July 2012 Headlines

'Lone Survivor' Shares SEAL Stories of Sacrifice

Former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, a decorated veteran and the lone survivor of a deadly Afghan mission, is now committed to sharing the bravery of his comrades.

American Freedom Forged in the Fire of Faith

Author Rod Gragg says America wasn't just shaped by faith on the fringes, but was absolutely saturated in Christianity and led by biblical thinking in every facet of life.

Phoenix Man Faces Jail Time for Home Bible Studies

A Phoenix man is facing 60 days in jail for holding Bible studies in his home.

Felon Farmers? Law Criminalizes Legitimate Businesses

With some 4,500 federal laws and hundreds of thousands more regulations to enforce them, almost anyone can break the law- often without knowing it.

Will Feds War on Coal Thwart US Energy Independence?

The coal industry is fighting for its future against new federal regulations. Those tough rules are scaring potential investors away from groundbreaking projects.

Olympic Athlete Runs for Gold to Honor God

With wings on her feet and Christ in her heart, 23-year-old Francena McCorory is ready for the 2012 Olympics in London.

SBC Assesses Racism after Black Wedding Banned

The Southern Baptist Convention is working to repair its image and address concerns of racism after a member Mississippi Baptist church refused to marry a black couple.

A Century of Strength: Branson Still Rooted in Faith

In the heart of the country, a well-known vacation spot turning 100 this year still clings to its Christian roots. It's determined to not let go, despite pressure to change.

Olympian Jesse Williams: 'I Knew God Had a Plan'

High jumper Jesse Williams has his eyes set on a gold medal at this year's Olympic Games.

Pro-Gay Marriage ACLU Defends Chick-fil-A

The American Civil Liberties Union, which supports gay rights and other liberal issues, said Chick-fil-A shouldn't be discriminated against for its words and opinions.

US Olympic Runner: 'God Is My Coach'

One American competitor in the London Olympics has taken a unique approach in his preparation: He's decided to let God be his coach.

Struggling Ranchers Seek Waiver on Ethanol Mandate

Livestock producers are asking the EPA to waive its ethanol mandate to help curb the rising cost of grain brought on by the historic drought in the Midwest.

US Swim, Gymnastics Teams Scoring High

The U.S. Olympic team has done very well so far in London, tying China in the medal count after three days. Both countries are coming in with 17.

Chick-fil-A Debate Dominates Social Media

Beef over Chick-fil-A's public defense of traditional marriage is continuing, with both supporters and opponents voicing their opinion on social networking sites.

Memorials Continue for Colo. Shooting Victims

Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes heard the 12 counts of murder charges against him a day after grieving family members began burying their loved ones.

Employer Granted Injunction on Birth Control Mandate

The owners of a Colorado-based heating and air conditioning company have scored a win against President Obama's health care mandate.

US Snags Gold in Swimming, Skeet Shooting

The United States is right behind China in the medal count after day two of the London Olympics. China has a total of 12 and the United States has 11.

Beck's Restoring Love Rally Calls for Servanthood

Thousands of Americans gathered at Glenn Beck's Restoring Love Conference for the purpose of rebuilding the country by serving one another.

Liberal Journalists Come to Defense of Chick-fil-A

Several prominent liberals are coming to the defense of Chick-fil-A after the fast food giant's president, Dan Cathy, voice his company's support for traditional marriage.

Lessons to be Learned from Penn State Scandal

Virginia Beach pastor Randy Singer shared his thoughts on the sex scandal that destroyed what was once considered a generations-strong football program and what lessons can be learned from it.

A Look at the Spiritual Side of the Colo. Shooting

Experts say like the Columbine or Virginia Tech gunmen, James Holmes felt wronged and wanted revenge. Pastor Randy Singer spoke about the tragedy from a spiritual perspective.

Beck, Operation Blessing 'Restoring Love' with Food

Rising food prices are making it harder for some Americans to make ends meet.

