April 2012 Headlines

ONLY ON CBN NEWS: Nation of Criminals

For decades, Washington has been adding to the number of federal laws and regulations that can carry criminal penalties.

Web of Laws Creating Hosts of 'Accidental Criminals'

Imagine you've lived an honest life, and then without warning, you're arrested for a federal crime. That's what happened to racing legend Bobby Unser.

'Nehemiah Walk' Raises Thousands for Chapel

A little rain didn't stop a large crowd of supporters from gathering at Regent University Saturday, for the school's "Nehemiah Walk."

Bible Read Cover to Cover at Nation's Capitol

On the west steps of the U.S. Capitol, the word of God was read aloud over the past week, non-stop, from Genesis to Revelation.

Schuller Shares How to 'Let Go, Trust God' When Down

Just a few years ago, Robert A. Schuller was following in his father's footsteps as pastor of the world famous Crystal Cathedral.

Freedom Towers to Stand Taller than Twin Towers

The iconic Empire State Building lost a bit of its luster Monday, as it will no longer be the tallest building in the New York City skyline.

Colton Dixon: 'I Wear my Faith on My Sleeve'

Journalists, politicians, celebrities and star gazers gathered in Washington Saturday for the annual White House Correspondents' Association Dinner.

Osteen's 'Night of Hope' Overshadows Mormon Remarks

Pastor Joel Osteen isn't backing away from recent remarks about Christianity and Mormonism, even as he held a huge 'Night of Hope' celebration in the nation's capitol.

Colson Memorial to be Held at National Cathedral

A memorial service for Prison Fellowship Ministries founder Chuck Colson will be held next month at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.

Air Force: Bibles No Longer Required on Bases

The move by the Air Force comes in response to a complaint from an atheist group that says the presence of the Bibles was "special privilege for Christianity."

Labor Dept. Drops New Child Labor Limits

The Labor Department has withdrawn a proposed rule that would have cut back on the work children would be allowed to do on farms.

Indiana Church Gives Old Brewery New Life

One Life Church is transforming an old brewery into their new house of worship.

Secret Service Probes More Misconduct Claims

The Secret Service is investigating new reports of bad behavior, this time for allegations that the agents had prostitutes during a trip to El Salvador.

Miss. Gov Says Dems' 'Life Mission' Is Kill Unborn

Mississippi's Republican governor had harsh words for Democratic lawmakers in his state, saying their life's goal was to kill the unborn.

Colton Dixon a CBN Guest at White House Dinner

"American Idol" star Colton Dixon will attend the annual White House Correspondent's Dinner, just six days after his elimination from the popular singing show.

Laurie's 'Harvest' Web Outreach Links Up Thousands

For years, Greg Laurie has preached the gospel around the world through his Harvest Crusades. Now, he's using the Web to reach people across America.

High Court Signals Support for Ariz. Immigration Law

On Wednesday, the court signaled they could be leaning toward upholding state's rights and rejecting the Obama administration's case.

Atheists Want RI Firehouse Cross Removed

Atheists and other activists are calling for a cross on a World War I memorial in Rhode Island to be removed.

'Rumors of War' Documentary Reveals US Enemies Within

A powerful new documentary examines the infiltration of groups like Hezbollah and the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States.

AZ Lawmakers Move to Cut P. Parenthood Funding

The state Senate completed a legislative push to bar any public money from being funneled through the state to any abortion provider, including Planned Parenthood.

Osteen Prays Lawmakers 'Hold Fast' to God's Truth

Pastor Joel Osteen opened the House of Representatives in prayer this week, asking God to help lawmakers make good decisions and to "hold fast" to His truth.

Land Deal Gives Mojave Desert Cross New Life

A federal judge approved a settlement, Tuesday, that will allow a war memorial cross to once again be erected in California's Mojave National Preserve.

High Court Weighs Arizona's Immigration Law

Many wonder how the Supreme Court ruling could affect the upcoming election and the very important Latino vote.

New York’s Busy Bees Embrace Rooftop Honey

Now that beekeeping is legal in New York City, more urbanites are bottling up nature and selling honey from their rooftops.

