August 2012 Headlines

American Virtue: Is There Reason for Hope?

America is so divided that many wonder if her best days are behind her. But one author believes there's hope because the values that made America great still exist.

Trouble in Coal Country: Blue States to Snub Obama?

In 2008, President Obama won the vote of coal-producing states. This November, voters in coal country say all party ties are being set aside.

Overcriminalized? Whale Watcher Faces Prison Time

Marine biologist Nancy Black is now facing 20 years in prison for carrying out the very research the government permitted her to do.

Isaac's Aftermath: Operation Blessing Steps In

Now that Isaac has moved out of New Orleans, the rebuilding and recovery begins. CBN's Operation Blessing is on the ground in one of the hardest hit areas.

Heart of Texas: Dallas Churches Welcome Refugees

Dallas is a key destination for refugees. Several churches there have rolled out the welcome mat to those who are making America their new home.

Romney Takes Detour to Hurricane-Stricken Area

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were both scheduled to stop in Richmond, Va., but Romney decided to visit the hurricane-stricken Gulf Coast instead.

Judge Extends Early Voting to All in Ohio

A federal judge has ruled in favor of President Obama's campaign, extending early voting in Ohio.

NASA Pioneers Honor Astronaut Neil Armstrong

Pioneers of America's mission to the moon are attending a memorial service for Neil Armstrong today.

Downgraded Isaac Leaves Entire Neighborhoods Flooded

Isaac has been downgraded to a tropical storm but not before it left a soggy mess across the U.S. Gulf Coast.

Prof. Cleared of Misconduct in Gay Parenting Study

The University of Texas at Austin has cleared a professor facing allegations of scientific misconduct in a study on gay parenting.

Post-Katrina: New Orleans Reborn through Prayer

Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast seven years ago this week, triggering one of the most devastating chain of events in New Orleans history.

Texas Voter ID Law Could Head to Supreme Court

A federal court has struck down a voter identification law in Texas but state Attorney General Greg Abbott said he will appeal it to the Supreme Court.

Judge: Commission Can Open Meetings in Prayer

A federal judge has denied a preliminary injunction to stop officials in Chattanooga, Tenn., from opening meetings with prayer.

Pro-Life Ad Exposes Obama's 'Extreme' Abortion Record

In a new television add, the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List is calling out President Obama's abortion record, noting how many times he voted for late-term abortions.

Cardinal Dolan to Pray at Both Political Conventions

Catholic Cardinal Timothy Dolan will now offer prayers at both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

Isaac's Floodwaters Give Flashbacks of Katrina

New Orleans families are dealing with several feet of water after a levee was breached amid Hurricane Isaac's strong winds and downpour.

Atheist to Give Tulsa City Council Meeting Prayer

An atheist will deliver the prayer before this week's Tulsa City Council meeting.

Probe Foils Soldiers' Plot to Attack Military Bases

Prosecutors in Georgia say a murder investigation led to the discovery of a plot by four soldiers to attack two military bases.

American Taliban Convert Sues over Prayer Ban

John Walker Lindh, who's serving a 20-year sentence for aiding the Taliban, is suing the prison warden for violating his freedom of religion.

Warning to Gulf Residents: Take This Seriously

Disaster relief officials are on standby on the Gulf Coast as Hurricane Isaac makes its way toward the region Tuesday.

Engineers Say New Levees Ready for Isaac

Now that the system is complete, today the Army Corp of Engineers is confident the levees will hold for Isaac and future storms.

Atheist Ads Attacking Candidates' Faith Removed

Two billboards meant to attack the presidential candidates' religious beliefs were taken down ahead of the Democratic National Convention.

Black Pastors Thank GOP for Supporting Marriage

A major coalition of black pastors is thanking the Republican Party for its vigorous support of traditional marriage in its party platform.

Party of Values? Tampa Strip Clubs Ready for RNC

There's a dark side to nearly any convention, and it appears the Republican National Convention is no exception.

Minor 4.2 Quake Follows Calif. Quake Swarm

The quakes, ranging in magnitude from 3.5 to 5.5, pushed 20 mobile homes from their foundations and triggered sporadic power outages.

