May 2011 Headlines

Hunting for Bibles: Reaffirming a ‘National Treasure’

Bible literacy is on the decline in the U.S.  One prominent Oklahoma family hopes a treasure hunt of sorts will help reverse that trend.

'Golden Age' Delivers Food, Meds to Needy Seniors

When one Virginia pastor learned of the poverty facing the elderly community, he went on a mission to feed as many hungry seniors as possible.

Bernice King Leaves Bishop Eddie Long's Church

After more than eight years as a member of the church led by Bishop Eddie Long, Bernice King announced Tuesday that she is leaving to start her own ministry.

Homeless Joplin Residents Settle Where They Can

Rebuilding Joplin, Mo., after the recent tornado will take years, but many residents need a roof over their heads now.

High School Students Flock to Public Bible Club

With the challenges school Bible clubs face these days, how does one share Jesus with the next generation? Redbank Valley High School may have the answer.

Heat Wave! Hot Temps Scorch the East Coast

The season's first heat wave has much of the East Coast sweating, with temperatures expected to top 90 degrees in many places.

Alabama Town Refuses to Allow FEMA Trailers

An Alabama town is refusing to lift a trailer ban that's preventing those affected by recent tornadoes from using temporary housing.

'Genderless' Baby Raises Outrage, Concern

A Canadian couple's decision to keep their baby's sex unknown has caused national debate over parental boundaries and gender equality.

Pastors Question IRS over Preaching Politics

Financial advisor Dan Busby often hears from church leaders who worry if they speak out on a political issue or candidate, the IRS will yank their tax exempt status.

Iraqi Men Face Terror Charges in Kentucky

Federal terrorism charges were handed down Tuesday to two Iraqis living in Bowling Green, Ky.

High Court Throws Out Lawsuit Against Ashcroft

Former Attorney General John Ashcroft cannot be sued by an American Muslim arrested after 9/11, The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Tuesday.

Cities Fight Back Against Sex Trafficking

Across the country, communities are discovering that human trafficking is not just a tragedy overseas -- it's in their own backyard.

Ministers Urge Right of Conscience on Gay Troops

African-American church leaders are calling on the Senate to bar military facilities from hosting same-sex weddings.

P. Parenthood Seeks to Block S.D. Abortion Law

Planned Parenthood has filed a lawsuit to stop a South Dakota law that would require women seeking abortions to wait three days and undergo counseling at pregnancy help centers.

Operation Blessing Giving Joplin Residents Hope

CBN's Operation Blessing International is on the ground in tornado-ravaged Joplin, providing help and hope as residents embark on a massive cleanup effort.

Judge: Veteran Affairs Can't Bar 'Jesus' Prayer

A Houston pastor can use Jesus' name in a Memorial Day ceremony after a federal judge issued a temporary order preventing officials from censoring his prayer.

Census: Married U.S. Households Now in Minority

Those joined in wedlock now make up 48 percent of all U.S. households, marking the first time in U.S. history married couples don't make-up the majority.

First Lady's 'Joining Forces' Unites Churches, Military

First Lady Michelle Obama is encouraging churches to help make a difference in the lives of military families.

Obama Consoles Tornado-Ravaged Joplin

After a week of grieving and seeing devastation at every turn Joplin residents are pausing this Memorial Day to honor those who have suffered so much loss.

Americans, Troops Pay Tribute to Fallen Comrades

On this Memorial Day, many Americans are taking time to remember the sacrifices of the men and women who gave their lives for their country.

Rita Cosby Recalls Father's WWII Heroism

Journalist Rita Cosby only recently discovered the dramatic story of her father's World War II experience. She talks to CBN News about what she found out.

SEALs Give Boy with Leukemia New Lease on Life

As one boy battling leukemia recently discovered, U.S. Navy SEALs are more than just an elite group of warriors, they're also men with big hearts.

Oprah's Jesus Comments Reignite Faith Debate

While Oprah's lengthy remarks about her beliefs during Wednesday's curtain call show drew applause from the audience, many Christians remained skeptical.

