March 2012 Headlines

'Overcriminalization' Making Us a Nation of Felons?

Experts say anyone can fall prey to "overcriminalization." CBN News investigated the growing phenomenon and how it's making America a nation of criminals.

Appeals Court Upholds Mo. Prayer Ballot Initiative

An appellate court ruled Wednesday that a proposed Missouri amendment allowing public prayer will be allowed to remain on the state's ballot.

Mega Millions Mania: Americans Dream of Winning Big

Much of the country is caught up in a lottery frenzy as more than a half billion dollars is on the line tonight -- the largest ever Mega Millions jackpot.

Sub-Contractor Walks Off Abortion Clinic Project

Planned Parenthood is incensed over a Texas construction worker who walked off the job after learning he was helping to build an abortion clinic.

Kan., Ill., Md. Tickets Win $640M Lottery Jackpot

Three lottery tickets sold in Illinois, Kansas and Maryland hit the world record-breaking $640 million Mega Millions jackpot.

Author Exposes Hollywood's Biggest Hypocrites

Hollywood thinks of itself as the moral beacon for Americans, but a new book out is exposing a long trail of Tinseltown's own hypocrisy.

American Idol 'Moved' by Christian Colton Dixon

American Idol contestant Colton Dixon was nearly in tears Wednesday night after his rendition of the song "Everything" by the rock band Lifehouse.

Several Virginia Gangs Connected to Sex Trafficking

Federal investigators have charged five alleged gang members in connection with a teenage prostitution ring in Northern Virginia.

Movie Reviews: 'Mirror, Mirror' Hits Theaters

Jaded Hollywood is exploring its whimsical side with the new movie "Mirror, Mirror" hitting theaters Friday.

VIDEO: Overjoyed Dog at Soldiers Return Goes Viral

For one soldier, returning home after an eight month deployment was enough to make his boxer named Chuck beyond overwhelmed with joy.

PepsiCo Accused of Using Aborted Fetal Cells in Drinks

Pro-life groups are calling for a boycott of PepsiCo, accusing the soft drink company of using aborted fetal cells to improve their latest diet sodas.

Catholic Group Cuts Ties with Vanderbilt over Policy

A Catholic student group at Vanderbilt University has voted to cut ties with the school over its non-discrimination policy.

Joni Eareckson Tada Honored for Disability Work

Christian author and radio host Joni Eareckson Tada will receive the Wilberforce Award this weekend for her many years of ministry to help those with disabilities.

Couples Celebrate 70 Years of Marriage Together

This week the Valentines and the Southgates celebrated their 70th wedding anniversaries.  The couples not only share the same retirement home, but also the same wedding day.

Bluegrass Legend Earl Scruggs Dies at 88

Musicians say bluegrass legend Earl Scruggs literally revolutionized the art of banjo playing.


Video Shows Trayvon Martin Shooter Uninjured

Surveillance video taken after the Feb. 26 shooting of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin reportedly shows no evidence of injury to his accused killer, George Zimmerman.

To Bud or Not to Bud: Cold Threatens Fruit Crops

This year's record-setting warmth is affecting businesses across the country -- for better or for worse.

Pomeranians Save Owner from Burning Home

A Texas man managed to escape his burning home alive thanks to the help of his two small dogs.

Colorado Crews Scramble to Contain Wildfire

Firefighters in Colorado are struggling to control a wildfire that's already destroyed several dozen structures and may have killed two people.

Group Says Penn. Bible Resolution Unconstitutional

A lawsuit claims a Pennsylvania state House resolution declaring 2012 as the "Year of the Bible" is unconstitutional.

Docs: 'Obamacare' Fails to Protect Conscience

A leading Christian medical professional says one big problem with "Obamacare" is the lack of conscience protections.

High Court Dissects Obamacare's Individual Mandate

The Supreme Court spent Tuesday focusing on the "Obamacare" mandate to purchase health care coverage, scrutinizing the law's strengths -- and flaws.

Erratic JetBlue Pilot Hospitalized, Suspended

JetBlue Airways has suspended the pilot whose erratic behavior caused an emergency landing in Amarillo, Texas, Tuesday.

