June 2012 Headlines

Flying Again: Burnham 10 Years after Kidnapping

Gracia Burnham, whose story of being held hostage by a radical Muslim group and losing her husband during the rescue, is helping others be set free.

Help Me, Grandma! Wait, This Is a Scam

Social media has given new life to an old con game targeting senior citizens. It is called the "grandparents scam," and in some cases, entire savings were lost.

Millions Still in Dark after Deadly Eastern Storms

The effects of the weekend's violent storms are still being felt along the East Coast, with nearly 3 million still without power Monday.

Miss. Abortion Clinic Allowed to Stay Open for Now

Mississippi's only abortion clinic can remain open for now without following the state's new regulation.

Obama Tours Area Hit by Disastrous Colo. Fires

President Obama declared a "major disaster" in Colorado Friday, releasing federal funds to help pay for the estimated $30 million in wildfire damages.

NYC Churches Allowed to Hold Services in Schools

A federal court issued a permanent injunction that keeps the New York City school district from enforcing its ban on renting school buildings for worship.

Under Pressure, Va. School Removes Commandments

A Virginia school district has voted to remove a ten commandment display from its high school.

Court Won't Hear 'Wardrobe Malfunction' Case

CBS won't have to pay a fine for singer Janet Jackson's infamous wardrobe malfuction during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show.

States, Catholics Push Forward with Mandate Suit

Ohio and six other states are pushing ahead with a lawsuit against the "Obamacare" mandate that employers buy health insurance covering birth control.

Wildfire Continues to Menace Colorado Neighborhoods

More than 30,000 Colorado residents have been forced to evacuate their homes.  Most were given just five minutes to grab what they could and get out.

Racism to Revival: Luter's Vision for So. Baptists

He revived his dying church to thousands then rebuilt after Katrina. Now, Pastor Fred Luter is hoping for similar transformation as president of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Diverse Faith Leaders Attempt to Revive Civility

Christian leaders of all backgrounds gathered this week to discuss America's political landscape and ways to change current culture in politics.

First Black Marines Receive Congressional Medal

Nearly 70 years after they became the first black recruits enlisted in the Corp, the Montfort Point Marines were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal.

Early Heat Wave Sweeping the Country

From Montana to Louisiana, a heat wave is baking much of the United States, Thursday.

Ky. Wants Faith Healthcare Ministry Held in Contempt

State lawyers want the Kentucky Supreme Court to hold Medi-Share in contempt after a court ruled they must follow the same rules as secular insurance providers.

Sunshine State Drenched by Debby's Downpour

The threat of flooding remains in Florida even after the National Hurricane Center downgraded Debby from a tropical storm to a depression.

Exodus Backs Away from Gay Conversion Therapy

Exodus International, a Christian ministry that reaches out to homosexuals, is moving away from controversial treatment meant to end same-sex attraction.

Jacksonville Council Mulls Sexual Orientation Bill

Proposed legislation banning discrimination based on sexual orientation is creating much debate in Jacksonville, Fla.

Fla. Mom Dies Saving Child in Tornado

A Florida mother made the ultimate sacrifice for her child, giving up her own life for her little girl.

Christian Ministries in Path of Raging Colo. Wildfire

Air Force cadets joined thousands forced to flee their homes. And Several Christian ministries are based near the blaze being called a "firestorm of epic proportions."

Man Allowed to Pass Out Bibles at Gay Festival

A last-minute court decision has allowed a Wisconsin man to give away Bibles at a Minnesota gay pride celebration.

Dozens Protest Town's Foul Language Law

Dozens of people turned out in Middleborough, Mass., this week to curse a new anti-profanity bylaw, which makes public cursing a non-criminal offense.

High Court Won't Hear San Diego Cross Case

The U.S. Supreme Court won't get involved in a fight over a war memorial cross in San Diego.

Debbie Batters Florida, Threatens More Flooding

Tropical Storm Debby continues to maul the Florida coast and it could dump another foot of rain on the state.

FBI Rescues Dozens of Kids in Nat'l Trafficking Sting

The FBI says a nationwide trafficking crackdown has led to the rescue of 79 children who were victims of child sex trafficking.

Vicious Wildfires Rage Across Colorado, Other States

Wildfires moved in on some of Colorado's most popular summer tourist destinations over the weekend, demolishing nearly two dozen homes.