Court Upholds SD Abortion-Suicide Advisory Law

A federal appeals court has ruled that doctors in South Dakota must warn women seeking abortions of an increased risk of suicide.

More Rain Possible after Violent Northeast Storms

Meteorologists predict a chance for more rain in the Northeast, following a night of violent storms.

Lawmakers Adopt Resolution to Honor Shooting Victims

Lawmakers honored the victims and first responders of the Aurora, Colo., shooting, as police uncovered more disturbing details about the man at the center of the massacre.

Billy Graham Commends Chick-fil-A Amid Attacks

Evangelist Billy Graham said he 'appreciates' Chick-fil-A for speaking out against gay marriage and 'never compromising' its Christian values.

Rick Warren: Churches Must Join the AIDS Fight

Christian leaders gathered at a special summit of the International AIDS Conference this week to discuss the role of the church in fighting this deadly disease.

Mistake or Bias? Ross Links Tea Party to Colo. Suspect

ABC News Reporter Brian Ross' early suggestion that the Colorado massacre suspect may be linked to the Tea Party turned out to be an error.

Battle Lines Drawn in Chick-fil-A Gay Marriage Flap

Chick-fil-A's president recently voiced his support of traditional marriage. His words have sparked public debate, and battle lines are being drawn nationwide.

New York Soda Ban Hearing Gets Heated

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's proposed ban on sugary drinks still has residents of the Big Apple up in arms.

Heat Bringing Pesky Bugs, Hurting Crops

Bugs like grasshoppers, ants, bees and mosquitoes are arriving earlier and in greater numbers than usual.

Shacking Up? Unintended Pregnancy More Likely

Couples who are living together have more unplanned pregnancies than those who are married, according to a new study by the National Center for Health Statistics.

Colo. Massacre Highlights Threat of Homemade Bombs

Teams in Colorado were able to detonate the explosives found in James Holmes' apartment, but the rigged dwelling is highlighting the issue of homemade bombs.

Chick-fil-A Loses Business Deal over Gay Marriage

The Jim Henson Company is coming out against Chick-fil-A for its support of traditional marriage.

Theater Shooting Victim's Birth Defect Saves Life

One of the victims who was shot in the head during last week's Colo. massacre is making an amazing recovery, and her pastor is giving glory to God.

Obamacare Could Cost Some Their Health Coverage

A new study shows one in 10 employers plans to drop their coverage of workers as the federal health care law is implemented in the next few years.

Gun Control Questions Heat Up after Colo. Shooting

As authorities continue to unfold details surrounding the movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colo., a national debate over gun control is reigniting.

Portrait Emerges of Massacre Suspect James Holmes

Suspected Colorado shooter James Holmes could face the death penalty if convicted. Meanwhile, the question of why he may have done it is still unanswered.

Bishops Urge Approval of Missouri 'Right to Pray'

Roman Catholic bishops in Missouri are urging voters to approve a state constitutional amendment in favor of public prayer.

Wis. Schools' Church Graduation Unconstitutional

A federal court has ruled that two Wisconsin high schools violated the U.S. Constitution by holding graduations at a church.

Mass. Pastor Kidnapped in Egypt Back in US

The Eglise de Dieu de la Pentecote congregation was on hand Sunday to celebrate the return of Rev. Michel Louis, the Mass. pastor kidnapped last week in Egypt.

First Female Astronaut Sally Ride Dead at 61

America is mourning the loss of its first female astronaut Tuesday. Sally Ride died Monday after a 17-month battle with pancreatic cancer.

Town Mourns as Massacre Suspect Appears in Court

Colorado massacre suspect James Holmes showed almost no emotion when he appeared in court Monday, as thousands gathered in Aurora, Colo., to honor the victims.

Military Members March in San Diego Gay Parade

Gay military members marched in uniform in San Diego's gay pride parade this weekend.

Penn State Fined $60M over Child Abuse Scandal

The Penn State football program faces serious disciplinary action from the NCAA over the child sex scandal involving former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.