Russell Crowe to Star in Noah's Ark Movie

Oscar winner Russell Crowe will play Noah in an upcoming film based on the well-known biblical story.

Groupon Boycotted Over 'Torture Porn' Coupon

Morality in Media has launched a boycott of Groupon, saying the coupon company has offered discounts for tours of what it describes as a "torture porn" studio.

Late Winter Storm Dumps Snow on Northeast

An April snowstorm dropped slushy snow on the Northeast, closing schools and leaving some residents without power.

Number of Illegal Mexican Immigrants in US Drops

According to the Pew Hispanic Center, the biggest reason for the  drop in illegal Mexican immigrants is the tough U.S. economy.

Prison Fellowship: Colson's Legacy Was 'Transformation'

Prison Fellowship Ministries founder Chuck Colson touched thousands through practical outreach to prisoners and their families.

D.C. Employee Fraud Investigation Widens

Washington, D.C. has fired more than 60 city employees accused of committing fraud and city officials say the problem may be more widespread.

Wild Weather Gives East Coast Late Winter Ride

Many thought we had completely skipped winter this year, but now that spring is here, a powerful nor'easter is working its way up the East Coast.

Ex-Girl Scout Saves Unborn One Cookie at a Time

Those in Boise who object to the Girl Scouts of America's partnership with Planned Parenthood have a pro-life alternative to Girl Scout cookies.

Trayvon Martin Shooting Suspect Free on Bond

George Zimmerman, the man at the center of a high-profile murder case that has stirred racial unrest, is now free on bond.

Religious, Political Leaders React to Colson's Death

Religious and political leaders across America praise the life and impact of a man who was once at the center of a political scandal so big it led to the downfall of a president.

Remembering Prison Fellowship's Chuck Colson

Religious and political leaders are remembering the life and ministry of Prison Fellowship Ministries founder Chuck Colson,  who passed away Saturday.

Pat Robertson: Chuck Colson a ‘Hero of the Faith’

Christian Broadcasting Network founder Dr. Pat Robertson said he was saddened at the passing of his dear friend Chuck Colson.

Film Reviews: 'Chimpanzee' Swings into Theaters

The G-rated film follows the adventures of Oscar, a 3-year-old chimpanzee who gets separated from his troop and is later adopted by an adult male chimpanzee.

Coroner Rules Breitbart Died of Heart Failure

The Los Angeles County coroner's office has ruled that conservative blogger and commentator Andrew Breitbart died of heart failure stemming from coronary disease.

Media Matters' Anti-Christian Agenda Exposed

CBN News has obtained a document showing that the very foundation of the group known as Media Matters for America is built on anti-Christian bias.

IMF Urges Bold Changes in Europe

The International Monetary Fund has pulled in billions of dollars in new reserves to help battle Europe's lingering debt crisis.

Reports Cast Doubt on European Missile Defense

Recent government reports warn the Obama administration's missile defense shield in Europe faces major delays, cost overruns and critical technological problems.

Evangelical Leader Chuck Colson Passes Away

Earlier CBN News accidentally published an erroneous report that Prison Fellowship Ministries’ founder Chuck Colson had died. We apologize for the error.

Gravely Ailing Chuck Colson Surrounded in Prayer

Prayers are continuing to pour in for Prison Fellowship Ministries founder Chuck Colson, whose health has taken a turn for the worse.

Maryland Looks to Protect Facebook Passwords

Maryland could soon become the first state to ban employers from requesting Facebook passwords from job applicants.

Palin Joke Turns on Fired Secret Service Agent

A Secret Service agent fired for his involvement in the Colombian prostitution scandal is now in trouble for a sexually-charged remark he made about Sarah Palin.

Zimmerman Apologizes to Martin's Parents; Bail Set

George Zimmerman can be released on $150,000 bail as he awaits trial for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, a judge ruled Friday.

Prayer Breakfast: Obama Admin. at War with Religion

A major Catholic leader warned Thursday that American Christians are facing an assault by the most secular administration in the nation's history.

More Millennials Becoming 'Religiously Unaffiliated'

A survey of about 2,000 millennials aged 18-24 found major religious shifts among this age group.