High-Tech Solution to Border Problems Ignored

The U.S. government has increased spending and received new ideas for protecting the border. Yet, more advanced technology isn't being utilized and Americans see the danger.

Benny Hinn, Ex-Wife Announce Plans to Remarry

After reconciling late last year, evangelist Benny Hinn and his ex-wife Suzanne are now planning to getting remarried.

Immigration Ruling: What's the Ripple Effect?

The Supreme Court issued a mixed bag of opinions on Arizona's controversial immigration law, striking down three of the four key provisions.

Catholics Rally for Religious Freedoms in the US

More than 2,000 Roman Catholics attended a "Celebration of Freedom" rally at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., this weekend.

Slow-Moving Debby Could Drench Gulf Coast

Because Tropical Storm Debby is moving slowing, it's giving clouds more time to unload rain. In northern Florida, residents are preparing for up to 25 inches.

Counterterrorism Now a New York State of Mind

In the years since 9/11, the New York City Police Department has implemented state of the art measures to keep the city's 8.2 million resides safe from terrorism.

Truckers Hit the Road to Combat Sex Trade

Truck drivers rack up almost 400 billion miles a year traveling across the U.S. Now, they are putting those miles to good use to stop human trafficking.

Catholics Rally for Religious Liberty in DC

Roman Catholics opposed to the "Obamacare" mandate on birth control rallied Sunday as part of a special two-week program called the "Fortnight for Freedom."

Pixar's 'Brave' a Mom & Daughter Journey

Reminiscent of the 1998 film "Mulan," Disney is hoping to wow young moviegoers with its latest "girl power" film, "Brave."

Obama, Romney seek advantage on health care ruling

This coming week, when the Supreme Court rules on the constitutionality of President Obama's health care law, both sides will be scrambling for political gain.

Rosenberg: America Heading Toward 'Implosion'

Author Joel Rosenberg looks at America's economic and spiritual challenges through the lens of biblical prophecy. Can things turn around before it's too late?

Paralyzed Steve Saint: 'Give God All You've Got'

Now unable to feed himself because of a paralyzing accident June 13, Saint is hoping advanced technology will help him walk again.

Ex-Penn St. coach Sandusky convicted of abuse

Jerry Sandusky is in jail this morning. The former Penn State assistant football coach could face life in prison after his conviction for sexual abuse of children.

Bullies Apologize to Bus Monitor Karen Klein

The New York middle school kids who bullied their bus monitor are reportedly getting death threats. Chastened, the boys have written an apology to their victim. 

How Should Christians Engage Gay Rights Debate?

Christian views on sexuality are often marginalized by major media outlets. So what's a believer to do or say in this day and age?

Doctor Loses License over Abortion Referrals

Dr. Ann Neuhaus provided the second medical opinions the late Dr. George Tiller needed to perform late-term abortions at his Wichita clinic.

NC Police Chaplains Banned from Invoking Jesus

Volunteer chaplains in North Carolina's Charlotte-Mecklenburg County Police Department have been ordered to stop using the name of Jesus in their prayers at official ceremonies.    

Clinics in Hot Water Again for Condoning Gendercide

The pro-life group Live Action has released yet another undercover video, this time exposing abortion clinics in North Carolina targeting baby girls for abortion.

New Southern Baptist Leader Focused on Membership

Pastor Fred Luter said he's looking for new ways to reach the next generation with the same gospel message that changed his life.

Supreme Court Nixes FCC Indecency Fines

The Supreme Court decided Thursday that broadcasters should not be fined for unexpected indecency on their programs that violates FCC rules.

Ill. Prosecutors Balk at Defending Gay Marriage Ban

Attorney General Lisa Madigan and Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez are refusing to defend the state's ban on same-sex marriage, calling it unconstitutional.

So. Baptists: Gay Marriage Not Civil Rights Issue

Southern Baptists have passed a resolution opposing the idea that same-sex marriage is a civil rights issue.

Summer Off to Scorching Start in Northeast, Midwest

Summer is officially here and it's off to a record-breaking start. From coast to coast, extreme heat is gripping the nation.

Maine Churches Fundraise against Gay Marriage

Churches in Maine have begun taking up offerings to support a campaign opposing same-sex marriage in that state.