Joplin Official Revises Tornado Death Toll

Joplin City Manager Mark Rohr revised the tornado's death toll down to 139 from 142 on Saturday.

Tornado Rescue Teams Don't Give Up Hope

Some have lost homes. Others have lost loved ones. But most of those affected by the recent tornadoes that ripped through the Midwest haven't lost hope.

SEAL Experience Offers Taste of Real Training

A week-long extreme course in Chesapeake, Va., gives participants not only mock SEAL training, but also pushes them to look deep inside themselves for strength.

Lockheed Martin Thwarts Cyber Attack

Lockheed Martin announced Saturday it successfully thwarted a "significant and tenacious attack" on the company's information systems network.

Incredible Forgiveness Featured in 'Heaven's Rain'

As a child, Douglass saw his missionary parents gunned down before his eyes. His new film shows how an encounter with one of the killers helped him forgive. 

Severe Weather Continues to Plague East, South

The same weather system that caused tornadoes in the Midwest on Wednesday brought severe storms to the East Coast and southern parts of the U.S. Thursday.

Lawyer: Sex Lawsuit Involving Bishop Long Resolved

Lawsuits brought by four young men who accused an Atlanta megachurch pastor of sexual misconduct have been resolved, attorneys for both sides said Thursday.

Volunteers Help Mend Joplin after Tornado Disaster

Churches around the shattered city of Joplin, Mo., have become feeding centers and are also distributing aid to those in need.

Ariz. Shooting Spree Suspect Incompetent for Trial

The decision by U.S. District Judge Larry Burns means 21-year-old Jared Lee Loughner will be sent to a federal facility for up to four months.

ROTC Returns to Yale University After 40 Years

University officials changed its policy of banning the military organization after the U.S. Congress voted to allow gays to openly serve in the military.

Ga. Board Votes to Hold Graduations at Church

A school board in Georgia has decided high school graduations will go on as planned in spite of some controversy over the venue.

Catholic Priest Named New House Chaplain

Lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously approved Rev. Patrick Conroy as their next chaplain, Thursday.

Man Pleads Not Guilty in Ex-Lesbian Custody Case

A Mennonite missionary charged in a high-profile lesbian custody case pleaded not guilty Wednesday in a Vermont federal court.

Terror Experts Warn of Post Bin Laden Attacks

Although the death of Osama bin Laden delivered a crushing blow to al Qaeda, experts warn his goal to strike the American heartland is alive and well.

Powerful Storms Pound Several Central States

More violent weather pounded the middle of the country Wednesday, killing at least 15 people in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

Christians Step Up to Help Joplin Residents Recover

As residents comb through the wreckage of their neighborhoods devastated by the worst tornadoes in years, churches and volunteers are stepping up to help.

Deadly Tornadoes Rake Through Midwest States

A new wave of powerful tornadoes killed at least 14 Midwest residents Wednesday, marking day two of deadly storms that've ripped through the country.

Man Reunited with Class Ring After 70 Years

After more than seven decades, a 90-year-old man was recently reunited with his high school class ring.

Texas Highlights Historic Pro-Life Sonogram Bill

Texas Gov. Rick Perry held a "ceremonial signing" Tuesday to highlight the purpose of the state's pro-life sonogram legislation.

Out of Coma, College Student Looks to Future

With graduation season is in full swing, it's time for graduates to look to the future, something Connecticut college student Robert Aliano is eager to do.

Group Warns CA Parents of Harvey Milk Teachings

A pro-family group in California is calling on parents of public school students to protest events for "Harvey Milk Day," which honors the slain gay rights activist.

Pro-Israel Leaders Launch TV Campaign

A pro-Israel coalition is raising awareness of the possible attacks Israel would face if a peace deal with Palestine was based on 1967 borders.

Candy Cane Case Questions Kids' Religious Rights

The case began in 2003, when then 8-year-old Jonathan Morgan was banned from handing out candy canes to his classmates because a poem about Jesus was attached.

