January 2012 Headlines

Off the Streets: Helping Sex Victims for the Long Haul

Despite the growing awareness of sex trafficking, there are just a handful of shelters for victims. Even the experts admit they're only beginning to learn how to help.

Viral Video Highlights 'Fairytale' Image of Marriage

Jefferson Bethke, best known for his video "Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus," is back with another fearless poem -- this time tackling marriage.

NYC Churches Fight Back for Religious Freedom

New York City churches are fighting to keep from being evicted if the city council and state legislature do not reverse a decision banning worship services in public schools.

Coffee Shop Ministry Offers Unique Hangout

A new coffee shop in Oklahoma is surprising customers with a very unconventional business model -- everything in the store if free, and everyone is welcome.

Pastor, Family among Florida Crash Casualties

A pastor, his wife, and teenage daughter were among the 10 people killed in a massive highway pileup near Gainesville, Fla., over the weekend. 

Vanderbilt Reviews Policy Affecting Christian Groups

Vanderbilt University is holding a campus meeting Tuesday over its requirement that Christian groups comply with its non-discrimination policy.

School Board: 'Bibleman' Stays, Despite Lawsuit Threat

In one Alabama school district, atheists want the Christian superhero "Bibleman" out of the classroom, but local Christians urged the school district to keep him.

General Drops West Point Speech amid Complaints

Retired Lt. Gen. William Boykin decided not to attend a West Point prayer breakfast after a veterans' group asked the Army chief of staff to rescind his invitation.

Activists Try for Gay Marriage Again in Maine

Gay activists in Maine want voters to reconsider whether to allow gay marriage in their state, believing they have had a change of heart on marriage between homosexuals.

Rescued Missionary Heads Home to America

Former Somali hostage Jessica Buchanan is finally heading home to Pennsylvania. Earlier Monday, she left Italy where she'd been undergoing reintegration treatment.

NYC Churches Protest Public School Worship Ban

Hundreds of New York City church members took to the streets Sunday to urge their lawmakers to overturn the city's ban on worship services in public schools.

Grad Student Scores Victory in Gay Counseling Case

A fedeal court has ruled in favor of a Christian graduate student expelled from her school's counseling program after refusing to provide services to a gay client.

Occupy Protesters Lose Steam as More Arrested

Oakland, Calif., residents are cleaning up after a weekend of violent clashes between police and Occupy Wall Street protesters, leading to more than 400 arrests.

St. Louis First City to Hold Parade for Iraq Vets

Tens of thousands of people waved American flags and cheered as about 600 veterans walked along the St. Louis' cold, windy streets.

Oakland Police Arrest 300 'Occupiers'

Police arrested about 300 "Occupy Oakland" protesters on Saturday, following a chaotic day of clashes.

Student Foils Utah High School Bomb Plot

Utah authorities say a courageous teenage student helped foil a bomb plot that could have injured hundreds at a public high school outside of Salt Lake City.

Gay Congressman to Marry Longtime Partner

Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., one of the first openly gay congressmen, says he will marry his longtime partner, Jim Ready.

Ex-Marine Pleads Guilty to Pentagon Shootings

A former Marine Corps Reservist from Virginia has agreed to serve 25 years in prison for firing shots at the Pentagon and other military building in 2010.

S. Dakota House Passes Academic Bible Study Bill

The South Dakota House approved a measure on Wednesday to put an academic study of the Bible back in the state's public schools.

Rescued Missionary Sold Everything for Africa

CBN News has more information about Jessica Buchanan, the missionary who was rescued from Somali kidnappers last weekend by the U.S. Navy's SEAL Team 6.

Airline Stops Giving Prayer Cards with Meals

Alaska Airlines will soon stop its 30-year tradition of passing out prayer cards to passengers with their flight meal.

Newly Literate 98-Year-Old Inspires Kids to Read

Until just a few years ago, James Arruda Henry didn't know how to read. He was in the third grade when his father pulled him out of school to work on a lobster boat.

NH Bill Lets Wedding Vendors Stand by Conscience

New Hampshire's House Judiciary Committee held a hearing this week on proposed legislation that would allow wedding vendors to turn away gay couples.

NASCAR Team Throws Support Behind Israel

America Israel Racing has teamed with NASCAR veteran team Robinson Blakeney Racing to place a car in the "Great American Race" at the Daytona 500.

Report: Iran Won't Complete Bomb in 2012

While Iran may not produce a nuclear weapon in 2012, once the decision is made, it won't take long.

What Celebrity Breakups Teach about Marriage

Is the fascination with celebrity relationships unhealthy for current and future marriages?