American Voices Grow Loud on 'Obamacare' Hearings

Lawyers are not the only ones making the case "for" or "against" Obamacare. The voices of the American people are growing louder too.

Bodies Found Near Colo. Wildfire, Homes Evacuated

Fire crews in Colorado are working to contain a wildfire along the mountainous area just southwest of Denver.

Kirk Cameron's 'Monumental' Debuts Amid Backlash

Actor Kirk Cameron's documentary 'Monumental' opens this week, but the actor is still facing backlash for speaking out on homosexuality earlier this month.

Supreme Court Denies School Suit on Religious Texts

The U.S. Supreme Court has decided not to hear the case of an Idaho school once barred from using the Bible for educational purposes.

School Refuses to Remove 10 Commandments Display

A Pennsylvania school district is refusing to remove a Ten Commandments monument from a high school.

Tebow Takes Reporters' Questions after Jets Trade

The NFL's New York Jets held the largest news conference in their history monday...for a backup quarterback.

Parents of Trayvon Martin Appear before Lawmakers

The parents of slain Florida teen Trayvon Martin are appearing at a congressional forum Tuesday to talk about the incident that led to their son's death.

Can 'Obamacare' Survive without Health Mandate?

If the Supreme Court deems the health coverage mandate unconstitutional, they must then decide if the rest of President Obama's health care law can survive.

Military Academies Hold First Gay Pride Events

Gay pride events at a military academy, with titles like 'Condom Olympics and 'Queer Prom' became a reality this week.

'October Baby' Cracks Box Office Top Ten

October Baby, the story of a young girl who survived an abortion, finished number eight at the box office, bringing in an estimated $1.7 million.

Faith Leaders Urge Prayer in Trayvon Martin Case

Several congregations across the nation hung up their suits for Sunday services over the weekend -- and instead donned hoodies in honor of Trayvon Martin.

High Court Opens Landmark 'Obamacare' Hearing

The main issue before the high court is whether the individual mandate that all Americans purchase health care coverage or face penalties is constitutional.

Cheney's Transplant Reignites Youth vs. Age Debate

The announcement of Cheney's surgery has reignited the debate about whether youth should be favored over age in transplant surgeries.

Documentary Goes 'In Search of Our Nat'l Treasure'

In his new faith-based documentary "Monumental," Kirk Cameron takes a look at how America can get back to the place that once made it so great.

Movie Reviews: 'Hunger Games,' 'October Baby'

The much anticipated "The Hunger Games" movie opens in theaters this weekend.

Starbucks Boycotted over Gay Marriage Support

The National Organization for Marriage launched a boycott against Starbucks after the coffee giant's decision to support Washington state's gay marriage law.

'Hunger Games' Film a Cautionary Tale for Society

Focus on the Family film critic Bob Waliszewski says  the movie is reminiscent of how the Romans would treat Christians in the Coliseum.

Florida Teen's Death Triggers Federal Investigation

An unarmed black teenager was recently shot dead in Florida while walking home. Thousands are calling his death a hate crime, while others say it was self-defense.

'October Baby' Tells Tale of an Abortion Survivor

"October Baby," a film inspired by the true story of a young girl who survives an abortion and later searches for her mom, is opening in theaters this weekend.

Hand Over Your Facebook Login for the Job?

Some companies are asking job candidates to hand over their Facebook user names and passwords.

Nationwide Protests Stand Against Birth Control Mandate

On Friday, thousands of Americans gathered in 140 rallies across the nation to protest a health care mandate that would provide free birth control.

Wash. Churches Want Vote on Gay Marriage

A major petition drive is underway in Washington state to let voters decided on gay marriage.

Wisconsin Town Seeks Relief from Mysterious Noise

A mysterious booming sound is keeping residents in Clintonville, Wis., awake at night.

Whitney Houston's Family 'Glad to Have Closure'

Chronic cocaine use contributed to Whitney Houston's drowning death. Though saddened by the news, the family said they were grateful to have "closure."

Bales Faces 17 Counts of Murder in Afghan Killings

The 38-year-old soldier is accused of killing women and children in a shooting rampage two weeks ago in two southern Afghan villages.