Responding to Trauma in the Colorado Massacre

The devastation is growing as more details surface about the midnight shooting spree at a Colorado movie theater. One pastor offers advice for those affected.

FBI Knew Fort Hood Shooter Was Islamist

Texas Rep. Michael McCaul claimed political correctness stopped the FBI from launching what may've been a lifesaving investigation into Army Maj. Nidal Hasan.

Troops Allowed to March in Gay Parade

The Defense Department will bend the rules and allow pro-gay military members to wear their government-issued uniforms in a San Diego parade on Saturday.

Moms to Congress: Help Centers Saved Our Babies

A group of pro-life Moms told lawmakers that without Pregnancy Help Centers, they'd have likely aborted the babies that are now such a precious part of their lives.

Conn. School District Cans Graduations at Church

A Connecticut school district will no longer hold graduation ceremonies in churches.

Pentagon Bomb Plotter to Plead Guilty

A guilty plea is expected today from a Massachusetts man charged with plotting to bomb the Pentagon and Capitol.

Colorado Massacre: Gunman Kills 12 at Batman Movie

At least a dozen people were killed and 58 injured during a shooting spree at a mall movie theater in Aurora, Colo., police authorities said.

Chick-fil-A President: 'Guilty as Charged' on Marriage

The president of Chick-fil-A is speaking out in support of traditional marriage.

Postal Service on the Brink of Default

On Aug. 1, the U.S. Post Office may do much more than fail to deliver the mail. It may default on billions of dollars in health benefits for its future retirees.

Domestic Drones a Threat to Americans?

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill expressed concern Thursday over potential privacy and security threats from the use of domestic drones.

Judge Allows Muslims to Worship in New Mosque

A federal judge has ordered officials in Murfreesboro, Tenn., to allow Muslims to worship in their new mosque for Ramadan. The Islamic holy month begins Thursday.

Wheaton College Joins Birth Control Mandate Suit

Wheaton College has now joined the fight over the health care mandate that will force Christian institutions to provide contraceptive services despite their religious objections.

Record Heat Grips 15 States, Damages Crops

Record-breaking heat is damaging crops across the country, and 15 states are under heat advisories Wednesday.

Boy Scouts Reaffirm Ban on Gay Leaders

The Boy Scouts of America reaffirmed a policy Tuesday banning gay leaders and scouts, saying the policy was the best policy for the organization.

Jada Pinkett Smith Takes Stand Against Modern Slavery

Hollywood couple Jada Pinkett Smith and her husband Will Smith were on Capitol Hill Tuesday urging Congress to step up the fight against human trafficking.

Laser Pointer Pranks Putting Pilots in Danger

The Federal Aviation Administration and Federal Bureau of Investigation are looking into complaints of pilots "getting lasered" in the cockpit.

One-Arm Swimmer Overcomes Disability to Win Big

He's only 10 years old but Ben Ramirez is making a big splash in the world of swimming. What makes his accomplishment remarkable is that he did it with only one arm.

Abortion Clinics Center of Legal Fights in Ariz., Va.

A court fight in Arizona could determine the rights of states to stop funding Planned Parenthood.

U.S.-Canada Bridge Reopens after Bomb Threat

A bridge between the U.S. and Canada is reopened after a bomb threat shut it down. Authorities inspected it after receiving the threat on the U.S. side of the bridge.

Probe Launched after Needles Found in Airline Food

An FBI probe is underway after a dozen inch-long needles were found inside sandwiches served aboard Delta flights en route from Amsterdam to the U.S.

Stephen Covey, '7 Habits' Author, Dies at 79

Stephen R. Covey, author of "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People," died Monday in Idaho, three months after a serious bicycle accident in Utah.

Complaint Sparks Probe on Gay Parenting Study

A gay blogger's complaint about a professor's research on same-sex parenting has sparked an inquiry by the University of Texas.