Elderly Woman Gives $1.7 M to Salvation Army

Charitable organizations like the Salvation Army depend on donations to keep their operations running smoothly so they can help others in need.

Archbishop: Obama Wrong on Birth Control Mandate

A Roman Catholic leader says the Obama administration has become a serial violator of the Constitution.

NJ Governor Vows to Veto Gay Marriage Bill

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie vowed Tuesday to veto a same-sex marriage bill that's moving through the state legislature. He says the public should vote on the issue.

Son of Oral Roberts Arrested on DUI Charge

An Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper stopped Richard Roberts a little after midnight driving 93 miles per hour in his Mercedes-Benz.

Alabamans 'Thank God' for Surviving Rare Storms

Residents across four states are cleaning up after rare winter tornadoes ripped through the South.

Gay Marriage Bill May Come to Vote in Wash. State

Washington state will likely become the seventh state to legalize marriage between homosexuals.

Tiny 'Miracle Baby' Released from the Hospital

Little Melinda Star Guido was born August 30, 2011 weighing 9.5 ounces, less than a can of soda.  Doctor's didn't expect her to live long, but now she's headed home.

On Their Knees: Family Intercedes for the Unborn

For 39 years the abortion battle has been waged in the courts and the streets. Now one Maryland family is fighting for the unborn on the local level.

Pro-lifers: Abortion Often Forced on Women

March for Life participants wanted to send a message that abortion shouldn't be viewed as an option or a freedom but as something that makes women victims.

Supreme Court: Warrant Needed for GPS Tracking

The Supreme Court ruled unanimously that police must get a search warrant before using GPS technology to track criminal suspects.

Penn State Students, Alumni Mourn Coach Paterno

Penn State University students and fans are mourning the loss of legendary football coach Joe Paterno, who died of lung cancer on Sunday. He was 85.

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Resigning from Congress

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords intends to resign this week to concentrate on recovering from wounds suffered in an assassination attempt a little more than a year ago.

Craigslist Rental Scam Costs Couple $1,000

Two days after getting the keys to their new home, police officers showed up at the Shives' door ordering them to move out.

International Evangelist R.W. Shambach Dies

Christians around the world are mourning the loss of international evangelist R.W. Schambach.

'Jesus > Religion' Video Author Learns a Lesson

Jefferson Bethke received some constructive criticism from Michigan Pastor Kevin DeYoung, who commended him for his "passionate faith."

'Red Tails' Shows Faith, Spirit of Tuskegee Airmen

"Red Tails" highlights the story of the black fighter pilots who fought the Germans in the air during World War II, and racial discrimination on the ground at home.

Nevada Wildfire Continues, Residents Evacuate

A fast-moving brush fire in Nevada has destroyed more than 20 homes and forced thousands of residents to evacuate.

Ski Champ Sarah Burke Dies After Crash

The pioneering freestyler, who helped get superpipe accepted into the Olympics, died Thursday, nine days after crashing at a training run in Park City, Utah.

Legendary Blues Singer Etta James Dies in Calif.

The 73-year-old died on Friday at Riverside Community Hospital from complications of leukemia, with her husband and sons at her side.

Flooding in Ore. Claims Mother, 20-Month-Old Son

A storm hovering over the Pacific Northwest produced torrential rain in Oregon, causing severe flooding that claimed the life of a mother and her young child.

Mayors Launch Push for Same-Sex Marriage

More than 70 city leaders, including Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, are pledging to make the case for gay marriage in their communities.

Women Insulted by TSA Response to JFK Incident

Homeland security officials say screeners at New York's John F. Kennedy Airport will be retrained on handling passengers with medical conditions.

Snowstorm Wallops Pacific Northwest, More to Come

The Pacific Northwest is reeling Thursday from record-setting snow. But the crazy weather over yet.

Calvary Chapel's Chuck Smith Undergoing Chemo

Calvary Chapel founder Chuck Smith has started chemotherapy treatment-- less than a month after announcing to his church that he has lung cancer.

Gay Marriage Bill Gains Traction in Wash. State

More than a decade after legalizing same-sex marriage was introduced in the Washington State legislature, homosexual marriage has gained traction.

Court Nixes Order for Mentally Ill Woman's Abortion

A Massachusetts appeals court has overturned a decision by a family court judge who ordered a mentally ill woman to have an abortion and be sterilized.

Seattle Steels Itself for Epic Snowstorm

Seattle is a city known for its rain, but on Wednesday its residents are bracing for what is forecast to be the worst snowstorm in 25 years.

Supreme Court Rejects NC Public Prayer Case

The Supreme Court has opted not to get involved in a battle over public prayer in North Carolina's Forsyth County, allowing a lower court's decision to stand.