Tenn. Board Temporarily Halts Pre-Game Prayers

One Tennessee town is suspending prayers before school meetings and football games after complaints that the prayers were constitutional.

Severe, Slow-Moving Storms Shuffle across South

Severe storms across the southern plains brought heavy rain, damaging winds, and thunder so loud some people in Oklahoma thought it was an earthquake.

Young Boys Commended for Help in Burglary Case

Two young crime fighters were honored in Fort Worth, Texas, this week for their 'bravery and integrity' that led police to track down neighborhood burglars.

Tebow Traded to the Jets; Handled News 'with Class'

It's official. Tim Tebow is leaving behind the mountains of Denver for the bright lights of New York.

High Court Sides with Property Owners over EPA

After a lengthy five-year legal battle, the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday sided with an Idaho couple in their case against the Environmental Protection Agency.

High Court Shuns Christian College Groups Appeal

The U.S. Supreme Court will not hear a discrimination case filled by Christian college groups.

Heat Wave, Storms Mark Spring's First Day

On the first day of spring Tuesday, residents across the U.S. were experiencing everything from record heat to tornadoes to massive snowstorms.

Servant Community: Portland Charity Redefines Giving

More middle income and blue collar workers are falling on hard times. One Portland group is trying to catch them and propel them back up the financial ranks.

Kony Filmmaker's Bizarre Behavior Result of 'Exhaustion'

Jason Russell, the narrator/director of the "Kony 2012" video, was detained by police after witnesses saw him running naked through the streets and screaming.

US High School Grad Rate Sees Modest Gains

A new study shows America's high school graduation rate increased slightly between 2001 and 2009, with the number of graduates up 3.5 percent overall.

Nation Gripped by Annual 'March Madness'

The next round of the NCAA men's basketball tournament -- known as the Sweet 16 -- begins Thursday.

Utah Gov. Vetoes Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Bill

Utah's Republican Gov. Gary Herbert vetoed a controversial sex education bill that would have permitted only abstinence education to be taught in schools.

Gov't Launches Prison LGBT Affirmative Action Plan

The Federal Bureau of Prisons has begun to recruit employees who will serve as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender representatives for each prison.

Warm Midwest Braces for Severe Storms

Many areas of the U.S. have been enjoying unseasonably warm weather. But some of those same areas were bracing Monday for the possibility of severe storms.

'Winter Jam' Turning Thousands of Youth to Christ

Winter Jam, Christian music's biggest annual tour, is well underway for its 17th year, and so far, thousands of lives have been changed as a result.

Film Reviews: Disney's 'John Carter' Hits Theaters

History meets science fiction in "John Carter," the latest cinematic creation from Walt Disney.

Forecasters: Mild Temps Not Leaving Any Time Soon

From the birds to bees, flowers and trees, it seems spring has sprung across much of the U.S. Forecasters say the mild weather won't be leaving soon.

Parents Prove Va. Tech Negligent After Shootings

A jury found Virginia Tech negligent in the 2007 massacre that left 33 students dead, awarding the families of two victims $4 million each.

Business Owner Suing over Contraception Mandate

A Missouri business owner is suing the Obama administration over the contraception mandate in the president's health care reform law.

US Flag Featuring Obama Sparks Outrage among Vets

The Democratic Party in Lake County, Fla., have removed a American flag featuring the face of President Obama after it sparked outrage among veterans.

Tornado Decimates Michigan Homes, Lives Spared

A tornado ripped through a rural southeastern Michigan community Thursday, damaging or demolishing more than 100 homes.

Not for Sale: Groups Fight Atlanta Sex Trafficking

Slavery used to be a way of life in Atlanta. Now, 150 years later it's back in the form of human trafficking as hundreds of girls are trafficked each month in Georgia.

Woman Donates Kidney to Co-Worker's Husband

Lisa Moutihno is a district court administrator, and found out that Michael Brunson, the husband of her colleague Georgia, needed a kidney transplant.

Most Back Birth Control Mandate Exemption

A new poll shows 57 percent say religious groups should be able to opt out of the birth control mandate if they have religious or moral objections.

'The Cry' Asks God to Move Entertainment Industry

Hollywood, Calif., will become the site of a major prayer gathering for the entertainment industry on Thursday, Mar. 15. 