Anti-Obama Documentary Makes Box Office Top 10

The conservative film "2016: Obama's America" expanded from limited theaters to a nationwide release -- and surprised Hollywood with a $6.2 million finish.

Wheaton's Birth Control Mandate Suit Dismissed

A federal judge has dismissed Wheaton College's lawsuit against the Obama administration's mandate that groups to provide contraception coverage in their health insurance plans, even if it violates their beliefs.

All-Time Best-Selling Book Now a Hit TV show

The Holy Bible is now a hit television game show.

Group Takes Sex Trafficking Stories to Primetime

A digital ad in Times Square telling the story of a normal American teenager tricked into sex trade will soon reach primetime television viewers.

Neil Armstrong, 1st Man on the Moon, Dies at 82

The modest man, who had people on Earth entranced and awed from almost a quarter-million miles away, but credited others for the feat, died Saturday.

Empire State Building Gunman Targeted Ex-Boss

Investigators are unfolding details after a man, believed to be a disgruntled employee, opened fire outside the Empire State Building Friday morning.

'Timothy Green' a 'Perfect' Film for the Family

Film critic Bob Waliszewski gives his review of the new film "Premium Rush" as well as "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" and "Sparkle."

FRC's Leo Johnson Released from Hospital

The Family Research Council's building manager, Leo Johnson, who was shot in the arm last week while subduing a gunman, has been released from the hospital.

Andrew, 20 Years Later, Third Costliest Hurricane

Until Katrina hit in 2005, Hurricane Andrew was the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history. Today it is still only one of only three Category 5 storm to hit the country.

Ex-SEAL's Tell-All Book Putting People in Danger?

A former Navy SEAL could be putting a target not only on his back but also on the other special operations forces involved in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.

Sexual Revolution Shaper: Brown's 'Toxic Legacy'

In a recent article, Concerned Women for America's Janice Crouse, blasted Cosmo's Helen Gurley Brown. She talked with CBN News on why her legacy is so toxic.

Armstrong Faces Lifetime Ban, Stripped Titles

The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency said Armstrong used performance enhancing drugs throughout his athletic career.

Judge: FBI Had No Grounds to Detain Ex-Marine

Circuit Court Judge Allan Sharrett has ruled the FBI had no grounds to detain a former Marine for concerning Facebook posts.

Lawsuits Mounting against Birth Control Mandate

Lawsuits are mounting against the Obama administration's mandate that employers provide contraception coverage for workers, even if it violates their religious beliefs.

Family Group: Ca. Weighing Anti-Parental Rights Bills

A leading family group in California said Democrat lawmakers are trying to strip parents of the right to raise their children as they see fit.

Inn Hit with Major Fine for Refusing Lesbian Couple

A Catholic-owned Vermont country inn is paying large penalties after being sued by a lesbian couple.

Female Kicker Breaks Barriers with God's Playbook

For more than 100 years, football has been a man's game. But at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Mo Isom wanted to change that tradition.

Nat'l Cathedral Gets $5M on Quake Anniv.

Today marks the one-year anniversary of the 5.8 magnitude earthquake that struck the East Coast at 1:51 p.m. in 2011.

Destructive Wildfires Busting Western State Budgets

Wildfires across several western states are proving to be expensive as flames have scorched more than 7 million acres this year, busting through budgets.

RNC Braces for Worst as Isaac Threatens Fla.

Some projections show Tropical Storm Isaac hitting south Florida just as Republicans kick off their national convention in the Sunshine State.

Man Saves Donated Money from Blowing Away

Jane Corbett was on her way to deliver a charity donation. But as she drove away, she forgot one thing -- the envelope full of the money on top of her car.

FRC Gunman Charged with 'Intent to Kill'

The gunman accused of wounding a man guarding the Family Research Council building in Washington, D.C., last week has been indicted.

Court: Texas Allowed to Cut P. Parenthood Funds

A federal appeals court has ruled that Texas can temporarily stop funding Planned Parenthood.