Seniors Hold Prayer Despite Atheist's Threats

Openly atheist graduate Damon Fowler complained to the superintendent about the traditional prayer and threatened to contact the American Civil Liberties Union.

Fringe Preacher: 'World to Now End in Oct.'

The California preacher who predicted the rapture would take place on May 21, now says it will happen in October.

Chaplains: Gay Ban Repeal May Quell Free Speech

Military chaplains are seeking assurance from Congress and the Pentagon that troops who express religious objections to homosexuality won't suffer reprisals.

For Tornado-Battered Joplin, Second Punch Looms

Residents in the Midwest town of Joplin, Mo., continued to sift through the wreckage of their homes Tuesday, while keeping their eyes on the skies.

High Court to Calif: Cut Prison Inmates by 33,000

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that California must drastically reduce its prison population to relieve severe overcrowding.

Missouri Tornado Death Toll Rises

Dozens of people were killed over the weekend after some 70 twisters swept across seven states from the Canadian border to Oklahoma.

Lotto Winner Gets Heat for Using Food Stamps

Lottery winner Leroy Fick is ruffling feathers in his home state of Michigan over his continued use of food stamps.

Minn. Voters to Decide Marriage Definition in 2012

The state house voted late Saturday night 70-63 after nearly six hours of emotional debate to put the definition of marriage on the ballot in November 2012.

Evangelicals: Rob Bell Preaching 'False Gospel'

Two months after popular pastor Rob Bell released his book about heaven and hell, it is still stirring debate in Christian circles.

'Teen MOPS' Shows Young Moms Real Love

Often, teens facing unexpected motherhood see scorn from their peers and their own families.  But through Teen MOPS, churches are stepping in to help.

Review: Fourth 'Pirates' Movie Sails into Theaters

"Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" continues the adventures of the often inebriated Capt. Jack Sparrow.

Tornado Hits N. Minneapoli, 18 Hurt

At least one tornado hit Minneapolis on Sunday, damaging scores of homes, toppling hundreds of trees and leaving 18 people with minor injuries.

Agonizing Wait in La. as Water Inches Closer

The final wave of holdouts has mostly packed up and left this town as water from the swollen Atchafalaya River inched toward their homes.

Fringe Christian Group: 'Christ to Return May 21'

A fringe Christian group is predicting Jesus Christ will return on Saturday, May 21, and that's caused a big discussion in the Christian community.

Protestors Debate Israel Outside White House

While President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussed American policy on Israel, dozens of demonstrators gathered outside.

Wilkerson Remembered as Dear Friend, Giving Servant

Thousands gathered to remember their pastor, spiritual father, counselor and friend, Rev. David Wilkerson, during a memorial service at his Times Square Church.

Tax Breaks Approved for Bible Theme Park

The Kentucky Tourism Development Finance Authority awarded $50 million in tax breaks on Thursday to Ark Encounter after a three-month study.

Judge Rules Tenn. Mosque No Threat to Residents

A court ruling in Tennessee has paved the way for the construction of a multi-million dollar mosque in Murfreesboro.

Mississippi Crests in Vicksburg, Claims First Life

The Mississippi River crested at more than 14 feet above flood stage in Vicksburg, Miss. on Thursday, which was lower than expected.

Police Issue Warnings to Hagee Sermon Protestors

Several protestors disrupted a sermon pastor John Hagee devoted to Israel Sunday, throwing pamphlets and yelling pro-Palestinian slogans.

Experts: Homegrown Terror Next Wave of Jihad

Despite the death of Osama bin Laden, the Islamic terrorist threat against America is far from over.

Michaels Customers Warned of Debit Card Breach

Michaels customers are at a potential risk of identity theft after debit card terminals at dozens of locations were breached.

Kan. Gov. Signs Abortion Restrictions into Law

Gov. Sam Brownback has signed a bill into law that restricts Kansas abortion clinics by requiring annual, unannounced inspections.

Ga. City Checking Applicants' Facebook Page

Finding a job is often simply a matter of who you know. However, for some potential employees in Albany, Ga., it's actually all about whether the boss knows you.