US Treasury Resources Used for Prostitution?

An investigation by the Treasury Department showed that officials engaged in unethical conduct, including soliciting prostitutes and accepting gifts from corporate executives.

Triple-Digit Temps Threaten Nation's Crops

A fourth heat wave is being forecast as much of the U.S. remains in a  drought. More crops are being destroyed, setting the stage for higher food prices.  


Findings Show Penn State Callous toward Victims

Penn State's report on the child molestation scandal says officials, including legendary coach Joe Paterno, were more concerned about reputation than the victims.

Half of the US in Drought Emergency

The Department of Agriculture has declared that 1,000 counties in 26 states are disaster areas, making it the largest natural disaster area in U.S. history.

State Reverses Town's Ban on American Flag

Massachusetts state officials have reversed one town's ban on American flags.

Congress Outraged at China-Made Olympic Uniforms

The uniforms for the U.S. Olympic Team may be red, white, and blue, but they were made in "Red" China.

Va. County Drops Opening Prayer at Meetings

The Henrico, Va., Board of Supervisors will no longer open its meetings with prayer. The decision ends a 35-year tradition for the board.

State's Only Abortion Clinic Remains Open for Now

For a second time, a federal judge has blocked a new law regulating abortion clinics in Mississippi.

Chick-fil-A's Dan Cathy Talks about Cow Appreciation

Despite the tough economy the National Restaurant Association is reporting growth in same-store sales for the past 12 months.

Woman Saves Two Kids in Runaway Car

Leslie Bicknell was sitting in her truck in the parking lot of a local shopping center when she noticed two kids playing behind the wheel of a minivan.

Theology Prof: Exodus Head Offering Gays 'False Hope'

Christian theologian Robert Gagnon is calling for the removal of Alan Chambers, president of Exodus International.

Episcopal Bishops OK Official Gay Union Blessing

An official prayer that blesses gay unions has been approved by Episcopal bishops.

Google Launches Pro-Gay 'Legalize Love' Campaign

Web giant Google is launching a new campaign aimed at boosting support of gay rights around the world.

States Move to Restrict Use of Welfare Funds

States are taking action to stop welfare fraud, including loopholes that allow people to spend taxpayer dollars on guns and in liquor stores, casinos and strip clubs.

Presbyterians Say No to Same-Sex Marriage

The nation's largest Presbyterian denomination has rejected a proposal to allow same-sex marriage ceremonies to be performed in the church.

Tim Keller Sermons to be Published in Digital Archive

A two-decade span of digital archives from author and pastor Tim Keller's sermons is being made available for the first time ever by Logos Bible Software.

Break in Heat Wave Triggers Violent Thunder Storms

Millions of Americans are getting relief today, but it comes at a price. Violent storms have been moving in to break up the scorching temperatures.

Attorneys Feud Over Impact of Miss. Abortion Law

Attorneys for the state of Mississippi are trying to persuade a federal judge to let a new restrictive abortion law take effect.

Fitness Club Redefines 'Family Membership' after Suit

A Virginia fitness club is redefining what it means to be a family by allowing homosexuals to be included on a "family membership."

Ohio Court Will Hear Teacher's Appeal in Bible Case

The Ohio Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case of a fired public school teacher accused of preaching Christianity in his classroom.

Injured Marine Gets Texas-Size 'Thank You'

Texas community offered a big "thank you" to Lance Cpl. Daniel Peterson, an injured Marine sniper, by building him a home free of charge.

Gwen Wilkerson, Wife of David Wilkerson, Dies at 81

Gwen Wilkerson, wife of renowned Pastor David Wilkerson, has died, according to World Challenge. She was 81.

Record Heat Could Lead to 'Monster Drought'

Record heat across the country this week could lead to record drought, causing food prices to rise significantly soon.

Atheist Files Complaint over Restaurant Church Promo

An atheist is turning up the heat on a Pennsylvania restaurant for giving discounts to churchgoers.