Warm Temps Helping Thaw Out US Economy?

In many areas across the U.S., people are exchanging their winter jackets for flip flops -- and for good reason.

Jet Rolls off Taxiway at Atlanta Airport

Cranes are moving a jet Tuesday that rolled off a taxiway and was significantly damaged at the world's busiest airport in Atlanta.

New Yorkers OK with NYPD Anti-Terror Tactics

A majority of New York City residents approve of the surveillance tactics of the NYPD, according to a recent Quinnipiac University poll.

Crystal Cathedral Continues Without Schuller, Senior Pastor

Despite disagreements between its board and the family of ministry founder Rev. Robert H. Schuller, worship services will continue at Crystal Cathedral.

FEMA Denies Help for Illinois Tornado Victims

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has denied requests for disaster aid from two Illinois towns, devastated by the deadly EF-4 tornado that struck Feb. 29.

Whitney Houston's Daughter: 'She's Always With Me'

Whiteney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown credited her family and God for helping her cope since her mother's death on Feb. 11 at the age of 48.

Tim Tebow Honors Wounded War Veteran

Tebow recently read about U.S. Army Ranger Romy Camargo, a wounded Afghan war veteran, and knew he had to meet him.

Operation Blessing Gives New Home to New Mom

A new mother who lost everything in the leap-day tornado has a new home. And she owes it all to the volunteers of Operation Blessing.

NASA Employee Claims He Was Axed over His Beliefs

A former NASA employee is suing the jet propulsion laboratory, claiming he was laid off for promoting Intelligent Design.

St. Louis Rams Help Tornado-Struck Ill.Town

NFL players from the St. Louis Rams are helping CBN's Operation Blessing International boost spirits in the tornado-stricken town of Harrisburg, Ill, on Friday

Planned Parenthood's Campaign against Komen

Karen Handel says she wasn't acting alone when she recommended the Susan G. Komen Foundation stop funding Planned Parenthood.

Ga. Senate Approves Ban on Abortion Coverage

The Georgia Senate has passed a bill banning abortion coverage under the state's employee health care plan.

Mich. Lotto Winner Cut off from Public Assistance

A million dollar lottery winner in Detroit has been barred from collecting government food stamps, Michigan Department of Human Services said Wednesday.

Zachary Tims Cause of Death to Remain Sealed

The cause of Florida megachurch pastor Zachery Tims death will remain undisclosed to the public -- at least for now.

Vermont Town Suspends Opening Prayer

For years, Franklin, Vt., has opened its town meetings with prayer -- until a lawsuit this year put a stop to the practice.

Utah Senate OK's Abstinence-Only Sex Ed

The Utah Senate has passed a bill that would require schools to teach abstinence-only sex education. Supporters say sex education should be taught at home.

Kirk Cameron Defends Gay Remarks after Outcry

Actor Kirk Cameron has drawn the ire of many gay rights activists over his remarks against homosexuality made during a live telecast of CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight."

Fans Wonder What's Next for Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning, star quarterback and the most popular NFL player, is now a free agent.

Cupcake Vending Machine a Sweet Hit

Beverly Hills cupcake shop owner Candace Nelson has invented a vending machine that dispenses her baked creations after store hours.

Regent Students Take 'The Urban Plunge' in DC

Students from Regent University in Virginia Beach, Va., recently spent their spring break on a missions trip to Washington, D.C.

Rep. King Praises NYPD's Counterterrorism Efforts

The chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security and several Muslim leaders commended the police for its surveillance of Muslim students.

Crystal Cathedral Fires Three Schuller Relatives

The decision fire three members of the Schuller family was part of an effort to revamp the church's weekly television show, the "Hour of Power."

Stories of Hope and Survival Rise from Storms' Debris

It may be considered the worst tornado outbreak for the month of March on record -- 140 twisters reported, 76 confirmed on the ground, leaving 39 people dead.

Bush Impersonator Steve Bridges Dead at 48

Steve Bridges, the actor who gained international fame for his impersonation of  President George W. Bush, has died.  He was 48.

Critical Mission: Praying for America's War Dogs

Around 3,000 dogs serve alongside U.S. troops. For most dog handler's, the trust they put in their four-legged heros creates an undying bond between them.