Appellate Court Strikes Down EPA Pollution Rule

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled 2-1 Tuesday that the agency overstepped its legal authority with its cross-state air pollution policy.

Drought Hits Mighty Mississippi, Americans' Wallets

As if high temperatures, wildfires and shriveled up crops weren't enough, the drought plaguing the United States is now crippling the nation's largest river.

Primetime Programming Sees Sharp Rise in Nudity

Researchers from the Parents Television Council  found 76 cases of blurred nudity last season, a sharp increase from the previous primetime season.

Jeff Foxworthy Hosts New Bible-Themed Game Show

"The American Bible Challenge" is scheduled to premier this Thursday on the Game Show Network and will be hosted by comedian Jeff Foxworthy.

Pa. School Board Fights to Keep Praying

A Franklin County, Pa., school board in is fighting for its right to pray at the beginning of meetings.

Religious, Conservative States Give More in Charity

Charitable contributions are higher in states that have larger populations of religious people, according to a new report released by the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Whitney Houston Set Worshipful Tone in 'Sparkle'

Fans are seeing Whitney Houston sing one more time in "Sparkle," her final film. Friends and crew member say the R&B legend set a worshipful tone on set.

Augusta Nat'l Adds First Two Female Members

For the first time in its 80-year history, Augusta National Golf Club has female members, including former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and financier Darla Moore.

US Tourism Advocates Call for Visa Reform

The war on terror has cost the U.S. billions in tourism dollars. Now many believe we should view visitors as an economic opportunity -- not a security threat.

Comedian Phyllis Diller Dies at 95

Phyllis Diller, the housewife turned humorist who aimed some of her sharpest barbs at herself, died Monday morning in her Los Angeles home at age 95.

More California Cities Could Go Bankrupt Soon

More California cities could go bankrupt soon or default on bonds, Moody's Investor Service warned recently.

Photog Fined for Refusing Gays Gets Day in Court

The New Mexico Supreme Court has agreed to review the case of a Christian photographer that refused to take pictures of a gay ceremony for a lesbian couple.

'Jefferson Lies' Author Negotiating with Glenn Beck

Publishers Weekly says talk show host Glenn Beck's publishing company, Mercury Ink, is negotiating with author David Barton on his new book.

Hostility Toward Religious Expression Growing

Hostility toward religious expression is growing in the United States, according to a new study from the Liberty Institute and The Family Research Council.

Calif, Idaho, Wash. Continue to Battle Wildfires

Wildfires assaulting several states in the West forced thousands from their homes over the weekend.

Suspected FRC Shooter Held Without Bond

Floyd Lee Corkins II faces charges of assault with intent to kill. If convicted for the assault charge, he could face up to 30 years in prison.

Gabby Douglas' Parents: She's Rooted in Faith

Two-time Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas and her family shared about her faith and how it sustained her during competition, during her brief home-town visit.

FRC's Gen. Boykin: 'You Couldn't Blow Me Out of Here'

Retired Army Gen. Jerry Boykin said this week's Family Research Council shooting has only strengthened his resolve to be on the front lines of the so-called culture wars.

Eight Kids Died in August from Being Left in Hot Cars

The U.S. government has launched a nationwide campaign to crack down on the number of kids being left in hot cars.

Army Suicides Double in One Month

The United States Army announced that suicides among active duty soldiers doubled from June to July.

The 'Brown' and the 'Gray' of the Sexual Revolution

Priests for Life's Frank Pavon said March for Life founder Nellie Gray and Cosmo founder Helen Gurley Brown symbolized opposite sides of the nation's culture war.

College Student Hopes for Dream Date with Tebow

Arizona college student Jenn Baluch is hoping to score a date with the New York Jets newest star Tim Tebow.

Vatican, Nuns at Odds over Gay Marriage, Abortion

The Vatican suggested that strains of feminism in the Leadership Conference of Women Religious were undermining the Church's teachings on marriage and abortion.

Texas Community Prays for 'Season of Rain'

The community of Stamford, Texas, is calling on God to send a "season of rain" and end the drought.