'American Idol' Finalists Liven Up Branson Stage

Finalists from past "American Idol" seasons are venturing from the glitz of Hollywood to the slower pace of Branson, Mo., performing in "The Finalists Live!"


'Priests for Life' to Defy Birth Control Mandate

The director of a national Catholic organization said his group will not obey a federal mandate requiring religious groups to provide contraception coverage to employees.

Pentagon Set to Celebrate Gay Pride Month

The Pentagon plans to honor gay and lesbian service members to coincide with Gay Pride Month but one chaplain group is speaking out against the Pentagon's decision.

Southern Baptists Name First Black President

Fred Luter, Jr. is a New Orleans pastor and was the only candidate on the ballot when the convention took its vote.

Colo. Continues Wildfire Battle; 50 Pct. Contained

A wildfire that has charred nearly 92 square miles in northern Colorado since it began 10 days ago is now 50 percent contained, authorities said.

Bristol Palin Sued by Heckler over Gay Question

Bristol Palin, daughter of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, is being sued by a man who heckled her during filming of her new reality-TV show.

Churches Fight On to Hold Services in NYC Schools

Churches in New York City brought their case to court Friday, fighting for the right to use public schools for Sunday services.

US Open Champ Simpson: Prayer Kept Me Calm

U.S. Open champion Webb Simpson said it was prayer that calmed his nerves and allowed him to win his first major golf championship, Sunday.

NYC Churches in Limbo over Public School Worship

New York City congregations are stuck in limbo over the right to keep using public schools for worship after a council member failed to keep a promise to the churches.

Tebow Encourages Fathers to Lead, Inspire

Tim Tebow drew a crowd of more than 26,000 people over the weekend, not for football but for a Father's Day event meant to honor dads.

Colo. Wildfire Victims Find 'Strength in the Lord'

A powerful wildfire burning across Colorado has now destroyed at least 181 homes and 56,000 acres of land, sparking a fresh wave of evacuation orders.

Rodney King, Key Figure in LA Riots, Dead at 47

 Rodney King, the black motorist whose 1991 videotaped beating by Los Angeles police officers was the touchstone for one of the most destructive race riots in the nation's history, has died.

Chalk It Up? Toddler Banned from Sidewalk Art

Emerson Cohen loves to draw on the sidewalk in front of her home, but some neighbors aren't appreciating the 3-year-old's artwork.

Review: 'Rock of Ages' Hits Theaters

Musical dramedy "Rock of Ages" tells the tale of how a young woman leaves her small Oklahoma town to pursue dreams of fame and fortune in Hollywood.

The 10 Principles Every Dad Needs to Know

Millions of Americans will celebrate their dads this Father's Day, one of the most important roles a man will ever have.

Documents Claim Wider Secret Service Scandal

The government has released more than 200 pages of new documents revealing accusations against the Secret Service stretching all the way back to 2004.

Obama Courts Latinos with Illegal Immigration Change

Latinos are a powerful voting bloc this presidential election and have grown frustrated with a lack of immigration reform policies coming out of Washington.

Calif. Cuts Force Massive L.A. County Court Layoffs

The Los Angeles County court system is the latest causality of California budget cutbacks.

Human Trafficking Conference Urges People to Act

More than 500 people are meeting in Oakland, Calif., for a conference aimed at ending human trafficking and the exploitation of children.

Lee Greenwood Offended by 'God Bless USA' Ban

Country singer Lee Greenwood said he's offended by New York principal's decision to ban his song, "God Bless the USA," from a kindergarten graduation ceremony.

Paralyzed Teen Walks at High School Graduation

Despite being paralyzed, one San Diego teen was determined to walk across the stage to receive his high school diploma.

Military Logos No Longer Allowed on Troop Bibles

The publishing arm of the Southern Baptist Convention can no longer use military logos on its Bibles for service members.

Evangelical Coalition Calls for Immigration Reform

Evangelicals called for legislation to make it harder for people to enter the country illegally while giving illegal immigrants a path to citizenship.

Small Town Slaps Fine on Foul Language

Residents of a small Massachusetts town will have to start choosing their words more carefully.

Group: Non-Discrimination Law Has 'Chilling Effect'

The National Religious Broadcasters Association is raising concerns about legislation said to protect gay Americans from job discrimination.