Eddie Long's New Birth School Re-Opens

A church spokesman saud New Birth Christian Academy will open Thursday in a partnership with Aurora Day School, also based in the Atlanta area.

Iced-in Alaskan City Receives Fuel Shipment

A Russian tanker's crew began transferring more than a million gallons of fuel Tuesday to the snowbound city of Nome, Alaska.

Tebow: 'Win or Lose, Must Honor the Lord'

Tim Tebow, the Denver Broncos' quarterback, said win or lose, the important thing is that he honors the Lord.

Nurse Donates Kidney to Patient

Georgia nurse Allison Batson says she feels called to save lives.  That's why she selflessly gave her kidney to Clay Taber, a 23-year-old patient she barely knew.

Homeless Teen Semi-Finalist in Science Competition

Being homeless has not stopped 17-year-old Samantha Garvey from maintaining a 4.0 GPA. Neither has it squelched her dreams of becoming a scientist.

King Honored with Website, Service Projects

The 200,000 documents, posted by The King Center Imaging Project, include original copies of  King's speeches, letters, telegrams, articles, photos, and sermons.

Playoff Ad Continues John 3:16 Interest

America's curiosity about quarterback Tim Tebow's faith led "John 3:16" to become the most searched term of the day on Google recently.

For NFL Fans, Will 'Tebow Time' = Time with God?

Because of Tebow's faith, many NFL viewers think God may be a football fan -- and rooting for the Broncos.

Poll: More Americans Call Themselves Conservative

More Americans call themselves conservative than any other ideological label.

Judge: NJ Church Illegally Banned Gay Ceremony

A New Jersey judge says the Methodist Church violated a state law in refusing to allow a same-sex ceremony on its property in 2007.

Privacy Advocates Alarmed by DC Surveillance Cams

More police departments in the nation's capital are using cameras that scan residents' license plates, a new trend that has privacy advocates up in arms.

Midwest Gets First Slippery Snowstorm of the Year

Old Man Winter is making up for lost time in the Midwest.

Most Mormons Say Their Religion is Christian

Ninety-seven percent of the Mormons polled believe Mormonism is a Christian religion.

Families Outraged after Barbour Pardons Murderers

Former Gov. Haley Barbour issued 215 last-minute pardons before leaving office -- some of them for convicted murderers.  Now, the victims' families are speaking out.

Alaskan Town Buried Under 20 Feet of Snow

While much of the country hasn't felt much like winter yet this season, conditions in one Alaskan town may be a sign of what's soon to come.

Breakaway Congregations Lose Historic Va. Churches

The Episcopal Church has won another property battle with breakaway conservative congregations, this time in the commonwealth of Virginia.

SF 49er's Willis Praises God for His Football Career

Much of the 49er's success is due to a top-ranked defense led by linebacker Patrick Willis.  However, Willis believes God is the reason he has his job.

Fed Court Orders RI School to Remove Prayer Mural

Jessica Ahlquist, an atheist student, sued Cranston city and Cranston High School West officials, claiming the mural promotes religion and is offensive to non-Christians.

High Court Backs Ministries' Right to Hire, Fire at Will

In a surprising unanimous decision, all nine justices ruled the government has no right to tell a religious organization what ministerial employees it can hire and fire.

Networks Argue for Clarity in TV Indecency Rules

Should the federal government be allowed to regulate what broadcasters put on the air during times when children are often watching television?

Boutique Hosts Dress Give-Away for Military Brides

Impression Bridal boutique in San Antonio, Texas, is giving back to military couples through a group called Brides Across America.

NC Panel: Sterilization Victims Should Get $50K

A eugenics program in the state operated from 1929 to 1974, forcing about 7,600 residents to undergo sterilizations.

Miss. Governor Quotes Bible in Inaugural Address

Citing the book of Isaiah, the new governor told Mississippi residents they were a people of faith who would "soar on wings like eagles."

Court: OK Ban on Islamic Law Can Be Challenged

An Oklahoma constitutional amendment banning state courts from considering or using Islamic sharia law is still on hold.

Group Calls Texas Sonogram Ruling Pro-Life Victory

Under the new law, doctors will describe to their patients images seen in the sonogram, including the fetal heartbeat.

Fire Destroys Home, But Not the Family Bible

Bernice Faust said it's a miracle no one was hurt in the fire that destroyed her house and most of her possessions.

Alabama Takes Second BCS Championship

Number two Alabama beat No. 1 LSU 21-0 -- the first shut out in Bowl Championship Series history.

Soaked Houston Braces for Cold Front

Much of Houston is underwater Tuesday after a storm system plowed through the region the day before. Now the city must brace for a cold front.