Graham's Hometown Reflects on Evangelist's Influence

Rev. Billy Graham's latest health scare has residents in his hometown of Ashville, N.C., reflecting on Graham's influence.

Jacksonville Rejects Sexual Orientation Ordinance

The Jacksonville City Council overwhelmingly opposed an ordinance that would specifically protect lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender residents from discrimination.

Atheists Threaten District Over Religious Chorus Songs

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is threatening to sue a New York school district over songs taught in music class that include the words "God" and "Lord."

FRC President: 'Reckless Rhetoric' Led to Shooting

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, is calling for an end to "reckless rhetoric" he believes is behind Wednesday's shooting.

Billy Graham Resting at Home after Hospital Stay

Evangelist Billy Graham is resting back at home after being rushed to a hospital in Ashville, N.C., Sunday.

Pastor's Kids in Hospital after Stroller Accident

A Florida pastor's young children are in an upstate New York hospital after nearly drowning when their stroller rolled into a canal.

Sept. 11 Memorial Museum Defends Cross Display

An atheist group is suing to keep a steel cross found in the wreckage of New York City's ground zero from going on display.

Abortion Funding Issue on Florida's Nov. Ballot

In November, Florida voters will decide whether to stop public funding for abortions.

Immigration Program Gives Young Latinos Hope

The Obama administration opened the door, Wednesday, for undocumented immigrants under age 30 to get a driver's license and apply for work and school.

More Americans Identifying as Atheist

The number of atheists in America is on the rise while those with more religious beliefs is declining, according to a new Gallup International poll.

Pennsylvania Judge Upholds Voter ID Law

Commonwealth Court Judge Robert Simpson will allow a controversial voter identification law to go into effect in Pennsylvania for November's presidential election.

Did 'Hate Group' Label Stir FRC Shooting?

Wednesday's shooting at the headquarters of the Family Research Council is raising debate about the rhetoric surrounding hot topic issues like gay marriage.

Wash. Residents Grab Hoses, Shovels to Fight Wildfire

Washington firefighters continue to battle multiple fires as hundreds of families are at risk from the massive blazes burning out of control between two national forests.

Va. Pastor Convicted in Lesbian Custody Case

Virginia Pastor Timothy David Miller was convicted Tuesday of helping a former lesbian flee the country with her young daughter.

Authorities Call FRC Shooting Domestic Terrorism

Local authorities and the Federal Bureau of Investigation is responding to the shooting, which took place Wednesday morning, a police spokeswoman said.

Suit Against Planned Parenthood Goes to Trial

A federal lawsuit against Planned Parenthood in Texas is moving forward after a federal court agreed with it Friday.

Wildfires Rage through Western States

Multiple wildfires are raging through the west, threatening homes, forcing evacuations across California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Nevada.

Bronze Medal Swimmer: 'God's Will be Done'

Bronze medalist Caitlin Leverenz credits God with keeping her level-headed during the 200-meter individual medley at the Olympics.

March for Life Founder Nellie Gray Dies

Nellie Gray, founder of the March for Life event that now draws hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers to rally for the unborn, has passed away. She was 86.

Ketchup Kids' Principal Feeding Hearts, Lives

Most students at one Las Vegas elementary school are homeless or near homeless. But their principal is keeping them housed, fed, and clothed - without government help.

NC Atheist Billboards Outrage Charlotte Residents

An atheist group in in Charlotte, N.C., put up two huge billboards Monday ridiculing Christianity and Mormonism.

Ariz. Judge Dismisses Day of Prayer Lawsuit

A superior court judge in Maricopa County, Ariz., has dismissed a lawsuit challenging the governor's proclamation establishing a day of prayer.

Utilities Urge Cutting Back Electricity amid Heat Wave

The hot weather across much of the country has power companies urging Americans to conserve electricity and avoid potential power problems.

Keep Quiet? Chick-fil-A Challenges Political Correctness

Chick-fil-A's battle calls into question the issue of political correctness and the growing pressure to keep quiet in America.

TSA Accused of Racial Profiling in Boston

The Transportation Security Administration has launched an investigation after claims of racial profiling minorities because of their appearance.