Traditional Marriage Supporters Rally at NC Capitol

Around 3,500 Christian conservatives gathered outside the state's general assembly to support the amendment, as several gay rights activists protested inside the building.

Giffords Set to Undergo Surgery

Doctors will replace a piece of Gabrielle Giffords' skull with a plastic implant on Wednesday.

Coast Guard Reopens Part of Mississippi River

Officials closed the waterway north of New Orleans in the latest tough decision to try to reduce pressure on levees protecting cities and towns.

Milwaukee Considers Allowing Backyard Chickens

As natural disasters and rising oil prices lead to increased inflation, larger cities like Milwaukee, Wis., are considering allowing backyard food alternatives.

Schwarzenegger Reveals He had Child with Staffer

Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has acknowledged that he fathered a child with a member of his household staff.

Texas Schools Will Not Use Church for Graduation

The Dallas area church pastored by Bishop T.D. Jakes will no longer be the site of high school graduations.

Missionary in Lesbian Vt. Custody Case Indicted

A missionary has been indicted by a grand jury for helping a woman kidnap her daughter during a custody dispute with her former lesbian partner.

Supreme Court Declines 'So Help Me God' Suit

The Supreme Court announced it won't hear an atheist's case challenging the inclusion of "So help me God" in the president's inaugural oath.

Judge Denies Bail to IMF Chief in Sex Assault Case

The head of the International Monetary Fund will be arraigned Monday on charges that he sexually assaulted a housekeeper at a hotel in Manhattan, New York.

Flood Waters Begin to Crest in Louisiana

Flooding along the Mississippi River began to stabilize Tuesday to the relief of many residents.

Student Heads to Prom Thanks to Facebook

Administrators at Shelton High School have decided to let senior James Tate go to prom, despite him breaking school rules to post an elaborate invitation to his date.

Graham 'Grateful' to be Home after Hospital Stay

The Rev. Billy Graham was back at his North Carolina home Sunday after being hospitalized for five days with pneumonia.

FBI: Child Sex Trafficking at 'Epidemic' Levels

A recent FBI law enforcement bulletin reports that child sex trafficking is an epidemic in the United States, with about 300,000 children at risk of being victimized by the sex trade.

Flooded La. Towns Evacuated, Residents Pray

One day after the Army Corps of Engineers began opening floodgates in Louisiana, many towns known for their Cajun culture were virtually empty Monday.

Miami Imam, Sons Due in Court on Terror Charges

An elderly Miami imam and two of his sons have been arrested on federal charges they provided some $50,000 to the Pakistani Taliban.

Prayer Video Challenges Christians to be 'Real'

Praying is about more than folding our hands and saying the right things. That's the message an Ohio youth outreach director is sending Christians.

Film Critic Offers Tips for a 'Family' Movie Night

Focus on the Family movie critic Bob Waliszewski offered some helpful tips on the best way to have family movie night.

Is Marriage in America a Dying Institution?

Recent well-known relationship splits and celebrity comments have turned the spotlight on the state of marriage and its sanctity in today's society.

Doctors: Graham Responding Well to Treatment

Physicians say antibiotics have helped clear his congestion and his temperature is normal.

Sketchers 'Shape Up' Shoes Target Young Girls

A shoe company is targeting young girls with some controversial advertising and many parents have taken notice.

Mississippi Rising: Cajun Country Braces for Flood

The mighty Mississippi River continued to threaten New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Friday, with floodwaters that could breach levees protecting those cities.

Graham 'Resting Comfortably' in N.C. Hospital

Evangelist Billy Graham is resting comfortably at an Asheville, N.C. Thursday hospital after a bout with pneumonia.

Facebook 'Re-Friends' Ind. Lawyer after ID Blunder

An attorney who shares the same name as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has had his Facebook account restored.


Christie: Schools Should Be Able to Teach Creationism

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says local schools should have the right to decide whether or not to teach creationism.