Boy Scouts Board Member Says 'End Gay Ban'

James Turley, a member of the Boy Scouts of America's National Board, said he will work from within to change the ban on gay troops and leaders.

Gay Parenting Could Negatively Impact Kids

Two new studies challenge previous claims that children raised in gay households are no worse off than those raised by married heterosexual parents.

Most Teens Still Text, Drive, then Justify Actions

More than half of teenage drivers in the United States still send text messages behind the wheel, according to a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control.

Benny Hinn, Ex-Wife 'Closer, Stronger Than Ever'

Since reconciling with his ex-wife Suzanne, televangelist Benny Hinn says God has healed his family "in a most remarkable and miraculous way."

N. Dakota Could Be a Property Owner's Haven

North Dakota could be the first state in the country to eliminate property taxes, as voters decide on an amendment Tuesday that would ban the annual tax.

WWII Vet Finally Graduates from High School

Ninety-one year old Denver Kelly of Oberlin, Ohio, proved this week that it's never too late to receive an education, in particular, a high school diploma.

Christian Celebrities: Are We Obsessed?

Carrie Underwood is a recent example of the standards often placed on celebrities who profess their faith.  Do Christians look for faith in the wrong places?

Crystal Cathedral Renamed 'Christ Cathedral'

The Crystal Cathedral, the mega-church founded by televangelist Robert Schuller, has been renamed the "Christ Cathedral."

Mass. Judge Affirms Use of 'Under God' in Pledge

A Massachusetts judge has ruled the words "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance do not violate the rights of an atheist couple and their children.

N.M., Colo., Fires Continue to Burn, Claim Victim

More firefighters are being called in Tuesday to help fight raging wildfires in New Mexico and Colorado. The fire in Colorado has already claimed one victim.

Carrie Underwood Supports Gay Marriage

Country star and singer Carrie Underwood recently spoke out in support of gay marriage, saying believers should be more loving and less judgmental on the issue.

'Don't Tear Me Down' Project Supports Cross Memorials

Veterans memorials across the country are being targeted for removal because they contain religious symbols, such as a cross.

L.A. Police Cite Commerce Sec. for Hit-and-Run

U.S. Secretary of Commerce John Bryson has been cited for felony hit and run after two car accidents in Los Angeles Saturday night.

NAACP Leader Resigns over Gay Marriage Issue

Rev. Keith Ratliff said he began reevaluating his future with the NAACP last month, when the group's leadership endorsed gay marriage at a meeting in Miami. 

Floods, Fire Wreak Havoc across West, Southeast

Flooding and wildfires caused damage across the United States this weekend. As a result, many residents are now in emergency shelters.

Creflo Dollar Denies Choking Daughter

Megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar staunchly denied accusations Sunday that he punched and choked his 15-year-old daughter in an argument.

Boy Scouts' Gay Ban Challenged from Within

The Boy Scouts of America's long-standing policy that bans gay Scouts and troop leaders from participating in the organization is once again being challenged, this time from within.

Reviews: Sci-Fi 'Prometheus' vs Kiddie 'Madagascar 3'

Science fiction is set to take on animated 3-D this weekend with the release of "Prometheus" and "Madagascar 3."

Nationwide Rallies Protest Birth Control Mandate

Michele Bachmann was among those who protested Friday to draw more attention to the health care mandate that would require contraception coverage.

Pro-Lifers: Birth Control Mandate a Threat to Liberty

Tens of thousand of Americans are expected to take action this Friday to draw attention to the Obama administration's controversial birth control mandate.

Military Suicides Up to Almost One Per Day

The number of active-duty service members committing suicide is increasing at a dramatic pace this year.

Chaplains Denounces Gay Ceremony on Army Base

A military chaplains' organization is speaking out against a lesbian ceremony held at a U.S. Army chapel in Louisiana.

Arizona Clinic Agrees to Abort Baby Girls

The pro-life group Live Action has released its third video that exposes more abortion clinics agreeing to break Arizona law by aborting baby girls.

Ron Luce's Daughter Walks for First Time after Crash

The daughter of Teen Mania founder Ron Luce is walking again after surviving a plane crash in Kansas last month.