Students Rally for Faith in Vanderbilt U. Showdown

Vanderbilt University is requiring all groups to accept members of different sexual orientations or faiths. Now those groups are joining forces to fight the new policy.

Bishops Protest 'Unjust' Laws against Religious Freedom

U.S. bishops have issued a document warning all Americans to be watchful of government attempts to take away religious liberties.


Titanic Pastor's Last Cry: 'Unsaved to the Lifeboats'

Titanic victim Pastor John Harper spent his last moments seeking to save souls and led at least one man to Christ as the 1912 cruise liner sank into the ocean.

Tenn. Bill Would Protect Students' Religious Speech

Tennessee lawmakers are taking steps to protect the religious speech rights of students.

Chuck Colson

Chuck Colson

Arizona Court Upholds Voter ID Law

Critics argued the law hurts Latino voters. But the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled there's no proof it gives Latinos fewer opportunities to vote.

Woman Speaks out in Secret Service Sex Scandal

A woman has come forward in the ever widening Secret Service sex scandal claiming she was the "escort" who partied with the agents in question. 

Privacy Hawks Skeptical of Anti Cyber-Crime Crusade

The federal government is hoping to recruit young people in the war on cyber-crime. But some are concerned about the expanded government efforts.

TV Icon Dick Clark Remembered for 'Making Careers'

Dick Clark, the television host who helped bring rock 'n' roll into the mainstream on "American Bandstand," has died. He was 82.

New Arizona Law Puts the Bible in Public Schools

Gov. Brewer signed a law requiring the Arizona Board of Education to design a new Bible curriculum that would examine the Bible and its role in Western culture.

Suit: P. Parenthood Illegally Giving Abortion Drug

Planned Parenthood of northern New England is being accused of illegally distributing abortion drugs without a state contract or a licensed pharmacist.

Faith-Based Office a Farce or Vital to Economy?

While some faith leaders have praised the White House the Faith-Based office, some conservatives say it's become hostile toward religious charities.

Secret Service Scandal Triggers Independent Probe

The head of the Secret Service is calling for an independent review of the agency's investigation into the Colombian sex scandal.

Illegal Tax Form Leak Linked to Obama Campaign?

The National Organization for Marriage is demanding a criminal probe after The Huffington Post published a copy of the group's private tax form.

Secret Service Prostitution Scandal Widens

A senior Republican says at least 20 women were involved in a prostitution incident in Colombia that preceded President Obama's weekend visit.

Discovery Shuttle Soars Over DC for Final Flight

The world's most traveled space shuttle left Kennedy Space Center on the back of a modified jumbo jet Tuesday to make its final flight home.

Christian School Sued for Firing Unwed Pregnant Teacher

Heritage Christian Academy in Rockwall, Texas, is facing a lawsuit for firing a teacher who became pregnant out of wedlock.

April Shaping Up as Month of Extreme Weather

From tornadoes, to summer-like temperatures, to piles of snow, April has been a month of extreme weather.

Secret Service Embroiled in Prostitution Allegations

Members of Congress vow to investigate allegations against the Secret Service involving prostitution in Colombia.

Elites Failing America in Battle against Terrorism

The U.S. government refuses to use terms like "jihadists" to describe terrorists. It's a mindset that could prove catastrophic in the battle against terrorism.

Midwest Storm Survivor: 'Total Destruction Out Here'

Another deadly rash of tornadoes tore through the Midwest this weekend, killing six people, including three children, and destroying scores of homes.

SEC Sues Businessman Endorsed by Bishop Long

The SEC says Ephren Taylor Jr. bilked investors, including members from Bishop Eddie Long's church, of more than $11 million in a Ponzi scheme.

Events Commemorate Titanic's 100th Anniversary

The Titanic sank April 15, 1912, after striking an iceberg off the Newfoundland coast during it's maiden voyage from England to New York, killing more than 1,500 passengers.

'Touchback' Tells Uplifting Story of Second Chances

The new family film "Touchback" in theatres Friday is being called "powerful" and "inspirational."