Tebow Talks Faith to Thousands at Vegas Church

Some 20,000 fans stood in line to see the Denver Broncos star, this time off the gridiron and behind the pulpit at Canyon Ridge Christian Church.

Author: Christians Key to America's Cultural Shift

James Robison, co-author of the book Indivisible: Restoring Faith, Family, and Freedom Before it's Too Late, says America must make cultural changes-- and fast.

Pro-Israel Race Team Competes in Subway Fit 500

A pro-Israel NASCAR team competed alongside some of pro-racing's best in the Subway Fresh Fit 500 at the Phoenix International Raceway on Sunday.

'Genesis Code' Film Released on DVD March 6

A group of Christian filmmakers say the Bible's first book of Genesis and modern science are both correct about the origins of life and the universe.

Amid Storms' Destruction, Tales of Miracles and Hope

The death toll is still rising after vicious twisters tore through the South and Midwest on Friday.

Close-Knit Illinois City Looks to Heal after Twister

Across the tight-knit community of Harrisburg are the scars of last week's deadly tornado. Also visible is the determination of a city trying to move forward.

Movie Reviews: 'The Lorax,' 'Gone' and 'Good Deeds'

A few new movies are coming to theatres this weekend. But are they all family-friendly?

Wheaton College Prof Faces Child Porn Charges

A Christian education professor at Wheaton College whose research focused extensively on children has been arrested after a months-long child pornography investigation.

Pastor: Holy Spirit Key to Reaching Today's Youth

Leaders in pentecostal and charismatic community for the Converge 21 USA conference this week to discuss ways to bring a new generation to Jesus Christ.

'Sharia Ruling' Judge Defends Decision for Muslim

A Pennsylvania judge is defending his dismissing charges against a Muslim who attacked a man for mocking Islam's Mohammed, insisting his is not a "Sharia court."

Storms Demolish Small Towns in Ind., Ky.; 38 Dead

At least 38 people were killed in five states, but a 2-year-old girl was somehow found alive and alone in a field near her Indiana home.

Operation Blessing Coordinates Efforts in Harrisburg

CBN's Operation Blessing International is responding to tornado-stricken Harrisburg, Ill., where violent storms struck earlier this week.

BP Begins to Put Spill Behind it with Settlement

BP's settlement deal with thousands of victims of the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill is a major step toward putting the worst oil spill in U.S. history behind it.

American Islamist Group Seeks to Silence Critics

The Muslim Brotherhood's allies are exercising their influence in the U.S., targeting anyone who criticizes Islamic extremism.

Deadly Tornado Outbreak Destroys Towns

A string of powerful storms from the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast flattened neighborhoods and tore through buildings, killing at least 34 people since Wednesday.

Tebow Homeschool Bill Dies in Va. Senate

Va. homeschool students will not be allowed to participate in public school sports after a state Senate committee rejected the so-called "Tebow Bill."

Midwest Residents Pick Up Pieces after Deadly Storm

Residents across the Midwest are cleaning up after a series of deadly tornadoes ripped through the area, leveling hundreds of homes and killing at least 12 people.

Breitbart's Sudden Death Shocks Friends, Foes

Influential conservative media entrepreneur Andrew Breitbart died suddenly Wednesday night of "natural causes." He was 43.

Sabbath First: Basketball Team's Game Day Moved

The Beren Academy made it all the way to the state semifinals, but thought they might have to forfeit because the original time conflicted with their sabbath.

Hundreds March to School Campus after Shooting

Students at Chardon High School in Chardon, Ohio, made a triumphant return to their campus Thursday.

Google's New Privacy Policy Under Fire

Your online browsing habits are now even more personal, because the search engine Google changed its privacy policy.

Maryland Recognizes Gay Marriage, for Now

With the stroke of a pen, Maryland became the eighth state to legalize gay marriage on Thursday as Gov. Martin O'Malley signed the measure into law

Court Extends Churches Access to NYC Schools

A federal court has rejected New York City's attempt to prevent churches from meeting in public schools.

Number of US Mosques Double since 9/11

The number of mosques in America increased by 74 percent in the past decade, according to a new study.