Christian History Writer Under Fire for 'Inaccuracies'

Christian history writer David Barton is facing heat after a post-publication review shows his book The Jefferson Lies has historical details not adequately supported.

One Officer, Civilian Killed in Texas A&M Shooting

Police say at least one law enforcement officer and one civilian have been killed in a shooting near Texas A&M University's campus.

Team USA Heads Home with Golden Wins

Athletes marched into London's Olympic stadium for the last time, as the closing ceremonies began Sunday night.

Drought Kicks Up Dust Storms Across Phoenix

The drought across the country is helping to cause something besides higher corn prices: dust storms.

Billy Graham Hospitalized But 'Doing Well'

Medical staff say evangelist Billy Graham remains stable while being treated for bronchitis at a North Carolina hospital.

Suspect in Giffords' Shooting Awaits Sentence

The man who pleaded guilty in the Arizona mass shooting that wounded former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords has returned to the Missouri federal prison where he is being treated for a mental illness.

Mourning Period Honors Sikh Temple Victims

Friday begins a two-day period of mourning for the six people killed in the Sikh temple shooting in Oak Creek, Wis.

Lawyers Say Colorado Shooting Suspect 'Mentally Ill'

Attorneys representing the suspect in the Colorado movie theater massacre are expected to use an insanity defense.

Audiences Hit Theaters for 'Bourne,' 'Hope Springs'

Big stars are battling for the top spot at the box office this weekend with the release of "Hope Springs" and "The Bourne Legacy."

NYPD, Microsoft Launch Massive Surveillance System

The New York Police Department has teamed up with Microsoft to launch a new citywide surveillance system to fight crime and terrorism.

Museum Allows Gay Ceremonies after Lawsuit Threat

A state-owned museum in Mississippi has reversed its ban on same-sex ceremonies after threats of a federal lawsuit.

Agriculture Dept. Cracks Down on Food Stamp Fraud

The Agricultural Department is cracking down on stores that break rules governing the use of food stamps.

Lauryn Williams: Disappointment Led to New Focus

Lauryn Williams didn't qualify for the individual 100-meter this year. She told Athletes in Action that she learned some good lessons as a result of that disappointment.

Long-Disputed Murfreesboro Mosque Opens

A Tennessee mosque opened Friday, following a two-year legal battle to stop it. Leaders of the Islamic center of Murfreesboro will hold midday prayers.

Another Golden Day for Team USA

Team USA has 90 medals, including 39 gold. China is in second with 80 overall medals and 37 gold.

Dixon, Han Say Idol Tour Fun, But a 'Test of Faith'

If you're an "American Idol" fan, the top 13 Idol finalists are holding concerts across the country. It's a grueling schedule that's testing the faith of some of the performers.

Federal Court Upholds Hawaii Gay Marriage Ban

A Hawaii lesbian couple filed suit against the state's gay marriage ban, but a judge said legislators and the people have the right to decide who can marry.

Olympian Reid Priddy: God Made Me a Better Athlete

But team member Reid Priddy is staying positive. He won a gold medal with the 2008 Olympic team in Beijing.

Houston Honors Mailman Who Saved Kids from Fire

Houston residents now have a new day to celebrate after the city mayor commemorated Aug. 7 "Danny Thompson Day," in honor of a mailman whose selfless act saved the lives of two children.  

California Board Blocks Chick-fil-A Opening

The gay marriage controversy may now be standing in the way of a new Chik-fil-A opening in California.

US Volleyball's Smith: My Joy Is in Christ

The U.S. men's volleyball team was knocked out of their Olympic competition Wednesday. While the team is disappointed, one member said he gets his joy from God, not just from winning.

Leadership Shakeup at Susan G. Komen Continues

A shakeup in leadership at the nation's largest breast cancer foundation continues as the president and founder of Susan G. Komen are both stepping down.

Track and Field's Felix, Merritt Win Gold, Credit God

America has surged past China in the overall medal count at the Olympics. U.S. athletes have now earned 81 overall medals compared to China's 77.