Another Court Rules Marriage Law Unconstitutional

Manhattan Judge Barbara Jones said the Defense of Marriage Act interferes with states' rights to regulate the institution.

Washington Voters Block Gay Marriage from Starting

Citizens of Washington state have blocked a gay marriage law from taking effect.

Pitcher John Smoltz on 'Starting and Closing' Well

The Atlanta Braves will induct John Smoltz into their hall of fame Friday. But the famed pitcher said he'd be "disappointed" if was only remembered as a good pitcher.

Court: Christian Photog Can’t Refuse Gay Ceremonies

A New Mexico court found a Christian photography studio guilty of discrimination because it refused to take pictures of a gay commitment ceremony.

California's Prop 8 Likely Headed to Supreme Court

A federal appeals court refused Tuesday to reconsider a landmark ruling by two of its member judges that struck down California's ban on same-sex marriages.

Faith Groups Vie to Win Free Hobby Lobby Property

A contest to win a free 217-acre campus in Northfield, Mass., is now down to two finalists. The property is owned the owners of the arts and crafts chain Hobby Lobby

Caution: Facebook Changing Fabric of Culture

With Facebook's continued growth, it's important that both parents -- and couples -- be vigilant.

Disney to Restrict Junk Food Ads

Disney CEO Bob Iger announced the plan Tuesday at a press conference with first lady Michelle Obama, who called the announcement a "game changer."

Christian Tweets More Popular than Lady Gaga

Christian leaders leave some of the most popular messages on Twitter, even outshining tweets by celebrities like Lady Gaga.

Zimmerman Lawyers Requests Second Bond Hearing

The defense team for George Zimmerman, the man charged in the death of Trayvon Martin, plans to ask a Florida court for another bond hearing.

So. Baptists Punish Leader for Racial Comments

The Southern Baptist Convention has punished its ethics chief and pulled the plug on his weekly radio show over recent controversial comments he made.

Black Leaders Confronting Obama on Gay Marriage

The Coalition of African-American Pastors is asking for a meeting with the president to ask him directly to reconsider his controversial stance.

Most Kissable 'Family Feud' Host Dawson Dies

Richard Dawson, the personable host known for making "Survey says..." a national catchphrase on the game show "Family Feud," died Saturday.  He was 79.

Coastal Va. City Cleans Up After Rare Water Spout

Residents from the Carolinas to Pennsylvania are still cleaning up after 14 tornadoes ripped across the East Coast over the weekend.

Judge Bars Prayer From Vermont Town Meeting

A judge sided with a Franklin resident, who said the prayer violates Vermont's constitution, which protects against forced participation in religious worship.

Barely Contained New Mexico Fire Continues to Burn

New Mexico firefighters say they've only just begun to contain the wildfire. They warn it could be weeks before they have the situation fully under control.

Movie Reviews: 'Snow White' May Dwarf 'Men in Black 3'

"Snow White and the Huntsman" hits theatres Friday to compete with box office favorites, "Men in Black 3," "Battleship" and "The Avengers."

Amid Lawsuit, School Changes Commandments Display

A Virginia school board has voted to remove a copy of the Ten Commandments from the wall of a public school.

Defense: George Zimmerman in Police Custody

The defense team for George Zimmerman, the man charged in the killing of Trayvon Martin, says he is in police custody in Florida.

Hundreds Gather to Remember Nebraska Coaches

Nebraskans mourn the death of two high school basketball coaches in a crash that also left injured eight players.



Fmr. FedEx Worker Wins Faith Discrimination Case

Former FedEx worker Eric Weathers sued the shipping company after they banned him from discussing his faith and Bible-based degree at work.

Bishops Investigate Girl Scouts-P. Parenthood Link

The Girl Scouts have said they're open to questioning from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops about their alleged ties to abortion and gay rights groups.

Retooled 'Green Lantern' to be Portrayed as Gay

In the DC Comics Green Lantern retooled series, Alan Scott will represent the gay green space hero.

Record N. Mexico Fire Preview of Things to Come

The biggest wildfire New Mexico's history is getting even bigger, and it's expected to be the first of many such fires across the western United States this year.

NYC Mayor: Ban Sodas, But Celebrate Donuts

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is proclaiming Friday "National Donut Day." The event comes as the mayer launches a campaign to ban big sugary drinks.