Muslim Men Sue over Border Patrol Treatment

Four Detroit-area Muslims say they've been repeatedly harassed by border patrol agents when returning to the U.S. from Canada, and are now filing suit as a result.

'Bully' Film Paints Picture of America's Hurting Kids

This year alone, more than 13 million kids will be taunted, harassed, and pushed around for being who they are.

New State Law Lets Teachers Pray with Students

Tennessee's governor signed legislation that permits teachers and other school workers to participate in prayer and other religious activities on school grounds.

Court: Employers Don't Have to Ensure Lunch Breaks

The ruling comes after workers' attorneys argued that abuses are routine and widespread when companies aren't required to issue direct orders to take breaks.

How the Church Can Respond over Trayvon Martin

Although many pastors have gotten involved in protests for Trayvon Martin, controversial cases like this can be difficult for the Church to handle.

World Financial Center Evacuated, Suspicious Package Found

Part of the World Financial Center in New York was evacuated Thursday after a suspicious package was found.

Zimmerman Charged with Murder in Martin Death

George Zimmerman, the Florida neighborhood watch volunteer charged with murdering an unarmed black teen, makes his first appearance before a judge Thursday.

Planned Parenthood Launches 'Prayer Campaign' for Abortions

A Planned Parenthood group in California is launching a prayer campaign in support of abortion, called "40 Days of Prayer: Supporting Women Everywhere."

Marlins Manager Suspended for Pro-Castro Remarks

Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen was suspended for five games after his "I love Fidel Castro" comments outraged fans and insulted many Cubans in Florida.

Trayvon Martin Shooter Charged with Second-Degree Murder

Angela Corey charged neighborhood watchman George Zimmermann with second-degree murder in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

Ariz. Passes Bill Banning Late-Term Abortions

The Arizona legislature has banned most late-term abortions and put new requirements in place that could prevent more women from getting abortions at all.

Police Deaths Increasing at Alarming Rate

Government numbers show the number of attacks against police officers have tripled over the past six years.

Christian College Holds Memorial for Shooting Victims

About 100 people gathered to mourn the loss of the seven students murdered in last week's shooting rampage at a Christian college in Oakland, Calif.

Public School Workers Claim Mega Millions Prize

Three Maryland public school workers have claimed their share of this month's record-breaking Mega Millions lottery jackpot.

Christian Leader Chuck Colson Still in ICU

Prison Fellowship Ministries founder Chuck Colson is still in intensive care despite earlier reports the evangelical leader was showing signs of recovery.

Should Christians 'Forget the Church, Follow Jesus?'

A Regent University professor is challenging recent Newsweek article which suggests Christians should forget about the Church and follow Jesus on their own.

Texas Residents Shell-shocked after Twisters

Texas residents are still picking up the pieces after severe storms spawned 14 tornadoes around Dallas last week.

Golf Champ Bubba Watson Credits God for Success

Bubba Watson, 33, is the latest golfer to put on the iconic green jacket after winning the Masters tournament Sunday, his first major championship win.

Prosecutor to Decide on Trayvon Martin Case Charges

The case surrounding the Trayvon Martin shooting will not be heard before a grand jury, special prosecutor Angela Corey said Monday.

Texas, Ind. Tornado Survivors Thankful on Easter

Residents of Tornado-stricken areas in Texas and Indiana spent Easter Sunday giving thanks.

'Hobby Lobby' President Takes on Bible Artifacts

Businessman Steve Green is best known for his family-run retail chain Hobby Lobby.  But Green also has a love for God and collecting biblical artifacts.

Navy Compensates Those Affected by Va. Jet Crash

The U.S. Navy will begin compensating residents affected by a Virginia Beach, Va., jet crash being called an "amazing miracle" because no one was killed.

Kinkade Autopsy Planned After Untimely Death

An autopsy is planned for famed painter Thomas Kinkade, who died unexpectedly Friday at age 54.

Tim Tebow Draws Huge Crowd Easter Sunday

Tim Tebow drew a crowd of about 15,000 to an outdoor Easter church service Sunday.

Colleagues Remember '60 Minutes' Mike Wallace

Wallace, who won his 21st and final Emmy Award at 89, died Saturday in the New Canaan, Conn., care facility where he had lived the last few years of his life.