Pro-Life Dem Demands Apology Over Abortion Bill

On April 21, Rep. Daphne Campbell crossed party lines to defend the bill that would require ultrasounds be given before abortion procedures.

Fired Christian Weather Man 'Doesn't Regret Actions'

Jack Church, the chief meteorologist at KERO-TV, recently objected to a story airing on the station about the success of local strip clubs.

Floodwaters Leave Memphis, Trickle South

Officials in Memphis are assessing the damage from one of the worst floods in decades, while residents in Mississippi and Louisiana brace for what's to come.

Judge Allows Ind. to Cut Planned Parenthood Funds

A federal judge has refused to block a new Indiana law that cuts public funding for Planned Parenthood.

Government Unveils Cell Phone Alert System

New cell phones will be equipped with a special microchip, allowing the federal government to send warnings from the president about imminent danger.

Delaware Gov. Signs Gay Unions Bill into Law

Delaware has become the eighth state to legalize civil unions and domestic partnerships for same-sex couples.

Unease in the Miss. Delta as Floodwaters Spread

Floodwaters continue to engulf the Mississippi River Delta region as the bloated river continues to overflow its banks.

Officials: Bin Laden Eyed Small Cities as Targets

Investigators say journals kept by Osama bin Laden while he was hiding in Pakistan showed he was still actively involved in plotting terrorism.

USS George H.W. Bush Makes Maiden Voyage

The Navy's newest nuclear-powered aircraft carrier shoved off Wednesday morning for its first combat deployment.

Arkansas: Faith Rising Up amid Flood Waters

Rivers in the state of Arkansas, among the many that feed the mighty Mississippi River, are also overflowing their banks at record levels.

Glacier National Park Marks 101 Years

The words used to label places in the park often reveal its fascinating and sometimes humorous history.

Advocacy Groups Challenge Okla. Anti-Sharia Law

The ACLU and CAIR are appealing Oklahoma's amendment barring state courts from considering or citing Islamic Sharia law when deciding cases.

Navy Halts Training Chaplains on Gay Unions

The U.S. Navy has reversed its plan to train chaplains to perform gay marriages after 63 members of the House sent a letter of protest to Navy Secretary Ray Maybus.

Presbyterian Church Clears Way for Gay Clergy

The Presbyterian Church U.S.A. has made it easier to ordain gays and lesbians as clergy.

Flooded River Taking Aim at Mississippi Delta

Vicksburg, a historic Mississippi city and the site of a pivotal Civil War battle, has been one of the hardest hit by the flooding.

Navy Halts Move to Allow Gay Unions by Chaplains

Late Tuesday, the Navy reversed its decision to all chaplains to perform same-sex unions if the Pentagon approves openly gay military service later this year.

Presbyterians Clear Way for Gay Clergy

After decades of debate, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) on Tuesday struck down a barrier to ordaining gays.

Military Reviewing Limits on Home School Recruits

The HSLDA is urging U.S. military officials to adjust the Armed Forces recruiting policy so that more home schoolers can enlist.

Bayside Church Packs in Thousands for Worship

Christian recording artist Lincoln Brewster led an Easter worship service last month for an audience of 20,000 at the Power Balance Pavilion in Sacramento, Calif.

Woman Found After Two Months in Nev. Desert

It was a Mother's Day miracle for one family -- a women who's been missing for nearly two months rescued and reunited with her love ones.

Federal Court Weighs Health Law Constitutionality

The health care law backed by President Barack Obama will make its first appearance in a federal appeals court in Virginia on Tuesday.

Boy's 'Heaven' Experience to be Made into Movie

A bestselling book about a 4-year-old's journey to heaven will soon to made into a movie.

Navy Preps Chaplains to Perform Gay Weddings

The U.S. Navy is preparing its chaplains to perform gay weddings and civil unions at base chapels.

Utah Immigration Law Gets Hearing on First Day

A federal judge will consider Tuesday whether to block a new Utah state immigration law, which allows law enforcement to check the citizenship status of anyone they arrest.