High Court Weighs Regulating TV Profanity

The Supreme Court will consider Tuesday whether the FCC should continue to regulate coarse content on radio and TV.

Book Reveals Clashes between First Lady, Aides

First lady Michelle Obama has had her share of run-ins with White House aides.

Justices Weigh Couple's Land Dispute with the EPA

The Sacketts bought land in Priest Lake, Idaho, to build their dream home. But the EPA says the property is part of protected wetlands. Now the couple is getting their day in court.

FBI Arrest Tampa Man for Trying to Use a WMD

Sami Osmakac, a 25-year-old man from former Yugoslavia, was arrested Monday for plotting terrorist attacks on several popular areas is Tampa.

'Tebow-Time' Victory a Dramatic Playoff Upset

Quarterback Tim Tebow has helped propel the Broncos to the AFC Divisional Playoffs in a dramatic 29-23 win against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

'Give Me Jesus' Airplane Performance Goes Viral

Waiting to takeoff can be one of the worst parts about flying. But a YouTube video that's now gone viral shows some passengers who got to see a brighter side of air travel.

Reviews: 'We Bought a Zoo,' 'Mission Impossible'

The film tells the tale of a widower (Matt Damon) who, in hopes of helping his family heal from his wife's death, buys a house with a zoo in the backyard.

A Girl's Legacy: 'Angel' of Tucson's Dream for America

Young Christina Green's life started and ended on two days many will never forget. But her legacy continues to be an inspiration, as her mom Roxanna explains.

NYC Councilman Arrested at Worship Protest

New York City police arrested a city councilman and three ministers who were protesting the possible eviction of local worship services from public buildings.

Obama Proposes Leaner, Meaner Defense Machine

The president made a rare appearance in the Pentagon briefing room Thursday to outline a strategy to cut billions of dollars from the nation's military budget.

Vets Work to Improve Baltimore's Toughest Areas

The effort -- known as Operation Oliver -- is to improve one of Baltimore's toughest neighborhoods by refurbishing homes, playgrounds and removing trash.

Texas Cops Kill Teen Brandishing Pellet Gun

Cummings Middle School in Brownville, Texas, was put into lockdown Wednesday morning, while the officers attempted to get Jaime Gonzalez, 15, to drop the weapon.

NYC Mosque Fire Suspect Targeted Other Homes

Law enforcement officials say they believe they know why a man fire-bombed a mosque in New York City on New Year's day.

Students Give Money to Fight Sex Crimes in Atlanta

A group of Christian students has donated $100,000 to the city of Atlanta to help fight human trafficking.

Abortion Provider Received Nearly $500M from Gov't

Planned Parenthood received nearly a half-billion dollars from the U.S. government in its most recent fiscal year, according to the group's annual report.

US in Talks with Taliban to Free Gitmo Detainees

The White House is negotiating with Afghan insurgents and has reportedly agreed to release high-ranking Taliban officials from Guantánamo Bay.

Wash. Governor Supports Same-Sex Marriage

Gov. Chris Gregoire explained that she'd battled with the issue because she's Catholic, but said she now supports legalizing same-sex marriage in her state.

Woman Sues Honda for 'Promised' Gas Mileage

After buying a Honda Civic hybrid, Heather Peters says the car didn't live up to the company's claim of high gas mileage.

Arctic Blast Freezes Roads, Crops on East Coast

A frigid blast of arctic air has made the first week of 2012 a very, very cold one for the East Coast. Icy roads are causing accidents and threatening crops.

Gay Civil Unions Legal in Hawaii, Delaware

The new year also brought in new state laws granting civil unions between homosexual couples in the states of Hawaii and Delaware.

Group: CAIR Condemnation of Mosque Attack Political

New York police are investigating a series of fire-bombings that targeted a Mosque, a Hindu place of worship, and a Christian couple's home.

Suspect Arrested in California Arson Case

Police in Los Angeles have arrested a suspect in a string of arson fires.  But they say their investigation is far from over.

Winter's Icy Chill Reaches Fla., Closes Roads

After taking December off, Old Man Winter finally showed up, bringing freezing temperatures and heavy snow to some areas.

Two Abortion Doctors Face Murder Charges in Md.

Two medical doctors, who were accused of performing late term abortions in Maryland, have been arrested and charged with multiple accounts of murder.

Eddie Long School Closes over Financial Woes

News of the school closing comes just after Long's wife filed for divorce.

Calvary Chapel's Smith Says He Has Cancer

Senior Pastor Chuck Smith of the Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, Calif., announced to his congregation Sunday that he is suffering from lung cancer.

LAPD Detains 'Person of Interest' in Arson Case

Police in Los Angeles have detained a "person of interest" in their continuing search for a serial arsonist.