Protests Shut Down Parts of Oakland

Occupy Wall Street protests took a violent turn Wednesday night as protestors in Oakland, Calif., clashed with riot police.

Billy Graham Sermons Available on the Web

Many of the sermons date back 60 years, including Graham's famous crusades and his remarks at President Lyndon Johnson's funeral.

Coalition Proposes Revenue-Raising Broadband Plan

A coalition of low-power television stations has unveiled a new revenue-raising proposal that would auction off spectrum relinquished by broadcasters.

Policy Forces Nurses to Perform Abortions

A group of nurses employed with University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey are suing the hospital for requiring them to participate in abortions.

Feds: Online Novel Model for Ga. Militia Plot

Federal agents arrested four men Tuesday for trying to buy explosives and planning to manufacture ricin -- a deadly biological toxin.

Reagan Statute Unveiled at D.C. Airport

A nine-foot statue of former President Ronald Reagan was unveiled Tuesday to greet travelers at Washington, D.C.'s Reagan National Airport.

Churches Fear New FCC Rules Will Hurt TV Ministry

The Federal Communications Commission has made closed captioning a requirement for small and medium sized television ministries.

Bon Appetite: Nov. 3 is Nat'l Men Make Dinner Day

Men across the nation will be donning their aprons, Thursday, for National Men Make Dinner Day.

Hillary Clinton's Mother Dies at 92

Dorothy Rodham, the mother of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, died early Tuesday morning after an illness. She was 92.

Supreme Court Rejects Utah Cross Case

The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear a case over whether memorial crosses displayed along highways in Utah violate the U.S. Constitution.