Memphis Flooding Peaks; Danger Lurks Downstream

Flood watches and warnings were in effect Tuesday morning as the rising Mississippi River rushes downstream toward Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico.

Chick-fil-A's Dan Cathy Addresses Regent Grads

Regent University founder, Dr. Pat Robertson urged this year's crop of graduates told hold onto their dreams, adding that "nothing's impossible with God." 

Tuscaloosa Mayor: Prayer Helping after Tornado

The mayor of Tuscaloosa, Ala., says prayer has helped carry him through the aftermath of the tornado that devastated his city on April 27.

More Evacuations in Memphis; City Waits on River

More Memphis residents were being told Sunday to flee their homes for higher ground as the mighty Mississippi edged toward the city.

Memphis Residents Brace for Miss. River Crest

The Mississippi River is nearing two feet above major flood stage in Memphis, Tenn., and the waters are still rising.

Crew, Passengers Subdue Unruly Man on Flight

San Francisco Police say an unruly airline passenger carrying a passport from Yemen had to be subdued by flight attendants and passengers Sunday night after he began pounding on the cockpit door

Obama Offers Rationale for 'Risky' Bin Laden Raid

President Obama said he knew the operation would be risky, but getting Osama bin Laden outweighed all of the risks.

Warship Dedicated to Fallen Navy SEAL

Maureen Murphy, mother of fallen Navy SEAL Lt. Michael Murphy, took part in dedicating a Navy warship in his honor.

Ministry Caters to Forgotten Moms on Special Day

For many women, Mother's Day is just another day. But one single mom wanted to find a way to lift up these women on their special day.

Reviews: 'Jumping the Broom,' 'Thor' Hit Theaters

Love conquers all in Bishop T.D. Jake's new romantic comedy "Jumping the Broom," due in theaters this weekend.

Miss., Ohio Rivers Rising, More Flooding Possible

Water levels are still rising along the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers and forecasters warn that even more substantial rain is coming next week.

Charity Aid Group Helping Ala. Survivors Rebuild

Teams from Operation Blessing International are in Alabama helping storm survivors rebuild their homes and their lives.

Memphis Braces for Mighty Mississippi's Wrath

The crest of the Mississippi River continues to creep south, causing residents in it's path to flee to higher ground.

Bin Laden Eyed U.S. Trains in New 9/11 Plot

As President Obama meets with the SEALs who killed Osama bin Laden, evidence has emerged that the al Qaeda leader was planning a new 9/11 attack.

People Around the Nation Join in 'Day of Prayer'

People from all around the nation gathered on their knees in a congressional conference room Thursday, asking for God's mercy and blessing for America.

Obama Marks bin Laden's Death at Ground Zero

President Barack Obama laid a wreath Thursday at New York's ground zero, in a somber ceremony marking the death of America's No. 1 enemy Osama bin Laden.

9/11 Wife Refuses to 'Rejoice' in Bin Laden's Death

Although Jennifer Sands lost her husband the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks , she has refused to "rejoice" in the killing of the world's most wanted man.

Family Therapist Examines Mother-Daughter Bond

The bond between a mother and daughter is powerful and is capable of shaping a woman's life forever.

Air Force Academy Dedicates 'Inclusive' Chapel

The U.S. Air Force Academy now has a chapel designated for earth-centered religions.

Prayer Service Held for Ala. Tornado Victims

A prayer service was held outside of Birmingham, Ala., Wednesday to offer encouragement to tornado survivors, rescuers, and volunteers.

Lawmaker's 'Gay is Holy' Argument Goes Viral

A Minnesota lawmaker is under scrutiny for pro-homosexual remarks he gave before a house panel arguing that being gay is "godly and holy."

David Wilkerson's Son Urges Prayer for His Mother

On Wednesday, doctors worked to repair a broken hip Rev. David Wilkerson's wife, Gwen Wilkerson, suffered during the accident that killed her husband.

New Details Emerge about Bin Laden Raid

More details have been released about Sunday's deadly raid on Osama bin Laden's Pakistan compound.