College Students Petition for Chick-fil-A Removal

College students around the country are responding to the Chick-fil-A controversy with petitions both for and against the fast food giant.

Knights of Columbus: Catholics Must Vote Conscience

The head of the Knights of Columbus says Catholic voters have a duty to oppose candidates who support abortion rights and restrictions on the Church's religious freedom.

Reunited: Military Sons Surprise Graduate Mom

A North Carolina graduate, a single mom of five, was overcome with emotion when she stepped up to receive her diploma and got the surprise of her life.

Mo. Voters Approve Public Prayer Amendment

Missouri voters approved a constitutional amendment allowing public prayer.

US Takes Silver, Bronze in 100-Meter Hurdles

The United States, lagging 73-70 behind China in the medal count, is looking to take the lead in the remaining days of the track and field contests.

FBI: Sikh Temple Gunman Killed Himself

The gunman who shot and killed six people during worship services at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, the FBI said Wednesday.

Olympic Archer: My Identity Is in Christ, Not Archery

Jacob Wukie, part of the men's U.S. archery team, says he wants to use his new platform to share the gospel with other Olympic athletes.

US Farmers Hit Hard by Never-Ending Drought

Farmers are feeling the impact of a record drought plaguing the Northeast. Now the government is taking action to help.

FBI Investigating Second Fire at Mo. Mosque

Investigators combed through debris after a fire started at the Islamic Society of Joplin early Monday. It was the second fire to hit the mosque just over a month.

American Olympic Hurdler: 'God Gave Me the Talent'

American Olympic hurdler Jeff Porter said God gave him the talent to compete and the ability to handle the sometimes harsh spotlight of the Olympics.

Hollywood Composer Marvin Hamlisch Dies

The 68-year-old created the music behind some of Broadway's greatest hits, including the musical "A Chorus Line."

US Soccer Team Battles Canada for Olympic Gold

The United States is almost neck-and-neck with China in the medal count, with the U.S. trailing 64 to 63.

Gold Medalist Houchin: Christ Comes First

Michael Phelps captured most of the Olympic headlines, but another U.S. swimmer earned a gold medal in the 4x200-meter freestyle relay.

Church Apologizes for Refusing to Marry Black Couple

A Mississippi church belonging to the Southern Baptist Convention has issued an apology for refusing to host a black couple's wedding in its sanctuary.

Gibson Guitar Won't be Prosecuted for Wood Imports

The Gibson Guitar company and the Department of Justice have reached a settlement in their legal battle after weeks of negotiation.

Bridging the Gap Between Christian, Gay Communities

The Chick-fil-A gay marriage flap has captured headlines. It also raises a number of questions for Christians, like -- Where do we go from here? 

Church Comforts Sikh Temple Shooting Survivors

Christians are extending a hand to their Sikh neighbors in Oak Creek, Wis., following Sunday's massacre at their temple.

San Francisco Bay Refinery Spewing Toxic Smoke?

A fire at a huge refinery in the San Francisco Bay area has been contained, but the facility is still spewing black smoke, which authorities fear may be toxic.

Authorities Unravel Horrific Child Porn Ring

To date, 43 men have been arrested in the investigation that has been underway for two years.

Sikh Temple Massacre Suspect a 'Frustrated Neo-Nazi'

The man who allegedly opened fire inside a Sikh temple in Wisconsin is being described as a "frustrated neo-Nazi" who led a white supremacist band.

Officials: 'Monster' Oklahoma Wildfire Contained

Officials say a "monster" fire in northeastern Oklahoma's Creek County has been contained thanks to cooler temperatures and overnight rain.

Leaders Prep for 'America for Jesus' Rally

Christian leaders came together this week for final planning stages of a national prayer event meant to address the "moral depravity" in the U.S.

Olympic Profiles in Faith

Watch stories of faith from athletes competing in the 2012 Olympic Games in London, produced in partnership with Athletes in Action.

Chick-fil-A Gay 'Kiss-In' Protest Flops

Few protestors showed up for the gay "Kiss-In" last Friday at Chick-fil-A restaurants across the country.