Police: Too Soon to Call Tulsa Murders a Hate Crime

Police in Oklahoma say it's too early to call the murders of three black men a hate crime.

Docs: Colson Gives Thumbs-Up Sign after Surgery

Prison Fellowship Ministries founder Chuck Colson gave doctors a thumbs-up sign four days after surgery to remove clotted blood from the surface of his brain.

First Edition King James Bible on Display

A rare first edition of the King James Bible is part of an historical exhibit at Maryland's Stevenson University until April 12.

'The Esther Call' Rallies Women for Life

Pro-life women say they want every unborn child to have a chance at life, and they're gathering by the thousands in Dallas this weekend for "The Esther Call."

Officers to Serve Up to 65 Years for Katrina Shooting

Five former New Orleans police officers have been sentenced to up to 65 years in prison for their roles in a deadly shooting after Hurricane Katrina.

Tyler Perry Wants Racial Profiling a Hate Crime

The Atlanta Police Department is investigating whether racial profiling played a role in a recent routine traffic stop involving well-known Christian filmmaker Tyler Perry.

Judge Orders Obama to Explain 'Activism' Comments

A federal judge in Houston demanded that the Department of Justice clarify President Obama's recent comments about the U.S. Supreme Court.

Mine Union Chief: EPA 'Shot' US Coal Industry

The president of the United Mine Workers of America warns the Environmental Protection Agency could end up killing the coal industry in the United States.

Prison Chaplains: Faith Key to Rehabilitation

The head of chaplain ministries at the Oregon Department of Corrections says faith helps to cure attitudes that lead to recidivism -- relapsing to former criminal behavior.

Ohio AG Certifies Gay Marriage Petition

Ohio's attorney general certified a petition for a state constitutional amendment that would repeal the 2004 voter-approved amendment banning same-sex language.

NYPD Beefs Up Security During Passover

New York City police will be increasing security at synagogues and Jewish community centers during the Passover holiday, which begins Friday evening.

Calif. College Shooting Suspect Angry at Expulsion

Police say the alleged gunman in the shooting at a Christian college in California was angry about being expelled.

Ominous Al Qaeda Movie Poster Puts NYC on Alert

The sophisticated poster features an image of New York City at sunset emblazoned with the words, "Al Qaeda, Coming soon again in New York."

Miss Universe Allows Transgender Contestant

The Miss Universe Organization is now poised to allow transgender beauty queens to compete in its international pageants.

More Severe Weather Expected across South

The same storm system hit that Dallas, Fort Worth area is moving eastward over Louisiana and Mississippi, damaging homes with powerful winds.

Kentucky Wins 8th NCAA Championship Title

Kentucky is once again the king of college basketball. The Wildcats beat Kansas 67-59, and scored their eighth national title in school history

Prison Fellowship's Chuck Colson Recovering in Hospital

Evangelical leader Chuck Colson remains hospitalized after undergoing surgery over the weekend.

Police Seek Answers in Christian University Shooting

Police are continuing to investigate a shooting that left seven dead at a small Christian university in Oakland, Calif., Monday.

Delta Passenger Viewing Child Porn Triggers Outrage

Most trafficking experts believe pornography helps to fuel demand. That belief is one reason anti-porn activists are up in arms over a recent Delta Airlines flight incident.

Several Dead in Christian College Shooting

Police have detained a man they believe is the gunman who opened fire at a small Christian university in Oakland, Calif., killing several people.

Groups Unite to Raise Human Trafficking Awareness

The U.S. State Department estimates that 27 million people around the world are victims of human trafficking.

Tornado Survivor Gives Back to Recovering Town

An Indianapolis attorney who survived the deadly March 2 tornado in Indiana is now helping to rebuild a small town ravaged by the storm.

'Linsanity' on Hold After Jeremy Lin Injury

The New York Knicks point guard will undergo surgery for an injured knee, putting him out of the action for at least the next six weeks.

Deadly Colorado Wildfire Mostly Under Control

Colorado residents will be allowed to return to their homes after firefighters  have almost fully contained the deadly wildfire erupted in the state a week ago.