Honoring Mom This Mother's Day

Mother's Day will be celebrated Sunday in the U.S., so if you haven't picked up something special for your mom, you only have a few days left to do so.

Fla. Legislature Votes to Put 'Obamacare' on Ballot

Florida's Republican-controlled legislature has voted to place an amendment on the 2012 ballot aimed at thwarting "Obamacare."

Joni Eareckson Tada Honors Vets on Day of Prayer

Eareckson Tada, who was paralyzed in 1967 following a diving accident, said she hopes her involvement will highlight war veterans wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Slow-moving Disaster along Mighty Mississippi

A slow-motion disaster from the swollen Mississippi River could break flood records dating to the 1920s.

Should Christians Rejoice over Bin Laden's Death?

The killing of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has sparked celebration around the world. But is it good for Christians to rejoice over the demise of their enemy?

Boy Scouts Back Home After Arkansas Adventure

Six Louisiana Boy Scouts and their two troop leaders have returned home after being stranded in an Arkansas forest by high water for two days.

How the King James Bible Changed the World

This week marks the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible. Mass production of the book more than 400 years ago changed the lives of many people.

A Look Inside the Team Who Took Down Bin Laden

The team sent to find and kill Osama bin Laden is an elite group of men who trained thousands of hours for the mission. They're called Navy SEAL Team Six.

Man Shaves 9/11 Beard After Bin Laden's Death

A Washington state teacher marked the death of Osama bin Laden by shaving a beard he'd grown since the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Ala. Gov. to Give Statewide Address on Storms

Gov. Robert Bentley will discuss the damages Tuesday night in a televised address to the state legislature.

Spiritual Giant Rev. David Wilkerson Laid to Rest

The man many considered to be a spiritual giant of the faith, Rev. David Wilkerson, was laid to rest at private funeral at Rose Heights Church of God in Tyler, Texas.

Bin Laden Raid Began with Guantanamo Tip

Intelligence experts had long said that 9/11-mastermind Osama bin Laden was hiding in Pakistan. They were right.

P. Parenthood Office Seeks to Stop Defunding Bill

Planned Parenthood of Indiana will fight a new measure to cut off funding to the state's abortion providers by seeking an injunction to stop the bill from becoming law.

Families Have Mixed Emotions on bin Laden’s Death

The news of Osama bin Laden's death brought joy and celebrations across the nation. But for families of 9/11 victims, there were mixed emotions.

Intel Community on Alert for Retaliation Attacks

New concerns arose in the intelligence community Tuesday of possible revenge attacks by al-Qaeda affiliated groups for the death of Osama bin Laden.

Louisiana Scouts Rescued from Ark. Wilderness Area

A National Guard helicopter plucked six stranded Louisiana Boy Scouts from an Arkansas forest Tuesday morning.

Intentional Levee Break Destroys Farmland

Army Engineers intentionally blew a levee holding back floodwaters in Missouri late Monday, sacrificing thousands of acres of farmland to save a nearby town.

Bin Laden's Death Met With Fear of Retaliation

Law enforcement agencies across the country, including the cities of Los Angeles and New York are adding extra security measures following the death of Osama bin Laden.

Charity Aid Group Helps Ala. Tornado Survivors

A team from CBN's Operation Blessing International is in Alabama to help survivors recover from last week's storms.

Christians across South Give Thanks for Survival

Victims of the devastating tornadoes that tore through the South last week spent Sunday giving thanks to God for their survival.

Bush Reacts to News of Bin Laden's Death

Former President George W. Bush said he has congratulated President Obama after hearing about bin Laden's death.

Report: Sharp Decline in Mideast Free Press

Freedom House reported a sharp decline of press freedoms in Arab countries in the Middle East and North Africa.

U.S. State Dep't. Issues Travel Alert

The U.S. State Department issued a worldwide travel alert following the assassination of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

Army Corps Prepares to Blow Up Mo. Levee

The Army Corps of Engineers is preparing to blow up a levee on the Missouri side of the Mississippi River, a move that will flood the town of Cairo, Il.