Just How 'Amazing' is the Spider-Man Remake?

"The Amazing Spider-Man" earned $35 million on its Tuesday opening and is continuing to sell out in theaters nationwide.

Community Rallies Around Church Near Foreclosure

A church on the verge of foreclosure in Royal Palm Beach, Fla. is getting a lesson in faith. But the community is rallying around its members to help out.

Dead Sea Scrolls on Display at Seminary in Dallas

Discovered in Israel in 1947, the scrolls date as far back as 150 BC. Now, visitors can see the ancient scrolls at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Dallas.

California Weighs Unconventional Parenting Law

California lawmakers are considering an unconventional new parenting law that would allow children to be granted more than two parents.

NC Legislature De-Funds Planned Parenthood

North Carolina will no longer fund Planned Parenthood, America's largest abortion provider.

Firefighters Gain Upper Hand in Colorado Wildfire

Firefighters say they could have the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado contained by Sunday, even as police banned holiday fireworks in many parts of the state.

Two Accidents Raise US Storms Death Toll

The death toll blamed on storms and the ensuing blackout across the eastern U.S. is now at 26 after two accidents in Virginia.

'God of Liberty' Crucial to the American Revolution

It's sometimes easy to forget the depth of a word like "liberty." But for the men who fought and died so America could be free, liberty was intertwined with the God of liberty.

Holiday Travelers Getting More Bang for Their Buck

More than 42 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more this Fourth of July -- nearly a 5 percent increase over last year, according to AAA.

Millions Still Sweating It Out on the Fourth of July

Many Americans may be traveling to get away from the stifling heat across much of the country.

Major Cities Up July 4 Security Just in Case

Local and state law enforcement will be working to ensure fireworks are the only "booms" residents encounter this Fourth of July weekend.

American Idol's Danny Gokey Sings 'God Bless the USA'

Former "American Idol" contestant Danny Gokey sings "God Bless the USA" on the set of "The 700 Club."

Why America Celebrates with Fireworks

For millions of Americans, there's no better way to conclude the Fourth of July than with an epic fireworks show. But where did this tradition come from?

Andy Griffith's Wife: 'He Was Prepared to See the Lord'

Andy Griffith, the television icon Americans adored for his role as the town sheriff in the 1960s sitcom "The Andy Griffith Show" died Tuesday. He was 86.

'Our Heroes' Skit Honors Soldiers' Sacrifice

"Our Heroes" is a skit about a father teaching his son about the cost of freedom -- a message many reflect on for July 4.

Firefighting Efforts Resume Amid Deadly Crash

U.S. Northern Command said Air Force C-130 tankers will resume efforts later Tuesday, even after a deadly crash involving an air team.

Christians Fear Impact of Discrimination Law

The City Council in Jacksonville, Fla., is considering a law that would ban discrimination based on sexual orientation.

High School Students Allowed Religious Class Credit

Students in South Carolina can take a religion class off campus and earn high school credit, a federal appeals court has ruled.

Millions Still without Power Seek Relief from Heat

Three days after powerful storms tore across the midwest and East Coast some two million customers are still without power.

States Refuse to Implement Parts of Obamacare

Three states will opt out of provisions in President Barack Obama's health care law for expanding Medicaid and creating a private insurance exchange.

Storms Take the Bang Out of July 4 Celebrations

There's perhaps no more festive place to be the week of July 4 than in Washington. But this year, severe storms have crushed some of the joy.

Low Gas Prices Give Holiday Travel a Boost

AAA projects that some 42 million Americans will travel more than 50 miles this holiday week.

Paralyzed Steve Saint Undergoing Painful Therapy

Steve Saint, who suffered a paralyzing injury while testing new equipment for the mission field, is undergoing intense, painful therapy to restore the use of his hands and feet.

Colo. Fire 55 Percent Contained, Evacuations Lifted

Thousands who fled the raging wildfires in Colorado Springs are being allowed to return to their homes Monday.