Williams Sisters Snag Third Olympic Tennis Gold

China leads the United States by one medal going into the second week of the Olympics in London.

Nieto Eyes Gold after Restoring Relationship with God

Olympic high jumper Jamie Nieto explained how his Christian faith helped him come back after that disappointing loss.

Source: Loughner Would Get Life in Shooting

A possible plea deal in the deadly Tucson shootings that wounded then-U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords would send Jared Lee Loughner to prison for the rest of his life, according to a person familiar with the case.

Did Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day Help or Hurt?

Many saw Wednesday's "Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day" as a necessary opportunity to support company leader Dan Cathy, but not all are praising the event.

Residents Find Little Left in Burned Oklahoma Town

Residents of an Oklahoma town sift through their charred belongings to salvage what they can after a roaring wildfire.

Obama Turns 51; Plays Golf at Camp David

President Barack Obama is playing a round of golf on his birthday, taking the weekend off from campaigning.

Company Blames 'War on Coal' for Mine Shutdown

Murray Energy Corporation is blaming the Obama administration's "war on coal" for the closure of one of its mines in Brilliant, Ohio.

Las Vegas Man Forgives Family's Killer

Arturo Martinez was nearly bludgeoned to death by a home invader who also killed his wife and daughter.

Conservatives to Obama: 'Hands Off My Health Care!'

Opponents of President Barack Obama's health care plan rallied at the Capitol, Friday, with the message "hands off my health care."

Voters: What Matters to Americans this Election

The generational divide in America could be the make or break factor in November's presidential election.

Gay Rights Activists Plan Chick-fil-A 'Kiss-In'

Gay rights activists are planning a nationwide "kiss in" protest of Chick-fil-A over their anger at company president Dan Cathy's support for traditional marriage.

Team USA Hopes to Keep Lead with Track, Field

Team U.S.A. is hoping to add medals to an already impressive total with the start of Olympic track and field competitions, Friday.

Woman Dies after P. Parenthood 'Botched' Abortion

Pro-life groups are calling for new abortion regulations in Illinois after a 24-year-old woman who visited a Planned Parenthood clinic in Chicago last week and later died.

Private Prisons Profit from Illegal Immigrant Problem

A new study shows one in six illegal immigrants is re-arrested within three years of release, and American taxpayers are paying for it.

Track and Field Olympians Hold First Bible Study

Amid the spotlight and pressure of the Olympics are several athletes turning to God and prayer for continued strength.

Chick-fil-A Flap an Opportunity for the Gospel?

The debate surrounding issues that Christians value most is heating up, especially when it comes to traditional marriage. Are Christians responding appropriately?

Team USA Looks for More Gold after Big Wins

For American athletes at the London Olympics, Wednesday proved to be another huge day, and Thursday is shaping up to be a good one too.

Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day Sees Massive Turnout

From all appearances, Wednesday was a record-setting day for Chick-fil-A, with fans flocking to their local restaurants as part of Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day.

Medicare Fraud Command Center Unveiled

The federal government is opening a new $3.6 million command center designed to stop Medicare fraud, which costs at least $60 billion a year.

Cameron Still Facing Backlash for Marriage Views

Actor Kirk Cameron was picketed by gay rights activists Friday when he spoke at a marriage event in Ocean Grove, N.J.

D-Day for Freedom? Birth Control Mandate Takes Effect

Starting today every employer in America that offers health insurance to its workers must now include contraception, even if it violates their conscience.

Mall Backpedals on US Flag Removal

A mall has backpedaled on enforcing its decoration policy that would have forced a military veteran to remove American flags from a kid's ride.

Michael Phelps Becomes Most Decorated Olympian

Swimmer Michael Phelps officially became the most decorated Olympian of all time Tuesday night, breaking a 48-year record.

Supporters: Chick-fil-A Day a Stand for Biblical Values

Long lines were seen at Chick-fil-A locations across the nation as supporters came out amid backlash over Dan Cathy's support of traditional marriage.

Prop 8 Supporters Ask Supreme Court to Weigh In

Supporters of California's voter-approved marriage definition that bars gays from legal marriage are petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court to review a lower court's decision.